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Imagine going on vacation with your long-time boyfriend, Tom. You fly to the Greek island of Mykonos, meeting up with your friends Chris and Elsa. You all spend days relaxing on the beautiful beaches, and at night, you wander around the city on your own, photographing the lively nightlife and glowing cityscape. Alone with Tom, Chris gives his friend a piece of advice: when he’s found a woman as lovely as you, he must make you his wife as soon as possible.

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“We must reform this cunning and vicious character as soon as possible. Make her change into a track suit and sandals” - Meteora Österreich

I’m so sad that this never happened. So, I took matters into my own hands! I personally like to believe that Altair has mechanical prosthetics, although I could not avoid making her legs look like automail, no matter how much I tried. OTL

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The current political wave in Attack on Titan, alliances and betrayal

During the war between Marley and Mid-East Allies Forces, do you think the East Sea nation secretively helping Paradis Island for their own advantage? The mystery of Ackermans has been revealed, but the East Sea nation still remains a puzzle. Since it seems likely that the East Sea is Marley’s enemy, I suppose Paradis Island can make allies with them. Marley is too technological developed to be shattered down by only 3DMG or clever plan. In my opinion, Paradis Island truly needs an alliance

I would love for Reiner to betray Marley in some way, (peferably not by betraying them for the Walldians, that just seems way too unrealistic for me) but I honestly wouldn’t bear any dislike for him if he eventually sided with Marley, if only to ensure that Gabi and his family lives. Especially after reading Chapter 95.

do you see any possibility of a peace treaty between paradis island and marley? it sounds too hopeful for a gloomy series like attack on titan, but since the eldians’ enemy is ‘the world’, i suppose they have the common enemy to stay together and try to uplift their status in the world. smh i know it won’t happen but i’d like to hear your thoughts on this

People hoping for Eldians to realise that the real enemy is Marley and join the Walldians make me really doubt about this fandom’s intelligence… like, what kind of Snk are they reading? .-.

So far, these are all the questions I received about the current political climate in the series.

To recap the current climate: Paradis is under attack by Marley and its resources have been sought for several decades already. Recently, retrieving the Founder and seizing the island has become top priority according to two versions of the story: the one told by Kruger in chapter 89 and the one told by Zeke in chapter 95.

Marley’s goals - Ch. 89 (above) and 95 (below)

The two versions vary because of Marley’s current goals, and one has probably been altered by one person for their personal agenda. The source of course, comes from the Tybur clan, who has yet to be revealed.

Kruger’s version of the facts is that once Marley gets their hands on Paradis, they’ll exterminate every Eldian on Earth. The reason why they keep them alive is to use them as military personnel, and even among the Marlean community, people argue whether or not they’re best left alive. 

Zeke’s version, more recent, argues Paradis has to be retaken to ensure the continuity of the Eldian community living there, because the hatred for them has grown as such that the rest of the world are developing anti-titan technology, while the motherland began to lack in resources. If Marley weakens, this is the end for all Eldians.

The two common points of this story is Eldians being threatened, in one way or another. While Zeke claims the rest of the world will kill them, Kruger adds Marley to the equation, despite Marley… needing them for their military forces. I feel like Kruger is twisting the facts to make it seem the chance Marley wants them dead is high, and they must make Eldia great again as soon as possible.

Marley uses Pure Titans for their wars. That much is true. However, chapter 93 proved it was their main military asset, and they were behind the other countries in other domains other than ground battle.

Zeke suggesting a plan till Marley stabilizes itself - Ch. 93

Once Marley retrieved seven titan powers out of nine, they began to be quite power-hungry and seize resources, using the exact tactics used against them in the past, which boiled levels of hatred in the rest of the world.

They both look like they privilege mainland Eldians over the Eldians on Paradis: in the revolutionary’s scenario, the Eldians fleeing the islands are cowards who let the mainland part suffer at the hands of Marley, and reject Marley’s rule. In the warriors’, the Founding is seen as a dangerous force to be seized. Meanwhile, the mainland Eldians are fighting for redemption over the sins from the era of the Eldian Empire, and accept Marley’s rule, since they’re the only one nation accepting them.

In the meantime, Paradis is ruled out of the equation. Both parties thought using the power of the Founding Titan would serve their goal. Alas, the most important titan power fell into the hands of a young boy who received it from a revenge-filled father. While Eren set himself the goal to get rid of the world for more freedom, other people on Paradis might think differently. That could range from settling an agreement or keep defending the island till invasion stops or till Eren dies, since he’s the potential deal maker. 

Clearly they’re in a state where neither of them can make peace. If a deal has to be set, one of them should fall.

The status of Marley and Paradis brings me to my next point: the alliances.

For starters, I don’t believe any nation would help in a Marley vs. Paradis conflict. Geographically, it would be very difficult.

Marley and Paradis on the map - Ch. 93

Paradis’ closer access point is the continent of Marley. Paradis is also technologically late and their float is mostly adapted to river navigation. Coast navigation is another deal and we’re not even talking about the ocean there. The telecommunications weren’t even invented and neither was photography. 4 years isn’t enough to catch up every technological advancement missed.

While an alliance would be, as anon points out, the best insurance, other nations carry a deep hatred for Eldians and are developing technology countering them. The only valuable exchange money was the Coordinate and knowing Eren, he wouldn’t handle it over. The other alternative would let another nation use Paradis as a base to strike Marley, exploiting their resources, but this is no different from colonization.

The question about a possible betrayal remains. Namely, the popular theory of Reiner and Annie switching sides.

I’ll state my opinion right away: they can’t and they won’t because Marley is their home. The only possible solution I can see is them fleeing away because Marley became too weak to keep the Eldians safe and under their rule, but in this case it’s less of a betrayal and more them abandoning the ship. 

And even that, in the case of Reiner, is questionable. When he came back, he knew for years his path was a lie. The thing that keeps him going on is throwing his life for Marley, which in return protects him from calls to strip him of his titan power. Besides he probably did not give up entirely on the reason why he’s wearing that armor today.

One scream and this is over - Ch. 96

Reiner actually fears Eren being the current holder of the Founding Titan. As such, he believes Eren must be stopped at all costs. He’s also not the only one in the Marlean army to think so.

“I want you to believe me. I understand you. We were both victims of your father… You’ve been brainwashed by him“ - Ch. 83

Zeke is onboard to put his little brother in safe hands. He’s ready to use his last year for the invasion of Paradis only, therefore leading all the warriors for a last tentative of Paradis’ invasion, which ought to be closed once the tenth year is over. Most probably sooner.

The Librerio festival ought to be decisive. After the declaration of Tybur’s family, things are going to be settled for good.

The ultimatum - Ch. 95

If it gets sabotaged by anybody coming from Paradis, like that suspicious amputee, Marley will see that as a war declaration, and the effect remains the same.

Looks like it’s going to be Eldians from the mainland vs. Eldian from the island. A raging battle between subjects of Ymir.

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Super Junior, reacting to his S/O insecure because he’s filming a MV with a girl

Plot: You’re insecure and worried because your boyfriend has to film a MV with a beautiful girl. 

Gifs aren’t mine, credits to the owner!

For Kyu, I hope you like it. - M.


“So.. Fighting for Today! " 

Leeteuk hears from the tone of her voice that there is something wrong, then turns towards her to understand what the problem is. Seeing her expression, the wrinkled forehead for concern, he approaches her and raises her from the couch, ties his arms around her hips. 

"What’s going on?" 


"It’s just a music video." 

He knew for days that that idea worried his s/o, but he didn’t think up to that point. Being the leader of such a large group, he learned to immediately understand what is hiding behind looks and whispers. With sweetness, he touches her lips and whispers again not to worry, because no one will ever take her place. 


He’s on the set and the fact that his phone keeps ringing it annoys him a lot. He explained several times that it’s only a music video, that there is nothing true and that she shouldn’t worry. Her insistence begins to take away that little patience that has left him. With angry he throws his cell phone on the table, moving away and leaving the building to take a breath of air. He can’t understand why she should have so little confidence in him. A hand on his shoulder makes him turn and mentions just a salute to his leader, who looks at him with a kind smile. 

"Try to understand her, she loves you and she’s just afraid of losing you.”

Those simple words are able to make him understand how she must feel at that moment, so as soon as he comes back he takes his phone starting to answer to her texts, trying in every way to reassure her. 

- You’re the only woman I ever want - 


Being the maknae of the group has always allowed him to have won on anything and also in his relationships he manages, in some way, to put his s/o on the “wrong” side.
Yet when he reads, by pure chance, the exchange of text between her and her friend feels a pang of pain in the stomach. Guilt, sheer guilt. He had liquidated his s/o’s worries as if it were pure jealousy, teasing her as he used to do. Without realizing that it was something more, she was really scared to lose him
Quickly he comes out of SM building and starts walking towards the shop where she works, fortunately, close to the building. As soon as he enters and her smile welcomes him, the guilt increases considerably. Without even greeting her approaching and ignoring a customer, who had recognized him, makes the turn of the counter and draws her in his arms by going to hide his face between her hair. 

“I’m a jerk, but I swear that I love you and no one will ever replace you;" 


"I love you, I love you." 

"I love you too, Kyuhyun." 


"So you have to kiss her..?" 

"Yes, but you know it’s all fake!" 

Yesung doesn’t notice the subtle line that the lips of his girlfriend have just assumed, absorbed in her thoughts and above all her worries. She doesn’t want him to shoot that video, she doesn’t want anyone approaching the man she loves, but she doesn’t want to be the classic jealous girl. She’s so lost in her thoughts that when Yesung waving his hand over her face she doesn’t notice it and he realizes that something is wrong.
He gently caresses her forehead, moving some bangs, watching her with love and trying to figure out what she’s worried about. He approaches and begins to leave little kisses on her cheek, then descending on her jawline and at that moment she awakens, looking him with a shocked look. 

"Do you care about the music video?" 


"You can talk to me, why are you always afraid to do it?” He whispers, moving a lock of her hair behind her ear. 

“Because I don’t’ want to be a problem.." 

"You have never been a problem and you will never be." 


His girlfriend’s frowns gaze pierces his back for two hours now, making him oddly silent. Hyunkjae is trying to lighten the atmosphere, but he also feels the tension between them two. And he knows the reason, giggling because the person concerned still doesn’t understand it. Donghae didn’t think about the fact that filming a music video with an incredibly beautiful girl could be a problem for his s/o. But it’s, and now she is sitting in a corner of the set that tries not to look at him badly. Her insecurities are eating her alive and even though she’s always been open to talk about it, he doesn’t seem to have figured it out yet. 

"Do you understand that she doesn’t like this idea or are you too much in your world to get the point, my friend?" 


"Idiot.. You, music video, girl. ”
And finally, the comprehension strikes Donghae, which made a small bow to the director asks two minutes of pause, which are immediately granted. Running he sits next to her and hugs her, making her hide her face against his own chest. 

“You can also kiss me, so she’ll understand that I’m not available” he murmurs with innocence, wanting only to reassure her. And it works, because soon after he receives an “idiot” as a response, making him smile like a happy child. 


He knows. He knows very well what worries her, but at that moment is too stressed to really think about it. After the fight of that morning, he didn’t text and didn’t call her, not because he didn’t want but because he was too busy with the new music video and the upcoming comeback. 

“Your girlfriend really looks down, what’s going on??”
Siwon turns to the Maknae, which keeps the phone in his hands as he continues to slide his fingers on the screen. Frowning his forehead he approaches him, but Kyuhyun hides the phone against his chest shaking his head. 

“No, find out for yourself!” He makes a tongue and leaves him even more perplexed, so by taking his phone from his pocket, his eyes open wide in seeing the absence of texts or calls. It’s not from her, not even when she’s more upset.
He immediately dials the number, who knows by heart, and when her voice reverberates in the phone a sense of tranquility invades him. 

“I’m taking you out to dinner tonight." 


"Because I know it’s not your fault if you’ve fears.. I’m often scared when you have to work with your colleagues for endless hours. ”
Both sigh and at the same time whisper “I love you”, finding themselves to smile more relaxed and happy than that very morning.

Emperor Junhui AU

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Anon said: Hi!! <3 can I request for a scenario where Junhui is an emperor, and his parents are forcing him to choose an empress candidate or whatever that is? Thank you <3

How did you know I have the biggest soft side for wen junhui smh 

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Stutter- Matthew Tkachuk

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Warning: none

@two-minute-minor Request: So I have a bit of a stutter and I will always take my time with my sentences when I’m speaking around people I don’t know yet. Maybe the reader is similar? So like she’s been dating Matthew for a while and one day she doesn’t even try to stop herself so she stutters when she speaks and Matthew is all like ?! bc woah he’s never heard her speak like that


              You had a stutter.

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(Peter is over 18 here. He’ll be that way in any and all Spideypool fics I write. 💕)

“Oh… baby boy.” The normally boisterous voice is soft, almost worried, and even that is too much of an assault on his already sensitive senses.

So when the light clicks on, it feels like fans glare from the soft lamp is as bright as the sun the way his eyes water and burn. He must make a noise or cry out because it’s off as soon as it clicked on, and he could only grunt out a sigh on thanks.

“What can I do Petey, tell me where you hurt.” His voice sounds closer somehow, and as he squints his eyes open, letting them get used to the moonlight once more he can see that Wade ripped his mask off, is staring him down, eyes roaming in every direction as he tried to find the source of his pain.

“Nothing.” It took him to tries to get the words out, and Wade suddenly looks alarmed at the way the vowels wheeze out and he slowly, painfully raises an arm and waves his concern away.

“Pierced lung. Five broken ribs. No- it’s okay. I’ve wrapped them, and by the time someone could have gone in and tried to fix it, it would be halfway healed.” He lets out a shallow breath after that, gasping a bit as he tried to catch his breath, air coming out like he’s breathing through a fan, tinny and weird.

He can tell it doesn’t assure Wade, the way the mercenaries hands clenched open and closed, leather of his gloves squeaking from the force of it. He looks like he wants to touch Peter, and his hand hovers briefly above his head, his chest and with a sound eerily similar to a whine he drops his hand, knowing he can’t.

They’ve had this discussion before, how sensitive Peter is when he’s hurt, how the pain heightens every sense he has and it all becomes too much. Wade had cackled the first time he told him, compared it to jerking off one too many times in the same hour, and Peter knew it was probably because Wade knew all too well what it was like to hurt to be touched, to have everything feel like an abrasion to the skin, but he wasn’t laughing now.

And it was no surprise to Peter when Wade, realizing there wasn’t much he could do for him, his voice lowered and if he had his eyes opened again, he just knew he would be palming his guns, checking the chamber.


“No one.”


“He’s in jail. I was stupid. Ran out of web fluid after stringing the guy up. Didn’t have enough to catch my fall.” He whispered quietly, suddenly embarrassed. He knew he was low, but the guy was just a petty criminal, hadn’t expected the speed or dexterity the guy used getting to the roof. Hadn’t expected his shooter to run out after webbing the guy mid swing to another building.

Thankfully the police hadn’t arrived by then, so only he was privy to why there was missing glass from a fourteen story window, and a human shaped dent in the car below. He’d have felt worse if the car had been someone’s, but the thing had been there for years parked on cinder blocks. Maybe it was sentimental value. He didn’t know. He’d feel a little more guilty when his ribs weren’t impaling him from the inside.

“Damn, I can’t even kill anyone?” The whine was unmistakable in his voice this time as Wade plopped down beside him, careful to keep a few inches between them. He laughed, and then winced as pain lanced through his chest.

Wade snapped his lips closed, hands covering his mouth comically seeing the way Peter briefly curled up in pain, and that only got him laughing again, and he resisted the urge to throw something.

“Normally I’d be patting myself on the back for making you laugh, but it’s also making you hurt, even when it normally makes you feel better!” Wade was wailing now as he sat up, “If I can’t be funny, what else do I have to offer you?! Okay, well I am good in bed, but one of the boxes are warning me you might throw me through the wall if I try to touch your dick right now. Oh! Maybe his butt?”

Wade goes quiet, and Peter just knows he’s having an argument with the boxes right now about the pros and cons of touching his ass, and he must come to a decision because he finally sighs and plops down once more. Even though it’s clearly killing him he can’t do anything to help him.

“Hold… hold my hand.” His gloves are still on, so it shouldn’t be too terrible, and it’s far better than the inevitable moans of despair Wade will start up again. Wade squeals and then immediately shuts up when he sees his wince, before carefully taking his hand.

His fingers are warm, even through both of their gloves, and seeing Wade so happy, is enough for him to focus on something other than the pain in his chest and back, even if only for a moment.

“I’m holding Spider-Man’s hand.” Wade says breathlessly, as if it’s the first time, or he hasn’t been ever more intimidate than that, like holding his dick, but that so isn’t a conversation Peter wants to get into right now.

“Only the gloves are thick so I can’t feel how soft-”

“Wade.” He cuts him off quietly, wincing again, “Shh.”

“Right! Right. Okay. Shutting up now.”

He closes his eyes, tries to focus on Wade’s hand, the giggles he lets out every few moments, clearly having some silent conversation Peter isn’t privy to. And when he starts talking again, about touching his butt as soon as he feels better, he doesn’t have the heart to shush him again.


I don’t know about you but every time I see a cute guy/girl on the bus I must make a sim of him/her as soon as I get home. And after discussing his cuteness with the captain ( @sim-bubble ) I decided that she could have this cutie for herself since she asked me to make her a male sim a long ass time ago.

Ares War, a sim for @sim-bubble

another slow day in august

on those idle summer days

when there is no work and no play

when the heat comes in waves

and the air is as thick as the juice that dripped off the peaches you baked

so thick it slows down time

on those muggy summer days in august

you spend the day alone, with no friends to call your own

they’ve all started school already, but yours doesn’t start until september

which you thought was going to be a wonderful thing

until you find you’re all alone

reading, writing, watching videos by yourself in your home

and the day is slow, you wished it would just be over

wasting your time away

and as dusk approaches you stroll towards

the park near your house, it’s a misty evening

and the fog drifts lethargically around the legs of the swings

bathing the abandoned playground in ethereal light

you walk in solitude back home

time warps and slurs as the sun disappears behind the hills bordering your house

and you spend the night writing in an aureate style

watching tv, lazy, you tell yourself, but what else is there to do?

but suddenly time moves from a crawl to a spring

oh, your mind is alive with hopes

and ideas dance through your mind

you are suddenly alive, awake, the whole day you had been sleeping

your brain moves faster than your pencil as a thousand distant dreams become possible

racing a thousand miles a minute

but it is ended all too soon as you must make your way to bed to begin

another slow day in august

Pemberley (deleted scene)

Darcy - Miss Bennet

Elizabeth - Mr. Darcy

Darcy - Miss Bennet, this is my sister Georgiana Darcy.

Georgiana - Miss Bennet, I knew it had to be you. My brother has told me so much about you. I feel as though we are great friends already.

Elizabeth - I thought you were in London.

Darcy - No i’m not. I had to return to evacuate my sister from Pemberley. Are your parents in good health?

Elizabeth - Yes very well thank you sir.

Darcy - I’m glad to hear it and all of your sisters?

Elizabeth - Yes they are all in excellent health sir.

Darcy - Would you do me the honour of introducing me to your friends?

Elizabeth - Surely, Mr. and Mrs. Philips. Mr. Darcy. Mrs. Philips is my aunt.

Darcy - Well I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Please I wish time permit for me to give you a full tour of Pemberley but alas I must deliver my sister, Georgiana, to my Aunt Catherine and return to the front immediately.

Mr. Philips - How goes it Darcy?

Darcy - Not well, but we have manage to keep the infected contained within the city walls.

Mrs. Philips - London is loss then?

Darcy - Yes. Come Georgiana, we must make hast.

Georgiana - I hope we should meet again very soon Miss Bennet. Good day.

Darcy - Good day. Come

Starting Your AS Levels

Hello! Here are some tips I have about going from GCSEs to AS level:

  • Keep your GCSE notes- please keep any relevant gcse notes because they can be useful for going over things that you’re doing in more depth at AS. You don’t have to keep them all (for example, if you’re doing art, history, english lit, and philosophy you won’t need your physics or french notes), just make sure you don’t throw away notes that you’ll regret not having later as you may want to look over them to recap basic ideas! Or maybe a friend or sibling in another year may find them useful- you never know so please don’t rush to burn them!
  • Go over things after every lesson- at the beginning of year 12 all my teachers said this to me and I just ignored them because like seriously no thanks, but when it came to spring I deeply regretted not going over things as suddenly I had to recap everything in just a few weeks! So I’d suggest that maybe one night every week, go over everything you’ve learned, rewrite notes if needed, and do extra practice questions on things you’re not sure of- it’ll definitely be worth it in the long run, trust me! Also it’s good to make revision notes throughout the year; for example, if you have a test on one topic of a subject, make some good quality notes and keep them as during exam season you’ll be so happy that you already have some good notes. The night before one of my AS chemistry exams I was trying to cram my way through the whole syllabus (revise early!! I’ll talk about this next) and cried tears of joy when I found a set of notes I’d made previously as it’s much easier to revise from concise notes than it is a textbook or your school notes.
  • REVISE EARLY!!!!!!- I’m currently in the middle of my AS exams and omg please please please start revising early! I kept saying ‘it’ll be fine, I’ll start next week’ from like January until mid-April and by then it was too late and I ended up not being able to revise everything I needed to and to a poorer enough level overall. Therefore please start revising definitely before March- this sounds a bit extreme as that leaves around 2.5 months before exams but ‘revise’ doesn’t just mean ‘write intense notes’: make mind maps, timelines for subjects like history, flashcards, do past papers, make notes based off mark schemes so you know what key words examiners like, etc. Make resources so that when it is April/May time you won’t be panicking (as much) as you already have concise notes to then make even more concise and specific notes off, and hopefully you’ll be much clearer on things from the start of the year that otherwise you’d have forgotten completely!
  • Do your homework- teachers set it for your benefit so by not doing it you’re just setting yourself back! Try to do it as soon as possible after you get it and please do actually try when doing it- don’t just google the answers straight away (I am very guilty of this and it only made things worse in exams as I hadn’t built up technique).
  • USE YOUR FREES- free periods are an absolute blessing and it’s easy to just see them as extra break times. However they are given to you for a reason and it’s soooooo important that you actually use them for what they’re for- working! It’s okay to be ‘free’ in your frees sometimes but more than not you should be working in them; catching up on homework, doing past exam questions, improving your notes, etc. Most sixth forms/colleges have quiet working areas/study centres so do try to take advantage of these areas in your frees- it means you have less work to do at home!
  • Plan- buy a planner/diary (if your school doesn’t provide you with one) and use it! Make sure you write down all your homework and when its due as it is extremely easy to lose track of things, especially if you have multiple teachers for one subject! I’d also recommend having a whiteboard or something in your bedroom where you can write a clear and visible to-do list.
  • Be organised- most sixth forms like you to use files and to write your notes on A4 lined paper, unlike in ‘books’ like you did in lower school. It’s extremely easy to end up with a messy file so please make sure that you organise it well (use dividers and maybe buy a mini hole punch and stapler to go in your bag- teachers are too good at not hole punching sheets…) as this will make revision a lot easier! It also makes a good impression on your teachers.
  • Crappy teachers- there isn’t much worse than having a crappy teacher at A level. It’s seriously frustrating- especially if there’s another class for the subject you’re doing who have the good teacher! If you’re unfortunate enough to get a bad teacher, please don’t let it define your grades! Download your exam’s spec from their website, buy a textbook/revision guide, etc, Basically do as much as you can to make sure you’re learning everything that you should be and that you don’t fall behind. Maybe talk to another teacher if you really need help or straight up tell your teacher that you aren’t learning from them- most are happy to help and don’t realise that they’re so bad! Tell them how you learn best and maybe they can adapt to help you.
  • Buy revision guides/wider reading- please try to get a hold of revision guides as they will save your life during exam season. If money is tight, speak to a teacher as most schools have bursary funds that can help you out if needed. It can also be good to do some wider reading, especially around subjects you may want to continue in the future- ask teachers or google for recommendations.
  • Use online resources- if your school has access to revision websites, etc. please try to use them! Really take advantage of as many resources as you can since A-level resources are more scarce than GCSE ones.
  • Make decent notes- this one is very important! Please make sure that your notes throughout the year are good quality- if you feel like they aren’t then make sure you add to them using a textbook/revision guide as otherwise you might end up revising from sub-par notes and therefore won’t get the top grades.
  • Catch up- if you miss a lesson (even if a friend tells you that you didn’t miss anything important) always go and see your teacher as soon as possible! You must make sure you don’t miss a single thing and also it’ll make your teacher like you more since you’re actively trying to catch up!
  • Give yourself a break- please make sure you have a life outside of school work! But also make sure you don’t get too wild; usually the people who flake out are the ones who party too hard or work too hard. So make sure you find a good balance. Sixth form/college is an awesome chance to make/maintain some amazing friendships so make the most of it! Also please don’t feel pressured to get a girl/boyfriend and if you do, do not let your relationship get in the way of your grades.
  • Good habits- also try to make sure you stay healthy and make good diet/exercise habits. It’s vital that you have an outlet (running, tennis, walking you dog, whatever you like) outside of school. Also, exercise is good for your brain! A levels can be extremely stressful so you need to try to take care of yourself or else you might not make it- I know many people who dropped out because they couldn’t deal with the stress so you need to try to deal with this as best you can. If you do start to struggle, talk to a teacher as this is very common and there’s lots they can do to help you! 
  • It’s okay to fail- there is no way (unless you’re superhuman) that you can continue getting the same grades at GCSE and at AS; for example I got A’s and A*s in chemistry all through GCSE (an A at the end) and in AS I always got B’s (and a few D’s…). AS is such a huge step up in most subjects (some you may find are quite similar- I found this for geography but most are way more complex) so it’s totally fine to not get the top grades; at AS you can’t even get A*s (they don’t exist) and E’s are still a pass so it’s really not expected of you to get the same grades as gcse, especially at the beginning. It can be disappointing but please try not to get down about this! At the start of the year I was getting mostly D’s-B’s and towards the end it was more B’s and a few A’s so there’s plenty of time to improve. Also, if you feel that at the beginning of the year you want to swap subjects, do talk to your teachers as this may be possible within the first few weeks. Remember that you could retake year 12 if thins went terribly wrong so it’s not the end of the world if you fail everything! Also the new AS levels don’t count towards your final A level grade so you do get a second chance.
  • Overall: so overall the jump can be pretty daunting but to be honest it’s really not that bad as long as you stay organised and ask for help if you need it. In sixth form, learning is more your own responsibility so you need to make sure that you are doing enough work outside of school and that you understand all topics being covered. Year 12 and 13 are seriously some of the best years of school (the best yet to be honest) so do also try to make the most of them!

I hope this is helpful and please do feel free to send me any questions you might have! :)