7 K-Drama Filming Locations You Must Visit When In Korea

7 K-Drama Filming Locations You Must Visit When In Korea

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With so many places to explore, but so little time, how do you narrow it all down? Well, all those hours sacrificed to dramas have led to this moment: creating the ultimate travel guide to Korea. Check out our list of must-see places below!

1. Minsokchon (Korean Folk Village)

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If you’re a huge fan of historical dramas, this is the place for you! Walking through this village will make you feel…

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Imagine Chris taking you to Rome for a romantic getaway. (Part B)

A/N: Part 5B 😊 You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; and Memory Lane - Masterlist) Enjoy. X

Chris’ eyes scanned across the array of gelato flavors, making soft sounds with his lips as he tried to decide; a splitting image of Jack when he had to decide over an array of cereals. You wrapped your arm around Chris’, chuckling softly. “You know I thought leaving Jack behind meant not having to go through this, but you are just the same.”

“Okay,” he chuckled. “I don’t see you with gelato,” he retorted, “have you decided?”

“Yeah,” you laughed and pointed at the register where your two scoops were waiting patiently in a cup; you’d decided on ‘Pistachio’ and 'Dark Chocolate’ wanting to stray away from your go-to flavors 'Cookies & Cream’ and 'Salted Caramel’. “And it’s melting, so hurry it up.” You pulled away from him and walked over to the register so you could start eating while Chris decided.

“Your husband hasn’t changed, has he?” Lorenzo, the owner, laughed softly as the two of you watched Chris. You’d met and befriended Lorenzo on your honeymoon four years ago. He’d loved you and Chris, saying the two of you reminded him of him and his late wife when they were young and knee-deep in-love.

“Nope,” you shook your head, smiling.

“Can I try the tiramisu, please?” He asked the attendant then looked over at you, smiling when you chuckled at him. You both already knew what flavors he was going to walk out with; 'Cookies and Cream’ and 'Coffee’. He stuck with what he knew and loved, but he also liked trying everything else first which made the process grueling. “Oh, this is nice. What’s that one in the back like?” He quizzed, getting another small taste test.

You were almost halfway through yours when he finally ordered his usual after tasting another four flavors. He was lucky he was Captain America and the owner was a friend, otherwise they’d kick him out for trying almost every flavor in their display case. After Chris paid for the gelato with a massive tip, you both thanked Lorenzo for his hospitality and made your way out of their store and onto the streets of the beautiful city of Rome which hadn’t changed since your last visit. Rome was always going to hold a special place in both your hearts as it was where you’d spent your honeymoon, and so far- this trip was proving to be just as magical.

“What would you like to do today?” Chris asked, draping an arm around you; he’d squish you every time he tried to spoon ice-cream into his mouth, making you laugh. “Sorry,” he chuckled and you smiled, kissing his jaw. “Anyway, what would you like to do today? We can hit up all the spots we did when we honeymooned, redo Rome?”

“I don’t mind as long as I’m redoing Rome with you.”

“You’re sweeter than my gelato, you know that?” He smiled and kissed the side of your head. “Okay then, I’ll tour guide the trip. First stop…” He trailed off, taking a moment to ponder. “Oh, yes. What do you say we go recreate our kiss photo on the Spanish Steps?”

“That’s really cheesy, Chris,” you made a face, trying not to laugh as you teased him.

“Yeah,” his face fell slightly as he tried to make his case, “but that’s one of my favorite pic-”

“I’m kidding,” you giggled and he smiled, “I’d love to.” You tip-toed and pecked him on the lips.

“Guess I’m not the only one who hasn’t changed,” he chuckled, squishing you again as he nursed his gelato. “You’re still as cheeky as ever.” He scooped the tiniest bit of gelato onto his spoon. “But then again, so am I.” He poked you in the nose with his gelato then pulled away from you, laughing when you scoffed. “You’ve got a bit of-” he choked on his laughter, grabbing his left pec. “Hey, no!” He dodged your attempt to get back at him, still bellowing with laughter as he jogged a small distance away from you.

“I’m going to get you back,” you warned playfully, trying not to smile.

Despite the fact that you’d been together for nine years and were parents now, things between the two of you were still exciting and lively, fun and playful. It didn’t matter how many more years were yet to come, you and Chris both knew that you wouldn’t become one of those boring, old married couples with nothing to do and nothing to talk about. There was a promise made to always keep the romance alive, it didn’t matter how big or small the gesture was- it was the thought and the effort that counted. You’d both lived up to it so far- Chris going above and beyond with this trip- and you’d continue to live up to it as long as you were together.

“Aw, baby,” he cooed, pouting mockingly, “I am sure you will.” You tried not to laugh as you pursed your lips tightly. “C'mere, you messy girl.” He walked back over to you, using the back of his hand to wipe the gelato from your nose. “There we go,” he wiped his hand on his jeans, “back to perfection.”

“But now your jeans are sticky.”

“Yeah, but what’s new around you?” He smirked and you burst into laughter; he laughed as you playfully shoved him. “Wow, that was so crude,” he laughed, wrapping an arm around you as the two of you continued towards the Spanish Steps. “Oh my God, I am so sorry. It’s like I just have a constant stream of bad jokes in my head,” he chuckled.

“I can’t say that was your worst though,” you said; he chuckled when you did. “Aren’t you lucky I married you anyway?” You teased, looking up and smiling at him. Believe it or not, you lived for his terrible jokes; just like he lived for your perfectionism. Those things were part of who you were, part of the reason why one fell for the other. It may have been annoying to others, but it was adorable to you and Chris.

“Incredibly,” he smiled.

You found the Spanish Steps like you did the last trip, around the corner from Lorenzo’s gelato store. There were many tourists like the two of you taking photos and eating gelato on the steps, it was one of the must-see places when one visited Rome. You and Chris finished your gelato and tossed the paper cups away before you went in search of the spot you’d taken your kiss photo four years ago. It wasn’t that hard to find, Chris had it seared in his mind; it was his favorite photo after all. It was his phone’s background up until the birth of Jack, then he’d changed it to the photo that Jimmy Fallon showed at the interview; the one of the four of you. Chris looked around for someone to help take the photo, American tourists found you first.

“Oh my God, it’s Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N,” a girl in her twenties and her friends lit up at the sight of the two of you. “This is amazing! We’re such huge fans!” You and Chris smiled. “Do you want us to help you guys take a photo?”

“That’d be awesome,” Chris nodded and passed them his phone before rejoining you. “What?” He chuckled when you chuckled, burying your face in his chest. “Are you embarrassed?” He teased, poking your side as he wrapped his arms around you like he did the last time.

“Aren’t you, Mr. I-hate-the-limelight?”

“Never when I’m with you,” he told you, smiling. “When you’re around, you’re all I see. Why do you think I do red carpet events so well around you? It’s 'cause you’re the only thing I think about, I focus on you and everything else just fades away.”

“Aw,” you smiled. “Okay then, let’s take this photo and give your fans a story to tell.” He chuckled and looked over at the girls, nodding at them before drawing you in for a passionate kiss. You could hear them squealing as the camera flash went off. You wanted to laugh at their reaction but Chris’ kiss just took you to another dimension, giving the 'everything else just fades away’ experience. “Okay,” you giggled, breaking the kiss. “I think they got it.”

“I don’t think so,” he chuckled, giving you another quick kiss before pulling away to take his phone back from the girls. “Thank you, ladies. Y/N and I really appreciate the help,” he told them and they smiled at him before smiling at you. “Do you want a group photo before we go?” He asked, holding out his hand for you to take.

“Yes, please!”

Chris pulled you to his side, you both shared a smile before turning your attentions to one of the girls’ phones. The camera shutter went off and they thanked both of you before leaving you to your peace. Chris took your hand, leading you away from the Spanish Steps and onto your next destination. You chuckled softly when he entwined his fingers with yours.

“What?” He quizzed, chuckling softly.

“Nothing,” you shook your head. “I’m just wondering how long it’ll take for the guys to call when that photo goes viral,” you told him and he laughed. “They all know you very well, there’s no doubt that they’ll figure out the real reason for this trip.”

“There’s no real reason, there’s just one reason and that’s work.” He said and you laughed. “Work for my job of being the best husband ever,” he added, chuckling. “But what they don’t know won’t hurt them.”

“I love you,” you chuckled.

“I love you too,” he smiled.

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Part 5C coming soon.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm going to Tokyo and Osaka in the spring (never been to either before) and was wondering what you'd consider the most "must see" horror related Japan places to visit. Like your personal Top 10 of each city maybe: stores, sites, museums, tours, restaurants, attractions etc... thanks! Love your site

Thanks! :D

The thing with Japan is that despite how well it serves all sorts of different fandoms, there really isn’t much there for horror fans. Unless you include yokai and kaiju, in which case there are a few things I’d recommend. Also, many events and even stores in Japan are often seasonal, so I’m not too sure at the moment! I’m going back in the spring though, so I’ll definitely post my findings. Off the top of my head of things that are permanent though…

Hotel Gracery Tokyo (Godzilla hotel)

Nakano Broadway. The whole place, but there’s one store on I think the third floor that is 100% ero guro. Shintaro Kago, Suehiro Maruo, Hideshi Hino, etc, etc.

Kappa-bashi. Basically a road littered with kappa trinkets and shrines.

Cambiare - Kind of your typical Golden Gai bar, only it’s based on Dario Argento’s Suspiria!

Yurei Izakaya - Another Tokyo horror themed bar, I’ve never been to this one, but apparently it’s pretty cool! Will be going when I go back.

Meguro Parasitological Museum. Maybe not horror, but a museum displaying various kinds of parasites, it’s weird to say the least, though not very big.

Yokai Street. This is in Kyoto, but being in Osaka you’re kind of close to Kyoto anyway. There isn’t a huge amount to see unless its one of their market days, which happen twice a week, but this far out I’m not sure when that would be.

Fushimi Inari. Going to Fushimi Inari at night is a pretty excellent experience as the lanterns start to come on. There’s also Kitsune statues everywhere. I’ll post some pics after this post.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but there really isn’t much for horror fans in Japan at the moment. There’s lot for yokai and kaiju though, and plenty of art shows dedicated to the weird and extreme, which I’ll post about as they come up.

The Birthday Brag

Summary: While Rumple and Belle prepare for Gideon’s first birthday party, Rumple surprises Belle with a special gift. He also brags about Gideon just a little. Based on set spoilers for OUAT episode 7x04. 

A/N: Cotton candy fluff from Rumple’s POV. The Gold Family!Verse alters the course of canon after 3A–Nealfire never dies, and he’s raising Henry with Emma and Regina (SwanFireQueen yaasss!) Pushing through writer’s block so if this sucks, please be kind. Thanks to @magnoliatattoo, who makes everything I write better. <3 @still-searching47, I finished it. 

ON AO3 | Gold Family!Verse

Rumplestiltskin tapped Belle on the shoulder and beckoned her closer with a playful smile.

She turned away from the bunches of white, gold, and blue balloons she was arranging into clusters for Gideon’s birthday party on the front deck of Granny’s Diner and smiled at him. “What?”

“I’d like a private moment with my wife,” he drawled, grabbing her hand and yanking her into his arms. He pulled her behind a an elephant ear plant, its broad leaves shielding them from the street and the prying eyes of people passing by. Belle tilted her head in the way he loved and blinked, the look that told him her brain was at work, trying to figure him out. He lifted her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

“You have me alone,” she teased huskily, sliding her arms around his neck.

Several untethered balloons slipped loose from their ribbons and floated up into the cloudless afternoon sky, the breeze carrying them high above Storybrooke and over the forest canopy. From where he sat strapped in his high chair, one-year-old Gideon stabbed a chubby finger toward the flying balloons and squealed in delight.

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hellooo i live here but I’m still a tourist lol. What are some more must see areas or places in boston? I’m in downtown so I’m around newbury and beacon hill and the esplanade like everyday. Maybe something that is more north end

It was emotional for me…

The reason for this trip to California is because ever since I was a little kid I wanted to see the Pacific Ocean at Big Sur. Not sure why but it has remained as one of those must see places that I needed to visit.

Today we drove down from Monterey to Big Sur pulling off the road to enjoy the view and take pictures. As I was sitting on a bench looking out at the beautiful shoreline It sunk in that I actually was here at a place that I have waited so long to see and never expected to see. I never thought it would have this kind of impact on me.

This trip was difficult for me because I am a homebody and I get real uncomfortable if I am too far from home or in unfamiliar places. Looking at that shoreline today made me realize how much I have missed out on because of my fear of adventure. Not anymore, I’m already starting to plan my next big trip!

anonymous asked:

Hey I saw that ask from that shitty anon & I wondered if you had any tips on traveling cheap? I'd love to see the world but I live in a place where money doesn't come easily. <3

hello!! sure, where should i start!


1)What’s the plan?(type of trip)
Firstly, figure out where you want to go! Think of a few aspects that you are looking for in your trip, for example mountains, beaches, architecture, a certain culture…? Maybe you want to visit a few countries that are near each other? Find out as much as you can about your destination to make sure you will be happy with what you chose.

2)Finding the cheapest option to go to
So to travel cheap is to think about where it would be cheapest to live, get best flights etc. For example you can spend the same amount for a week in europe and a month in asia. So first thing is look at flights, and decide how long you want to go somewhere. My recommendation for a cheap, safe and amazing trip is a place like Thailand, there’s nature, you can find super cheap accommodation, food and transportation and get a full backpacking experience while riding night trains and eating tropical fruit.

3)Research on your destination
Transport, places you want to visit, their prices, get a notebook and write everything down, if you want to travel cheap, check everything out beforehand, plan out your money, because it’s really easy to spend it on a trip without noticing. When going on a budget trip I always try to find the price of every train ride I’m planning to take, calculating an average daily food budget, cab prices, hostels, any extra stuff, and even if you want a chill trip with not planning on what you are going to do, still write down prices of everything so while on your trip, you won’t have to spend time on your computer researching and then you can easily figure it out just by opening your notes (and personally I think it’s really fun looking for all of this, it gets you excited for what’s coming). So if you want to travel cheap, find out stuff beforehand instead of having surprises.

4) Manifesting
So important !!!!!!!!!!! Believe in the fact that it will all work out. Before my first trip that I went to with my own money, I had no money :D But from the second I decided that I’ll go I didn’t lose hope, even though it seemed IMPOSSIBLE. Seriously earning money in the country I lived in, especially as a teenager-young adult, is very hard. And once I let go my doubts, job opportunities came! And you can believe this or not, but this is key. Believe in what you are reaching for. Manifest everyday, when going to bed, take a few minutes of just imagining your trip and how it will go. IT WORKS

5) Putting in physical effort
Of course just thinking about it won’t make it all happen, but the next thing is working for it! Try to find a job, and if you have a job, but find it hard to save money… The way is not eating-out and not buying clothes :D This is where most money goes, and seriously when you have a goal in mind it’s not that bad. Now I’m actually used to it, and I’d change a trip for new clothes anytime. You will be surprised how much you can save. Just put it all in a mason jar and don’t let yourself open it;) And of course it takes time, especially if you want to travel for a longer time for ex. a month). It may take half a year to one and a half year depending on your situation, and that time can get hard sometimes! but alwayssssss worth it. always.

6)Still not enough money?
So you got no money? There are still options! One option you can try is WWOOFing (you can google it for more information) and basically you find an organic farm in any country you like, and you help out on it, like picking fruits and veggies etc, and you get a free stay and money, so basically all the money you need is a flight or any other way you’d get there, and it’s a fun experience if you want to change life up a bit! 

7)Booking the cheapest flights
The trick to finding the best flights is not trying to look for a date that fits for you but fit to a date that is cheapest. Of course if it’s possible for you, but look for last minutes, or just keep on tracking flights, and i found that the cheapest place is but there are more, just i saw that the same tickets cost cheaper here. 

8)Cheapest accommodation
Hostels are best, it’s just a lot of beds in one room and you get to meet other travelers, so if traveling solo you can make cool friends or just have some very interesting conversations. People are awesome and you can find some super interesting people in a hostel who has been living with just a backpack for a few months;) I like to look for hostels in or something similair to that. If you want to live for free try and stay at people’s houses, it’s fun because you get to see the place from a different perspective when you live with a local, and they show you around the truly important places of the regions, and that’s not only the famous places that all people go, it might be a secret spot on the beach, or a place where locals only hang out and spent there childhood in, and then truly get to know the place that you visited.

Rely mostly on supermarket food and try to make as much food by yourself! It’s so much cheaper than buying every meal from a restaurant or something. Or in some places street food is also a good option.

10)Helpful tips
-Get a notebook beforehand! Write all the adresses that you think you may need (in both English and the local language); write all basic words and phrases in the local language; some train or bus schedules that you think you may need; phone numbers of your families or friends form back home just in case; names of places you may want to visit and etc. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. It can help you a lot, so it’s better to not get lazy on this part you will be thankful later on.
-Use the time of your layovers! I’ve seen so many extra places that I didn’t plan to, for example I had a 11 hour layover in Amsterdam and I went to the city, and even though I was alone and didn’t spend money, just walking around wherever I could, without knowing where to go, was a completely different experience, and definitely worth it. Just blindly exploring. Or I had a layover in Abu Dhabi for 16 hours and apparently it was easy to get an on-arrival visa, so I just went out, got into a bus that I spent a dollar on, and just walked around and explored, sooo worth it! An extra trip in your trip haha. There will be enough time to rest around when you get home:)
-It’s okay to be nervous when traveling alone! If traveling alone there’s always a little bit of nervousness about if you will get and find everything on time and if everything will go on well, and it’s okay, embrace it! It’s a completely different experience that’s quite life-changing. 
-It’s okay to be lazy! There always seems to be a must-visit list of places with every destination, and while on a trip you can feel like you have to do or see certain stuff and do something every day, but it’s okay to be lazy and maybe just chill for the whole day doing nothing! Sleeping till noon, lazily reading a book on the beach until the evening then eat and just sleep, this is also a relax time, and I feel like often people feel like it’s just wasting time. And same with the “must-see’’ places. Even though it’s really cool, if you don’t feel like it, it won’t mean that you didn’t visit the country if you don’t see certain stuff.

So this is a little summary! :D I hope this helps. And if you need any detail in any bit of this you can message me, I’d love to help. :)

About the photo below: even though it’s quite a funny photo, I thought I’d put it in for extra motivation. The first photo is before my first big trip, at that point I really didn’t have any money at all, and here I was working in a bar that I used to clean after a night, scrubbing vomit and stickiness from drinks on the floor, but still believing in my heart that I will do this. I didn’t tell anyone except my closest family because people would’ve just laughed that I want to go to Thailand for a month at the current situation that I was in at that time in life.But I didn’t give up, and with the image of blue seas and white sand, I didn’t give up and it turned out to be the trip of my life! And the photo on the right was about 7 months after the one on the left. Good luck! Reach for your dreams!

‘’if people aren’t laughing from your dreams they’re not big enough”