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Everyone is going crazy on twitter right now coz Bangtan is wearing some kind of military uniform for Not Today. Kinda like for Dope is what everyone is saying so must watch! It’s at 1210 KST, in a little less than an hour from now.

My Favorite Series In Order:

Sailor Moon:

I love the entire Sailor Moon franchise.  Yes, it’s mostly a nostalgia thing, but I can’t help but to love it.  The manga is a classic, and the 90′s anime, while being long and cheesy, is still something that to this day I will watch.  Usagi is a relatable character, and every senshi is enjoyable and unique to the show.  While the first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal were pretty terrible, the third season completely makes up for all of the faults in it thus far.  Plus, SeiUsa and HaruMichi are life.  

Assassination Classroom:

Assassination Classroom is a fantastic series.  This is a series where you grow with every character.  This series is a roller coaster of emotions.  It has some of the most incredible moments I’ve ever scene in anime, as well as some of the most heartbreaking.  The ending to this show mentally destroyed me, and is the only series to this day that will make me break down every single time no matter how many times I’ve seen it, both subbed or dubbed.  It teaches so many life lessons, and is a must watch/read for everyone. The first season closing is not only my favorite closing, but one of my favorite songs, that to this day, I still listen to. Also, KarmAgisa is life.  

Kuroko no Basket:

Alright, I love this anime. I love the characters, I love the manga, I love the voice actors, I love the fan arts, I love the fanfictions.  I love absolutely everything.  The story is intense, and it hooks you from the start.  If you like sports anime, this one is a must watch.  Also, AkaKuro and Kuroko x GoM my favorite <3 

Tokyo Ghoul:

I’m very connected with this series.  I’ve been following this series religiously every week for years, so of course it’s one of my favorites.  Now, the anime is very disappointing, and the second season doesn’t exist, but I will still love it, especially since the last few chapters of Re have been fucking phenomenal. The opening for the first season is easily one of my favorite songs ever created. Also, I need Re animated like now.  It deserves it.  Actually, I need Part One redone as well.  Can we just reboot the entire anime series?


I love this series.  Like Tokyo Ghoul, I’m very invested in the manga.  Manga wise, I love the art style, and the story arcs; and once again like Tokyo Ghoul, the second season also does not exist.  The story is very well written, although this most recent arc is dragging a bit (but that’s normal for different series).  Ciel is such a little bastard, and it’s wonderful to read.  It’s a dark series that won’t get a happy ending, and that’s part of what hooks me to it. 

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt:

This anime is fucking gold.  It is hilarious, and soo fucking inappropriate.  It’s by far my favorite comedy.  It’s art style is so unique and it has the best dubbing ever created.  The dub is by far better than the sub.  It also has the biggest cliffhanger ending, and fucking NEEDS a season two desperately.  

Ouran High School Host Club:

Originally posted by superswaggyanime

I love this series so much.  This is another one of those series where I love every aspect about it, from the anime to the manga to the dubbing and subbing and even the Live Action T.V. Show and Movie.  It’s my favorite romantic comedy and always the first one I recommend to people looking for a shoujo.  Every character is unique in their own way and the story is really adorable.  I love the manga where you see so much development from everyone.  Also, Hikaru and Kaoru deserve Haruhi, and I don’t care what anyone says.  

No Game No Life:

Shiro is adorable as fuck.  As a gamer, this show relates so much to me.  It’s an amazing fantasy, and the story is perfect.  The animation is beautiful, and the colors are so vibrant and beautiful.  Sora and Shiro are cute together and their interactions make the show that much better. I need my second season.   Side Note:  Jibril is best girl.  

Shokugeki no Soma:

Food Porn.  Of course I’d love it.  This is once again another series where I’m invested in the manga, so of course I’d love the series.  I read the series weekly, and the most recent arc is making me fall further in love with the series.  The manga is a great read, and you actually learn a lot about cooking through the series, whether it’s the manga or the anime.  The food orgasms are hilarious, and the animation for this show is amazing.  I would kill for a season three of this show this year.  


I will always have a soft spot for this series.  It was the first anime that really got me hooked to sports anime.  I love it.  Yes, it’s a bit dramatic at times, but being an ex-swimmer/lifeguard, I find this series so relatable, making me love it even more.  Also, the fan service is definitely a positive.  I love the Japanese voices, and the OP and ED’s for both seasons.  The movie prequel they did was also amazing.  The animation is gorgeous, but that’s to be expected from Kyoto Animation.  

So yeah, those are my top ten series!  Thoughts?

TBH I probably won’t watch the next season(s) of PD101. I didn’t watch the first one and I only watched the second one because of Nu'est, but I feel so disgusted that this show preys on the hopes and dreams of individuals. It was mentally and emotionally exhausting for me, and I was just watching. I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been for everyone on the show. It breaks my heart to see someone lose their dream. I feel like a hypocrite because I watched this season and feed into this whole thing.

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How would UT Sans,Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, and Flowey react to finding out their closest friend(I'd rather that than s/o) was immortal?

casually links you all to Emotion Hell with me - M.M.


Huh. That’s kind of a bummer. He offers to take you out to Grillby’s if you want to talk about it some more, & once you get there he just listens as you explain everything. He can’t really say that he understands the situation, but he offers you some sympathy in the form of lowkey encouragement. He might not last as long as you’re hoping he does, but for the time he has with you, he’ll make the most of it.


Immediately he starts listing off the possible things he wants to know about. What is it like watching technology advance, watching humanity advance, watching times change, watching all your loved ones & friends slowly grow old & die, knowing you’ll never have a true connection with someone that won’t eventually end at the cruel hands of Death–wowie, being immortal doesn’t sound like fun, at second glance. He offers you a kind of brusque support–he might die one day, sure–so might everyone else! But!! While he’s here, he’ll be the Best Friend he can ever be to you so!! Don’t despair, because Papyrus is here!!! For right now, anyway.


Jeez, that…that sounds tough, buddy. She’s sorry for everything you have to go through, even if she doesn’t know what it’s like herself. But given how Toriel & Asgore seem to take things, she knows it’s got to be weighing down on you pretty heavily. She swears that she’ll stick around for as long as she possibly can–Undyne & You, a Hundred Years!! She’ll be by your side as long as life allows it.


Oh–Oh no…every immortal character she’s seen in her animes has been really sad, & it’s that combined with the crippling idea of her own mortality & leaving you behind that makes her scared. She doesn’t want to leave you, & she doesn’t want to leave you alone one day, knowing she’ll never come back. But she’ll still comfort you, letting you know that for as long as you’re friends, & as long as she’s around, that you’ve got each other, & that’s what really counts.


Haha! Wow, that must be terrible, watching everyone you’ve ever loved slowly grow old & wither away in front of your eyes! & you can’t do a thing to stop it, either, can you? It’s actually pretty hilarious. You always end up alone, & so does he. You really are…a pretty good match, huh? Listen…he doesn’t know how long he’ll live, but he’s lived a pretty long time so far. So for however long he’s going to keep existing, if you want to be by his side, go ahead. It’s no skin off his back, not that he has any. But if you end up leaving him, too, that’s okay. After all, creatures like yourselves always end up alone in the end, don’t they?

We Had a Deal - Cake

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Luke ran his fingers through his hair tousling it up as he headed toward Calum’s room in the frat waiting to see if his friend was ready to go to the party at their friend’s sorority tonight, Ashton and Michael already having left due to Calum and Luke’s late return from their game. Luke had settled for a white cutoff and basketball shorts, not wanting to put a hat on since he had just washed his hair, not really wanting to do it again in the morning.

“Does this scream, ‘y/n come fuck me’, or should I put on this outfit?” Calum asked as Luke looked him up and down.

“It screams, Luke’s fucking y/n tonight, not Calum,” Luke said back crossing his arms over his chest, eyebrows raised. After the conversation the two boys had with the girl the weekend before at a party in their frat, neither could get it out of their head, both desperately wanting to fulfill her wishes.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck one of you, have you tie me to the bed, or even with my hands behind my back if you wanna take me from behind…like that would seriously be hot,”

“Umm…no. I just said, I was going to.”

“Well maybe I don’t care…? Rock, paper, scissors?” Calum and Luke both glared at each other for another moment before both whipped  out their hands and starting to play rock, paper, scissors, Calum winning the best two out of three as Luke rolled his eyes, Calum giggling to himself as he grabbed his keys ready to speed towards the sorority.

By time they walked inside, the large living room was filled with people attempting to dance while the kitchen was filled with people attempting to grab drinks. It was easy to spot which girls were in the sorority, each girl wearing a short white dress with one of the crowns on their head as if they were a greek goddess, but both pairs of eyes didn’t stop, searching for a particular girl that was nowhere to be seen.

“Glad you two could finally make it,” Michael said walking over, a girl under his arm as she clung to his body giggling like a nut.

“Yeah, well, Calum took forever to get ready,” LUke said as Michael rolled his eyes, Calum hitting his friend on the arm with a frown.

“It’s not my fault someone doesn’t know how to shower properly,” he said back, Michael’s eyebrows raising at the sudden tension between the two boys making an ‘o’ with his mouth before shaking his head at them.

“Alright, well, while you two sort out your differences, Denice and I are going to head back to the frat, right kitten?” he questioned winking slightly as she blushed lightly. “See you two in the am.” Once Michael left, Calum decided to go grab a drink, hoping to run into y/n while she was in there leaving Luke alone by himself in the foyer, drunken females sending him looks as they walked passed, trying a bit to hard to gain the blonde’s attention as he leaned against the wall by the stairs, pulling up his phone to scroll through instagram.

“Rule number one of going to a party in my house, Hemmings,” he heard from his right, turning to see just the girl he was looking for on the bottom step watching him, “everyone must have fun.”

“Well, it just became loads of fun now that you’re here,” he said, a smirk appearing on his face as he shoved his phone in his pocket, tugging on the girl’s arm so she was directly in front of him. “How are you doing tonight, princess?” he questioned, hand moving to the small of her back holding her in place, not that she was complaining. His blue eyes piercing through hers, slight stubble that she would kill to feel in between her legs any second now, hair standing every which way looking as if someone had just ravished him before he came here, knowing that it wasn’t the case, but still sexy as hell.

“Better,” she said simply as a smile graced his perfect lips, thumb rubbing small circles against her back giving her goosebumps. “You seem a little too excited to be here, Hemmings.”

“Oh, I am.” He winked at her moving his mouth closer to her ear, y/n feeling his breath his her neck as she tried to hold in a moan. “I couldn’t stop think about what you said last weekend, now all I want to do is fulfill your wish.” She let out an actual moan when he finished his sentence, Luke taking that as an invitation to start kissing at her neck. She ran her hands up his chest, on hand moving towards his cheek to turn his head towards her while the other draped over his shoulder, pressing her lips to his as his hand slid down her back, gripping at her ass, another moan escaping her. He ran his tongue along her bottom lip before biting at it slightly, y/n smiling into the kiss as she parted her lips, Luke’s tongue snaking into her mouth running along her tongue.

“Seriously, Luke? We had a deal,” the two of them heard, both parties pulling back, Luke’s arm staying wrapped around her body as they looked towards Calum. “We literally had this conversation twenty minutes ago.”

“Okay, and clearly, I don’t care,” Luke responded, both boys glaring at each other as she looked between them confused as to why they were fighting.

“What’s going on?” she asked concerned about the well being of her friends and their friendship.

“Calum had the same idea I did, Princess,” he said, eyes not moving from Calum’s as she finally understood what was going on making her smirk to herself, not that either boy noticed, both caught up in their stare down to notice the girl between them was practically soaking her panties at the thought of having both boys to herself for the night.

“There aren’t any rules that say I can’t have both of you,” she said looking back to Calum, raking her eyes up and down his body shamelessly, her bottom lip slipping between her teeth as she ran a hand down Luke’s toned body once again. “I’ve always wanted to have a threesome. Why not with my two favorite boys in the world?”

“You’re not serious…” Calum said hesitantly as she left Luke’s grip only to grip onto his and Luke’s hands ready to pull them back up the stairs, y/n having been at the party for less than five minutes. “You’re serious.”

“I didn’t stutter, Hood,” she giggled, letting go of their hands, both boys voluntarily following her up the stairs. They followed her into her room, Luke shutting and locking it enclosing them in the familiar room. When he turned, Calum already had his hands on y/n, mouth on hers in a feverish kiss, her hands in his hair returning it with as much lust. Luke made his way over resting into her backside, kissing at her neck and down to her bare shoulder. Luke’s hands came around to her front groping her chest while Calum’s made their way to her ass.

“You’re so dirty princess, ready to take mine and Calum’s cock,” Luke whispered in her ear, biting down on her earlobe softly as Calum pulled away, sinking to his knees, Luke unzipping her from behind, pushing the single strap off the opposite shoulder he was kissing letting it pool at her feet leaving her in a pair of white lace panties that had to of been a part of a set, Calum licking his lips before kissing along the waistband, Luke’s hands running up and down her sides lightly as she bit her lip, Calum running his tongue up her body as he stood helping her to step out of the dress and kick her heels off as Luke pulled his shirt off. “You’re so pretty, princess,” he muttered pulling her in for a quick kiss before pushing her down on the bed, y/n sitting up enough to pull Luke’s shorts and boxers down revealing his long cock, the tip a harsh red leaking with precum already, y/n licking her lips as she ran her thumb over the tip collecting his precum before slipping it into her mouth keeping eye contact with the blue eyed boy the entire time. She felt a hand reach around her from behind, slipping his hand into her panties before rubbing at her nub causing a moan to escape her.

“Why don’t you take of those pretty panties you have on, there, and come sit on my face?” Calum questioned with a more demanding tone, removing his hand from her to lay back on the bed, y/n finally noticing just how exposed Calum was, at some point having taken off his clothes when she wasn’t paying attention. She did as she was told, settling with her thighs on either side of Calum’s head, pussy directly over his mouth as he licked a long stripe up before kitten licking at her clit, soft moans escaping her lips as she motioned for Luke to stand in front of her on the floor so she could take him in her mouth.

“Can I suck you off, Lu?” she moaned out stroking him once again, a groan leaving his lips as he nodded, stroking her cheek letting his thumb run across her bottom lip.

“Of course you can, princess. Show me what that mouth can do,” he said, a smile forming on her lips as she slipped him in her mouth without hesitation, Calum not letting up on her as she sucked off his best friend, moans leaving both Luke’s and y/n’s lips while Calum filled the room with obscene slurping noises having no shame while doing it at all. Each time she reached the tip, she sucked harshly while grazing her teeth along his shaft lightly, not trying to her him, sending Luke into a new world where he wasn’t sure if he liked the sound of her choking while deep throating him, or the sound of her sucking on his cock more. Calum, on the other hand was determined to make her cum just with his mouth, his tongue alternating between penetrating her and licking at her clit, her thighs shaking as she pulled Luke out of her mouth, a loud moan escaping her as she released on his tongue.

“Fuck,” Calum groaned pushing her off of him as she giggled, pressing a quick kiss to his lips to taste herself while Luke stoked at his cock watching it all unfold. “Who do you want first baby?” He questioned rubbing her side as she looked between the two, eyes finally settling on the blue eyed baby in front of her.

“I want Luke,” she all but breathed as he chuckled motioning for her to spin around, most likely on all fours as he pulled out a condom from his wallet, Calum getting up to do the same after knowing it he was next to fuck her senseless. Luke slipped the rubber on quickly, aligning himself up with her and slowly sliding in until it was inside of her completely, an animalistic moan escaping her from how full she felt, looking towards Calum to see him stroking himself as Luke fucked her from behind hard and quick, moaning every ten seconds from how good he was pleasuring. “Christ, Luke, faster,” she moaned, Luke spanking her as a ‘punishment’

“So impatient princess,” Luke groaned. “Calum, you want your cock sucked?” he questioned almost stopping inside of her as she let out a whine.

“Nah. I won’t make it if she does,” he said, eyes not leaving her as Luke held her arms behind her back, taking his shirt and tying her arms in place. He started to pound into her, y/n burying her face in the sheets as she let out loud moans, Luke smirking to himself with every sound she made encouraging him to go harder.

“How you feeling, princess?” he groaned out as he pulled her up by her arms so her back was flush against his chest, Luke snaking an arm around her to hold her there as he continued, attaching his lips to her neck.

“S-so fucking good, Lu,” she whimpered, Luke biting onto her flesh softly, his other hand making its way to her clit rubbing quick circles feeling her clench around him knowing she was about to cum.

“Come on, baby,” he muttered against her skin, her legs starting to shake once again as she reached her second orgasm, Luke coming soon after spilling himself into the condom before pulling out letting her fall to her chest on the bed.

“You have another round in you, babe?” Calum questioned getting onto the bed as she sat up slowly, Calum lying back motioning for her to straddle him and ride him. She quickly shuffled over, knees on either side of his body as Calum lined them up, y/n sinking down, her body shaking a bit from the over stimulation. She wouldn’t last long, but thankfully, Calum knew he wouldn’t either. She started to slowly bounce up and down, moans and whimpers leaving both mouths as her pace increased, Calum resting his hands on her hips as he thrust up in time with hers making it feel that much better. The louder she became, the harder Calum snapped his hips, y/n barely getting out of her that she was about to cum, just clenching around Calum as her body fell forward onto his, her arms still tied around her back unable to stop her as her entire body shook from the orgasm, Calum continuing to thrust up as she milked his orgasm out of him, profanities leaving both of their lips as he slowed down his pace before pulling out of her, Luke untying her hands to retrieve his shirt as Calum stood up to dispose of the condom leaving y/n on the bed ready to pass out.

“How you doing there, princess?” Luke questioned sitting her up to throw a tee over her body knowing she wouldn’t get out of bed to do it.

“Great,” she muttered back simply as he leaned in pressing a kiss to her lips. Calum came back out, his shorts back on his body as he got ready to tug on his shirt. “Can’t you two stay?”

“We have practice in the morning. Sorry sweetheart,” Calum said back as she groaned lying back, pulling the duvet over her body.

“Fine, fine. Go on.” They both laughed at her shaking their heads as they made their way towards the door. “You know where to find me if you want a round two, boys.”

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What are some must-see movies for you? What do you reccomend everyone watch?

MOVIE QUESTIONS!!! YES THANK YOU :’) Let me list some!

  • Frankenstein
  • Rear Window
  • On The Waterfront
  • Night And Fog
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Breathless 
  • Psycho 
  • Lolita
  • Repulsion
  • Rosemary’s Baby 
  • A Clockwork Orange 
  • O Lucky Man!
  • Dog Day Afternoon
  • Taxi Driver
  • Annie Hall
  • Manhattan
  • The Shining
  • The King Of Comedy
  • Scarface 
  • Blue Velvet
  • Full Metal Jacket 
  • Misery
  • The Silence Of The Lambs 
  • Reservoir Dogs 
  • What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
  • Forrest Gump 
  • Ed Wood 
  • Before Sunrise
  • Sling Blade
  • Meet The Parents 
  • A Beautiful Mind 
  • Mysterious Skin 
  • Cache
  • There Will Be Blood
  • No Country For Old Men
  • The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
  • Eastern Promises
  • The Dark Knight
  • In Bruges
  • Coraline
  • Shutter Island
  • The Social Network
  • A Separation
  • It’s Such A Beautiful Day
  • Django Unchained
  • Amour
  • Prisoners
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Her
  • Boyhood
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • What We Do In The Shadows
  • Nightcrawler
  • World Of Tomorrow 
  • Arrival
  • Manchester By The Sea 
  • My Life As A Zucchini
  • Silence 

Honorable Mentions

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Piece of My Heart.

Originally posted by seekret-fanfic

Pairing: Rafael Barba x reader

Titled: ‘Piece of My Heart.” 

Word Count: 1,272

A/N: This is for @yourtropegirl ‘s writing challenge!! I got the trope, ‘Single Parent AU!!’ I am so honored to do this some justice and I hope everyone who reads enjoys!! 

Warning: some angst, FEELS, lots of fluff, could be somewhat triggering, contains brief depression and suicide. 

Tagging:  @musingsongbird  @ohbelieveyoume @svu-stories@rauliskafan @vintagemichelle91 @mrschiltoncat @yourtropegirl  @ohbelieveyoume  @esparzart  @itsanerdlife@fvckingsteverogers @abrasivepersonalitytendersoul @do-me-carisi @fanfictionforsvu

Nobody said it was going to be easy raising a child all on their own. Nobody should have to. But it was the best thing that ever happened to Rafael Barba. Rafael had been married, but things went south after their first-born daughter, Carissa was born.

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Watch on

This is so powerful. A must watch for everyone no matter what size. Please take the time to watch and understand the message.

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Hi! Your blog made me interested in The Man from UNCLE. But there is no translation to my language, and I need big motivation to watch it in english. If you don't mind and have free time, could you tell what you like most about this show :)

Tell you what I like most about my current great fannish love? Twist my arm, why don’t you. ;)

Actually, one of the first posts I made about The Man from UNCLE was an extended introduction to the show (it’s in four parts starting here on tumblr, or you can read the whole thing in one place on DW). That’s the long version, though – let’s see if I can’t summarise a little.

How do I love UNCLE, let me count the ways. I love its tongue-in-cheek approach to the spy genre. I love its shameless optimism – from the very idea of a benevolent international espionage organisation, to the guts it took to put a Russian character in a starring role on prime-time US TV at the height of the Cold War – and I love even more that it worked (within 6 months, that same Russian character was the hottest new thing on TV, with a fanbase big enough to make international news). But if you want just the thing I love most, that would be the characters, and their wonderful relationship.

This is the show that all but created the classic odd-couple buddy-cop partnership. You’ve got Illya, the mysterious loner with the bone-dry wit, the agility of a ninja, a disarmingly cute smile and a hidden playful streak a mile wide. You’ve got Napoleon, the obligatory James-Bond style womaniser, with his sharp suits with his martinis – but only if James Bond was suddenly a gentleman who treats women with genuine respect, who’ll back off when he’s not welcome without complaint. I love how they take to their jobs with style and humour. I love watching David McCallum in motion, doing his own stunts like the little ninja badass that he is, and I love watching Robert Vaughn pulling silly expressions with his wonderfully elastic face when things aren’t working out. We are all indebted to the show’s tireless dedication to gratuitous bondage and getting both its stars soaking wet at the least excuse.

They’ve both had to carry episodes solo on occasion, but I don’t think it’s much exaggeration to say that the chemistry between these two losers is absolutely what makes the show click.

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Pick-up Lines

Fandom: Star trek
Characters: Spock, Kirk, Chekov (others mentioned)
Relationship: Spock/reader
Request: Awesome! Could you do one where the reader keeps using cheesy pick up lines on Spock and he’s constantly pointing out flaws in them? And at the ending he tells reader a pick up line?
You walked along the corridors with your hips swaying to the tune you were humming. As you turned the corner, your eyes fall on none other than Mr Spock.
He was staring intently at his communication device and sighing. His attention was caught by you giggling at his frustration while you walked towards him.
“Whats the trouble?” You ask, stopping a few feet in front of him.
“One of the engine bays has a small fracture in one of the bay walls and I am trying to see if we have enough materials to fill it or if we may just have to wait till we are in a closer proximity to order them.” Spock signs, going back to his device.
“Ive got a hole you could fill.” You giggle while walking past him, sending him a wink as you walk away. You saw the slight confusion in his eyes.
“You should report it then.” He calls after you, nearly making you fall against the wall in laughter.
——————————— time skip ————–
Sitting in your office, you jumped when the doors opened. You had been in a daydream and hadn’t been expecting company at all so when a stack of papers walked through with legs, you smiled.
“Good afternoon, Mr Spock.” You called to the papers as they were placed on your desk and Spocks head popped out from behind.
“Good afternoon, miss [y/n]. The captain has requested you complete this paperwork so it can be submitted by next week.” Half way through Spocks sentence, you threw your body back into your chair and let out a long sigh, drowning him out. He shook his head and went to leave. You knew there was one thing that would cheer you up.
“Hey!” You called after him, making him turn back to you with a raised eyebrow.
“Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?” You smirk at him.
“Firstly, love is nothing more than a chemical reaction in your brain and secondly, I was the one who walked in. You have remained seated this whole time.” He stated only to be answered by you laughing and shaking your head at him. He left rather confused while you got started on your paper work and he started to leave the room.
——————–time skip ———————-
It had been a long day and you had managed to power through all your paperwork with no thanks to Bones who had said that he couldn’t do your work for you.
You enter the bridge with the paper work piled high above your eyelevel and only managed to get here without falling because you knew the halls and people moved out the day.
“Mizz [l/n] on the bridge.” Chekov called out as Kirk twirled his seat with a chuckle. You walked over to a clear surface and placed down the papers for someone else to file before turning to Kirk with an unamused look on your face.
“So, how has your day been?” Kirk asked with a smirk.
“Spectacular.” You said though gritted teeth, your voice dripping with sarcasm. Your eyes fell on Spock who was look up at you from his work. You couldn’t help but smile at him. It was very difficult to distract him from his work and yet you seemed to be able to do it so easily. Spock returned the smile as you walked past him.
“Hey. If a fat man puts you in a bag at night, don’t worry I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas.” You giggle, turning and facing Spock as you walked backwards past Sulu and Kirk.
“[y/n], by now you should know Santa is a fictional character created to make children behave.” Spock eyebrows knit together as you gasp and run up to Checkov, placing your hands over his ears.
“Spock! Think of the children!” You couldn’t hid the laugher as Chekov shook his head and everyone laughed. Everyone except Spock who scowled at you. You just stuck your tongue out at him and left the bridge.
————–time skip ———————
It had been a few days since the Santa bridge incident and Spock had been avoiding you. He would walked out of the room when you walked in. He would send others to your office to give you or pick up paperwork or would only go in when you were out of office and Bones would tell you.
It was starting to get to you as you blamed yourself for his sudden distance. So you decided to go see him in his room. As you walked to his room, your mind was racing as you thought of what you were going to say to him. You missed him and if it meant that you didn’t uses the cheesy pick up lines on him, you weren’t going to. You were reluctant to admit to yourself that you had feeling for him and the pick up lines were just a front that you used so you didn’t do something stupid.
Knocking on his door, you step back and waited for him to answer. When the door did open, you could see the shock on his face. You had never come to his room after work hours unless there was a reason or something was going wrong.
“[y/n]. What are you doing here?” he asked, stepping forward and holding his hands behind his back. You smiled sadly at him.
“Hi. I came to apologise for my behaviour.” You lower your head and grasp your hands behind your back.
“What behaviour? Your work has been spotless and you are professional. What have you to apologise for?” Spock steps out of his room, a little concerned about the way you were acting. You were totally avoiding looking in his eyes and you were slightly hunched over.
“For the silly pick up lines. I know they make you uncomfortable. I- I just-.” You rail off and look to the side, sighing.
“Why do you like using them? And why only on me?” Spock asks, his hands falling to his side.
“Because you make me laugh.” You giggle a little, glancing up at him since you were a good bit shorter than him. Spocks eyes widened.
He had never been the sort of person to make someone else smile or laugh unless it was at him and yet you looked up at him with adoration in your eyes for him.
“Why not anyone else?” He breathed, stepping closer to you, expecting you to move away but you stayed, only looking down at the floor.
“I don’t have feelings for anyone else.” You breath and instantly regret what you had said. You had no idea why you said it or what part of you thought it would be a good idea as you jump.
“Sorry.” You stammer and back away from Spock, who eyes were wide and his mouth slightly open. Turning on your heel, you ran down the corridors and straight into Kirk.
“Whoa, whoa, [y/n]! Where the fire?” He chuckle but you shake your head, covering your mouth with your hand and ran away from him. Kirk watches you go and then look to the direction you came from to see Spock still staring after you.
“what happened?” Kirk walked up to Spock, confusion evident on his face.
“I think I need your help.” Spock snapped out of his trance, looking to his friend and captain who was now grinning wickedly.
—————-time skip ————————
You were pacing in your office. You were still slapping yourself for admitting your feeling to him last night. You hadn’t had any sleep last night and it showed. Luckily, you didn’t have much to do work wide. Unluckily, you didn’t have anything to take your mind off of Spock.
You jumped when your office door opened and Spock walked in.
“Spock? What are you doing here?” You try to keep your voice light as you leaned against your desk.
“i- I came to ask you a question.” As Spock spoke, you couldn’t help but smile at the fact he had stuttered his first word.
“Sure.” You jump up onto the desk, swinging your legs and look at him, waiting patiently.
“Do you have a name or can I call you mine?” Spocks somewhat monotone voice made you frown.
“Spock, you know my name, why-“ You trailed off as you realised what he had said. You looked at him with wide eyes as your mouth opened slightly.
“Did- did you just uses a cheesy pick up line on me?” You ask, somewhat bewildered.
“I believe I did, yes.” Spock walked forward, his hands clasped behind his back.
“Why?” You jump down from the table and walk forward to meet him, only a centimetre or so between your bodies.
“Because I have feelings for you.” Spock then ducked his head and pressed a timid kiss to your lips. You quickly kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck as his hands placed themselves on your hips.
As you pulled away, you couldn’t help but sigh contently, smiling at Spock who returned the smile. You could see it was genuine and that he truly meant what had just happened between you both.
“Spock, stop making out with [y/n] and get your Vulcan ass back to the bridge!” Kirks voice boomed through the tannoy, making your cheeks explode in a deep shade of red. He must have been watching through the cameras and now everyone on board knew.
“Coming, captain.” Spock said through gritted teeth, obviously annoyed at the interruption. He pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead and went to take his leave. Just as he was about to walk through the door, you called his name. He turned and raised an eyebrow at you.
“I want our love to be like pi, irrational and never ending.” You beam at him, waiting for him to pick a hole in the pick up line, but he just smiled at you.
“As do i.” He then left as you nearly fainted.


This is absolutely beautiful.. I cried, everyone must watch.

Hidden Figure and Some Read-Alikes

Even before Hidden Figures hit the big screen and became a (unsurprising) smash hit, there has been a recent slew of great nonfiction books about women in science. Although not all of these are particularly aimed at teens, they will resonate and are very readable.

External image

Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race by Margot Lee Shetterly

As we all know, Hidden Figures is an amazing story of black women mathematicians who overcame so much to do much of the math – and create a lot of the math! – to help send the earliest American astronauts into space. Not to mention learning the earliest computer languages and programming. It’s an inspiring and amazing book that should be a must read for everyone (or at least watch the movie!).

External image

Hidden Figures Young Readers’ Edition

Obviously the same story as the adult one, this one has been trimmed down make it more accessible to a middle school and early high school audience. I haven’t read this version, but can’t possibly believe it would be bad! My local middle school is using it as one of the required reading options this summer and I’m thrilled!

External image

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World by Rachel Ignotofsky

This is a great book that has amazing illustrations. Each page introduces a new woman from science – most historical figures – who made amazing discoveries and changed the science world in some way. It points out that many were overlooked in favor of male colleagues when it came to international and national awards. Yet the world is a very different place for these. This book is particularly accessible because each woman’s history is broken down into a page of narrative plus a variety of extra interesting facts. It’s physically a gorgeous book and very appealing. It also reads quickly.

External image

Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us, from Missiles to the Moon to Mars by Nathalia Holt

This was my introduction into this ‘theme’ of amazing women in science that no one knows about and it totally captivated me. Taking place at the same time as Hidden Figures historically, it tells the story of more human computers (many white but some black as well) who worked on the NASA program but based out of California and what that program managed to accomplish alongside the program chronicled in Hidden Figures. Like Hidden Figures, it follows the women and their lives as they work to prove they are just as good as men at what they do (and in many cases, better!). Having read this when I saw the first trailer for Hidden Figures, I legit squealed at the fact we were getting awesome women scientists on the big screen!

External image

The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II by Denise Kiernan

This story meanders a bit and could probably stand to be a little shorter BUT it still gives an awesome overview and look into something most people know nothing about. It tells the story of Oak Ridge, TN which was created by the government specifically for the intent of figuring out how to make the atomic bomb. Thousands of people went to work there with very little knowledge of what was going on including many young women. It tells of a fascinating period of history that has been shrouded in mystery ever since the experiment started.

Books that include women scientists and also other awesome women:

External image

Rad Women Worldwide: Artists and Athletes, Pirates and Punks, and Other Revolutionaries Who Shaped History by Kate Schatz

This is set up similarly to Women in Science in that it briefly covers a lot of women. Each double page spread is a picture of the woman and a page (and sometimes a bit more) about them. These books do not just cover women from science but also a variety of other amazing women, most of whom were overlooked during their lifetimes. Many of them readers might have heard of but there are also plenty they might be unfamiliar with. A great fast read that might lead to more interest in particular women.

External image

Rad American Women A-Z: Rebels, Trailblazers, and Visionaries who Shaped Our History … and Our Future! by Kate Schatz

Very similar to the previous book (even written by the same woman), but specifically focusing on American women. Another great introduction to many amazing women.

Books I have heard great things about but have not yet had a chance to read:

So I’m including these because they’re all on suspended holds for me at my library, I just haven’t had time to read them yet, but I suspect they’ll be awesome. I’ve gotten the recommendations on good authority.

External image

The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women by Kate Moore

This one just came out last month and looks fascinating. Although the women focused on in this one are not necessarily scientists, their story deals directly with the discovery of Radium by the Curies. Hundreds of women work with radium everyday, literally shining from its effects. And then they all start to fall ill. The main part of the story is the fallout from this and the development of more workers’ rights in response.

External image

Rocket Girl: The Story of Mary Sherman Morgan, America’s First Female Rocket Scientist by George D. Morgan

Told by her son, it tells the story of Mary Sherman Morgan, and the building of rockets. Taking place in a similar time span as Hidden Figures and Rise of the Rocket Girls, this one seems to focus on one particular woman and her story that parallels the others, helping get Americans into space.

External image

The Glass Universe: How the Ladies of the Harvard Observatory Took the Measure of the Stars by Dana Sobel

Taking place before many of the others, this one chronicles the women who went from being human computers to interpret what their male counterparts find to actually studying the information and making their own discoveries. Using many primary source materials, it tells a fascinating story of women who made so many amazing and unsung discoveries relating to astronomy

What other women in science books would you recommend? Especially outside my favorite of astronomy and space.