My Idol: Part Two

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

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[TRANS] andGIRL August 2015 - Junho Interview

A Hot Summer is the Season I Look Forward To!

Summer this year is getting increasingly sexy!

Born in 1990 in South Korea. Height is 178 cm, weight is 67 kg.
Debuted as 2PM in Korea in 2008.
Starting in 2013, he began his solo activities in Japan.
His dancing skill and beautiful pronunciation of the Japanese language is acknowledged even among fans.
Continuing from his 1st album “Kimi no Koe” and 2nd album “FEEL,”
his 3rd album “SO GOOD” will be released this year on July 15.

This is the 3rd year he has started solo promotions in Japan.
We did a close up of Junho’s painted face, who is increasingly perfect in his form
as the “summer guy” who releases an album every summer!
With a theme of “summer,” we asked him about various things,
from what he wants to do this summer, to what food he’s currently obsessed with, to his recommended diet method!

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