must love speedsters

Do you ever think about how Linda Park and Bart Allen were apparently notorious in the Flash Family for enthusiastically and distractedly playing video games together for extended periods of time…

…and then at Linda and Wally’s wedding Linda was able to basically effortlessly get easily-distracted baby-Bart focused and on task with…

…which was almost certainly a reference to some video game they must play together?


I seem to be the only one of your top lieutenant still standing.
Like I said, you’re good.


Fun with re-designing a time travelling Bart and Jenni, 31st century speedster grandchildren of Barry Allen and Iris West, for CW’s The Flash universe. I’ve tentatively assigned them as both working for the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Barry turned a tight corner, and found himself in an old playground near where he had attended school back when his mother was still alive. He took a deep breath, trying to replenish his lungs from the merry chase he had just been lead on while the two smaller speedsters looked on.

They were both dressed in uniforms similar in basic style to his own, but the colors were white with blocks of red for the boy and blue for the girl. The girl’s skin was a slightly darker shade than the boys, and there was something familiar in the shape of their features. They both sported the lightning bolt insignia Cisco had designed for him barely a year ago.

“Hey,” He smiled nervously at the eerily golden eyes that tracked is movements, seeming to ready themselves to run off again. “I just want to talk, you know?” (cont…)

Finally got around to reading the new JLB issue. I require approximately 20 more issues focused on Danica Williams. She is adorable and fabulous and a perfect addition to the Flash Family. Also bless the artist and author for including Jesse, Max, Bart, Wally, Piper, and Jay in that panorama of significant folk to the Flash legacy.