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Eek! So exciting! As for New York, visit the Natural History Museum (the whale is amazing) and The Strand to pick up bargain books (18 miles worth of them). Chelsea Market and Highline are a MUST. Food is amazing, and if you need recommendations on cheap eats feel free to ask. I've got tons, since I practically live there and always need to be on the run. ALSO TKTS- Broadway tickets at 50-60-70% off! You have to stand in a line and take what you can get, and it's AMAZING!

Thanks I’ll check those places out! And yes cheap eats recommendations will be great! =D And how do I get those Broadway tickets at such ridiculous prices? Is there a timing to get it line?

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Another great thing to know is that the Botanical Gardens are AWESOME. And also there is a subway that can take you strait from Manhattan to the Bronx Zoo which, by the way, is free on Wednesdays! So check that out! And as for food, what do you like? Because if you're adventurous there are so may different and cool places to try that are AMAZING.

Nice! We (my husband and I) don’t have any dietary restrictions so consider us adventurous foodies! We’re open to suggestions =)