must love food

badly-drawn-tonio  asked:

[Pomo] uuhhhh... I-I heard your species eats human, b-but I can assure you that I'm not tasty at all, n-no meat at all! B-But I thought maybe you would like to try some sweets? I-It's human food, but it's made from natural ingredients, so it shouldn't be harmful unless you can't eat certain things l-like wheat or eggs.

“Huh, what’s this thing called again…? ‘Maritozzo’, or sommat?”

(( meanwhile, somewhere out in space-time, a metaphorical time line twists itself into knots, trying to figure out how any of this happened. ))


Lunch at Raglan Road located in Disney Springs.


“To be perfectly honest, we just like being dickheads.” said Geraldine Crawford, nominated spokesgull for the bird community, today. “And there’s fuck all you can do about it. We’ll continue to hunt your delicious chips inside those wonderfully peckable polystyrene containers and shit on you all from a great height. Even the scientists. And we’ll laugh as we do so, because we’ve evolved to be what’s called apex dickheads.”

“CAW CAW CAW CAAAAWWWW.” she added, shitting on something.