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Tori’s 1,000 Follower Blog Rates

So since I hit 1,000 followers a few days ago (again thank you) I thought it would be really fun to do some blog rates.


  • mbf me
  • must reach 50 notes (or i will literally cry)
  • must reblog this post
  • send me a random fun fact about anything


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following: not yet but ily / now i am / yep / till the grave

I will probably start doing these tomorrow morning because it is late and I want to watch Supernatural.

Blacklist ‘tori rates’ if you don’ want to see these on your dash :)


“Normally people wouldn’t think of rebelling if they aren’t satisfied with society. Characters in One Piece and Naruto are fighting for their dreams and goals, so even though manga going toward dreams are absolutely necessary, if all manga are like that, some readers might think “well, where should I go if I don’t have any dreams?” Or “what should I do if I didn’t do my best every day?” Then, they read Gintama and see everyone in there is living a lazy life, they’ll feel more at ease. Even if you’re lazy, you can still walk down your path of life, and you need to live well, like that.”
Happy 10th Anniversary Gintama. And
Congrats Sorachi-sensei!
08.12.2003 - 08.12.2013

Men do not have to:

  • Like football
  • Masturbate
  • Have loads of sex
  • Have short hair
  • Be good at maths and science
  • Like action films
  • Enjoy rough, physical games
  • Be good at computer games
  • Be body-confident
  • Call each other ‘mate’
  • Love cars
  • Have a technical mind
  • Conform to society’s idea of masculinity
  • “Man up” 

Original art by 白夜

The permission for reprinting this picture has been granted by the original artist. Please don’t reprint this anywhere else and go to the original source to bookmark and rate them 8)

Emotional doesn’t mean cry baby in astrology

For the record having Cancer, Pisces and Scorpios in certain placements or water dominant doesn’t mean “oh they must have to cry.” I feel a lot of people are confused when they hear the term “emotional” and get defensive about it because they believe it only means you cry. 

Water signs are emotionally responsive and intuitive. They use their emotions as guide and make decisions based off of them. If they are feeling angry their anger will influence their decisions. If they are feeling happy their happiness will influence their decision and so on. 
Being intuitive means you get a gut feeling and you tend to lean towards that gut feeling before leaping into something. 

Having this characteristic also allows you to be compassionate. Makes sense since the definition of emotional has relating to others emotions in it. 

So to make it clear

Being emotional is…

  • Intuition over logic
  • Being compassionate/empathetic 
  • Using your emotions as a guide
  • Reactions are typically based off of emotions

Being emotional is not…

  • Crying over everything

Okay, so it’s late/early BUT I just found out that they will be screening the HP films at the WB Studio Tour in Watford next month!! You get snacks and butterbeer and everything.  I won’t be back in London until this weekend and I can only go on a weekend bc of work so can we all collectively pray that it’s not sold out before I get home and can get a ticket/tickets?? I’ll try to document and take lots of pictures if I go and am allowed to so you guys can see! - bella