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Jason Derulo has unleashed his star-studded single “Swalla” featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. According to Derulo, a video for “Swalla” has already been shot and will be released soon. “You know we’re from the islands. So, we really took it there and it’s definitely a must-see. As soon as the video comes out, make sure you’re clicking,“ he added. #lunionsuite #haitianamerican #nickiminaj #swalla #jasonderulo 🇭🇹

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Grand Admiral Thrawn

precious child (ノ◕‿◕)ノ*・゚☆

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so glad you discovered the adventure zone, its amazing!!

so far I’m about halfway into the first episode and honestly, I have to agree with that statement

I mean.

There is a character named Taako.

Doesn’t get much better than that.

‪DearFutureWife‬ I know, I don’t know you. But yet I want to apologize to you. I’m Sorry …

Because I haven’t so far asked for your hand in marriage. I want to be your husband to protect your Chastity and mine. I want to be your husband to preserve you from fitnah of our time, where most of the boys and girls are engaged in Haraam Relationship just to fulfil their desires (physical or emotional). But it is the decree of Allah. And He will make us together at proper time. May be, I’m not completely ready, because to live In our society. A man needs a home and a good job to provide for his family.

I’m sorry my dear future wife. But we must be patient. Insha'Allah soon Allah will make us together.

Remember me in your Dua’s As I remember you in my Dua.

Lets pray that Allah make us together soon from his bounty.

O'Allah please grant all brothers & sisters a pious, loving & caring spouse soon Ameen.

Hello guys

Have great new I final get new gabinete to computer and also get a good one but I need download the programs to draw and install all of my things again soo if you guys have patience for now I need did it fist to back draw again ok

I missed a lot things in the old soo sorry also now I go can play well games and make new things now ( 3D) must go soon make animations too

also I started this event about ENTIETY_303 cause he is the new villain in my blog and just say @endermanalbino​ and @mrddragon007​  participate in it because to save Doom and Joon also if you guys not noticed I not get about Entiety invaded my world and turned them in stone soo let help of them to deafeat the Evil Entiety_303!!!

also guys sorry about the lack of draws for now I go do it very well just need install all of my programs back and the others things again ok I just want your colaboration and patience ok!!


Hanna & Mobs

There’s a feeling in the air of uproar and revolt.
They’ve been treated harshly in the era of disobedience.
Soon the warring generation must retire,
to make room for a new breed.
A breed which lacks self-discipline.
One which cannot be controlled with
the laws of civilized man.
Drugs will flourish in our new society.
National production will drop along
with personal effort.
But in the end the general public will
be sky ‘high.’
—  TIMES; M.S. (May 1987)



since the pain in my left hand has increased, and the intensity and length of it the first time it came made me feel sad, i’ll try using my favourite ring and cheer up squad to feel better.

poor hoshino ;v; please send her some love and support, and do not pester her or bother her about a chapter update, the last thing she needs is her fans pestering her about updating when she’s in pain. がんばって星野さん!

(my japanese is far from perfect, so please feel free to correct me if this is wrong at all)


Sorry for spamming everone’s Dashboard with my own references. Basically this is a little collection of loads of cute bottle necklaces. I hope to make several for myself possibly one ‘bottle full of sunshine’, one hunger games inspired 'Nightlock’ bottle, a bottle of 'fairy dust’, an alice in wonderland inspired 'drink me’ bottle and a love song in a bottle. sounds a lot but that’s just how many little bottles I currently own XD Any ideas for others are welcome :)

Onew’s Muscle Injury at SWC4 (Bangkok)

The setlist was changed at SWC4 concert at Bangkok. MTTM was removed due to Onew’s muscle injury. A fan was told by Thai staff about Onew(’s muscle injury). Even on the concert’s day, Thai staff weren’t told about the changed list. So, they asked SHINee’s manager and he said Onew hurt his muscles and performing Mttm was too risky.

Onew said the concert in Thailand was very fun. Thai fans made the concert really fun.

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