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Don't know if you ever answered this. Sorry if you have. What would be Osiris' tarot card? And Edmond's? And their romance card? Would each have their own or would it be the same?

Osiris’ tarot card is Justice (which is like the only Tarot art i’ve ever done. I’m kinda proud of it though?) 

Edmond’s card is Emperor, if i am not mistaken.. and their romance card is Chariot.  I kinda started working on those AGES ago, but they got buried under a huge pile of WIPs. 

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okay i love your art but I am a bit confused about the dream pack because in the books I didn't find any references to their physical apparence, so i was wondering how can everybody draw them in the "same " way thanks :)

there are no references to their physical appearances in canon whatsoever besides proko having prominent ears and sloped shoulders, so… you’re not wrong on that haha

i don’t think everyone draws them in the same way? i actually don’t see much (visual) art of them besides from myself and @dimtramp and @natroze haha. i drew my own interpretations of them about half a year ago and have since had various fic authors ask if they could use my drawings as ref for their writing descriptions, but otherwise idk! if you see other people drawing the dream pack boys in the same way as i’ve drawn them, then… i guess they are just copying my character designs lmao idk

((Ok but imagine

Imagine Ingvar just sitting down, quietly thinking to himself as he enjoys doing

And a bird landing on his shoulder

And he just holds his breath and doesn’t dare to move

and then more birds do the same

and he’s just sitting there, cheeks bright red and barely breathing because he doesn’t want to scare them away or cause any harm to them))

Things to Do in London

Hello, this is just a few Sherlock and non-Sherlock thoughts on enjoying London from someone who adores this city and has been asked ‘What should I do in London?’ Enjoy this lovely place…walk everywhere…it is so worth it.

‘Must’ Do

My personal must-dos are:

Waterloo Bridge: Go stand in the middle of that bridge. You’ll see the London Eye (a nice thing to do but not ‘wow), Houses of Parliament, and Big Ben on one side and St. Paul’s on the other. It’s a beautiful view.

London Bridge: I also like the view from London Bridge because from it you see the turreted Tower Bridge as well as the massive drama that is The Shard skyscraper. You can go up to the top of the Shard for £25 or so and it’s nice but…ultimately you won’t feel you missed a lot if you don’t.

Walk everywhere: London is a lot smaller than you think. Covent Garden is very close to Leicester Square which is close to Trafalgar Square from which you can see Big Ben and walk down to the Thames. So walk. Just walk all over.

The Sky Garden: I don’t know that it’ll stay free forever, but going up to the 35th floor of this strangely shaped London skyscraper is utterly free when I went up just weeks ago. They have a lovely cafe and snacks up at the top, a beautiful garden, and smashing view of the city — and all you have to do is book your spot online. For free. And when you’re up there you can smile and wave at the Shard which charges you £25 for the same privilege. Only without the garden. Or the cafe.


I prefer Regent’s Park because it feels slightly more knowable and it has a cool cafe in the middle called The Hub. From this you can look all around London whether it’s rainy or sunny because the building’s made of glass.


You can book tickets online for The Globe theatre and they’re £5 for standing tickets right at the foot of the stage. Don’t worry about standing, you’ll forget you are as you watch the actors just about right in front of you. Come spring Royal Albert Hall has the BBC Proms, which is live classical music also £5 if you queue the day you want to see it. You’ll be right in front of the orchestra and you can sit on the floor. It’s worth it.

Donmar Warehouse is very near Covent Garden and I’ve always managed to get standing tickets the days I wanted them. £7.50 and I never once had to stand as they tend to take people standing and slot them in seats up front when other ticketholders don’t show.

221B Baker Street

This is exceeeeedingly close to Regent’s Park. The museum is delightful and costs about six pounds. If you don’t have time, just pop into the gift shop, which has many appealing things.


All the major museums and galleries are free. Go to them. They have classes and events and every Friday or once a month Fridays they’re open late for drinks and socialising. You can see plays for as little as £5, or live music at Royal Albert Hall for the same (the BBC Proms). There is an insane amount to do here. You will not be bored.

Oyster Card (Buses/Tube)

Get an Oyster card, it makes traveling on the tube and buses much easier. They will charge you £5 for the card but they’ll also give you that money back if you return the card before you go home. If you don’t see yourself back in London then probably stick to a weekly ticket; getting an Oyster doesn’t save you money, it just makes life a lot more convenient.


NEW: The BB Bakery in Covent Garden does an “afternoon tea bus tour” that is flawless. Just so enjoyable and delicious. I live in London and I loved the stately pace of a bus tour, the major sights we saw, all while we nibbled every glorious sweet and savory (vegetarian menus available too!) thing they fed us. It was charming and worth every pound.

That said, I’ll say that the best food I’ve consistently had in London is, believe it or not, in museum or theatre cafes. Specifically I’d recommend the Victoria & Albert museum’s cafe (and the museum itself; it’s very worth going there for its own collection, but also right behind it is the Science Museum (always crowded) and right next to it is the Natural History Museum, with the Royal Albert Hall not too far away. Another good place for an evening meal is the National Theatre.

Ah, for lunch meals you’ll find that Pret a Manger is everywhere, reasonably priced, great sandwiches and soups and has free wi-fi (as does Caffe Nero and Starbucks; all you have to do is sign up with most of them and they don’t care what name or email address you provide; do sign up because then all Starbucks, Neros, and Prets will let you online).

By the way, get fish and chips from a pub if you like, but they taste no different here than they do anywhere else in the world I’ve had them. I suggest buying sweets or crisps flavours you’ve never seen before (pickled onion Monster Munch!). More rewarding, less pricey, easier to carry! Also, yes, it’s rather fun to have scones, jam, and clotted cream. Many of the museums have this. Warning, you will feel dense afterward!


This is the order of price and quality in London supermarkets, from cheapest to best: Tesco, Sainsburys, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose. The last two are more equal, so equate those together. Tesco is almost always the cheapest. Tesco and Sainsburys both big and little are everywhere in London. M&S and Waitrose tend to have bigger shops and are slightly less frequently found. All of these supermarkets do lunch specials where you can buy a sandwich, cola, and crisps for £3 (usually; M&S charges £4).

For produce one of the best things is to look for £1-a-bowl produce vendors. Basically if you see a small ‘mom & pop’ shop with various produce lined up outside in bowls, even if there’s no sign, those bowls are always each just one pound. They can be great value and they crop up in lots of places, so look for them.

Sherlock-Related Sites

There are a lot of Sherlock-y wee sites and prime among them: Speedy’s! This is well-worth a visit. They’re closed on Sundays, but open early all other days, and the place just feels….tiny, homey, sort of exciting. Warning, they can be very busy, so aim for a time between breakfast and lunch (they close at 2pm I think). "Angelo’s” is not really worth it as it’s hard to recognise except for the lights hanging in the window, the skate park in Blind Banker is across the Waterloo or Hungerford bridges and to the right of the National Theatre. St Bart’s is near St. Paul’s and the phone booth there almost always has “I believe in Sherlock Holmes” and other such messages in it. There’s also the ever-busy Sherlock Holmes Pub, very close to Trafalgar Square. They have a glorious “study” set up upstairs, it is meant to be John and Sherlock’s Victorian-era sitting room, and it’s well worth having a pint or meal at the pub so that you can sit next to the glassed-in spot and admire all the ephemera that The Sherlock Holmes Society of London maintains (and updates for holidays) in the snug room.

National Theatre Archives

Speaking of booking, you can go to the National Theatre archives and see, for free, very good recordings of many of the National’s plays, including Frankenstein, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller, trading roles as both Victor Frankenstein and the Creature. If you want to see each recorded performance, plan on being at the archives for four hours. Just drop them an email and they’re happy to accommodate you Monday-Friday.

‘Slightly Less Touristy’ Ideas

Again, just walk everywhere and you’ll see sites you relish. I love going into the big train stations: Paddington, Marylebone, St. Pancras, because they can be lovely inside. Smithfield meat market passthrough is strangely ornate and right across from St. Bart’s Hospital. Go to St. Bart’s Pathology Museum, they do events all the time and it’s rather creepy-gorgeous and super interesting. Walk across Millennium Bridge (which takes you to the Tate Modern) and look down at the grating at your feet. Once in awhile an artist lays himself down on the bridge and paints tiny artworks between the slats. You’ll never see them unless you look down or see him in the act of painting. 

Whatever you do, do have fun!


The finale should be 7x19; in terms of STORYLINES and reveals and answers and giving closure. Advertise 7x19 as the final episode ever. Wrap up the Mary Drake and Charlotte storyline in 7x19, officially. All the ships are given closure in 7x19 - weddings, engagements, break ups, etc. 7x19 is the END.

The following week will be 7x20 which will be Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Alison and MONA all sitting down in Spencer’s living room.
NOT Lucy, Troian, Ashley, etc like in the season 5 special Halloween episode - but the CHARACTERS sitting down in Spencer’s living room, as if it’s a normal episode.

7x20 is set the day after the finale 7x19, and the 5 girls sit down and talk about their lives over the past years, making sense of everything that happened to them.

They will have discussions like:

Aria: “so based on what we learnt last night from Mary/Jessica, that’s why Eddie recognised me in Radley a few years ago”.

Spencer: “hey guys remember those drawings Bethany did of Jessica a few years ago, they make sense now because we now know that _____”

Hanna: “ok so that explains why Jessica was taking Bethany to ride horses”

Aria: “oh that explains why I heard 2 voices throwing me off the train”

Spencer: “that makes sense because I saw Ali in Maya’s window” (in the pilot)

Alison: “so my cousin blew up Jenna’s house because she wanted to protect me from her”

Mona: “that’s why I attacked you girls that day, because ____”

Aria: “guys as much as I hated Charlotte, I can ever so slightly understand why she locked us away in her dollhouse, because ___”

Etc (those are just examples)

If I were Marlene, I would make 7x19 the finale in terms of storyline advancements and giving answers, but then for the actual SERIES FINALE 7x20, I would sit all the girls down so they can piece together everything they learnt. 

I won’t be satisfied to farewell this show if they chuck all the answers to us like the CeCe reveal and say “here’s the answer: CeCe is A because she had a rough upbringing. Work out the rest yourself”.


WE NEED AN EPISODE THAT LITERALLY IS DEDICATED TO TYING THESE LOOSE ENDS, RIGHT DOWN TO THE TINIEST OF DETAILS. Essentially, THROW the answers at us in 7x19 but CULMINATE it all, and give meaning to 7x19 in 7x20.

This is a must. Something like this. It’s clearly a must-do.


The basics are often forgotten but my god they are so important. If you have not already, add these into your beauty routine. Be kind to your body! 

** I know my dyed hair babes are like “clarifying shampoo will washout my color” I know I know colors like manic panic/bleach don’t stay in long but 1. re-apply your color it’s not hard 2. it’s only once a week it wont make or break it 3. your scalps health is priority over your hair color**

1. Live alone. As hard as it is to live alone, you get to know yourself in an extreme, intense, and deeply satisfying way. It teaches us to live happily in solitude. It provides quiet to think. It allows us to become self reliant. I lived alone for 6 years before we got married and I believe, if nothing else, that time provided me a great deal of confidence in my ability to survive.

2. Quit your job. It feels so good to take a job and shove it (and not be affecting anyone else’s livelihood). It doesn’t seem as irresponsible to up and quit when it’s just your mouth you’re feeding. So if the job isn’t right for you, get out of there. Don’t waste another minute – this is your life we’re talking about.

3. Fly to a foreign country by yourself. I was nervous on my first solo trip to Mexico, even though now I almost always have to travel alone. You learn so much about who you are in how you handle foreign currency, foreign accents, and foreign chaos. It’s a cultural adventure and doing it alone, without worrying of checking in, when to call, and when to be back, is quite exhilarating.

4. Spend a weekend with a married couple your age. Listen to how they speak to one another. Notice their non-verbals. Ask about the rhythms of their daily life. Make a mental note: marriage is not perfect, nor is it the solution to what ails you. Be happy for your married friends and satisfied in where you’re at today. Know that many of us stay single forever, and that’s great. Life is about community, food, faith , travel, relationships, and love. Not just marriage.

5. Take a long trip with your best friend. Plan a trip you won’t be able to take once you are married because your spouse will either: a) want to join or b) not be able to survive the time without you. You can backpack through Southeast Asia, staying at random hostels, or couch surf your way through Western Europe. I have a friend Jeddidiah Jenkins who over 18 months (right now) is riding his bike from Oregon to Patagonia with a few of his close friends. Get out there and go.

6. Be completely, utterly, wholly single for at least three months. Stop trying to date someone constantly. Fast from the hunt, from the hope, of another person coming into your life. Sit fully into your singleness and see what you find. Hopping wildly from one relationship to the next can do you a disservice. You’re never more ripe for self-reflection than when you’re on your own — and the more you know yourself, the more likely you are to find someone who’s right for the real you.

7. Be a good wingwoman or wingman (and watch Top Gun). It’s not always about you. Sometimes your best friends need your full-on support in their pursuit of risk and romance. Finding someone to love and putting yourself out there is not easy, but with a good friend at your side who eloquently drops the high points of your resume during a conversation with an exciting suitor, it can become much less complicated.