must i have regrets

The Discarded

  • generally regarded as a cult
  • semi-apocalyptic worldview
  • worship may involve self-harm
  • usually led by Pigeons

Legends say that thousands upon thousands of generations ago, this god was known as The Desired and kept in luxury by humans, safe from the voracious fastwings and sheltered from storms. As cities grew so did human capacity for disdain; eventually they stopped seeing the god as special, treating it as just another piece of rubbish in their vast civilizations. While it remains furious at the callous abandonment, this feral god can yet see glimpses of goodness in humans and so keeps still the retribution held waiting in wing and beak.

Followers are mainly split between those who wish to get back in the good graces of humanity and those who try to hasten the apocalypse; both sides have subsectarians who endanger themselves or otherwise engage in self-harmful practices to ‘test’ the limits of human compassion. Convocations are held every three years, and as long as any follower can report a kind act by a human then all adherents regardless of sect are forbidden from enacting the apocalypse.

This is probably the major religion I have most contact with in my personal life; above is a photograph I took while attempting to coax a member of the flock towards me so I could try and remove the strings that were binding their feet. Unfortunately another human sprinted between me and the bird, spooking it away and no doubt bringing the end of the world one step closer :/

When we will meet each other in the sky,
Will all these tears not matter anymore;
How will I ever look you in the eye?

What will all this bitter hurt signify
But a wrought hollow life I shall deplore
When we will meet each other in the sky.

When to my regret, I must testify
To have butchered my heart in inner war,
How will I ever look you in the eye?

Will love’s light be able to purify
This corrupted spirit, ruined to its core,
When we will meet each other in the sky?

Then when I do no longer qualify
For the gift of wings; the blessing to soar,
How will I ever look you in the eye?

Here, we may have said our final goodbye,
But one question will haunt me evermore:
When we will meet each other in the sky,
How will I ever look you in the eye?

Will you be there? - M.A. Tempels © 2017


Jamie followed me up to my chamber, and somewhat to my surprise, came in after me. The surprise vanished when he shut the door and immediately shed his shirt. I had forgotten the dressing, which I had been meaning to remove for the last two days. 

“I’ll be glad to get this off,” he said, rubbing at the rayon and linen harness arrangement under his arm. “It’s been chafing me for days.” 

“I’m surprised you didn’t take it off yourself, then,” I said, reaching up to untie the knots. 

“I was afraid to, after the scolding ye gave me when you put the first one on,” he said, grinning impudently down at me. “Thought I’d get my bum smacked if I touched it.” 

“You’ll get it smacked now, if you don’t sit down and keep still,” I answered, mock-stern. I put both hands on his good shoulder and, a little unsteadily, pulled him down onto the bedroom stool.

I slipped the harness off and carefully probed the shoulder joint. It was still slightly swollen, with some bruising, but thankfully I could find no evidence of torn muscles. 

“If you were so anxious to get rid of it, why didn’t you let me take it off for you yesterday afternoon?” His behavior at the paddock had puzzled me then, and did so still more, now that I could see the patches of reddened skin where the rough edges of the linen bandages had rubbed him nearly raw. I lifted the dressing cautiously, but all was well beneath. 

He glanced sidelong at me, then looked down a bit sheepishly. “Well, it’s— ah, it’s only that I didna want to take my shirt off before Alec.” 

“Modest, are you?” I asked dryly, making him raise his arm to test the extension of the joint. He winced slightly at the movement, but smiled at the remark. 

“If I were, I should hardly be sittin’ half-naked in your chamber, should I? No, it’s the marks on my back.” Seeing my raised eyebrows, he went on to explain. “Alec knows who I am— I mean, he’s heard I was flogged, but he’s not seen it. And to know something like that is no the same as seein’ it wi’ your own eyes.” He felt the sore shoulder tentatively, eyes turned away. He frowned at the floor. “It’s— maybe you’ll not know what I mean. But when you know a man’s suffered some harm, it’s only one of the things you know about him, and it doesna make much difference to how ye see him. Alec knows I’ve been flogged, like he knows I’ve red hair, and it doesna matter to how he treats me.” He looked up then, searching for some sign of understanding from me

“But when you see it yourself, it’s like”— he hesitated, looking for words—“ it’s a bit … personal, maybe, is what I mean. I think … if he were to see the scars, he couldna see me anymore without thinking of my back. And I’d be able to see him thinking of it, and that would make me remember it, and—” He broke off, shrugging. 

“Well. That’s a poor job of explaining, no? I daresay I’m too tender-minded about it, in any case. After all, I canna see it for myself; perhaps it’s not as bad as I think.” I had seen wounded men making their way on crutches down the street, and the people passing them with averted eyes, and I thought it was not at all a bad job of explanation. 

“You don’t mind my seeing your back?” 

“No, I don’t.” He sounded mildly surprised, and paused a moment to think about it. “I suppose … it’s that ye seem to have a knack for letting me know you’re sorry for it, without makin’ me feel pitiful about it.

He sat patiently, not moving as I circled behind him and inspected his back. I didn’t know how bad he thought it was, but it was bad enough. Even by candlelight and having seen it once before, I was appalled. Before, I had seen only the one shoulder. The scars covered his entire back from shoulders to waist. While many had faded to little more than thin white lines, the worst formed thick silver wedges, cutting across the smooth muscles. I thought with some regret that it must have been quite a beautiful back at one time. His skin was fair and fresh, and the lines of bone and muscle were still solid and graceful, the shoulders flat and square-set and the backbone a smooth, straight groove cut deep between the rounded columns of muscle that rose on either side of it.

Jamie was right too. Looking at this wanton damage, I could not avoid a mental picture of the process that had caused it. I tried not to imagine the muscular arms raised, spread-eagled and tied, ropes cutting into wrists, the coppery head pressed hard against the post in agony, but the marks brought such images all too readily to mind. Had he screamed when it was done? I pushed the thought hastily away. I had heard the stories that trickled out of postwar Germany, of course, of atrocities much worse than this, but he was right; hearing is not at all the same as seeing. 

Involuntarily, I reached out, as though I might heal him with a touch and erase the marks with my fingers. He sighed deeply, but didn’t move as I traced the deep scars, one by one, as though to show him the extent of the damage he couldn’t see. I rested my hands at last lightly on his shoulders in silence, groping for words.

He placed his own hand over mine, and squeezed lightly in acknowledgment of the things I couldn’t find to say. 

“There’s worse has happened to others, lass,” he said quietly. Then he let go and the spell was broken

“It feels as though it’s healing well,” he said, trying to look sideways at the wound in his shoulder. “It doesna pain me much.” 

“That’s good,” I said, clearing my throat of some obstruction that seemed to have lodged there. “It is healing well; it’s scabbed over nicely, and there’s no drainage at all. Just keep it clean, and don’t use the arm more than you must for another two or three days.” I patted the undamaged shoulder, signifying dismissal. He put his shirt back on without assistance, tucking the long tails down into the kilt.

There was an awkward moment as he paused by the door, seeking something to say in farewell. Finally, he invited me to come to the stable next day and see a newborn foal. I promised that I would, and we said good night, both speaking together. We laughed and nodded absurdly to each other as I shut the door. I went at once to bed and fell asleep in a winey haze, to dream unsettling dreams that I would not recall come morning.

1.03 The Way Out

Zig x MC - A Playlist

Background Info: In the spirit of slowly returning to sharing things with the world, I thought I’d post the playlist that I’ve spent approximately one month procrastinating on diligently working on. I’m not completely satisfied with the blurbs, so I will definitely come back (after exams *cries*) to edit.

Started as a 30 song playlist, and cut down to 8 tracks. All the highs and lows of our entire The Freshman Book 3 relationship with Zig, with lots of angst and introspection. Some songs pertain to Zig x MC; others to each individual character.

Photos taken from Pexels, and edited by me in Photoshop. Hope you enjoy listening! 💕 Click on each song title for the link. I highly recommend listening to each song while looking at the visuals, lyrics, and analysis. 😉

1) “Heart Out” The 1975  
An upbeat, atmospheric alt rock anthem to teenage love, personal issues, and monotony.

And once we started having friends round
You created a television of your mouth
You got something to say
Why don’t you speak it aloud, instead of living in your head?
It’s always the same
Why don’t you take your heart out, instead of living in your head?
It’s just you and I tonight
Why don’t you figure your heart out?

We are reeling from suitemate drama and uncertainty when we stumble upon the enigmatic barista at the Hartfeld coffee shop. He shoots us knowing smirks, flirtatious remarks, and oh, it is working.

The curve of his half smile, the curl of his deep hair, the heat of his toffee-warm skin washes over us. Risk is nothing when there’s endless possibilities in his gaze.

The start of the quarter is the perfect time to step away from the televisions (or books) inside our minds and take risks, to ground ourselves in new realities. Zig is something new, and very real.

2) “Smoke Filled Room” Mako
A tropical, uplifting EDM track about the unstoppable girl who walks into chaos with her chin held high.

Isn’t it a little late?
Shouldn’t you fly away?
Take a step around the room
And every head keeps turning too
Little dove, you fight ‘em back
Show ‘em you’re so much more than that
Walk into a smoke filled room.
Oh no one could keep their eyes off you.
Have a little drink or two
Oh how could you be that girl I knew?

Soaring vocals brim with adrenaline, courage, and tenderness. That night, we head out into a strange world of dusky romances and dangerous people. Yet somehow, we always prove our past selves wrong.

Fragile. We walk into the Gutter Kitten’s crowded show only to be met with icy stares (and ice queens). We stand our ground, telling off the rude band members and turning up the charm to an 11 with our coffeeshop cutie. We fight ‘em all back.

Magnetic. In our “little black dress” at Madison’s birthday party, Zig is transfixed. He craves complexity, the satisfaction of stripping apart a problem layer by layer. Our fire, our loyalty, our three dimensionality captivates this lover of permutations, logic. In the smoky magic of our late night bar escapade, he takes us apart. Slowly. Tenderly.

3) “Livewire” Oh Wonder
A poignant, sparse piano and beat-driven ballad, contemplating two individuals who have become intertwined.

Counting my losses as I let them go.
Heavy the water as I sink below.
I’ve been pretending all my shots are blown.
Cover my heart up, never let it show.
I’m shaking it off to find a higher low.
So hold me when I fall away from the lines.
When I’m losing it all, when I’m wasting the light.
And hold me when I put my heart in your hands.
Oh, won’t you be my livewire?
Make me feel like I’m set on fire.

Covering up hearts, igniting fires, and letting walls down: how fitting that the themes here tie in with those of the other songs. As the relentless yearning to explore one another in dimly lit rooms and memorize each other’s complexities simmers down, our relationship spins into something deeper.

Grazing touches and gentle murmurs become even more fleeting, soft. When we hold each other tightly, slight frame on top of strong, sturdy, in the backseat of his old car, we realize that somehow within the span of weeks, we’ve become inseparable. 

His confessions topple our own walls. As the night goes on, we mold ourselves into each other. Our dependence on one another is intoxicating.

4) “Breaking the Habit” Linkin Park
A hypnotic, downtempo rock song that depicts the gritty reality of addiction, dangerous habits, and resentment.

Memories consume
Like opening the wound
I’m picking me apart again
Clutching my cure
I tightly lock the door
I try to catch my breath again
I’ll paint it on the walls
Cause I’m the one at fault
I don’t know what’s worth fighting for
So, I’m breaking the habit tonight

Things begin to spin out of control. One moment, he’s brittle, too quick to snap, to accuse others of false play, to push them away. In a split second, he’s soft again, murmuring gentle reassurances and apologies.

We cannot understand his volatility. Fresh from the burn of an unfair, one-sided fight, we crack under the pressure. Everything gushes out.

The last thing we see is his back, taut with hard-earned, unwanted strength, tense with years of the strain of helplessness as his loved ones are damaged permanently. He has been cornered for so much of his life that running is a luxury.

For him, the anger gnaws and carves away at his insides. All his adrenaline, his sadness, his quick temper feeds the addictive kick. He knows no existence without it. For us, everything dries up. What hurts more, his leaving, or the ease, the relief, with which he leaves? We sink into the deep, because we don’t know if he’ll be coming back. If he even wants to.

What we don’t know if that he’s the one tearing himself apart again.

5) “Nothing” The Script
A stricken, pop rock ballad lamenting a damaged relationship and one man’s anguish.

Oh, sometimes love’s intoxicating.
Oh, you’re coming down, your hands are shaking.
When you realize there’s no one waiting.
Cause I’m shouting your name all over town.
I’m swearing if I go there now.
I could change her mind turn it all around.
So I, dialed her number and confessed to her
I’m still in love, but all I heard
Was nothing.
I wanted words, but all I heard was nothing.

We did not get the chance to see Zig’s perspective after MC leaves for California. For me, this song fills in the blank spaces. I wonder what emotions must have been running through his mind. Resentment? Regret? I imagine him playing the fight over and over again, and beating himself up for lashing out.

We know that whatever he felt, it was strong enough to compel him to dial MC’s number–and, to be completely crushed when she ignored his call. It was the final straw: the confirmation that MC did not care about him. Her silence hurt infinitely more than a punch in the face. And so, the walls go up. He hunkers himself down behind defensiveness once again.

But to finally find someone who loved him for who he was, and to lose her in an instant, stings. He knows that things could have gone differently.

6) “Poison” luhx.
A stirring, indie and electronica track about apprehension, toxic relationships and choices, and the road to self-forgiveness.

I’ve been on either side of letting someone down and
I don’t know which one is worse
Your toxin takes its time to settle in
When you said how much my skin reminded of home
Time seemed to numb my sins
I laid down all my walls so you could lay here next to me
I know now…
Too much of anything is poison
And it’s laced upon your lips
But the cure is in the venom, so I keep on coming back
My soul is stained with your poison

Admittedly, this toxic relationship is a bit too dark for our reunion. Yet, there is something promising about the song’s raw honesty.  It speaks of newfound wisdom, awareness, all qualities that make for a future of healing. “Poison” then captures Zig’s relationship with his past, his demons, and his journey to self acceptance.

Anger was Zig’s poison. It gave him what justification he needed to hate the world that dealt him this hand, to fight back against bullies, to have tasted and now expect rejection, and to avoid disappointment by putting up barriers around all of his relationships. In time, his numbness to his own aspirations became part of him.

Too much anger, however, and everything crashed. Inside, all he wanted was to be free. To believe in himself and his dreams once again. When he first met us in the coffee shop, he caught a glimpse of that brimming courage he once had, many years ago.

He fears that he is broken beyond repair. Perhaps this anger is now laced within his veins, toxic vines twisting around his heart, skin stained with bitter rejection.

There is beauty in his fear and newfound awareness. We are hopeful.

7) “Love Somebody” Ta-Ku ft. Wafia
An evocative, soulful indie-edm ballad and duet whose lyrics speak of a relationship on the mend.

Darling understand, my faith wavers when I can’t see the end
And I know you truly believe that our love will keep us from the edge
I know we’ll never get it right
We only ever seem to fight
Anyone else would walk away
When you love somebody then you stay

The end-of-the-quarter dance dazzles with the promise of new beginnings. To our joy, Zig is about to embark on his college journey! And, amid blushing and stammering confessions, he’ll do so with us–his favorite girl–by his side.

Under the blossoms of the fairy light-strung cherry trees, we twirl about on the dance floor, hearts light and gazes warm. He can’t stop staring at us, but this time, he knows that we’re his. And he, ours.

The future can come with all that it brings. As his hands make their home on our waist, we are content to press our face into his broad shoulder and just breathe. His hope is sweet as the air.

8) “Arrest Me” Shy Girls ft. Tei Shi
A sultry, electronica ode to wandering hands, the playful battle for dominance, and waves of pleasure.

You got me tripping on my walk like I’m a novice.
Something about you on the top, if I’m honest
Running in circles around me, cuz you know I love it
I’m gonna let you tie me up tonight
And you can read my rights, if that’s alright
I’ll loosen up your ropes and let you bite
I wanna feel your touch
(Arrest Me)

Like our bedroom escapade, this lush, achingly sexy track needs no explanation. Teasing, probing, begging. Surrendering and asserting have never tasted so perfectly together.

Zig makes us crave something deeper, almost animalistic, and we can’t control the hitch of our breath when he crumbles under our touch. How is it that we render him speechless in the coffeehouse, in the car, under the night sky, on our bed, one body pressing into the other, moans echoing against the walls?

There is heat everywhere. His gaze smolders, sends one quake after another shuddering through our pinned frame. 

After, we lay together, nestled together among the bedsheets, his arm still draped over us. His hands feel rough, but his caresses gentle. As much as we love the storm, we relish the calm. The steady rising of his chest, his soft snore, almost childlike, as we drift away.

Whenever I make playlists for characters or stories, I always try to base the songs off of the feeling, rather than the actual lyrics. “Smoke Filled Room” and “Poison” felt the most ‘Zig’ to me; “Heart Out” and “Arrest Me,” the least. Regardless, I hope you liked my rambling musics and sound bites! Now back to my exam preparation… 😭

Celebration Orlando

Finally had some decent sleep so here are some untidy notes from Celebration.

- Did not regret spending 2 nights in a row sleeping on the concrete floor and not showering. Was able to enter both the 40th Anniversary & The Last Jedi panel.

40th anniversary
- I cried as soon as they mentioned Carrie Fisher.
- Billie Lourd was incredibly strong. You could tell she was speaking fast not to get too emotional when talking about her mom.
- Seeing Harrison Ford was a real surprise.
- Hayden Christensen received a round of applause. Not sure if he was expecting such a warm reaction from the crowd.
- Seeing John Willians was an even bigger surprise. Not in a million year I’d expect him being there with an orchestra.

Last Jedi
- I still have chills. Everything was so incredible.
- Rian Johnson must have the time of his life and I regret not getting up to get his autograph. I didn’t expect him to stay for 4 and half hours and I was too tired to move when he showed up. He seems genuinely to care about Star Wars, the fans and the crew.
- BB-8 is so life like. I wanted to cuddle him. I like the idea of having him the Buster Keaton of the movie as Rian said.
- It’s so good to finally know more about Rose!
- KMT had a great story about how she managed to convince her parents that she was filming an indie movie in Canada for 4 months because she wasn’t allowed to say anything about shooting Star Wars. She even had mapple sirup sent over to cover her tracks 😂
- Daisy said something about Rey’s expectation concerning Luke, like sometimes you shouldn’t meet your heroes.
- Mark joked about him being such a troll that he knew nobody would believe what he said on April 1st about Luke having taken a vow of silence and communicating telepathically. @tehanufromearthsea immediately thought of your story.
- John was so cute when he said “Poe is my boy.”
- I gasped when I saw the first look at the character’s design. That picture of Rey walking on the cliff is so beautiful.
- Rian looked so revealed after the trailer when he came to announce they’d play it once more. Like genuinely happy! It was so great.
- The poster is so beautiful.

While watching the trailer
- OMG it’s here! I’m here! *squee*
- It’s less flashy than TFA.
- Leia wardrobe looks amazing.
- Luke is the Light, Kylo is the Darkness, Rey is the balance. *pees her pants*
- Scar!!
- The Resistance base is under attack. Oh noes!
- Much lore, Wow Force.
- Yaaaaaaass!!!!
- OMG OMG!!!!!

You must have no regrets- I have none. This much I know: what I know of happiness is forever associated with you.
—  Edward, Duke of Windsor to his fiancée, Wallis Warfield, on the day his brother, George VI, was crowned king. The date had originally been chosen, and the preparations made, for Edward’s coronation, but his brother was crowned instead after Edward abdicated the throne to marry Wallis. 

• ● ° Sunshine boy week: Day 3 (Polaroids | Family & Friends).

We made these memories for ourselves where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken and time’s forever frozen still.

anonymous asked:

the song voices in my head implies that since the SQUIP is still in jeremy's head, it also still has some control over him. not only must he have nightmares, but sometimes he even starts listening to the quiet suggestions again; silently, obediently agreeing he's made a mistake in going against the SQUIP. (it's at this point he panics and drinks some alcohol because it's a Bad Thing to think.) i've thought about this a lot

I’ve thought about it a lot too like…something like that can be really mentally scarring to a kid? And its still in his head. He can’t get it out without someone thinking hes crazy.
And the others have it too, and its his fault. Jeremy is played off as happy at the end of the musical but I think of all the regrets he must have and its the child.

anonymous asked:

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i must have more, but idk which blogs they were lmao, but you M U S T check those angels out alright??? 

Originally posted by beui

You know, sometimes I regret making that response, it must have been over a year ago, to that post about men in dresses being something to do with hating femininity.

I phrased it badly, and I could have gone into more detail, but I stand by it. 

I still think the main reason people don’t like men in dresses is because they don’t look good in clothes that were not made for their body shape. I never said in that post that society has NOTHING to do with people’s opinions on men’s clothes, I just said that people’s opinions and restrictions on men’s clothing, to me, does not seem to reflect a distaste for femininity. 

I never said that I don’t want men to wear dresses, or that men should never wear dresses, I said that they look ridiculous in them - meaning - I personally think most men do not look good in women’s dresses. 

And the reason I minimised the ‘patriarchy’ or society’s influence over that opinion is because I like unconventional things about men, and its odd that society would have allowed me to not be bothered at all by men in makeup, or in skirts, or in kilts, or in feminine colours or prints, or in tribal clothes that look like dresses, but has conditioned me to specifically not like men in women’s dresses. 

It just seems very convenient. 

I’ve made the decision to no longer respond to that post because its just a waste of time. I’ve made my point 100 times now.

Now that I’ve calmed down about Emison, and I say “calmed down” lightly, I just feel so bad for Aria. She’s so terrified she will lose Ezra AGAIN and in trying to stop that from happening she can’t be there for him. Not to mention the fact that she must feel awful about what she’s being asked to do, and she must regret having to hurt her friends so much. I hope she’s able to begin working from the inside.


Aaaaand Mordy!

The rest of the genderbent crew:

Lilith: link

Brick: link

Roland: link

Episode 54, part 2, further plot!

Yami’s found out that he’s an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh and Kaiba’s successfully tested his Duel Disk.

But Yami wants to keep secrets from Yugi…


… I regret asking. T_____T

They must have a lot of control over what the other “hears”, if Yugi is able to surprise him with the “date” and Yami can keep this big of a secret!


And now this is just needlessly confusing! I take it this is just Yami thinking about Yugi and therefore imagining him there, as characters sometimes do, and their imagination-people are semi-transparent. But it’s functionally indistinguishable from when Yugi actually manifests in ghost-form! But if it was really Yugi, he’d be able to hear Yami talking about the slab, so it can’t be.

Yami cuts himself off with a sudden “something’s up!” vibe.

“What’s with the scary little pout?”

Yami brushes it off, and then they’re distracted anyway, because an old friend shows up!


Mai is all (whispering) “omfg a date!” and Anzu is like “omfg bitch it is not” and Yami is like…


Mai is surprised Yami hasn’t heard, she assumed he was here on purpose for the same reason as she is; there’s rumours of a big tournament about to be announced, with a cryptic messaged leaked on the internet along with this date, time and place.

… I assume this was Ishizu, since Kaiba only found out about the stone, like, yesterday or the day before. It could be either of them, because they’re both total drama nerds with a flair for ridiculous poetry, but Kaiba isn’t likely to hinge his tournament announcement on anything to do with the ~past~. So if it was Ishizu, it’s good to see she and Marik both have the same Ishtar mysterious drama instincts.

So Mai says Yami must be able to “feel it by now” and Yami says yes, this was what was causing his scary pout face from earlier:

Duelists can SENSE each other. Like the fucking card game Force or some shit. What even is this show seriously.

Yami and Mai look like the cool ones in this shot, while Anzu looks around trying to figure out what the hell they’re on about, but on the other hand, Yami and Mai are claiming to be able to ~sense~ the presence of people who enjoy trading card games and Anzu is the one being like “that is totally not a thing you dorks” so judge for yourself.

Yami and Mai are looking real well, tho. #regalshipping #theywouldhavesuchbeautifulchildren

And then this asshole shows up.

On literally all of the screens!

This moment is actually in the opening credits for this season and it makes me really giddy every time I watch it; Yami surrounded by tall buildings and the screens flickering one by one to show a smirking Kaiba.

It’s slightly less fun in the actual show because there’s less peppy music and it’s more like a real announcement and less like some crazy AU where Kaiba rules the city and Yami is a lone outlaw/hero who stands up to him and gets captured and they fall in love…


Kaiba outlines the two rules for entry into Battle City; you have to have a “rare card” (I have to presume cards have an actual rareness ranking) and you have to have a DUEL DISK. He also says the tournament will be played with “Battle City rules” (I have to presume these rules are made available elsewhere cause he doesn’t even give the highlights here) and the loser in each duel gets the rarest card of the winner. Not the best card, just the rarest one.

… No. That’s not true. Maybe it’s a subtitling error. The final champion will get a lot of rare cards, but, say if Yami loses to Kaiba in the final match, as Kaiba obvious wants to happen. He only has to give him Slifer (puppet-dude’s rarest card going in), he doesn’t have to give him Red Eyes (Jou’s rarest card) or even Dark Magician (his own rarest card).


I would take it as a big prideshipping moment that he immediately picks Yami out of the crowd and focuses on him, but let’s face it, that hair would get anyone noticed first.

Also, good thing Yami happened to be walking past! I mean, he did show up, but not on purpose! Poor Kaiba would have been so fucking annoyed!

(Can you imagine him restaging the whole announcement two hours later at the Game Shop, complete with floodlights and helicopters. DUEL ME YUGI.)



Look at them! They’re so intensely focused on each other!

… So, quick question. Where the fuck is the camera that’s recording the live footage of Kaiba? It must be on one of those buildings. That helicopter has to hover really still in exactly the right place and that camera must have a hell of a zoom function. HOW MUCH MONEY DOES HE SPEND ON THIS?!

And meanwhile…

Marik hears about the tournament in his … weird purple cloud room … with hovering blue flame light fixtures … and beautiful sturdy wood furniture. What is even happening?

The rare hunters call him “Marik-sama” which is translated in the subtitles to “Master Marik” even though all the other honorific suffixes have been left as-is in the subtitles, including the duel scientists calling Kaiba “Seto-sama” earlier in this very episode!

… What? Domino City was not already your target?! You’d already figured out Mr Nameless Pharaoh was probably living in Yugi Mutou’s head! You should already have booked your … boat trip, I guess, to Domino!

But he is really pretty. And, like, 16. Probably he wouldn’t be in charge of a global consortium of card thieves at all if he didn’t have a mind-control stick!