must. sleep

{{ ALRIGHT. sorry for another hit-and-run but i hope some of this silliness makes up for my utter inability to write anything even slightly more complex than “* pun.”
im having a lot of issues with a lot of things on a lot of levels. life sure has a talent for stacking, huh?

what that means for the blog is… that my posts are likely going to be sporadic and low-commitment. (so, you know… like usual.)
i just don’t have any drive for writing a lot of stuff unless its with some closer friends/people i know a little better. i just dont have the confidence to be trying anything new with people i dont know just to hit a flat note.

what i think i need is something of a revamp and an ongoing plot, but… given that im real down and out, not to mention busy lately, i just dont see that happening too soon.
re: this isnt anything new, especially to my old followers, but if youve stuck around through all this? man. you da real mvp.

that said… if youd like to try and get conversational or plotty, i’d like to make a will smith pose at the fact ive got IMs and ive got a discord.

thanks guys. you guys are real sweethearts and i’m glad i ended up in the part of the community that i did. }}

The Beginning

(I am so sorry but the plot bunny wouldn’t leave. This is a story arc about my sides. I never said that Praeses was good in the beginning now did I?)

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“You’re the one, aren’t you?”

“Pavor warned you, betrayed by the one you trust.”

“You were trying to DESTROY us! Why!?”

“They promised that I wouldn’t get pushed around anymore.”

“They’re using you! To get back at us!”

“Good!” Praeses looked at Umbra, clutching their sweater. They stared at them with defiance, tears threatening to fall.

“I’ve been here since the very beginning! I’ve been here as long as you! And yet for some odd reason, I apparently don’t matter to all of you! Because I can’t keep our host happy.”

“Rae please… Don’t do this.” Umbra stared at them with a pleading look.


“No. I’m done playing nice. I’ll do anything, and i don’t care if I hurt any of you!” Praeses tears started to freely fall down now, hiccups rose from their chest.

“You were never on MY side! "They glared at Umbra, challenging them.

"We need you Rae. We can’t function without you.”

“You NEVER needed me! You’re just saying that so Scio doesn’t have to take my job! Well guess what!? Now you don’t have to worry about that! Because soon, there’ll be no more sides.”

“That’ll destroy you too!”


“Why are you doing this!?”

“Because I just want to be loved, and Pavos and Cavus provided that.” Praeses looked at Umbra one more time before disappearing.

“God where did it go so wrong?”

A glimpse of Shinsou’s past hidden in his theme song?

Okay……. I must warn you that this theory is kind of…. scary. BUT HEAR ME OUT!!

The official BNHA season 2 OST came out and I just had to look for Shinsou’s theme……….  And I found it. And let me tell you…………….. 

It’s creepy as hell.

I mean. There’s a constant humming in the background, some laughing and screaming sounds that seems to come from children?? And clock noises too….

Here is the song ( You can listen to it and come back or read this at the same time if you want ) :

I got curious and translated the title of the OST ‘’ Yonaka Ni Kiku To Kowai ‘

And that’s when all the piece came together.

Yonaka Ni Kiku To Kowai means something like:

‘’ I am scared when I hear it in the middle of the night. ‘’

The ‘’ I ‘’ here…. Is Shinsou.

Shinsou is scared when he hears ‘’it’’ in the middle of the night… 

‘’ It ‘’ is all the noises you hear in the song. The laughing children, the whispers, the bloody screams… That’s what he hears everytime he tries to sleep. The voices from his past.. And because of them, he just cannot sleep. That’s where his bags comes from.

The humming in the background must be his mother’s lullaby. Because he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, she would sing him to sleep. Her voice would cover the voices in his head…. 

Hope you enjoyed this little theory :’3


The Beard Sequel has arrived
You guys know Chris is Full Chop Bald now right





Multiples Bonuses because I cannot stop:


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