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my babe my mate my dude @niqhteyes tagged me in another thing and now i’m gonna annoy you all here we go

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im laughing because in the wings concert program book bts were asked for advice on handling long flights overseas

and yoongi and jimin both said the same thing: “stay awake for 24 hours, get drunk as fuck, and then sleep the entire time”


it’s funny how sometimes people forgets that shipping is a personal thing and not a community service

sure you can have your group of friends where you can talk about your personal headcanons and whatever, but in the end, it’s you who decides what to ship and what not.

You can have 10 different ships in a fandom and have an argument for each one of them and how you will fight for them all or you can have just 1 ship you will die for. You can even have no ships and that’s okay.

Shipping is not a mandatory thing.

It’s something that you and only you can decide when, where and how to enjoy.

anonymous asked:

Is it rude to copy someones artstyle?

It’s not rude, copying is a nice way to learn to draw and to get used to some difficult poses, backgrounds or even coloring. 

Copying is not rude, HOWEVER… what it IS rude is to copy someone’s drawing, post it online and say it’s yours. If you copy something you should write the sources, who inspired you… after all, artists also need shoutouts AND you could help other people look for references too!