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listen y'all. i know we all know nessian are the ultimate horndogs but like i fell like they would do it a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e. like table: done, wall: done, random field in the middle of the illyrian steppes: done.

OMG OK u just opened the pandora box when u said “Illyrian steppes”.

bc hear me out, Cassian needs happy memories of that damned place, and Nesta cant help but think that wherever he turns he must see the places where he fought and fought and its still not enough in the eyes of the majority of the illyrians. So when he has to go to the steppes, Nesta goes with him, shes adamant on this, even if he isnt exactly convinced, mostly bc the place is brutal as hell and he doesnt want her to see it. But when Nesta decides on something, theres no way in hell she will change her mind.

So she starts.

A little, sweet kiss on his cheek while the other illyrians arent looking after a meeting, holding his hand when they pass near a laundry with her thumb grazing his,standing beside him when he demands the females have to train(and this is something she takes to her heart), waking up at the crack of dawn with him even if he tells her to keep sleeping.

And then, in the middle of the night, she moves their tent(and yes, it is big as shit and shes hella tiny, but this is Nesta Archeron folks) to where he use to sleep when he was a child.

He enters the tent with a hand on his face and Nesta feels the panic rising, scared she did something horrible with the hope to do good but he walks and walks, hiding his face in the crook of her neck and whispering “thank you.”

They make love, bc he is an emotional mess and needs her close, and its slow and lovely and hes  warm and safe and happy and i completely went off the road with this i am sorry.


Sword Art Online II — Episode 07: Crimson Memory - Preview Screencaps

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Kimmo Metsäranta // Notes on a Place

Notes on a Place is series that brings forth places in that are ignored as trivial. Top attractions in Helsinki for years have been churches, museums, monuments, a few parks and an old sea fortress. With the series I wanted to add a few more spots to the list from the everyday, mundane scenery, places that are passed by on the way to must-see places. These new spots are in plain sight but unseen to most. The city is full of attractions if one chooses to look around.

The images are isolated abstractions, modified interpretations, bare structures with only the essentials left. The images make the places become monuments.
These are the new attractions of Helsinki. (artist statement)