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do you have any relationship HCs for dunya if she hadn't died? ;~; i have a newfound love for her but i haven't been able to find many imagines or anything about her OTL

Oh of course I do! She’s a sweetheart and should really get more love tbh.

Dunya Musta'sim

  • She’s a love with all her heart or not at all type
  • She loves to be taken care of by her s/o but also loves to take care of her too
  • Her type is a stronger, more heroic kind
  • Her s/o often protects her a lot
  • She often showers her s/o with love and affection
  • She really likes it when she’s surprised with little meaningful gifts or gestures
  • She’s always so polite but will get angry at anyone who says something bad about her s/o
  • She’s definitely willing to fight anyone who makes her s/o upset or hurts her
  • Even though Dunya is the one usually being protected, she will protect her too
  • If/when they cuddle, she’s the small spoon
  • Her s/o cooks for her a lot and she loves it
  • She has tried to make food for her s/o here and there, but ended up getting a little distraught when she didn’t have the right ingredients for what she wanted to make
  • Her s/o thought it was cute and offered to go get them and they made the dish together