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Zodiac Gothic: Terrifying things may come
  • Aries: One day, when you blink, you'll see anther world in between the closing and opening of your eyelids. It will be terrifying, horrible, indescribable - and you will forget it as soon as you open your eyes. Perhaps it just happened. Perhaps it will happen tomorrow. Or perhaps, the last time you close your eyes, it will happen. And you won't be able to open them again to escape.
  • Taurus: The next time someone tells you to run, do it. Even if you are surrounded by nothing but walls, run until you can't run anymore - then walk, then crawl, then squirm. Only when you have exhausted all means of movement will you be safe.
  • Gemini: You are going to meet a special someone soon. A /very/ special someone. They will not have eyes, and their tongue will be heinously long. They will try to wrap you up - let them. Only once you give in to them will they let you go.
  • Cancer: Something horrible has happened. It had nothing to do with you, but it happened. Just now, it happened again. You are powerless to stop these horrible things. And they, too, are powerless to hurt you - so long as you remember to listen to the weather. Did you forget? Hmm. Something bad has happened. It had everything to do with you.
  • Leo: There are dark forces attempting to change your fate right now. But will it be for better, or for worse? Leave a lemon on your porch overnight to stop them. You may save yourself - or doom yourself to an even worse fate. You must make the decision soon, or the forces will already be upon you.
  • Virgo: Don't go to an ocean. Don't go to a lake. Actually, it's probably best you avoid swimming pools too. To be safe, don't even take a bath tonight - it isn't worth the risk. Is it raining? Well, then your fate has been sealed...
  • Libra: Don't stare too long at that object that shouldn't be there. Pretend that it's normal. If you pretend that you didn't just see it move out of the corner of your eye, you will be safe.
  • Scorpio: Don't do it. I know that you're thinking about doing it - but don't. There are demons waiting to take a hold of you if you succeed. What is 'it' you might be wondering - well, you know. You're the one who planned it.
  • Sagittarius: The monster under your bed loves you. It loves you so very much. It crawls out and sleeps next to you at night, and it stares at pictures of you while you are away. It even fights off the other monsters every night. But watch out, it might just fail some night....and the monster in the closet loves you in a much more violent way.
  • Capricorn: Someday, when you are home alone in a new house, there will be an extra door that you will notice, and be unsure of it was there before. It wasn't. It contains a set of stairs, each step more wet and soft than the last. The further down these stairs. you walk, the hotter and damper you feel, and the more lights you will see on the walls. Do not touch the lights. Do not touch the walls. Keep walking - you will eventually trip, and find yourself facing up the stairs. Walk up. Do not, at any point, turn back - the teeth will come.
  • Aquarius: A strange and hauntingly beautiful woman will ask to use your phone in a parking lot at midnight, sometime in the near future. It will be cloudy and dark. She will look startlingly familiar, but you will not be able to remember her at all. You must not allow her to take your phone. You must not allow her to take your heart.
  • Pisces: If you ever find yourself surrounded by strangers, keep a look out for anyone with golden pupils in plain white eyes. If you have seen them, then immediately cleanse yourself with fish water and lemon juice. If it's been more than three days, you have been Marked for something that is yet unknown, but must be avoided at all cost.

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I don’t know about you but every time I see a cute guy/girl on the bus I must make a sim of him/her as soon as I get home. And after discussing his cuteness with the captain ( @sim-bubble ) I decided that she could have this cutie for herself since she asked me to make her a male sim a long ass time ago.

Ares War, a sim for @sim-bubble

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oh i def will make smth even if its rly short!! but later tho! rn im super busy w other projects rn rip



since the pain in my left hand has increased, and the intensity and length of it the first time it came made me feel sad, i’ll try using my favourite ring and cheer up squad to feel better.

poor hoshino ;v; please send her some love and support, and do not pester her or bother her about a chapter update, the last thing she needs is her fans pestering her about updating when she’s in pain. がんばって星野さん!

(my japanese is far from perfect, so please feel free to correct me if this is wrong at all)


Grand Admiral Thrawn

Pemberley (deleted scene)

Darcy - Miss Bennet

Elizabeth - Mr. Darcy

Darcy - Miss Bennet, this is my sister Georgiana Darcy.

Georgiana - Miss Bennet, I knew it had to be you. My brother has told me so much about you. I feel as though we are great friends already.

Elizabeth - I thought you were in London.

Darcy - No i’m not. I had to return to evacuate my sister from Pemberley. Are your parents in good health?

Elizabeth - Yes very well thank you sir.

Darcy - I’m glad to hear it and all of your sisters?

Elizabeth - Yes they are all in excellent health sir.

Darcy - Would you do me the honour of introducing me to your friends?

Elizabeth - Surely, Mr. and Mrs. Philips. Mr. Darcy. Mrs. Philips is my aunt.

Darcy - Well I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Please I wish time permit for me to give you a full tour of Pemberley but alas I must deliver my sister, Georgiana, to my Aunt Catherine and return to the front immediately.

Mr. Philips - How goes it Darcy?

Darcy - Not well, but we have manage to keep the infected contained within the city walls.

Mrs. Philips - London is loss then?

Darcy - Yes. Come Georgiana, we must make hast.

Georgiana - I hope we should meet again very soon Miss Bennet. Good day.

Darcy - Good day. Come

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Hello!!I'm need something sad, so can I ask you to write something about RFA member with Labor MC, the doctor said RFA member need to choose MC or their child because he just can save one, and MC ask them to choose their child instead. I'm sorry for this sad request and thank you if you write it :) have a nice day!!

I live for the angst so don’t apologize anon, this is my element! I’m so sorry to my dear askers because this isn’t the first ask I should be writing, but I wrote the first really angsty one I could find because angst is all I’m up for right now.

So I decided to write a minific from the perspective of an unnamed RFA member who is married to MC. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you wanted, but I hope you like it~

WARNING: ANGST. Caution is advised.

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Steve Rogers: New Year’s Day

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Title: New Year’s Day

Prompt: At new years on midnight for a single minute you possess your soulmate’s body.  (This starts the year the youngest of the pair turns eighteen!)

Characters: Steve Rogers

Warnings: overwhelming cuteness

Word Count: 2666

Notes: If only this could happen in real life

Never in your life had you been so excited.  You had been looking forwards to this moment your entire life; everyone does.  You were sure that there were other teens around the world, five minutes ‘till midnight that were having the very same thoughts as you, and you found that somewhat comforting, that you were not going through this alone.  You weren’t sure if you were more scared than excited or excited than scared.  Definitely excited over scared; you were finally going to learn about your soulmate- of course you were happy!

However, there’s always a catch to the situation.  For some people, they could have a soulmate in a foreign country with a language barrier, or the soulmate can get lost while in the other’s body, or something like that.  There was always a catch.

Four minutes ‘till midnight you were a mess of nerves and joy.  Never had you ever felt so confused in your life.  You had accidentally been thinking about all of the ways this could have gone wrong; you were so afraid that you would somehow mess everything up.  Maybe you would accidentally start a fight with one of their friends or family members, or maybe you were nowhere near your soulmate’s house, lost and alone.  Maybe your soulmate was already in a bad situation and things would only get worse from there- the possibilities were endless.  You shivered at the thought of something bad happening to yourself, but your body tremored in fear that something bad would happen to your soulmate.

Three minutes ‘till midnight and you were doubting your reasoning to be alone when the switch happened.  You wanted to be held in your mother’s arms, with her telling you that everything would be alright.  You wanted to hold hands with your father as he would tell you how he would make sure that your soulmate would stay safe.  While these options had seemed very tempting, you’d admit that you were a bit afraid that your soulmate would be quite uncomfortable if they woke up wrapped in your mother’s arms.  Therefore, that was a no-go.

Two minutes ‘till midnight and you were walking over to your desk, taking out a pen and a pad of paper.  You decided to leave your soulmate a quick note, explaining to them who you were and how old you were.  You wanted them to talk about themselves a bit, and preferably share their name.  You could only hope that your soulmate would do the same for you.

One minute ‘till midnight and you were practicing breathing exercises that you had seen on tv once.  You tried to keep your breaths even and measured, but you were failing horribly.  Your breaths were shaky and you kept on finding it harder and harder to breathe.  Sure, you were excited, but you were so scared that something bad would happen, not to mention the sheer anxiety of anticipation was eating you up from the inside out.

Ten seconds ‘till midnight and you carefully laid down in your bed.  You looked at the pale popcorn ceiling for a moment before closing your eyes.  You hope for the best…


8…‘Spare me, o great and powerful universe’ you think to yourself


6…‘You know what? I’m over it.  No more anxiety’

5… You silently laugh in your head

4… ‘Just kidding’

3… ‘I’m so screwed’

2… ‘Or not’


For a moment all you felt was a blast of cold air around you and then you were encased in ice.  It had to be ice because your- er- their body was incredibly cold.  You tried to open your eyes, but only darkness was revealed.  Was this hell?

One long, agonizing minute later your consciousness was transported back into your body, which was now sitting on the desk’s chair.  You felt a giant weight lift from your chest as you saw words written under your message.  ‘Dear (y/n), I am Steve.  I am so sorry that you had to be stuck in my body.  I thought I was dead, but I guess I was wrong.  You look beautiful in the pictures on your desk.  I am-’  The letter ended there.  ‘I am’ what?  You huffed, knowing that you would have to wait a whole nother year to see what Steve was writing.


By the time you were twenty-two, you had collected enough notes to form an actual letter.  It read:

‘Dear (y/n), I am Steve.  I am so sorry that you had to be stuck in my body.  I thought I was dead, but I guess I was wrong.  You look beautiful in the pictures on your desk.  I am’ ‘glad to know that you are alright and safe with your family (I heard them moving around downstairs, but I need to tell you something of great importance.  I am not sure how much time has passed but you need to’ ‘tell Howard Stark that he must not go looking in the ocean.  It is too dangerous. I know you must be confused but I promise that everything will make sense soon.’ ‘I woke up in a new room today- did you move? Congratulations if you did!  You have a nice apartment (I hope you don’t mind that I looked around, I just felt a great need to stretch and to walk around).’  ‘I am still grasping the concept that I am alive, but I cannot imagine what these minutes must be like for you; I don’t even know where I am.  I am so sorry. Anyways, have you talked to Stark yet?  I really need to talk to him.’

This was the year that you were determined to find him.  You had been doing your research for years after finding out that your soulmate was the Steve Rogers, american hero.  At first you were a bit surprised and scared that he would be really old, but you had a feeling that he wouldn’t be- but that’s beside the point.  The point was that you had been spending years researching and hacking your way into secret databases to gather as much information as possible on Steve’s ‘death’, which led you to the creation of SHIELD.  You hated to admit it, but for any one of your plans to work, you needed the upper hand in order to be taken seriously.

There you were, standing outside Stark Tower.  You figured if anyone would know how to locate Steve, Tony could.  There were the obvious reasons for your thinkings, such as the fact that he was a billionaire (money would be no object) and that he had his father’s smarts (you couldn’t figure out where Steve was, but maybe he could).  But, there was also the fact that Tony had been revealed to be Iron Man recently, so wasn’t he obligated to act heroically now?  You weren’t sure, but you decided that you would give it a try.

You walked up to the receptionist faking confidence, hoping to the higher force that you were being convincing.    “Hello, I am here to see Tony Stark.  It regards,” You leaned in closer to the woman, whispering quietly, “SHIELD.”

The woman’s eyes widened and she nodded quickly before speed dialing Tony’s penthouse suite.  ‘Please, please work’ you thought to yourself.

“It seems as though he wants you up right away.  Take the private elevator to the right,”  She gestured down the right hallway before looking back at you.  “Jarvis already knows where to take you, so there will be no button-pressing.  Got it?”

“Got it.”  You swore that your heart never beat as fast as it did that moment.  Your feet clicked against the white marble floors as you made your way towards the elevator, and you nearly broke into a nervous sweat when the doors opened.  This was going to fail.  You were trying to outsmart the famous Tony Stark, known for his smarts.  You knew that you were over your head, but did you care?

The elevator doors closed behind you before jetting up into the sky, passing floors at an outrageously fast speed.  In less than fifteen seconds, you stepped into the main room of Stark’s penthouse.  By now your hands were starting to shake, and nervous sweat started to stick to the back of your neck.

“You’re obviously not SHIELD, so who might you be?”  Tony Stark in all his glory walked out from his living area and into the entrance hall,  arms crossed with a frown etched on his face.  He’d looked you up and down, obviously noting that your clothing was nothing like the standard issue SHIELD uniforms.

‘Okay,’ you thought, ‘I can do this’.  You pushed a lock of your hair behind your ear and looked up at him.  “Hello Mr. Stark.  I wish we could have met under different circumstances, but that’s not the case.  I assume that you are more than knowledgeable with the topic of soulmates?”  You inquired, thinking of his right-hand Pepper Potts: his soulmate.

“If you’re here to ask about the science of it, I have already told the media-”

“It isn’t about that Mr. Stark.  This is about the fact that my soulmate is legally dead.”  You two stood in an awkward silence for a moment, Tony obviously trying to think of logical solutions as to why this would have been happening to you.  

“Who are they?  How did they die?  You have to give me more than that.”  You could tell Tony didn’t fully believe you, but even a sliver of belief was good enough for you.  After all, a spark can start a fire…

“That’s the thing Mr. Stark, my soulmate- he’s Steve Rogers.”

“You can’t be serious.  If this is a joke, I’m not laughing.”  

“I assure you this is no joke,”  Your voice was sullen, knowing the fact that your soulmate was in pain at that moment was enough to bring down your mood any time of the day.  Talking about it was a whole nother problem within itself.  “Since I was eighteen I have spent a total of five minutes in what seems to be some sort of airship.  Everything is frozen in it- even his body.  I don’t know how he is surviving, but I want- I need him to be found.  Please, you have to believe me.”  Facing Tony’s conflicted expression was hard; you knew there was a possibility that he would send you to the streets with your outrageous story, but you couldn’t help but hope.


Tony ended up believing you after you two took the time to sit down and talk.  Before long he became like a father to you; he became the one you confided in with your worries about Steve.  Yes, you were worried, and yes, your worries increased as time went on.  You couldn’t help but worry that one day Steve would die because of the coldness, but Tony told you that if he survived this long, he could survive for years to come.

It was the fall of 2012 when they found him.  You were reading the latest book in your favorite series when the call came from Tony.

“(Y/n), we found him.  Come to the main base in central New York.  I made sure that you were given clearance to come in, so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“Thank you Tony.  Thank you.”  You both knew there were a million things you wanted to say to him, but the words couldn’t leave your mouth.  You were so overwhelmed with excitement that your mind couldn’t piece even the most basic sentences together.

“Okay, I have to go now- drive safe, okay?”

“Okay, see you soon!”

You grabbed your car keys and were out the door in under a minute, not even caring that you were in your pajamas.  You needed to see him.  You just needed him.  In the car your fingers tapped the wheel impatiently, and you cursed the traffic multiple times.  At one point you were beeping your horn at another driver- they were in the way, you thought your actions were justified!

After an hour of driving you were pulling into a large shady looking building with a giant eagle logo on its side.  SHIELD.  You parked near the front entrance, not caring that the spot you chose was technically an illegal place to park.  Your heart beat as fast as your feet ran as you tore down the hallways, following the signs to find where they were keeping Steve.  Before long you knew you were slightly lost and a bit exhausted, but you could care less.  

“(y/n)!”  Your head whipped to the side to see Tony standing outside of a makeshift room where you guessed Steve was being held.  Your feet closed the distance between yourself and Tony, and he enveloped you into a tight embrace.  “It’s your time, kid.”  There was a look in his big brown eyes with an unspoken agreement that you would be careful easing Steve into modern times; you nodded in response.

“Miss (y/l/n), I presume.  We know he is about to awaken- you would like to be present for this?”  A dark-skinned man with an eyepatch approached you.  Automatically you stuck out your hand to give a firm shake before speaking.

“Yes sir.  Thank you so much for bringing him to us- to me.”  You blushed a bit as you realized the meaning of your words, but you weren’t deterred.  “Can I see him now?”

The man, Nicholas Fury you would later learn, walked ahead of you to the door of the set.  You tentatively grasped the doorknob and turned it slowly, afraid to wake him suddenly.  Your steps were quiet on the white tile floor, and you couldn’t help but hold your breath to refrain from making noises.  He looked so pale, lying there under the covers; he was nearly as white as the sheets lying on top of his torso.  There was a metal chair waiting for you next to the bed, and though it was far from comfortable, you were the most at home you’d ever been.  You quietly reached out and grasped his hand, noting how warm it was despite being frozen for so long.  

You nearly jumped out of your skin when the hand tightened around yours. You were quite sure that it was unhealthy for your heart to be beating as fast as it was, but you could care less.  You could see parts of his body twitching, first his feet, then his legs, then his arms; his body was slowly waking itself up.  At that moment, you swore all of your thoughts left your mind and the world stopped as his eyelids slowly lifted.  Though he was looking up at the ceiling, you couldn’t help but oogle at his two beautiful blue eyes.  Sure, you had seen the old black-and-white pictures of him, but nothing compared to the real thing.  

“Steve?”  His name left your lips in a whisper, but you knew he heard it.  He took a few measured breaths before turning his head towards you, and in that moment you knew that everything would be alright.  His eyes softened as they laid on you, and he looked at you like you were the only thing that mattered to him.  All the loss he had, all the suffering he had endured, all the pain he went through- nothing mattered in that moment but the two of you.


Happy tears fell down your face as you nodded happily.  “You’re okay now, I promise.”  Your other hand went to stroke his cheek- you couldn’t help yourself- and you realized just how soft his skin was.  You could get used to this.

Steve tried pushing himself up with his hands, and you guided his back to rest up against the pillows.  “We haven’t officially met yet, but I’m Steve Rogers.”

“Hi Steve, I’m (y/f/n) (y/l/n), it’s nice to finally meet you.”

Sweater Weather

Sirius likes to knit in the early morning and Remus likes to read. 

Inspired by this post (x)

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters in the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

Masterlists Here (x) (x) (x)

Remus loved getting up early on Saturdays. His friends always teased him for this abnormal habit, but he just loved how calm the castle felt when everyone was asleep. In the morning hours, he could grab a cup of fresh cocoa from the kitchens and read his pleasure book with minimal interruptions.   As Remus went down the stairs, book and mug in hand, he noticed a black haired boy sitting in the golden arm chair hunched over something. Upon closer examination, Remus recognized the waterfall of black hair as Sirius’ and noticed the boy was rapidly moving two large needles back and forth.

“Sirius, what are you doing?” Remus inquired. Sirius slowed his pace slightly and looked up at Remus, his face slightly flushed.

“I’m knitting. What does it look like?” Sirius answered quickly. Remus continued to stand over him and Sirius looked up at him once again. “I’m making a sweater if you must know. It’s going to be fall soon ,and it’s good to have sweaters.”

“I just didn’t know you’d be into knitting, who taught you this?” Remus asked again. He could see Sirius was growing slightly irritated by his questions, but Remus couldn’t suppress his curiosity.

“I’m self-taught. Some people read to relax, others play sports, but I like to knit. Now I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t mention this to James or Peter,” Sirius requested.

“Alright Sirius, I won’t give them a reason to question your bad boy rep,” Remus chuckled. “I’m off to the kitchens to get cocoa do you want anything?” In that instant the two boys started their Saturday morning routine of early knitting and reading. The two boys continued meeting each other several more Saturdays until one morning Remus didn’t see Sirius in his usual armchair. Instead, he saw a green sweater folded neatly on Sirius’ chair. Upon unfolding the sweater, Remus read the words written in golden thread: Go Away I’m Reading. Remus burst into a fit of laughter and quickly changed into the sweater. Remus should’ve known Sirius would only knit sassy sweaters. Perhaps if Sirius saw him wearing the sweater later in the day, it be a sign for them to continue their early Saturday morning rendezvous. Now that Remus had one sassy sweater, he was sure he wouldn’t tire of them.

Circles [Jaebum] [6]

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 Circles [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

What? Huh? Did I hear it right? Did we hear it right? You definitely heard that Hanbin said he liked me right? What is even going on?

Here’s the deal. I was about to confess to Jaebum my feelings once and for all, but Hanbin came out of nowhere and grabbed my attention with three simple words. I like you. Now, I’m disorientated. I’m mentally dead now.

“I like you a lot,” he took a breath of air and smiled, “Really.”

The people surrounding us grew into a crowd and I grew confused at the situation before me. I was speechless, and It felt like everything around me was moving slowly. I looked into Hanbin’s eyes who lifted up along with a smirk on his face. What is going on?

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Staring Your AS Levels

Hello! Here are some tips I have about going from GCSEs to AS level:

  • Keep your GCSE notes- please keep any relevant gcse notes because they can be useful for going over things that you’re doing in more depth at AS. You don’t have to keep them all (for example, if you’re doing art, history, english lit, and philosophy you won’t need your physics or french notes), just make sure you don’t throw away notes that you’ll regret not having later as you may want to look over them to recap basic ideas! Or maybe a friend or sibling in another year may find them useful- you never know so please don’t rush to burn them!
  • Go over things after every lesson- at the beginning of year 12 all my teachers said this to me and I just ignored them because like seriously no thanks, but when it came to spring I deeply regretted not going over things as suddenly I had to recap everything in just a few weeks! So I’d suggest that maybe one night every week, go over everything you’ve learned, rewrite notes if needed, and do extra practice questions on things you’re not sure of- it’ll definitely be worth it in the long run, trust me! Also it’s good to make revision notes throughout the year; for example, if you have a test on one topic of a subject, make some good quality notes and keep them as during exam season you’ll be so happy that you already have some good notes. The night before one of my AS chemistry exams I was trying to cram my way through the whole syllabus (revise early!! I’ll talk about this next) and cried tears of joy when I found a set of notes I’d made previously as it’s much easier to revise from concise notes than it is a textbook or your school notes.
  • REVISE EARLY!!!!!!- I’m currently in the middle of my AS exams and omg please please please start revising early! I kept saying ‘it’ll be fine, I’ll start next week’ from like January until mid-April and by then it was too late and I ended up not being able to revise everything I needed to and to a poorer enough level overall. Therefore please start revising definitely before March- this sounds a bit extreme as that leaves around 2.5 months before exams but ‘revise’ doesn’t just mean ‘write intense notes’: make mind maps, timelines for subjects like history, flashcards, do past papers, make notes based off mark schemes so you know what key words examiners like, etc. Make resources so that when it is April/May time you won’t be panicking (as much) as you already have concise notes to then make even more concise and specific notes off, and hopefully you’ll be much clearer on things from the start of the year that otherwise you’d have forgotten completely!
  • Do your homework- teachers set it for your benefit so by not doing it you’re just setting yourself back! Try to do it as soon as possible after you get it and please do actually try when doing it- don’t just google the answers straight away (I am very guilty of this and it only made things worse in exams as I hadn’t built up technique).
  • USE YOUR FREES- free periods are an absolute blessing and it’s easy to just see them as extra break times. However they are given to you for a reason and it’s soooooo important that you actually use them for what they’re for- working! It’s okay to be ‘free’ in your frees sometimes but more than not you should be working in them; catching up on homework, doing past exam questions, improving your notes, etc. Most sixth forms/colleges have quiet working areas/study centres so do try to take advantage of these areas in your frees- it means you have less work to do at home!
  • Plan- buy a planner/diary (if your school doesn’t provide you with one) and use it! Make sure you write down all your homework and when its due as it is extremely easy to lose track of things, especially if you have multiple teachers for one subject! I’d also recommend having a whiteboard or something in your bedroom where you can write a clear and visible to-do list.
  • Be organised- most sixth forms like you to use files and to write your notes on A4 lined paper, unlike in ‘books’ like you did in lower school. It’s extremely easy to end up with a messy file so please make sure that you organise it well (use dividers and maybe buy a mini hole punch and stapler to go in your bag- teachers are too good at not hole punching sheets…) as this will make revision a lot easier! It also makes a good impression on your teachers.
  • Crappy teachers- there isn’t much worse than having a crappy teacher at A level. It’s seriously frustrating- especially if there’s another class for the subject you’re doing who have the good teacher! If you’re unfortunate enough to get a bad teacher, please don’t let it define your grades! Download your exam’s spec from their website, buy a textbook/revision guide, etc, Basically do as much as you can to make sure you’re learning everything that you should be and that you don’t fall behind. Maybe talk to another teacher if you really need help or straight up tell your teacher that you aren’t learning from them- most are happy to help and don’t realise that they’re so bad! Tell them how you learn best and maybe they can adapt to help you.
  • Buy revision guides/wider reading- please try to get a hold of revision guides as they will save your life during exam season. If money is tight, speak to a teacher as most schools have bursary funds that can help you out if needed. It can also be good to do some wider reading, especially around subjects you may want to continue in the future- ask teachers or google for recommendations.
  • Use online resources- if your school has access to revision websites, etc. please try to use them! Really take advantage of as many resources as you can since A-level resources are more scarce than GCSE ones.
  • Make decent notes- this one is very important! Please make sure that your notes throughout the year are good quality- if you feel like they aren’t then make sure you add to them using a textbook/revision guide as otherwise you might end up revising from sub-par notes and therefore won’t get the top grades.
  • Catch up- if you miss a lesson (even if a friend tells you that you didn’t miss anything important) always go and see your teacher as soon as possible! You must make sure you don’t miss a single thing and also it’ll make your teacher like you more since you’re actively trying to catch up!
  • Give yourself a break- please make sure you have a life outside of school work! But also make sure you don’t get too wild; usually the people who flake out are the ones who party too hard or work too hard. So make sure you find a good balance. Sixth form/college is an awesome chance to make/maintain some amazing friendships so make the most of it! Also please don’t feel pressured to get a girl/boyfriend and if you do, do not let your relationship get in the way of your grades.
  • Good habits- also try to make sure you stay healthy and make good diet/exercise habits. It’s vital that you have an outlet (running, tennis, walking you dog, whatever you like) outside of school. Also, exercise is good for your brain! A levels can be extremely stressful so you need to try to take care of yourself or else you might not make it- I know many people who dropped out because they couldn’t deal with the stress so you need to try to deal with this as best you can. If you do start to struggle, talk to a teacher as this is very common and there’s lots they can do to help you! 
  • It’s okay to fail- there is no way (unless you’re superhuman) that you can continue getting the same grades at GCSE and at AS; for example I got A’s and A*s in chemistry all through GCSE (an A at the end) and in AS I always got B’s (and a few D’s…). AS is such a huge step up in most subjects (some you may find are quite similar- I found this for geography but most are way more complex) so it’s totally fine to not get the top grades; at AS you can’t even get A*s (they don’t exist) and E’s are still a pass so it’s really not expected of you to get the same grades as gcse, especially at the beginning. It can be disappointing but please try not to get down about this! At the start of the year I was getting mostly D’s-B’s and towards the end it was more B’s and a few A’s so there’s plenty of time to improve. Also, if you feel that at the beginning of the year you want to swap subjects, do talk to your teachers as this may be possible within the first few weeks. Remember that you could retake year 12 if thins went terribly wrong so it’s not the end of the world if you fail everything! Also the new AS levels don’t count towards your final A level grade so you do get a second chance.
  • Overall: so overall the jump can be pretty daunting but to be honest it’s really not that bad as long as you stay organised and ask for help if you need it. In sixth form, learning is more your own responsibility so you need to make sure that you are doing enough work outside of school and that you understand all topics being covered. Year 12 and 13 are seriously some of the best years of school (the best yet to be honest) so do also try to make the most of them!

I hope this is helpful and please do feel free to send me any questions you might have! :)

Monster’s Daughter (Namjoon angst pt.3)

Summary: Your 4-year old daughter is a HUGE BTS fan. Unknown to her, Namjoon is her father.

Request?: No

Multiple parts?: If people want it…

Type: Angst/Fluff

Reader Name: Rose Lowe

A/N: Hey guys! I’m not sure how I want to make Namjoon suffer yet since I have too many ideas so here’s a little something for you guys I’ve been thinking about for a minute. Be sure to suggest if have you have any…other than hit by a car XD

~~  Part One  ~  Part Two  ~  Three  ~   Four  ~  Five  ~  Six  ~  Seven ~  Eight  ~  Nine  ~  Ten  ~~

“Over there are the practice rooms, to your left are the stairs to the classrooms, over …” the woman who was showing you around droned on and on about what was where in the Big Hit building. You felt bad for not listening but you had already been on a tour.

Suddenly, a beat caught you attention. It was pretty cool and the lyrics were good too.

“Excuse me-“

“Min Ju.” She smiled.

“Min Ju, what is that?” you ask referring to the music.

Her face lit up. “Oh that’s our new group, Bangtan SonYeonDan. They are set to make their debut soon and I must admit they are good! I already have a bias.”

You giggled at her excitement. “Yeah they sound pretty cool.”

“Their dancing is amazing too! You want to check em out?” She as pointing to the door where apparently the music was coming.

“Oh, no. I couldn’t interrupt them.” As tempted as you were you wanted to be professional.

She waved away your comment. “Nonsense, they like audiences. You’ll actually be doing working on some of their projects after their debut anyway.”

Before you could protest again she was dragging you into the practice room. The two of you stood back and watched them perform.

Min Ju whispered to you that the name of the song was ‘We are bulletproof pt.2’. 

When it was over you were in awe. “They are amazing.” You whispered to Min Ju. She nodded saying something about how long until their debut.

But you were listening. You were too captivated by the voice during one of the raps.

“Min Ju, how are you doing?” a boy who looked fairly young approached the two of you.

“Jungkook.” She smiled, avoiding his sweaty arms. “Save it for when you’re fresh youngster.”

He laughed and turned to you, bowing. “Hello, I’m Jungkook. It’s nice to meet you.”

You started to respond but Min Ju cut you off. “Wait I want you to introduce yourself to all of them.” She motioned them over excitedly.

They did a formal introduction before introducing themselves individually. But your heart sped up as one spoke his name.

“Hi I’m,” it was the captivating voice from the rap. ”Suga.”

Suga. You repeated it dreamily in your head.

Min Ju nudged you to introduce yourself. “Oh, Hello, I’m Rose. I will be working in promotions.”

“Very beautiful.” You heard the leader mutter in english.

“Thank you.” You smiled, saying it in english.

His eyes went wide, switching back to Korean. “You understood me?!”

You laughed. “Yes. English is my first language. Good to know my pronunciation is ok.”

Suga spoke. “You look foreign but we weren’t sure if you were from here or not.”

You blushed some as he spoke to you. “Nope. I just moved here not too long ago.”

Rap monster smiled at you. “Well I look forward to speaking English with you.”

You laughed at his slightly lame statement but said “Likewise.”

“We’ll see you around guys.” Min Ju said as you both headed for the door.

You looked back to steal one more glance at Suga but caught Rap Monster looking at you instead.

After the door closed Min Ju turned to you. “You and Namjoon seem to have chemistry.”

“Who?” you asked, not knowing anything other than their stage names.

“Rap Monster.”

“Oh.” You shook your head. “Nah Suga’s more my type.”

You thought as you carried sleeping Gracie up to your hotel room, cheeks tear stained.

‘I knew Yoongi was more my type.’

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Could you just chill? Maybe take a little time to get to know your 2 week old baby a little bit before you try to squeeze out another.

Not that I need to explain myself but if you must know we need to make the decision relatively soon as my husband is on the waiting list for a vasectomy.

Eyes, Dimples, Arms

Jungkook X Reader
Genre: Fluff (?)..idk

main character goes into a clothing shop and while she looks for something she mistakes kookie for an employee but he does nooot have the heart to tell her that :^)))))))))) pls

Originally posted by whatskookn

Looking up at the towering building, she can’t help but feel intimidated by the dark interior design of the shop she is about to step in to.
Taking a deep breath, she pushes against the big glass doors and is amazed by the aura that the men’s boutique emits.

She usually doesn’t go shopping in such high-end places, never mind stores for men, as they always seem too intimidating to even walk into with the judging looks from the sales assistants.

Her phone rings suddenly disrupting the calm and chic atmosphere, it makes her cringe in embarrassment. “Eomma (mom)?”

“________-ah, are you done?”

“No.” She’d arrived a while ago but had only gathered the courage to enter now.

“Hurry (bballi).”

She frowns at her mother’s command. “I can’t, I don’t even know what to buy for him.”

“He’s becoming an adult, get him something big.”

“Eomma, it’s a clothing store, how big can the present be?” Walking further into the store, she is surprised that no one has hoarded her or looked at her weirdly yet. “Can’t you do this instead, I’m not sure what he likes.”

“Don’t lie.” She sighs at her own feeble attempt to get out of this task. Her mother calls her out on it easily. “You know him the best, it was you who told me about this boutique.”

Grunting, she goes through the rack of clothes half halfheartedly. “That’s not it (aniya), I only told you about it because he’s been annoying me about this stupid jacket.”

“Then get him that and hurry, don’t have me wait for you.”

“Eomma.” She whines, unlike herself, seriously disliking this situation. “I don’t know his size.”

“Stop giving excuses, ________.” Taking a deep breath, she looks around the store, only a few people were in. “You’re already there. Go ask a sales assistant for help.”

“I don’t need their help.” Murmuring, she then humphs and hangs up after her mother tells her to hurry once more.

Or rather she didn’t like their help.

— — — — —

“Excuse me.” A timid voice says from behind him, he had already heard it once before, but different from now she had sounded annoyed and displeased earlier. Turning to look at her, he can tell that she felt really uncomfortable.

“Yes (nae)?” Jungkook regards her with curiosity. Why would she initiate to talk to him?

“Eh…” She seems to be taken a back by something when her eyes land on him. “I-I wanted to ask for your help.”

“Me?” Jungkook points at himself and looks down at his attire. Does she think he is an employee or just asking for his opinion? Judging by her conversation it would rather be the former.
Maybe he shouldn’t have worn the blazer today.

“Nae.” She begins to fiddle with the phone in her hand. “You’re not busy right now, are you?”

There are two ways he can go at this, either he tells her that he isn’t an employee and make her feel embarrassed in the process or he could just help her.

“No, it’s fine, what can I do for you?”  He says before he can think about it.

“Oh, the thing is,” Jungkook notices that her gaze never stays on him for too long, places like these must make her nervous. “My younger brother (dongsaeng) is becoming an adult soon.”

“And you’re looking for a gift for him.” She looks up at him with her round eyes and to be honest she doesn’t look older than 20 herself. “Isn’t alcohol the best bet?”

“It is, isn’t it?” When she snaps her fingers while sighing in exasperation, Jungkook smiles amused at her instant reaction. “That’s what I told my mom, too.”


“But she said no.” Running her hands through her hair, she frowns. “I’m looking for a jacket, my brother has been talking about it none stop.”

Now, this is where things get tricky. Since Jungkook was definitely not an employee here, he won’t have no idea about any jacket.
But he shops here often, so maybe that will help him out.

“Do you know what model it is?”

“He sent me a picture the day he tried it on.” Jungkook waits after she asks him to wait a second and then as she hands the device to him, their fingers brush ever so slightly.

“Are you cold?” Her fingers were cold to the touch despite the warm temperature inside the boutique.

“Oh, no, no (aniyo).” She waves her hand while shaking her head quickly. “My hands are always like that.”

Why would someone’s hands be cold all the time? And why does he care?

Jungkook studies the design of the jacket and luckily he had just passed by it earlier. “I know where it is.”

Looking away from her phone, Jungkook catches her peering at him, smiling at something on his face. When her gaze lift to his eyes, her own widen momentarily and soon after she is back to looking straight ahead.

Her flustered reaction is endearing. What would have made her smile like that? It’s a pretty smile.

“This way please.” Leading the way, he stops at the opposite wall, next to a full size mirror. “What size does your brother wear, Miss (Ahgassi)?”

“Eh, I think he is the same size as you.” She tilts her head to the side uncertain. “He’s just not as tall.”

“I’ll try it on for you, maybe that will help.” Jungkook shrugs off his jacket and hangs it on one of the rack.

Through the mirror, he just so happens to catch her staring at his arms, the T-Shirt he wore only covered right above his biceps. He would have teased her in any other situation but sales assistants don’t tease their customers.

“Does this look like it would fit your brother?” Holding his arms out, Jungkook turns slowly, partially to show her the jacket but more so because he was enjoying having her eyes on him.

Shy, she holds out her index finger. “I think a size smaller is better, maybe even two.” She looks up at him briefly.  "Yeah, two.“

One corner of his mouth lifts in amusement at the underlying meaning in her words.

She’s cute.

— — — — —

Handing over her credit card, she is relieved to finally be able to leave this place. At least the sales assistant had been very helpful, a little too helpful.

She wanted to hit herself for ogling him like that and judging by his smirk he probably had caught her in her act.

At least he wasn’t standing near her anymore, his presence made her feel unnervingly aware of her surroundings.

Even though he was just a sales person, she wanted to know his name, to thank him on a more personal level, but he didn’t wear a name tag and she was too shy to ask him directly.

"Thank you for your purchase, Ahgassi.” The cashier lady hands her back the card and slips the receipt into the bag with her brother’s jacket. “Until next time.”

“Nae, thank you (kamsahamnida). Goodbye (anyoungheegyeseyo).” Inclining her head politely, she makes her way towards the entrance.

Her eyes subconsciously scan the store for the handsome yet cute sales assisstant with doe eyes and cute bunny-like teeth which would nibble at his lip in concentration.

Yeah, all of this she got from 10 minutes of being around him.

She finds him in the back and although he wasn’t looking directly at her, the slow lift of his lips told her that he knew.

She was being too obvious.

Blushing slightly, she turns and pulls on the door, about to walk out she sees a middle aged woman wanting to enter from the outside.

While holding the door open for her, she nods politely when the woman thanks her with a smile.

“Jungkook-ah, are you done?” That’s not the thing that made her heart drop, the response is what made her stop in her tracks.

“Yeah, Eomma, we can go now.” The ‘employee’ who had helped her, Jungkook his name it seems, was walking towards where she stood, the woman by his side.

“Didn’t you buy anything?”

“Nope, next time.” Their conversation makes her blood run cold and then hot as her cheeks flame up. Oh, god.

He was not a sales assistant, she had mistaken him for one. This time she does hit her head, feeling like such a fool. This is so embarrassing.

“I hope your brother likes the jacket.” She jumps startled and glances at Jungkook, he’s smiling down at her amused but yet his eyes are warm.

“Ah, nae, thank you.” Feeling incredibly small suddenly, she bows and stands there for a long time even after they have left.

Then for no reason at all, her lips pull into a smile on their own accord.

So, that’s his name.


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— — —

Hellooooooo, anyone still with me?
It’s been long, huh, well I’m trying to get my shit together this year and guess what it’s not easy… haha

I started writing this even before the christmas scenario but somehow I didn’t like it at first so I put it aside but yesterday I was like ‘yo, it’s been weeks, the people need their stuff, go write!’ and that’s what I did… this is the outcome

I hope you understand that I can’t always put things out regularly, but I’ll try my best to update you guys so you know that I haven’t abandoned this ship.

I hope you enjoyed this and again thank you for staying with me and being patient ^^ 
(finding a gif for this wasn’t easy so I just chose this one of Kookie dissecting your soul, you’re very welcome, also #RUN5thwin and OT7 wohooo, all these Music Awards soon wohoo and Jungkook in general wohoo)