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What are some must-sees and dos if you're gay and visiting London for a long weekend?

Well…like specifically gay oriented stuff or just in general? I’ll do both:

1)book ahead a free visit to Sky Gardens. It doesn’t cost but you do have to book on the website. Probably best views of the city.

2) go to Soho. This is gay town. Check out The Yard or Rupert Street for Bars (or Freedom Bar if you have some £££ to toss around), and apparently Heaven is a must go for clubbing although I hear a mix of trash and fun there. I very much enjoyed XXL which is a darker club with something for everyone in Vauxhall, which is just south of the river, but it costs at least £15 just to get in.

3) Walk Hampstead Heath. Beautiful park full of puppers

4) shop on regent and Oxford street. This L will have you seeing lots of popular shops and fashion providers as well as the famous Piccadilly Circus.

5) there’s a pub in Vauxhall as well which has a huge gay history. I’ve never been but want to. I think it’s a mix of bear and drag and there’s a legend that Princess Diana dressed up disguised as a leather daddy and went in when she was young. Can’t remember the name but I bet if you google it it’s on there. Or I think it’s in the Graham Norton episode of Rupaul’s podcast.

6) see a west end show. Right now I’d recommend seeing the brilliant and gay Andrew Scott in Hamlet or Angels in America with Russell Tovey and Nathan Lane (both gaybies) at the National.

7) Walk the sights: take a tube to Westminster, cross the Westminster bridge, walk under the London Eye along the Southbank to Shakespeare’s Globe and cross the Millennium Bridge to St Pauls. You get a ton of sights plus restaurants and pubs in one 2-3 hour walk.

im laughing because in the wings concert program book bts were asked for advice on handling long flights overseas

and yoongi and jimin both said the same thing: “stay awake for 24 hours, get drunk as fuck, and then sleep the entire time”



Bakugou’s smile can scare off childrens easily..(・∀・ ) He could run the title of “Number 1. Most Evil-looking hero” for generations lololol

read from left>right

i hope this counts as “several children” XD @princeasimdiya12

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pepperony week
day 2: pre-relationship
“If I were Iron Man, I’d have this girlfriend who knew my true identity. She’d be a wreck. She’d always be worrying that I was gonna die, yet so proud of the man I’ve become. She’d be… wildly conflicted, which would only make her more… crazy about me.”

Really fast sketch for the amazing @zippi44 ♡ (*´꒳`*)

Happy belated (sorry :,D) Birthday! ♡
Hope you had a beautiful day! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡

Thank you so much for everything you do for FT fandom and everything one else! ♡ :3

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Is it rude to copy someones artstyle?

It’s not rude, copying is a nice way to learn to draw and to get used to some difficult poses, backgrounds or even coloring. 

Copying is not rude, HOWEVER… what it IS rude is to copy someone’s drawing, post it online and say it’s yours. If you copy something you should write the sources, who inspired you… after all, artists also need shoutouts AND you could help other people look for references too!