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Okay, so it is rumored that Oscar will be playing Gomez in the Adams Family. We have both came to a conclusion, since it’s going to be animated, they are waisting his beautiful face. Like, this is coming from my sister who never talks about anyone in that way, yet since this is the Adams Family, she’s like, “Look at him with his facial hair! Make it only a mustache and his face is perfect for this!” I can’t argue with her logic though.



“well hellleeeewww, kaz. wait! I know you! from tumblr!” - leigh bardugo
me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so yesterday was amazing and i still haven’t stopped internally screaming. i read the entirety of wonder woman: warbringer and it was FANTASTIC. leigh was so lovely and gracious to everyone at the signing and just. so genuine. i love that. a BUNCH of people wanted my picture (is this what it’s like to be famous?) and i got to meet some really cool fellow fans so yeah 11/10 experience

mafu and amatsuki making huge ass pudding video wtf. things to take note:

  • mafu casually throwing the “cup thing” away
  • mafu keep using the huge ass wooden spoon to hit his plushie toy.
  • “100 friends” joke
  • mafu counting the milk cartons one by one from 1 to 10 while amatsuki’s head bobbing to each count.
  • they don’t have a huge enough plate so they put the pudding on top of a coffee table, wrapped with shit ton of plastic wrap
  • { when we tip the pot, do we go “3-2-1-go″ or “1-2-3-go″ or “ready-go”} << two men struggle on how to put the pudding on the table.
  • idk why but the floating icons covering their mouth is so funny to me. 
  • amatsuki asking if the staff wants some << actual angel
  • “thank god i didn’t eat anything for the whole day“ << lmao @ sakata
  • 3 grown ass man sitting on the floor eating huge ass pudding together, feeding each other pudding.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • who the fck eats pudding with shoyu
  • the three of them looked so tired. lmao.
  • mafu keep playing his phone while amatsuki and sakata kept on eating the huge ass pudding.
  • mafu and sakata playing.
  • *after finishing the pudding* amatsuki “ we can go home now!!!” mafu: “wait.. *stares* we have to clean”

ANAHEIM DAY 2 (Schedule/Merch/Look for me)

Hello! Sorry for the Anaheim spam but this is the last one until the concert!

Ok so for anyone who wants to buy from me, I’ll be by the venue around 12ish! I’ll update my location through my twitter (@krostiniel) or through message/text if you want me to notify you personally! (Just lmk)

If you just wanted to say hi or get a Jimin print, the chick with the curly hair, red beanie, gray hoodie, and thick calves will be me :’) Pic under the cut. Also a gratuitous picture of my dog as he watched me take selfies.

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