the thing is they’re not even mad the other gets it right. they’re just giddily bathing away on their island of the rarest soulmates, all kinds of “yeah of course you know every inch of me down to the tinniest scar, and of course i remember everything you tell me, and of course you do, too” - not even surprised by the fact, but like still revelling in it all the same, that kind of bubbly overjoyed sense of right that can’t be taken away or erased.

it just. makes me ache in the best of ways. i love watching them just - love each other. it’s the best of all the gifts.

Can I be a part of the Resistance?

After we had this question several times we figured it might be handy to give some clarification on the lore surrounding this!

We will be mostly using information from the handy compendium of Ala Mhigan/Resistance lore @mirkemenagerie wrote! So kudos to them first of all. I’d strongly suggest looking into their summary yourself as well! If you have any questions regarding the Resistance who aren’t clear yet after this, you can always ask folk for answers!

First of all: don’t worry too much about it! Your character, from the young Thanalan born Ala Mhigan, to the grumpy old Fist, to the crippled Shaman, to the Ul’dahn Lalafell, to the former Corpse Brigade member, to the just non-Ala Mhigan sympathizer, you are all welcome to join the Resistance according to lore!

Let’s answer some more common yet specific questions!

My character is Ala Mhigan, can they just be a part of the Resistance? What about Ala Mhigans born outside Gyr Abania? What if my character can’t fight?

Absolutely! The Resistance, sadly enough, doesn’t have the luxury to be picky. Under-aged, non-Gyr Abania born Ala Mhigans, are sadly enough a part of the Resistance and employed on the battlefield. The Resistance will simply embrace any Ala Mhigan who’s willing to fight to free Gyr Abania.

That said, they don’t shun anyone who isn’t capable of fighting. People who can help with supplies, potions, mend? Or even just give them coin? All welcome.

The Ala Mhigan Resistance is NOT a secret thing. The Masks however? We will get to that later!

What about former Corpse Brigade Members?

Excellent question! Yes, yes you can. Although what isn’t clear is which version of the Corpse Brigade they allow. They certainly allow those who were the King’s guards. The Criminal version of them see in Thanalan? We are not certain.

Older Ala Mhigans however do hold a massive grudge against them. The younger generation seems to simply have forgotten about the crimes they’ve committed. A great chance for a character concept trying to atone for their sins of the past!

What about the Fist of Rhalgr? Are those a part of the Resistance?

Yup! The Fist are still actively bouncing around in Little Ala Mhigo. How many there are in numbers? Very hard to say as their order was nearly wiped out, but the Monks are surely involved with the Resistance as far as we know. Beyond it being mention that the Monks meet up in Little Ala Mhigo, we sadly enough don’t have any Fist of Rhalgr NPCs in Little Ala Mhigo currently. What position the Fists hold within the Resistance is also unclear.

However it is worth nothing that the last person who we are aware of that has a claim on the Ala Mhigan throne is indeed a Fist. But we don’t know if that is common knowledge! Next to that, it is stated that the Light sect Fists (and the ‘dominant’ sect of the two back in Gyr Abania) did abuse their power against the people of Ala Mhigo. So it is a heap of guessing work how they are received as well.

My character is not Ala Mhigan, but I still want them to aid the Resistance? Would they accept my character’s aid?

Yes! you can totally be a part of the Resistance still. Whereas the Resistance is still bitter and somewhat resentful of ‘outsiders’, there’s people around Little Ala Mhigo who feel for the Ala Mhigans and wish to aid them.

Surely at one point in the MSQ the Ala Mhigans weren’t kind to the WoL, however it was also shown with aiding them you’ve gained their trust. Also in the latest patch it’s stated that the Mask even inspired Ul’dahns to their cause now!

So don’t be afraid to pursue this route. Your character might have some remarks, and probably has to endure some short tempered Ala Mhigans, but they are welcomed regardless. Simply said, don’t expect to be hailed as some saviour in their eyes at this point and time.

Can my character be a part of the Griffin’s Masks?

In all truth, we are not certain! They seem to exist, from what little knowledge we have, out of pure fanatics. We don’t know how long they’ve been around. While they are gathering people to fight for the Resistance, and they no doubt be very important within the Resistance in terms of a leadership role… We don’t know how their membership requirements works. And you probably don’t want to be in the same awkward spot the Dragoon roleplayers were with the lorebook if they happen to be very limited in numbers!

If you want to be one, We strongly suggest to do it with (older) Ala Mhigan characters only as we haven’t seen non-Ala Mhigans in the ranks of the Mask either. Yes, they have public figures, but they are still very secretive. So you probably wouldn’t want to make this fact known to the public that you are indeed a part of them.

But what if my character is a Resistance fighter in the Shroud? Are they still a part of the same Ala Mhigan Resistance? Do they have to be in Little Ala Mhigo?

No, you don’t have to be stationed in Little Ala Mhigo to be a part of the Resistance! They are merely at best a separate section at best, but all fight together for the same goal. See it as a branch of the Resistance. They all communicate, from the Ala Mhigans in Thanalan, to those in the Shroud, to the Masks. On top of that, due to the fact we’re getting Baelsar’s Wall as a dungeon, we highly suspect that the Resistance will be moving to the Shroud.


“anyways here’s wonderwall”


I just have to say this as well, as I tend to have a hard time holding my tongue about these things…..

People build an immunity to venom and poison by slowly introducing the venom or poison to their bodies, and over a period of time, their bodies build immunity to the venom or poison, right?? 
Okay, now that we have that figured out, 
Vaccines work the same damn way. You introduce the sickness to your body so that OVER TIME you can develop an immunity to the illness. However, young children do not have their immune systems built up like we do yet, and therefore, even if they have been given their vaccinations, they are STILL SUSCEPTIBLE TO LETHAL ILLNESSES. Illnesses spread very quickly, and children do not have the strength to fight them off by themselves yet. 
After a period of time, let’s say two-three years or so, they will have more of a resistance, but until then they can still get sick and catch whatever anyone around them has. 
———Little side note———-
For those of you who believe that Vaccines cause autism….. Let me ask you something. 
What is so wrong with Autism that you are willing to risk your child’s life, and the lives of other children, in order to prevent it? In a time where we are being forced to understand and accept things, what is so damn scary about autism, that you are literally willing to risk your child’s life to keep it from happening? Autism isn’t that fucking bad. 
———back to the original post———
So, For those of you who say “if your kid is vaccinated, what are you worried about?” I am going to say this, A vaccination isn’t a miraculous, wondrous shield against illnesses. IT is simply an introduction of the illness so that with time, the body can create it’s own resistance. Please, think before you fall into that hippy trash. 

blackwa.tch’s existence was kept a secret from the public, but there were always rumors of ove.rwatch carrying out secret black ops missions. led by commander gabriel reyes, the team was not created to be inherently malicious, but simply to function more effectively where overwa.tch could not. the larger sister organization was never intended to truly dig into the dirty work required to protect the earth; rather, to give HOPE to the public and to engage in the grander scale and deal with the more public missions. blac.kwatch was always working behind the scenes, cleaning up after the larger group’s mistakes as well as engaging in their own black-ops missions. though it was a large and sprawling organization, the main strike-team which functioned directly beneath reyes’ command consisted of ten core members.
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