must protect kaneki

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I've always liked the thought of Hide having contact with people like Touka, telling each other how upset they are or how much they love Kaneki. I also like to cry over the two of them just exchanging memories with him,,

In general, I like the idea of Hide meeting all the friends Kaneki made along the way: everyone at Anteiku, Kaneki’s Anti-Aogiri Squad, etc. Hide cares a lot for Kaneki, and he’d definitely worm his way into all his friends’ hearts, even Nishiki and Touka. Also Banjou and Hide’s conversations would probably get too “we-must-protect-Kaneki” based and Kaneki’s worried they might try to duct tape pillows to him again.

i still get fiercely protective and defensive when people bash on kuroneki. “kaneki is so much better with white hair” “kaneki is only interesting once he gets tortured” “black haired kaneki was weak/had no personality”

stop  STOP  STOP

A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 72

-When is that Broken chair going to get fixed it’s been like three years

- How much do you want to bet that Furuta is in the compressing room

-Lets hope that Touka, Ayato,Yomo,and Hinami don’t have to reanact the incinerator scene from Toy Story 3

- I’m a huge sucker for the cliche where the opponent of the character will  let him to talk to his friends while waiting to fight instead of striking while his back is turned

-Kaneki is a child that gets mad when they realize their mother’s reverse psychology is working

-Kaneki Rebellious phase has not gone unnoticed and Papa Arima is going to deliver some whoop ass

- Arima has the attitude of Dudley that when his toys break he throws it across the room

- Kaneki’s outfit screams you must protect the tities

-Kaneki also seems to have liked the stripes on Seidou’s battle suit as he adopted that fashion choice into his new battle suit

-Next Week on Tokyo Ghoul:re- 

Arima: You are not really a ghoul Kaneki, this is just a phase

Kaneki: This isn’t a phase dad it’s the real me.

Can we talk about Shirazu, though?

Like, he looks like this cocky, shark-tooth grinning, rebellious punk, but in reality he’s actually incredibly loyal and kind?

He tries to save Mutsuki from Serpent, he’s not afraid to kick Urie when he’s being a dick, and he knows instinctively how to protect his Squad members, telling them to hold back when Sasaki takes on Serpent.

Also he's just too adorable.