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Girl group recommendations!!

Okay so in the past people have asked me to recommend blogs like this and I have never really looked for any. So now I’ve done some searching and found a bunch for you guys!!! Some I’ve followed for a while and some I’ve only just followed (but they are hella good). (some of these write for boy groups too.) Also one or a couple of these blogs make dope moodboards!!!









I suggest going and reading there stuff cause I had a little look and they are all brilliant. ~Admin Kitty.

I am so in love with this you have absolutely NO idea how happy this stupid drawing makes me right now. I have been grinning the entire time! This will probably be the only thing I post for the next few days; I know I’m not going to do anything tomorrow because it’s truck day and then I need to start finalizing my costume. But ugh, these nerds are killing me rn! Based on my text post here Let’s all also appreciate Pouty!Atem lol

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Do you still have hope JMO would be back for a season 7 in some way? I really don't think so. It seems like she is moving on. It is not even me reading into things. Plus, maybe she is the one getting killed off.

Okay I get it anons, you are trying to torture yav with that command meme. I’ll get to them in a little while lolol

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fics that you think every army must read?

YES, but there are so many I may have to do this in parts lol, feel free to ask for a part two! :)

[27 fics, I tried to keep it to 15 but alas]

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KBTBB Snapchat (Fluff / Humor Request)

Hi! I was wondering if you’re open for requests? If you are and if you have time, could you do a HC/ short story of the Bidders catching the MC playing Pokemon Go or playing around with Snapchat filters and joins in with her? LOL XD

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Hi there, thx for your request and patience. I had fun writing this ;) Apologize in advance if Mamoru’s one is slightly longer, can’t help it with my love

Fandom: Kiss by The Baddest Bidders
Category: fluff, fanfic, romance, humor
Character: Eisuke, Soryu, Baba, Mamoru, Shuichi

Prologue (bidders’ POV)
Another long day at work, only one thing on my mind to make it all better. As my feet get closer, I hear her funny giggle through the half open door and see her lying comfortably on her stomach, showing her seductive curve. Hmm I like the view of that, quietly walk towards our bed as I see a vague image on her ipad screen, is that a man? Is she looking at my photos? Wait, that doesn’t look like me though. Standing behind her in no time, staring at the ridiculous photo she’s laughing so hard at, “What is this, ______?”

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Returning Home


Anon Request: Hi there!! I was wondering if you could please do another little piece to your Owen Grady imagine ‘Leaving Home’ where the reader and Owen are reunited after years of lost contact or whatever! I would just love a sequel hahaha your writing is sooooooo great and I’ve read this imagine a thousand times because it is just THAT GREAT!! Have a lovely day and stay groovy.

A/N: Awww bless you sweet nonnie. I have been thinking about doing a sequel and your post made me sit down and think about a reunion….enjoy!!!

Warning: Swearing because it makes everything better.


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“Good morning Sir” you greeted Mr. Masrani when he walked into the office.

Jurassic World had only been open 6 months and he was busy trying to set up more attractions to bring in more guests. It turns out that people are easily bored with dinosaurs after the first visit, the investors wanted bigger and better.

Life as an “executive” assistant was tedious but it was a necessary step to becoming an executive. Your internship with Jurassic World lead you to this job and you were hoping to go up in the ranks to make it to “executive” without the assistant tag. 

“Claire will be arriving in 5 minutes” you informed your boss as you set his coffee down.

“Thank you Miss Y/L/N” he smiled.

Claire ran into the room in a whirl of red and white, her heels clicking her announcement.

Twenty minutes and 7 emails later, Miss Dearing and Mr Masrani left the room and stood by the office entrance by your desk.

“Miss Y/L/N, we need you to check on our new velociraptor trainer, Mr Grady” Claire informed you.

“We need him to sign these forms and as we have that big meeting with Verizon, it is easier if you go” Mr Masrani told you.

They placed the forms on your desk and left for their meeting.

“Shit” you breathed out.

The last time you had heard that name was Owen Grady, but it wasn`t him, couldn’t be him. He left for the Navy and you hadn`t heard from him since, plus Grady was a common last name, right?

The air was humid and hot when you left the cool admin building and got into your Jeep, you knew the island by heart so getting to the new enclosure was easy.

“Hello Miss Y/L/N” Barry greeted you. 

“Hey Barry, I feel like you do the rounds at all the new attractions” you grinned.

“I just like getting to meet all the ladies” he chuckled.

You shook your head and smiled, “where can I find Mr Grady?” you asked.

“Up on the platform” he pointed to the scaffolding.

“Hey hey Blue” you heard a deep voice shout.

“Don`t give me that shit” he spoke again.

He sounded familiar.

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Any Shisui fic recs?

YES! Though I must warn, almost all the fanfiction I’ve read with Shisui involved in them were shiita fics (I hope that’s okay with you!) A few of my favorite fics with the most memorable characterizations of Shisui were:

all the scars you never showed by Rena 

VERY angsty, self-destructive Shisui. Definitely a tear jerker! Also, the romantic shiita element is there but the story itself is very much a Shisui centric.

Breathing Glass by BlackMajjicDuchess

Dom!Shisui in a BDSM relationship with Itachi in a canon divergent setting. This fic is always such a joy for me to reread because I’ve always seen Shisui as this generally benevolent and morally good character, but then this fic basically throws that side of him out the window and it’s great. An incredibly enthralling read and wonderfully paced! (warning: nsfw and contains a scene with attempted rape)

Heart Shaped Box by Guardian of the Nakano

Modern AU, very angsty with some (amazingly steamy) nsfw scenes. It’s an Itachi centric, but the Shisui in this one is honestly incredible and amazingly in-character for being an older fic. Probably my favorite shiita fic of all time tbh?? (Note: contains child abuse and depicts Fugaku very negatively (my only complaint tbh))

could you go and run into me by jinkandtherebels

Very cute shiita fluff, this author’s Shisui is definitely one of a kind and I recommend checking out her other works! 

lifelink by surfacage

An amazing and extensively imaginative shiita oneshot. Surfi’s grasp on Shisui’s character is so vivid and unique (even outrageously comical), and her language is simply gorgeous! 

Nascentes Morimur by bizzy lizzy

TONS of angst, but Shisui’s characterization in this fic feels so natural and it’s one of my favorites! (warning: character death)

bagginshield fic recs

plus some others. for Fic Writers Appreciation Day - because ya’ll are worth more than the value of the Shire…

More Great Fics with Less than 500 Kudos

under the read more for a list of my personal favorite fics 

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A fanfic or headcannons of the marauders fussing over a pregnant lily? Your writing is soooo good btw I love it!

Thank you!! This is such a cute request :)

  • Remus would be the one to make sure Lily’s getting all of the nutrition and food she needs
  • James would take this to mean she should just eat as much as possible so he brings home a bunch of Honeydukes sweets and chocolate and Remus sees it all and freaks out
  • Look James! Right in the book! 2,000 Ways to Keep Your Soon to be Witch or Wizard Healthy!” He pauses to set his rectangular glasses on his nose and reads to them all, “The mother must consume the proper vitamins from all food groups.” He whips his glasses off (Sirius is having heart palpitations and trying desperately to hide them because damn does he love Remus with his glasses) “Right in the book! And that means vegetables, fruit, grains, starch, carbs-”
  • “Chocolate has carbs.” Peter pipes in.
  • “Yes, Peter, but when do you recall chocolate being referred to as a vegetable?”
  • Peter shrugs and steals one of the chocolate bars from the’ bag that James is now sulking on the couch with
  • Lily just laughs and goes and comforts James and accepts a bit of chocolate to make him smiles
  • Meanwhile Remus and Sirius is in the kitchen trying to figure out how to work a juicer because “It’s the quickest way to get her her daily vitamins”

  • Meanwhile there’s Sirius who’s main focus isn’t really Harry yet, it’s more Lily
  • Literally every time she moves or goes to walk to the kitchen for some more of that treacle tart she can’t stop craving, Sirius is right there: knees bent, arms outward, like a human safety net hovering, waiting to catch her if she were to fall
  • “Sirius, honestly. You look ridiculous, I’m just going to the kitch-”
  • “Yep. Yep. Just focus on walking Lils. You’re like a house and I’m pretty sure you can’t see over that bump- WATCH OUT STEP UP STEP UP-”

  • And then there’s Peter, who’s rather timid with the whole thing, pretty quiet.
  • He’s not sure if he likes kids or not because he’s ever really had to be around one but he likes Lily. And he likes James too so he must like Harry
  • He sits there quietly until someone recalls a fact wrong from one of the many baby books they’ve bot and suddenly he’s reciting entire passages
  • Because little do they know, Peter’s been staying up until the wee hours of the morning pouring over these books just incase he needs to know something

  • And then there’s James
  • James who is so excited to have a baby boy he wakes up grinning at the ceiling every morning
  • James who always will run out in the middle of the night and sneak into the Hogwarts kitchens because “No, James! Store bought Treacle Tart just isn’t the same.”
  • James who every night kisses not only Lily good night, but leans down, pushing Lily’s shirt back and presses soft kisses to her tummy too
  • James who sometimes freaks out in the middle of the night because fuck he’s going to be a dad and he can’t even control Sirius some times how is he going to take care of a little baby? His little baby?
  • So he’ll slowly scoot down the bed, trying not to wake Lily, until his face is level with the bump
  • He’ll push the shirt fabric away and just press both of his palms against the smooth skin, feeling calmer instantly
  • “Hi in there… I know we just talked last night but in case you don’t remember - can you remember things yet? Well, if you can’t, I’m your dada…” He’ll glance up at Lily to make sure she’s still asleep, “Anyway, so we left off yesterday at your first broomstick I think.” James smiles to himself, smoothing his thumbs over the belly, “You’re gonna love it, I know you will. I’ll teach you how to fly and play Quidditch and the rules of the game- I’ll teach you how to swerve and dive and spin all before you even get to Hogwarts - We’ll get to that part soon.” He sighs, leaning forward to press a soft kiss to the lump, letting his lips linger there for a second, “Merlin, I’ll teach you everything. I’ll be there through everything, okay? Anything you need, I’ll be right there. Always, okay?” He places one more kiss to the bump, “Until tomorrow then, little guy.“
  • And Lily has to pretend to roll over in her sleep because she’s smiling so hard and she doesn’t want James to know she was awake the whole time - that she’s been awake every night for her boy’s little chats

Confession: The Scarlet Witch is my favorite Avenger.

I know that recent writers have not been kind to her, I know that her emotional complexity has been pushed over the edge to dangerous instability and she’s done terrible things in recent years, and I know that her portrayal in the Age of Ultron movie is probably going to be problematic at best … (not least because she’s been whitewashed — no offense to Elizabeth Olsen, who is a legitimately good actress, but Wanda’s supposed to be Jewish and Romani) …

But let’s take the long view.

From the 1960s through the 1980s, Wanda Maximoff was not only the heart and soul of the Avengers, she was one of the only characters whose emotional complexity, unlikely heroic idealism, and, yes, femininity was unapologetically the driving force of her character and the source of her power. She always had a flair for the melodramatic — but, hell, her life is a comic book soap opera with Magneto for a father, so who could blame her?

She’s all kinds of outsider — mutant, Jewish, Romani, woman, troubled upbringing, supervillain past — but goddamn if she didn’t rise above it all and insist on goodness and heroism.

This often took her character to some truly bizarre places. I mean, she did marry an android. The two Vision and Scarlet Witch series of the 1980s remain some of the most bonkers, out-there, so-utterly-weird-it’s-amazingly-good superhero comics I’ve EVER read (and you all MUST GO READ THEM).

But at her best, Wanda’s story is about discovering the strength you didn’t know you had, and believing in yourself — and in others — so strongly that you can actually will a new reality into existence. That’s actually a damn good lesson, and, in my book, that’s exactly what superheroes are for.

There’s no one like the Scarlet Witch. She’s one of the all-time greats.

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Omfggg cant believe the askbox is open akdjjzjd first of all can I just day that I love you guys all so so much and I really appriciate all your hard work and second do you know any new fics with angst, romance and smut it can be any au, that doesn't matter for me or ones where kyungsoo is too scared to admit that he's actually in love with jongin? Like that one fic with dystopian!au?

Hi baby~ thank you so much for your appreciation for us and yep I happen to know a handful of the stories you desire! All of these have kyungsoo being afraid to love jongin and pretty much all of them are a wonderful mix of romance, angst and smut ^^ 

For the readers interested in the dystopian!au; it’s Graceless heart (absolute must-read!)

Enjoy! ^^  pls read all of them 

- Admin J

“ATTACK ON TITAN” two Mikasa's Interview with Kiko mizuhara & Yui Ishikawa(Mikasa voice actor)

【Kiko】Nice to meet you. Thank you for wish me luck through by Satomi Ishihara of the cast of Hansi.

【Yui】Oh! When I was with Satomi she got idea and『send message to Kiko』so she recorded my message on a movie. I was nervous while recording.

【Kiko】It made me happy. however little pressure though because Yui’s voice of Mikasa in cartoon was amazing lol

【Yui】I watched live-action version of『ATTACK ON TITAN』. Imperious and mysterious atmosphier of Mikasa is perfectly suit to Kiko.

【Kiko】Thank you! It was always in my mind that Mikasa’s most attractive parts are danger and strength which seems to be about to collapse at any moment and she has deep love towards hero which is neither motherhood or love while I was acting.

【Yui】Also included different parts of cartoon, so I could act Mikasa who can sympathize with both who knows and don’t know the original story.

【Kiko】Mikasa is less speak character. It was kind of hard to act isn’t it?

【Yui】Well, have to show emotion in non undulation…..
So my personality changed like Mikasa with downcast eyes while I’m in postrecording studio. Co-actors sometime told me『you are scary』lol.

【Kiko 】Postrecording was hard for me too.

【Yui】However I had cartoon and it helped in my case.
For that point, it seems harder on live-action becasue have to show expression and move.

【Kiko】Well, it was all hard work, most hard part was the imagine real titan….. And yet Mikasa doesn’t show the fear much. I would scream if its was me in same situation.

【Yui】Acting without titan when you filmed isn’t it?

【Kiko】Exactly! It’s funny if you watch making movies. All actors screaming 『OMG!』but nothing there in fact.

【Yui】I said had cartoon to help, however it was still hard because still had to rely on imagination about titan. But I can imagine better by the experience of collaborated with actual size titan at projection mapping event.

【Kiko 】True, that’s the only way to improve imagination by add on your brain one by one lol.

【Kiko 】Where you met the original?

【Yui】I read deeply to know about Mikasa when I had audition of cartoon. Read rough all of them and then read slowly again, then I fond the parts a lot that to know『oh! This was underplot for later』, it attracted me more and more read by read.

【Kiko】Actually, I didn’t read it when it started to get popular. Because what I heard is titan eat human up, made me scared. But people told me『you must read it!』 so I bought all of them at once and read them all. Then have so much enegy and I fell for it, addicted to in a second. It’s wondering if think about it now, I was thinking 『If I act, I would like to act Mikasa』. So it made me happy when I got offer.

【Yui】Oh I see!!!

【Kiko 】But the imagine of cartoon was strong, aren’t you worried about 『How to act?』?

【Yui】Well, this is very popular, means there are imagine of Mikasa as much as numbers of who read this. I always listened characters voice in my head. And so I recorded my voice and listened, if it’s matched to imagine of what I was listening in my head then 『Should be ok』. I also had to belive in I’ve been choosen with my voice.

【Kiko 】I see! That’s interested that voice actors have different way to get ready for act! I thought anyway I have to train my body and so I went to gym 3 or 4 times a week. Otherwise can’t run around with ❝The 3-D Maneuver Gear❞!

【Yui】It looks hard to move with that.

【Kiko 】You are right! It’s really heavy when you wear it!!

【Yui】Thought so. We were talking about our voice going to be change if worn that pretty heavy stuff on waist.

【Kiko】Waiting time was way more harder than when moving. ❝The 3-D Maneuver Gear❞ bothers so then couldn’t take a rest on chair with back rest. Talked about what way is easier to sit is might be the most deep talk with co-actors lol.

【Yui】That gear is you can buy about 100,000 yen at shop. I want it and asked Mr.Kaji 『Please buy one for me!』lol.

【Kiko】Gear itself is really cool. Also the cape and the costume were cool either. I have promise that I can have all when it finished.

【Yui】Jealous!! I’ve a jacket of 『ATTACK ON TITAN』from the event and I wear it when I get interview.

【Kiko 】Ok, ask ViVi about ❝The 3-D Maneuver Gear❞ as present!

【Yui】That’s a good idea! It looks take space, I have to clean up my room first lol

【Yui】Who is your favorite character?

【Kiko】Anni. The girl same as Eren, transform from human to titan. Pretty strong….. Were you asking about male character !?

【Yui】No lol. My favorite is the girl Hansi. First impression is just a geek about titan’s research and funny character, fact is many of her friends got killed and trying to figure it out the way how human live. The gap is twinge…..

【Kiko】How about Eren?

【Yui】I was taking as family love when I was acting. Have to protect.

【Kiko】Same here. In Live-action, he has complicated feeling because he experienced many things in his childhood, still Eren’s is definitely protect existence for Mikasa. I think that’s right and acted.

【Yui】How do you think about him as private?

【Kiko】Eren as a man… sigh…

【Yui】Gave a sigh lol

【Kiko】Because he is a kid. He got great charismatic but he is very childish. If he was in front of me, I’m sure I will say 『Seriously stop it!』lol.

【Yui】Agree with you. But I might feel 『I have to protect』.

【Kiko】If subscriber of ViVi, they may like Eren’s childhood friend Armin. He is a herbivore boy also it’s fun to be with.

【Yui】It may possible to being like as girlfriends. I read more story on original comic then realized that many boy characters changing their personality if compare to the beginning of the story. Then it makes me think 『is this person right?』of many characters. I think Armin is good including that in long term.

【Kiko】You are right. Peace is the best both of world and love lol

throne of glass fandom problem #3782561: wanting to protect the people of terrasen with your last dying breath.

Watching ‘Wayward Pines’ like...

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Because at first I feel like it’s “aliens” [since I’ve read so many Stephen King novels… - when in doubt, it’s aliens.]

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But then it’s like…

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So now I’m reading the book like…

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Books ;; Jongkey

Inspired by Jonghyun’s teasers because why not?

Jonghyun kicks his feet happily as he sits behind the desk in the library, jar of trusty peanut butter within reach.

His part-time job at the library isn’t all bad. It’s a nice escape from his noisy dorm. The quiet chatter is a much needed change to recharge his batteries. Dorming on a floor with twenty other rowdy boys had its perks, but the silence is good for Jonghyun. He’s a reserved, borderline anti-social person, so the library is the best place for him to revert back to his high school self.

“Um… e-excuse me?”

Jonghyun lifts his head when a timid voice speaks. “Good morning! How can I help you?”

“I was wondering what kind of children’s books you have on hand. Are there any about learning to read?”

If Jonghyun has one pet peeve, it’s when people ask him questions that are either extremely specific or easy enough to find with some common sense. Jonghyun has an extensive amount of knowledge about a portion of the library, but he can’t rattle off every book housed in the building.

“Ah. If you want to check the card catalogue over near the stacks, you can see what kind of books we have. If you check a few related subjects, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.”

The patron looks over his shoulder, biting into his lip. “Are you sure you can’t look it up on the computer?”

Jonghyun sighs. He doesn’t know if this young man just feels entitled to everything or what. “I could, but that’s not really what we use our database for because we have the card catalogue. There’s directions on a clipboard if you don’t know how to use it too. We make it as easy as possible for the patrons.”

“Can you point me in the direction of the children’s books?”

Jonghyun sighs, feeling aggravated. Nobody ever bothers to read the brightly colored signs. “Toward the back to the left. When you see toys and a lot of primary colors, you’re in the right place.”


The patron disappears for a few minutes but returns to the front table with a small stack of cardboard books. Jonghyun tries not to be too obvious as he watches the man as he checks in returned books. Nobody over the age of seven ever seemed so interested in those books. This patron though, he sits at the table and studies every page.

Jonghyun assumes that he’s studying to become a teacher. Every so often, those students need to come by and review books for lesson plans. Even then, none of the students take the time to look at the books page for page.

After a few more minutes, the patron stands and carries his finds over to Jonghyun. He offers Jonghyun his library card. Jonghyun takes it graciously, noting that the patron’s name was Kibum. As he scans the books, Jonghyun makes small talk.

“Do you want to be a kindergarten teacher? These are usually the type of books that education teachers pick up for some of their courses.”

Kibum looks up, blinking. “Oh… no, I’m not.”

“Really? You– oh, shoot. It looks like the card is expired. Hang on a second,” Jonghyun reaches under his desk. “Can you fill this out for me quick? Just check the box that you understand the terms and sign and date the bottom for me. I’ll get you set up with a renewed card so it doesn’t cause any problems when you return that book.”

Jonghyun turns away to grab a new card for Kibum, scanning it onto his file. He frowns when Kibum is still staring at the paper. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to scribble a signature at the bottom.

“You can just sign the bottom,” Jonghyun urges. “Our policies didn’t change.”

“Can I take it with me? I’d like to look it over,” Kibum murmurs. “Can I just… get those books?”

Jonghyun sighs. “Yeah. I’ll make an exception.”

Kibum comes in a second and a third time, picking up new twenty page or less books. The pictures outweigh the wods every time.

“Do you have siblings?” Jonghyun asks out of curiosity.

“I’m an only child.”

“You have kids then?”

Kibum shakes his head. “Not yet.”

“Then who are all these books for? Someone must be reading them.”

“Someone is,” Kibum agrees, gathering his stack. “…Me. I’m teaching myself how to read.”

“You’re…” Jonghyun trails off as he stares at Kibum.

Jonghyun would have never guessed that Kibum was illiterate.

Kibum bows his head. “Thank you. I’ll see you in two weeks to return these.”