Hebdomas → Belle + Neukmin

           Snorting as she looked down once again at the neatly folded piece of parchment which contained her P.E.T. results, Belle couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the absurdity of it all. Help controlling your emotions? A safe place place away from unwanted suitors? Medical care for unwanted injuries? And for goodness’ sake, counseling? What a load of bollocks. Rubbish, is what it is. To think that the Ministry could honestly think that a mere test on a piece of paper could gouge out a magical creature’s ‘danger level’ was absurd. The people running the majority of the magical community in Europe must be more daft than she thought.

          Making her way to the newly dubbed, Ministry Office on the fifth floor, Belle couldn’t help but wonder what the Ministry required from the weekly sessions she’d be having with Neukmin. Do they have a page of questions they’d have the Ministry worker ask her before they underwent a less linear conversation? Would they record the whole session and keep the tape for further scrutiny later? Mulling over what could happen and then looking for the solutions for the hypothetical problems she had thought of was something Belle would always be guilty of. Her mother had suspected OCD, but the brunette liked to call it keeping everything organized and being prepared for almost any possibility. Weighing the possible outcomes she’d thought of and slowly deliberating which of the bunch would be most likely to happen, the half-Veela knocks sharply on the door to the Ministry Office located in Hogwarts.

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Rubbing the back of his head in discomfort, he muttered, "Well, I didn't know it bothered you that much, geez! I was only trying to get you to like me!"

“How daft must you be to not understand that I do not appreciate what you are doing?”

“Here’s a better question: In what worl— -no- in what galaxy, is it acceptable to force yourself onto someone? It’s not enticing, It’s not alluring. It’s not cute. It’s not arousing. It’s not gentlemanly at all, and I’m not sure what type of girl would actually enjoy it. It’s rude. It’s obnoxious. It’s words I don’t even want myself to say.” 

“Understand this, Otori, boy, you are not in the most positive standings with me and you will, most likely, never be in any better standing that you are right now, if anything it’ll get worse, but nothing else.” The princess has spoken, take your tail out of here.