Cold Season Madness

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by WinterSorceress

Peridot thinks the Crystal Gems must surely be daft expecting her to play outside with them when it’s literally freezing. Good thing Steven is pretty convincing.

Smallest hints of Pearl/Peridot

Words: 5311, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Whoever thought that love will be easy must be daft because it takes more than feelings but the choices we make. You choose to show that you care, what to say, how to think and what to give. It’s not about ‘give and take’ but willingness to give because you love them. It’s not about expectations - it never was - because that wouldn’t be love and love is meant to be sincere and unconditional. Duration and distance doesn’t define love between two, but the heart and mind does. Love is more than physical touch and satisfaction, it’s about being complete and comfortable in your own skin as well as loving theirs. It’s so complicated and difficult to describe - I don’t know how people do it, you know. The way people roll it out of their mouth, effortlessly, like it’s their first language but it baffles me more when people say “I love you” without meaning it. How do you people do that? Do you not feel a burning sensation that gnaws its way into your throat? And how does one live without ever telling their other half that they love them? I can recall the first time admitting that three-worded-phrase to him - it was a circus in my chest; bursting through gates and tumbling out onto the surface with a spotlight on the animals. Calm and content, they were, but they were a nervous wreck on the inside. I remember expecting him to say, “Thank you for telling me, it’s brave of you and I’m flattered.”

But he turned my life around by saying, “Thea, I love you too.”

I know it must seem so daft but I am so excited to be the kind of person who gets a newspaper subscription at work! And more importantly a newspaper about the third sector. I’m so happy with my job. It’s unbelievable.