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“Alright kid, now that you’re more human we need to talk about your sense of humour.”

Longest hour in Varric’s life.

Vaxus Across Thedas series.


I got requests for the Pocky game, so here’s my take on what would happen.  ;) 

For those who haven’t heard of it, Pocky are these stick-shaped chocolate covered cookie things, and the Pocky game is where two people start eating a Pocky stick from each end. The person whose mouth comes off the Pocky first, or whoever gets to the middle first loses. If the participants end up kissing, it’s a tie.  ^_~


When you think about it, Wario and Waluigi aren’t Mario and Luigi’s evil opposites, but rather, exaggerated anti-villain versions of them.

Where Mario is an everyman who does physically amazing things in a way that makes them seem normal, Wario is a powerful, muscled strongman. Mario is a bit chubby where Wario is much more exaggerated in size. His mustache is comically twisted, and in terms of personality, Wario is obsessed with treasure and personal gain and personal ego where Mario is content to just nab coins and seek adventure.

Then we have Waluigi. Waluigi is a bean pole, a flailing nobby mass of limbs, knees and elbows - a comical exaggeration of Luigi being the “tall” brother. And where Luigi feels insecure about being in his brother’s shadow, Waluigi is literally defined by being a copy of someone else. Where Luigi has the barest hints of a dark, petty side, Waluigi is viciously insecure, petty, resentful, and lonely. Where Luigi is in Mario’s shadow, Waluigi is the second banana to second bananas. Luigi existed to be player 2 and became more relevant, but Waluigi’s entire existence is to be an extra player character in spin offs, never the main series.

He may not even be Wario’s brother. Where the two Bros. work together and clearly love each other despite everything, Waluigi and Wario seem to only team up when it’s convenient.

  • killing off renji or orihime to ship ichiruki: okay no, just no
  • making ichigo or rukia cheat on their spouses: okay not as awful but still cheating is a shitty thing to do so no to that either
  • ignoring orihime or renji to ship them: alright at least you're not killing them off or making rukia or ichigo cheat
  • creating an au where ichigo and rukia are together instead, everyone is happy and no one is killed off or cheated on: yes, that's some quality content.