no one probably remembers this but ages ago i said i wanted to see if i could make a cohesive artstyle using just simple vectored shapes and layer style bevels/shadows

and this is what i ended up with

i kinda cheated in a couple of places but mostly the whole thing is just vectored squares w/ bevels (and well, the level’s not finished at all, theres loads of textures that aren’t done)

obv colour scheme wise it’s pretty far away from the original game, partially because the originals colours didn’t fit together too well but also because i rly wanted something that was more reminiscent of the original genesis games

which was also a big influence on the simplicity of the textures and obv the foliage styles. anywho i like it


Sword Art Online II — Episode 07: Crimson Memory - Preview Screencaps

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Kimmo Metsäranta // Notes on a Place

Notes on a Place is series that brings forth places in that are ignored as trivial. Top attractions in Helsinki for years have been churches, museums, monuments, a few parks and an old sea fortress. With the series I wanted to add a few more spots to the list from the everyday, mundane scenery, places that are passed by on the way to must-see places. These new spots are in plain sight but unseen to most. The city is full of attractions if one chooses to look around.

The images are isolated abstractions, modified interpretations, bare structures with only the essentials left. The images make the places become monuments.
These are the new attractions of Helsinki. (artist statement)