must we play god

  • Fatsuya_Suou: who can kill more people faster: Ernest or Mouse Hunt Mouse
  • shesha: the mouse for sure
  • hcuz1: Mouse Hunter Ernest
  • Fatsuya_Suou: why must we play god
  • hcuz1: Welp.
  • sixxspades: that's
  • hcuz1: Dead
  • sixxspades: all kinds of dead
  • hcuz1: This is some Home Alone shit
  • sixxspades: dead again
  • sixxspades: nooooooo
  • sixxspades: this is original
  • sixxspades: definitely not home aloneeeeee
  • sixxspades: lmao
  • Fatsuya_Suou: home alone kid vs mouse
  • Fatsuya_Suou: vs ernest

A 37-year-old man named Liam Bennett from Wales has been developing something called a “dausage” or “donut sausage.” It’s a sausage full of jam. Like a cronut, only it’s sausage. Filled with jam. Jam-filled sausage. Think of a donut, only instead of bread, it’s sausage. A sausage donut. Dausage. What a time to be alive. [x]