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So what major pressing things does Lost Light actually have to wrap up anyway?

Things that certainly must be addressed:

  • Actually finding Cyberutopia and the Knights, the thing they set out to do in the first place.
  • Which ties into whatever Getaway, Thunderclash and the mutineers have been up to.
  • Who are going to be confronted by First Aid and the Protectobots soon (how the hell did it take them this long to get back?).
  • Digging up Tailgate from Necroworld (there are some people who seem to think that getting buried was just the end of Tailgate’s arc but I don’t believe that for a second).
  • Speaking of Necroworld, what’s the deal with it being a hollow mould for Cybertron?
  • There’s whole deal with Scorponok, The Magnificence and those new Infinite Transformers, which is tied with…
  • …whatever the hell happened to Grimlock, which may also be related to…
  • …whatever the hell happened to Pharma, which certainly seems related to…
  • …those floaty disembodied spark things Skids met of the other side of that portal.
  • All of which is probably connected to those engines on Luna.
  • Also we still don’t know what the whole deal with Rung is.

Things that might get addressed:

  • Megatron being in the Functionalist Universe. They might just leave him there and let some other writer deal with it in the future or it might tie into where everything is going.
  • Skids’ brain being in the possession of a mad scientist. Nothing might come of it, or it could be a whole thing.
  • Also, Nautica feelings for Skids being erased. Are we just gonna…leave it at that?
  • Lug’s resurrection from nothing but a spark fragment. It may be that it actually was as straightforward as it seems, but there have been hints that there’s more going on there.
  • Overlord’s still out there somewhere…

Anything I’ve missed?

I must admit..again.. to finding “thequeensenglish” blog really bizarre ..not to repost anyone’s photos ..but to copy everything and then reblog it as their own is quite honestly astounding….and a bit sad and pathetic. They do not “like” anyone’s posts or ever share them. Even people’s personal photos cannot escape. Someone took a photo of the books in his shop ..that was not reblogged had to be copied and presented on thequeensenglish’s tumblr page..and of course everything taken from here is then put onto their facebook and instagram pages. I was amazed at the photos taken from my account and reposted..even quotes and photo titles. It feels uncomfortable to know that even though I have been blocked and insulted via a third person, they still find the need to “steal” my posts and quotes… I cannot report them..because it is not forbidden to ransack other people’s is just underhand and devious..and as I said before…pathetic.

A slightly older fanart I made from a la deviant art (You can tell because of my old logo and the fact that Laurie’s eyes are the size of dinner plates XDD)
Thought I’d put it on here since I’m a little busy with other things. Newer stuff to come!
How surprised she must have been, finding herself with so many new faces, in what she thought was her sleepy little hometown… Only to relive the horrific Night of Halloween 1978 again.
As expected, she proved her will to live and escaped the dreaded recreation of Haddonfield’s Lampkin Lane with more-or-less her limbs (And Soul) still intact. Unfortunately, the other survivor’s weren’t so lucky, and to Laurie’s Horror, as each of them fell to the “boogieman,” She Had found it easier and easier to evade his silent shadow…
The connection between them is now more than just cat and mouse, predator and Prey and Victim vs Killer… they were interlinked, forever bound by the Entity’s curse. The Entity seems to have picked up on Michael’s Obsession with the poor girl, and has decided to fully utilize the Sheer horror of her predicament.
If Laurie is to make it through this new, never-ending fate, she’s going to have to use this horrid link between herself and The Killer to stay alive.

Switched Pt. 1

Summary: While on set practicing lines, Arin knocks over a guitar prop that somehow sends him and Dan to the world of Good Game. Meanwhile, Alex and Ryland appear in their places on Good Game’s set. Now Arin and Dan must find a way home and attempt to replace Boogerboss and the Coach for Blood Match, while Alex and Ryland find themselves in a world with their ideal lives… and they don’t know how to cope.

Warnings: I… don’t know if there will be any yet. o_0 Get ready for a long fic.

Genre: Metafiction. Definitely some deep writing and character arcs. I’m not intending to have much shipping, if any at all, so I’ll be using normal tags for Game Grumps and Good Game. 

Author’s Note: I totally stole this idea from @writergrump, but while writergrump’s is fluffy and fun, this one is going to be a bit more serious. This is going to be a fic for the long haul, guys. Get ready for a wild ride! 


Chapter One

 “Do you ever wish our lives were different?” Alex asked Ryland.

Ryland eyed Alex from his position in front of his computer. “No. I absolutely love sitting in my weed-smelling, piss-stained apartment with nothing to do but stare at a computer all day long.”

Alex stared at him with a frown.

Ryland rolled his eyes. “Every fucking day, Alex. What did you think I was gonna say?”

Alex laid back on the couch. “I was trying to open up a discussion.”

“What’s to discuss?” Ryland said, turning back to the screen.

Alex turned his head toward the electric guitar in the corner. He frowned.

Ryland raised his eyebrow. “You want to get back into music?”

“You got back into video games.”

“Only because you practically forced me to,” Ryland said. “I mean, I guess I’m happy to be here, but at the same time, I’m still dealing with the stupid nonsense I did when I was a kid.”

Alex pressed his lips together. “I didn’t mean to force you into this.”

Ryland glanced at Alex. He smiled. “S’okay, bro. I probably needed it.” He turned back to the screen. “Honestly, if I seriously thought about it, I wouldn’t change anything. I’ve got at least some kind of purpose with this stupid game. And I’ve got you and the rest of the team. I don’t need anything else.”

Alex glanced at the guitar again, just for a brief moment, then smiled at Ryland. “Good. I wouldn’t either.”

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Exiles seek the Three Towers of Elfamay for redemption. It is a very difficult journey, but you are a strong people. The deserts that they the towers were built in are extremely dangerous, and the journey there is considered a test of atonement in of itself, but it is not enough for forgiveness. It is called the Desert of Color, because of its association with Elfamay. The desert also is full of mutant animals who stared into Elfamay’s eye. It is difficult not to occasionally glance at her eye in this desert, and many people end up mutated on the way there.

For an exile to find a new village, they must receive a blessing from Elfamay that is powerful enough for them to receive forgiveness in proportion to their crimes. They may never return to their old village, so they must find another. When a villager is exiled, their information about who they are and what their crimes were will be transmitted to all other villages on the planet through the shrines of Grin Dark, and up into space through the three towers.

When a villager violates the rules of their community, they will rehabilitated as many times as they can until its clear that they’re a danger to the village, and they will be exiled. If they commit acts that show that they’re a danger to all villages and communities, they will be executed. You’ve never actually seen an official execution in your lifetime. Your community is good at rehabilitation, and good at raising genuinely good people. 

my aesthetic: ezra miller saying that if he had a wand, he would use his power to destroy the patriarchy.

Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 told with My Immortal quotes


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