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Can we have a whole episode with Supergirl and Lena collaborating to defeat a threat of some sort? Like, just them? Picture this: they get separated from the others and have to figure out how to defeat this threat, and in the meanwhile they bond over the fact that they both come from a shitty family, they are both trying to write their own story and they both aim to be good and help people. Obviously they win in a very smart, badass way, then get reunited to the rest of the folks, but from that point on they know they absolutely got each other’s back.

I’m asking politely, but seriously, let me fucking have this.


That moment when everyone’s trying to figure out what’s going on based on the trailer and you’re like, I DON’T KNOW YET, NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE and everyone else is like SCREW EVIDENCE and you’re like, yeah alright, I see your point, go ahead, let’s go down every rabbit hole, why not

OBVIOUSLY he’s talking to JOHN

WAIT could be Mycroft

“You always counted” it’s MOLLY

He’s talking to REDBEARD, it’s REDBEARD

Wait, no, he’s talking to VICTOR TEVOR

No, hold on, I got it, he’s talking to ANDERSON, come on look at it, it’s obvious

*holds knees, rocks self*

it’s the baby, he’s talking to the baby


A vital exposé on the rapidity of American police militarization, Craig Atkinson’s Do Not Resist is terrifying, important, amazingly-shot, and a 2016 Tribeca Film Festival winner for Best Documentary. Atkinson’s feature debut disturbingly and dynamically captures an ongoing national crisis in a way that refuses to let you forget it. You can watch Do Not Resist in full on Vimeo right now.

I may have listened one too many times to a certain opening and all its countless remixes and versions while thinking about my sons like I always do.


Skywalker’s power brings with it more than mere obedience. It brings creativity, and luck […]. Even the blind fools on the Jedi Council see clearly enough to understand this; even they no longer try to tell him how, they merely tell him what. And he finds a way. He always has. [RotS]


cutie hyungwon 


In love with Matthew’s ability to make Keri laugh just by doing nothing (✿◠‿◠)

Tiny fandom! After conferring with @mrkinch I have established there’s a one-shot “Tales from the Folly” comic about Nightingale in the hardcopy collected run of Night Witch that was not included with an individual issue as it came out, at least in the American electronic issue; not sure about hardcopy. Now obviously the correct thing to do here is purchase the collected run even if you’ve already bought all the issues, so nobody look under the cut. 

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Brotherhood’s design for young!Luna emphasis the age gap between her and Noctis, but gave more depht to the whole “royal political arranged betrothal”-thing I think. Also, I love that dress.