✓  Volleyboys
✓  Height difference

 Please watch the video as I could not draw 100% the cuteness of the moment.

I’m dead O<<
Trump moves decisively to wipe out Obama’s climate-change record
A presidential order on Tuesday will instruct federal regulators to rewrite key rules curbing U.S. carbon emissions.


I am at a lose of words for climate change deniers. Whether Trump ‘believes’ in it or not, he clearly does not recognize the danger he’s putting our planet by supporting the mining, drilling and coal- and gas-burning industry. 

Dear Naughty Dog,

I will bitterly, reluctantly and begrudgingly accept Joel’s death in TLOU pt 3 but no sooner than that.

His life has been very rough and he needs to go down easy and peacefully, with his fully grown, adopted baby girl at his side.

And if *possible* Ellie should find out where Joel buried Sarah and *try* to bury him next to her.

anonymous asked:

what was that jaal "vitals" thing from that you posted on your mass effect blog? is there a link to everyone else's?

Hi! This is @angaran-ryder, either it’s impossible to answer asks from side blogs or I’m missing something. Anyway…

My friend @ruskidoll actually sent me pictures of Jaal’s section from the official guide because I’m absolutely incorrigible trash. I don’t have the vitals or pages for any of the other characters.

Here’s the entire section for those interested:

(Please pay attention to how whoever wrote the above section refers to Jaal as an “angaran ninja” because I’m honestly still laughing about it)

A Year...

Originally posted by whataboutourlifes

Wow! It will be a year at the end of May since we started this birthday blog. The intent was to be able to celebrate every birthday in the fandom. We saw a few of the bigger bloggers had well-known birthdays and received gifs, stories, asks; all types of bday wishes, but we knew there were so many more out there that we didn’t know about. So many that we wanted to know about! And so EBD was born to give opportunity for birthday blessings on anyone’s special day. All they had to do was ask. 

We begged for our first asks - please let us write a story for you! - and once they began to roll in we knew we were going to need help. That came in the form of our fandom’s talented authors, without whom this blog would have been an utter failure! We can’t thank you enough for getting behind us and supporting our vision, and helping us be able to celebrate with everyone! 

We have loved every minute, every story, every submission that this blog has attracted and we’re so thankful for the fun and fulfillment it’s given us to be able to connect with the fandom. That being said, we have closed our ask box. If you’ve already submitted an ask that hasn’t been posted don’t worry! We will be posting the rest of the birthdays that have made it to us until there are none left. We hope you’ve loved this as much as we have! The blog will stay up - there are just too many great stories here for future fandom bloggers - and we will complete our masterlist, but at this time we will not be accepting more birthday asks. It kills us to close the ask box, but we hope you’ll understand. 

Thank you all so much for everything! The girls at EBD