must we play god

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ummm hamuko going thru new game+ making a beeline for akihiko bc she cant stand him NOT knowing her for any longer than she needs to, keeps 'guessing' his favorite things and winks and tells him 'i have good intuition' when hes left baffled, kisses turning tearful and he keeps asking her whats wrong and she just keeps repeating 'you know i love you right, you know i love you so much' because she cant bear to tell him what she knows is coming

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oh, or how about new game+ hamuko doing her best to stay cold with akihiko so she doesnt hurt him again, but she cant help herself and of course would slip up - laughing at his jokes, whooping with him when he takes down a shadow, throwing a quip in the heat of a moment - only to catch herself and slam back down that stoic distant wall and leave him wondering what the hell he keeps doing wrong, he thought they were connecting there, what is it about him she hates so much?

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Hamuko going through new game+ for the 5th time and wondering if she should try to stay away from Aki this time around cos she’s just. so tired. of running. of breaking both their hearts at the end. but she cant do it, she keeps going back and reaching out to him cos he’s the one, he’s the voice in her head, the voice saying come back to bed late at night, he’s her calm and everything she’s ever wanted and she wouldn’t miss another moment to be with him for the world

i screamed at all of these on twitter yesterday i have nothing else to say so i’m going to just share it to my tumblr followers so they can scream as well

good morning let’s start out the day with some sand siblings

  • sunagakure isn’t in as bad shape as konoha is after the war ends, most of the turmoil comes from the pain of burying the dead and finding ways to treat the injured given their limited medical technology 
  • as kazekage it’s gaara’s responsibility to figure out a solution to the issue of too many wounded and not enough medic-nins but woops temari and kankuro already have it covered - they’ve been taking notes from the konoha medic-nins during the war to improve their own battlefield hospitals
  • however what they’ve accomplished still isn’t enough to fix the problem so kankuro stays behind in suna treating the injured while temari heads out to hopefully find someone who can help - going to konoha to ask for help isn’t really an option, konoha’s got more problems than any of them given how much damage they’ve sustained 
  • but pretty much everyone is short on medics right now and no one can spare a person to help suna right now so temari heads home empty-handed but determined to find another solution to help her village get through this in one piece
  • she and kankuro pool everything they know about medical ninjutsu and practice chakra manipulation techniques on each other and start pioneering new ways of healing wounds through nothing but seals and chakra manipulation because they don’t have enough herbs to make enough traditional medicine for everyone
  • their techniques aren’t as refined or as relatively painless as konoha’s medical ninjutsu but it fucking works and it doesn’t take too long to learn which is a huge upside when you’re dealing with time-sensitive issues like this 
  • once the problem’s under control temari returns to her normal duties as a bodyguard to the kazekage and one of the top shinobi in the village, but kankuro continues working with what he’s learned of chakra manipulation and seals and starts meddling with his puppets again and winds up pioneering the concept of automated technology 
  • by using a specific combination of seals placed on his puppets to release chakra in a specific way he can have them perform the same task multiple times depending on how much chakra he places within the seals 
  • kankuro’s innovations are what helps give suna the push it needs to begin catching up with its rival villages in terms of technology and weaponry despite the fact that according to him he just wanted to see if he could make puppets that build other puppets
  • “why must we play god” - sabaku no kankuro