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Since I did my favorite fics written by me, I wanted to do kind of the same thing but written by friends. These one shots and series made my heart melt and cry this 2016. Some of them were also incredibly hot. *Wink Wink* 

This year was not perfect but these fics surely were. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. 

 Lullaby by @sis-tafics

♥  Soft Hairs & Single by @teamfreewill-imagine

 Somewhere In Neverland by @d-s-winchester

♥  Negan’s Saga by @kijilinn

♥  Museums Aren’t That Bad by @sis-tafics

Mr. & Mrs. Smith by @loveitsallineed

♥  The Miracle Of Attraction by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

♥  Silk & Rough Velvet by @blacktithe7

♥  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by @impalapossible

♥  Angeles by @ruined-by-destiel

♥  If You Only Knew @demondean-for-kingofhell @emmy-winchester @justanotherdeangirl25

♥  Better Than Any Pie @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid

♥  Where I Belong by @winchestersnco

♥  Between The Outlines by @waywardlullabies

♥  Pie by @nichelle-my-belle

 Bed Sharing by @supernatural-jackles

 Dean’s Journal by @waywardlullabies

Cheers for many more amazing fics in 2017. 

Happy Holidays! 


Frog and cranberries it must be fall.

Who is he?

Who is my BGF?

He is the nicest and funniest guy I`ve ever met. Besides that, in my opinion he looks like a Greek god with his soft curls and those bright green eyes of his. Especially in summer when his skin is tanned. But that’s just extra information you don’t actually need. Theo is Greek-Australian, 19 years old and my best friend. We’ve clicked from day one and have talked ever since every day.

Things I appreciate about him:

His is one of the most honest and open minded people I`ve ever met. Compared with other guys he is just perfect to talk to without the pressure of trying to make him like you. He is very smart and knows almost everything I have no clue about. Often we find ourselves fighting about who is right and who is wrong when I bring up a topic and when he proves me wrong I keep fighting just because it`s cute to see how he tries to explain me the things and that I’m wrong without being judgmental about my statements.

His personality:

He has an absolutely outstanding personality. Sometimes I’m jealous of it and feel like I should be more like him. He is very sane and so is his personality. It’s always fascinating to see how in one minute he can be really excited about something and in the next one is totally quiet and focused on something else.

His temper:

We are both very stubborn when it comes down to it. And since my temper is very strong because of my personality, so is his. My temper and his don’t get on well. When we fight both of us try to prove the other wrong and this leads us to very big fights. We don’t fight a lot but when we do it is a really big fight. Luckily as fast as the fight comes it is also gone because both of us apologize right away. We can`t be mad at each other. Actually I think it is a good thing that we fight because if we wouldn’t it would mean that one of us is not actually speaking out when we feel uncomfortable about something.

All in one he is everything I have. I don`t know what I would do without him in my life. And even with the distance between us he is and will be my best friend for life time.

By bucketsofwater  

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Every time I think I’m over Daesung he freakin pulls me back in. Let!! me!! live!! my!! life!!

Taekook Fic Recommendation List

Just for my ultimate bae @kimtaehot

Taste of Ink: This has to be the best fic I have even read (the one I told you about !!!) Guys, I fucking cried, I literally cried, so it’s no joke

cuz in a sky full of stars (i think i saw you) by wowoashley (Every single fic of this author is a must read and you guys know it)

Some Killer King You Are by lethallergic (One of the most recent ones I’ve read, cause this fic is so well written it’s crazy)

Pour Up (Drank) by mindheist (this is for us, thirsty taekook shippers, amazing)

Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste by krscnl (this one is so cute?! Like omg, I liked it too much)

Begin Again by ugotnobams (everything on this list is amazing, so i’m just gonna keep saying that)

Proximal Glitch by Rix (This one is really something, I gotta tell ya guys, unique af)

photographs with sepia-toned loving by stoplight (listen, it’s great)

strictly business by blaqandwhite : I remember going crazy over this one, must read guys, must read (yes omg)

maybe we found love (right where we are) by wowoashley (just go read everything that’s written by wowoashley already, seriously, like rn)

Mama called me destructive (said it’d ruin me one day) by eclairdeluxe (this is quite certainly.. something. Sadistic possessive guk is definitely.. something, BUT read at your own risk lovelies hihi)

Never Let Me Go by mindheist (Where are my Soulmate!Au suckers at? *raises hand*)

Rich Bitch by mindheist (awesome awesome awesome, mindheist is a fucking god(ess)and you guys need to go binge read everything there, NOW)

Suit & Tie by Wontonz (business men taekook, what in the world could be better? yeah I got it, Top!Tae!!!!!!)

let me know by wowoashley (and she strikes again, wowo hihi, I liked this fic waaaaay too much, read it, read it read it !!!!!!!)

Infinity On High by Incadence (Perfect.)

Bad Moon Rising by mindheist (Werewolf!Au? Sign me the fuck up !!)

Serve & Protect by neptune_scar (Taekook, cops, partners. I don’t even have to say more, I know y’all will be jumping to read this one)

Stop My Heart by wowoashley (I know y’all have read this, this fic is a must read for every vkook stan out there, but just in case, this bomb is right here)


If you want more just tell me, this was so random just for my cutie pie @kimtaehot, again, ily, and this is my apology for late replies (stayed up late so you better love it ahahah) I’ll get you all the taekook fics I really really like, just ask or message me, love you all

Sara Harvey is Charles & CeCe Drake is Bethany DETAILED THEORY. MUST READ.

Hi guys! Here’s a detailed analysis of my Sara Harvey is Charles & CeCe Drake is Bethany theory. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT IF YOU USE. I worked really hard on this!

Sara Harvey is Charles. Sara takes a lot of showers to feel better, Charles says a bath makes him feel better. Note: They’re both wearing blue. Charles is great at acting, Bethany was impressed by how good he was. Sara faked being scared multiple times, she’s a great actress too. A wanted to recreate the night when Alison disappeared hence why she was forced to wear the yellow top. Jessica bought the same outfit for Charles. Sara was seen wearing the yellow ruffled top at the dollhouse, she was also reported to have ran away the night of Alison’s disappearance. Something to think about. Red Coat was staying at the DiLaurentis house when A was in the lair! Therefore, it wasn’t CeCe who stayed at the basement, it was Sara. She was homeless hence why Charles was staying at Aunt Carol’s. CeCe is A, she has her own place, her own car, a job, etc. Why would she be staying at Aunt Carol’s? Right? Black Veil is also Sara Harvey, Jessica was seen dressed as Black Veil at Alison’s funeral (dream). This could be a connection. Sara was also seen wearing a dress that was almost identical to Jessica’s dress, the one she wore at Alison’s funeral (credit to @audreyvarjak). BOTH at Alison’s funeral, something to think about. Sara and Alison never had a proper scene together, the only scene they had was at the police station. They gave each other deep looks and that was it. Why is that? If Alison continues to speak to Sara, she’ll eventually feel somewhat a connection between them. Just like how Spencer felt a connection between her & A at the dollhouse. Isn’t it strange that Alison never felt a connection between her & CeCe? That’s because she’s not Charles. All this time they’ve been hanging out 24/7 and not once have Alison felt something between them. Sara got a tattoo of a bird freeing from its cage, this symbolizes freedom. However, free from what? She wasn’t locked up, she was working with A. I’ll tell you why, CeCe claimed to be Charles, therefore there were no longer strings attached between Sara and her old self, Charles.

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Sara was seen at the graveyard, however she did NOT mention that she was visiting Charlotte. “I was saying goodbye to someone” Jessica’s grave was to be seen at the end. Something to think about. She got electrocuted on purpose because she was afraid if the cops would link her to Charles through her fingerprints. Her hands got burnt, therefore they can’t prove her identity wrong (credit to Kim Walker). Mona pretended to be Alison at the dollhouse, ‘I’m Alison, Alison DiLaurentis’ Sara said the same thing about herself in hesitation, 'Sara. I’m Sara Harvey’ This could be a hint that she too is lying about her identity. CeCe Drake is Bethany Young. Charles was actually very proper behaved and frightened when Bethany pushed Marion off the roof. Is he A material? Definitely not. Whereas, Bethany is bipolar. She would rage unexpectedly, thinking she could do whatever the hell pleases her. This links us to CeCe because she too has anger issues hence why she went completely insane towards the girls. Jessica had an affair with Bethany’s father and took Charles away from her (faked his death). However, she didn’t believe that Charles was dead. Therefore, she drew a portrait of Jessica with “LIAR” written all over her. She was completely miserable hence the drawing of her looking depressed and alone. Jessica was a board of trustee, she noticed that Bethany was going through some major depression. She then started buying her gifts and took her on outings out of guilt. Jessica took her to a horse ranch and bought a horse named Custard for her, that’s where she met Melissa and Spencer too hence why Spencer felt a 'childhood connection’ between CeCe at the dollhouse. When Bethany was old enough, Jessica gave her out privileges. That’s when she became a totally new person named CeCe Drake. She made new friends, Alison and Jason included. However, that all ended when she pulled a prank at Radley, which almost gave Jessica a heart attack. 'But it’s NOT my daughter siting in Radley, it’s CeCe Drake…That girl is no longer welcome in this house’ She no longer gave Bethany the access to roam freely outside of the asylum.

Jessica mentioned that Alison’s friendship with CeCe was toxic because they started wearing each other’s personalities. In Bethany’s recordings, she mentioned that Alison was not the only one who could make plans. However, Alison doesn’t know a 'Bethany’ Unless, Bethany Young is actually CeCe Drake. Think about it. After Alison disappeared, CeCe literally became a replica of Alison. Wilden asked Hanna if she wanted to take Alison’s place because of the way she started dressing, that idea probably came about from Bethany. Bethany was obsessed with Alison, I mean, who wouldn’t be? After Jessica took her out privileges, Bethany was very confused and furious. Alison stopped seeing her, that’s how CeCe’s A motive came about. She was extremely jealous of the girls! Let’s flash forward to the night of Alison’s disappearance, shall we? Jessica received a call from Radley about Bethany’s whereabouts. Melissa and Wilden helped Bethany escape. That’s why she was seen on the phone with Wilden that night. Don’t forget that the three of them were extremely close friends at Cape May. CeCe was angry at Alison for betraying her, Melissa despised Alison for hooking up with Ian & knowing about the NAT videos, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were planning on killing her hence the 'Where is she?!’ Another CeCe is Bethany clue: When CeCe walked into Spencer’s room, she brushed off Melissa’s horse riding helmet as though it brought back memories. Ian also mentioned that he had home videos that could ruin Alison’s family. If Melissa knows about Bethany, it would make perfect sense how he was able to dig some dirt. Melissa and CeCe planned to lure Sara Harvey to Rosewood as a distraction so they could end Alison once and for all. CeCe got to Alison first and hit her with a rock. Jessica witnessed everything but still protected CeCe because she blackmailed her about Charles. She knew he was still very much alive. Mona thought Sara Harvey was Alison and ends up hitting her with a shovel. Melissa thought the girl was Alison so she ends up burying her.

Sara Harvey died a tragic death. However, her death comes after Alison’s. Alison gets buried by her mother at the gazebo, Grunwald later saves her (this had to be quick, how else was she able to survive?) This leads to an open grave at the gazebo. While Alison was on her way to the hospital, Mona hits Sara & Melissa literally just pushes her into the open grave. She did not actually dig up a hole. However, Bethany knew that it was Sara Harvey and not Alison because she already witnessed Jessica burying her own daughter. She knew Alison got pulled out when Melissa told her that she buried 'Alison’ (Sara Harvey) at the gazebo, the same place where Alison was buried. Therefore, in S3, Bethany took over Mona’s A game and dug up Sara Harvey’s body. It’s highly possible that she put her DNA into the decaying body. When Bethany’s death was announced in S5, Black Veil sent her condolences to her parents. However, this time it was NOT Sara Harvey. When CeCe got back from her trip to Paris, she moves her belongings to an apartment. In the apartment, you’re able to see BV’s outfit. Next episode, in the same apartment, BV was seen writing a sympathy card for Bethany’s parents. There was an uncaged bird on the card, which again symbolizes freedom. Just like Sara, there were no longer strings attached between CeCe and her old self, Bethany. CeCe was free to be whoever she wanted, she decided to take on Charles’ role in S5, where the dollhouse came about (please read the ending of part 1 to get a clear understanding) Note: In S6, you’re able to see Sara Harvey’s handwriting when she sent a birthday gift to CeCe, which is completely different to the handwriting on Bethany’s sympathy card. This also proves that the two don’t live together. Let’s move on to Claire, shall we? A has blackmailed loads of people into doing things they did not want to do. Who’s to say that Claire isn’t blackmailed to pretend that Charles is Sara Harvey? Claire hated Sara in S4 but she suddenly wants her to sleepover in S6? I don’t buy it. Sara was working with CeCe, she definitely did not have the time to hang out with Claire. It was the perfect plan to get her out of Emily’s house.

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More coming soon! Thanks for reading!! <3 Feel free to tell me what you think about this! If you use, please please give credit :)

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do you take prompts? if you do, could you write emma calling killian 'baby' or something? just the way she calls him love? thank you xx

A/N: You guys must read my mind, because I’ve been in a fluffy mood lately!
Also, I changed it to ‘babe’ instead—I hope that’s alright, nonnie!


“Babe, can you grab that for me?” Emma sighed as her phone rang on the counter.
She was trying to finish up dinner before her parents came over—she finally had her own place, so she figured she ought to break it in with a mini house-warming party.
“Babe?” Killian repeated curiously, hanging up the phone and setting it on the counter.
Emma felt her cheeks redden as she looked to Killian. She hadn’t even realized what she said.
“Yeah, it’s just a term of endearment.” Emma shrugged, pulling the mac and cheese from the oven, “Who called?”
“Oh.” Killian replied, “Um, your parents are on their way.”
“It’s a good thing—promise.” Emma grinned, setting the bowl onto the counter.
“Okay.” Killian nodded, “What does it mean?”

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