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You should do a continuation on the "i lost our baby" fic and it should be about how kat went to work earlier than Adena and then when Adena tries to go to work Tigger won't let her but Adenas going to be busy so she just shows up to Kate office to let her kitten sit.

“Mmmm coffee, thank you baby,” Kat murmurs slightly as she sidles up to the counter where Adena is standing, hair hanging loose, eyes softly focused on Kat and the way she looks in the morning, grumpy and unhappy to be awake, but a smile always ready for her.

“Of course,” Adena replies, kissing Kat on the cheek as she goes to grab a piece of toast.

“All ready for your presentation?” Kat nods whilst chewing.

“I think I’ll be fine. I mean obviously it’s in front of the board and everyone, but with the recent gains on twitter and Instagram, I think they’re pretty happy with me going in the direction I want to go.”

Adena nods. “My social media savvy girlfriend,” she teases and Kat sticks her tongue out.

“Well your Instagram followers have gone up loads since we started dating.”

Adena laughs. “True, but I think that has a lot to do with a certain beautiful woman I can’t stop taking photos of.”

Kat blushes at this and ducks her head slightly and Adena marvels at how Kat can be so bashful sometimes despite her beauty. Wow she loves her.

“Anyway hotshot, get to work,” Kat stands up at her girlfriend’s tone and laughs.

“Yes ma'am,” Kat replies as she puckers her lips for a kiss.

At that moment Tigger comes padding softly across the kitchen, wrapping himself around Kat’s legs.

“Uh-oh, someone’s realised mommy is leaving,” Adena chuckles.

Kat bends down to pick their kitten up and laughs as he purrs in her arms. “My baby, don’t worry I’ll be home soon, you’ll be ok without me. Mama is here and we have lots of toys for you,” Kat explains, walking around the apartment with Tigger in her arms.

Adena shakes her head lovingly and holds out her arms for Tigger and Kat passes him over, but he whines slightly and struggles till he’s down on the floor again, following Kat as she kisses Adena goodbye and makes her way to the door.

She sighs and smiles at Tigger as she closes the door, his paws scratching against the door and then meowing softly as if looking to Adena for answers.

“Come on, let’s get you some food,” Adena encourages as she grabs some cat food and a fresh bowl of the water and that seems to bring Tigger back to reality, realising Adena is there too. He sidles slowly up to her and devours his food before turning his attention to her, mewing until she sighs and picks him up and  his face is soon leaning into her neck.

Adena chuckles to herself, marvelling at how this kitten is so affectionate and so loving after only a few weeks and she speaks a few comforting words to him in Farsi before looking at the clock, realising she has to get to the studio for eleven.

“Come on sweetheart, mama has to go,” she soothes as she puts Tigger down, taking her teacup to the sink before grabbing her coat and bag from the bedroom, but Tigger is whining again, mewing and pawing at Adena and Adena knows how this is going to go; he hates being left alone, probably from the fact he must have been abandoned seeing as Kat found him round the corner, cowering in an alley, but she can’t take him with her forever and she can’t miss this studio slot either so she fires a quick text off to Kat.

“You busy?”

“Never too busy for you babe, what’s up?”

“Nothing, just going to drop by something to the office,” Adena replies vaguely and grabs Tigger and a supply of food and his water bowl before heading to Scarlet.

Adena passes Jane in the office before she finds Kat but she waves, and Jane just raises an eyebrow, smirking slightly at Adena’s exasperated look.

“Hey beautiful,” Adena greets and Kat swirls round in her seat.

“Hey ba-” Kat starts and sees Tigger in her girlfriend’s arms.

“Is everything ok?” She stands up, concerned, but Adena nods.

“He’s just being fussy, and I’d take him with me, but I can’t miss my meeting at the studio and I know how much everyone here will fawn over him. I’ll explain it to Jacqueline.” Adena reasons but Kat is smiling.

“Why are you smiling when I’m giving you our kitten who has been known to scratch people and ruin their things?”

“Because you love him so much you didn’t want to leave him alone to be upset.”

Adena laughs at this. “Of course I love him, but we do need to address this abandonment thing he has,” and Kat agrees.

“Hmm, but I’m going to let Tigger loose around the office, they love him.”

“Be careful!” But Kat is laughing.

“He’ll be fine, I’ll look after him and he’ll get far too much fuss.”

Adena nods and she kisses Kat. “Thank you, I’ll see you for dinner?”

Kat nods. “Pizza?” But Adena is shaking her head.

“No Kat, real food,” but Kat is laughing and then Adena is too and she places a soft kiss to Tigger’s fur and her girlfriend’s forehead and Kat is wishing her good luck and she’s walking out of Scarlet, happy, content and so in love.