must have put it down somewhere

THE JOYOUS CONGREGATION OF THE SMILING GOD: 25 And the Lord spoke unto the Angel that guarded the eastern gate, saying ‘Where is the flaming sword that was given unto thee?’
26 And the Angel said, ‘I had it here only a moment ago, I must have put it down somewhere, forget my own head next.’
27 And the Lord did not ask him again.

The Doctor Is In

I’m back with yet another Brad smut AU which was loosely based on this headcanon by @smileforbradley and @tradleytrash

Check out my other piece entitled ‘Bandana’

Your new gynecologist decides to give you a very thorough checkup.

Warnings: Smut, Public Sex
Words: 2k

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my best friend's legal guardian is her 22 yo sister, and i've known them for years. i slept over and when i woke up that morning i couldn't find my medication but i remembered having left it out so i thought 'hey, [the older sister] must have put it somewhere' and because i have All The Chill i went skidding down the hallway yelling 'WHERE ARE MY ANTIDEPRESSANTS YOU ORANGE' and some middle aged mother that had been asking for sugar or smth stared in horror at the tiny speed gremlin that i am

this story is in so many different places but it’s great but MOOD

the scathe of branches, 1.8k, more of that sweet, sweet Loki whump, I’ll end up crossposting these eventually when I’m less lazy but here you go for now, title from the poetic edda cause I’m a pretentious bitch like that, uhhh cw for descriptions of burns I guess

Loki wasn’t entirely certain it would work. The window of time was very short, and the Tesseract did have a mind of its own, of sorts. If it decided it didn’t want to work with him, or even just took time to think about doing so -

It was a better option than the ship, though, which was a great deal further away. And Surtur certainly wasn’t wasting time rising out of the Eternal Flame in all his blazing, destructive, glory. The end of the world. Of Asgard, anyway. And here he was making it happen.

Didn’t quite manage it with Jotunheim. Second time’s the charm?

The trouble, it turned out, didn’t come from the Tesseract itself. It came from Surtur, half out of the flames, turning his head to look at Loki.

He really should not have waited to make sure the Eternal Flame worked as expected. That, in retrospect, had been his real mistake.

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AN: @captn-sara-holmes has been a life saver this past week. I wish this were longer, but the hours at work have been kicking my ass. I hope you love this all the same! It’s a little out of my comfort zone, pairing wise, but I’m actually pretty proud of it :)

“Did you ever get shot out of the sky before you joined the Avengers? Because I’m starting to draw some dangerous correlations,” Clint griped, trudging through the snow somewhere behind Bucky. “Actually, don’t answer that. You probably have some war stories, and I don’t want to know.”

Bucky rolled his eyes, but smiled despite himself. “Well, there was that one time in 1941 -”

“No, nope, not interested,” Clint cut over him. “It’s bad enough that I’m freezing my nipples off back here; I don’t need boring to death on top of that.”

“You know, some people appreciate my stories,” Bucky grumbled. 

“Well, get stuck in a snowy forest with them, Grandpa,” Clint grumbled right back. “I’m too busy trying not to freeze to death back here, sorry.”

It was getting colder. Bucky had the serum, and even he was starting to feel the icy chill of evening creep into his bones; he couldn’t imagine how cold Clint must have felt. They were stuck in the middle of nowhere, ship destroyed and no way of contacting any of the others; add to that the fact that they still hadn’t found whoever had shot them out of the sky in the first place, and it really put into perspective just how royally screwed they really were. 

“Do you want my jacket? It’ll keep you warm until we can find somewhere to camp out -” Bucky turned to Clint for the first time in a while and immediately stopped, heart wrenching. “Is that blood?”

“No…” Clint replied immediately, before actually looking down at his blood drenched top. “Aw, shirt.”

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reminders to self in the wake of an unproductive night of anxiety and chronic-paralytic perfectionism

let your mark be itself; if your hand shakes it shakes, if your pulse trembles then so be it, if the figure feels awkward perhaps it is delightfully so; if the face feels wrong, if the features err, you are but a series of errors so follow the accidents until they resolve, submissão ao processo as clarice says; if your styles clash let them play; if your ideas aren’t tidy then messy it is; dorothea told you to get DOWN IN THE MUCK OF MAKING; burn out the smallness and the fear they do not serve you; if they aren’t flammable then indicate their place and put them inside; the moat and the walls and the gate to the castle are made of emotions and are not impenetrable; you are the door and the battering ram; remember pleasure is your driver even through the dark; with regards to the threatening whiteness vs. the chaos of your mind, as louise says, TO UNRAVEL A TORMENT YOU MUST BEGIN SOMEWHERE; you have never been certain so why start now; just make one (1) decision and then make another (1); don’t be clingy; you can’t follow your intuition if you drown it out with thought; take the kazuo ohno approach on the page and just wriggle your body ever so slightly – and do not wait, do not wait, do not wait, you’re up against the relentless dance of planet-bellied space giants and they don’t give a shit about your drawings

most essential: unclench your teeth

This is probably going to be very long so please avoid reading this entire thing unless you’re the least bit curious about Lee Taeyong.

Apparently yesterday we received word and proof that all the claims against Taeyong were false. He did have multiple accounts; one for his internet quarrel and the others because of some of his buyers reporting his account after getting faulty gundam toys even at a low price. He had reimbursed his buyers or given them the parts missing. It sounds a lot like, he did try to scam or outwit his buyers, but failed. And like it was designed to show that he took measures against those buyers who complained verbally, he actually didn’t. Those screenshots of him threatening to beat up a high schooler and stuff were stuff said over an internet war of some sort.

Basically after all this shit was exaggerated and Taeyong was somewhat framed, SM chose the easy path to make Taeyong admit that he actually did everything he’s being accused of. That way, there won’t be much to prove, a 19-year-old trainee won’t have much to explain, and they can just make an official apology and get over it.

Taeyong had said in NCT LIFE S2, Episode 0, that he didn’t have any aspiration or dream or anything he really enjoyed doing till he got into SM and started training in rap and dance. He finally found something he enjoyed, something which made him feel like he’s serving a purpose. When SM chose to make him apologise rather than denying the false claims and standing up for himself, he could’ve left SM then because of course he knew how vicious these people could be since he already had a fanbase SM had very cleverly designed for them under the title ‘SMROOKIES’. But no, Taeyong stayed back because of his love for dancing and rapping (do remember that trainees can leave whenever they want to, but again since SMROOKIES was a big project they possibly were signed under a contract), or was forced to stay back. Either way it was definitely hard on the boy.

What I don’t understand is, why did he have to randomly bring up on multiple occasions that he did 'embarrassing deeds’, or he was a troublemaker? Like, when he’s supposed to make an apology he is to make the apology to calm the crazy K-netizens. But why did he have to randomly bring up that he was a troublesome student when it’s certainly, entirely not so?

Yes, probably SM made him talk about it when it was entirely unnecessary. Probably, SM made him cry with genuine frustration that must have piled up inside him with scripted words about how he’s embarrassed about a past he never had and how he’s apologetic about things he never did.

I don’t know what’s off but something probably is. It does make sense, but it does not. How much scripted is exactly the entire issue?

Taeyong was supposed to have the image of a ‘Tough Man’ as we can see in the first season of NCT LIFE. This entire image concept has been there for long and Taeyong was probably told to act in a very manly way to fit his image. He’s more soft, tender, and sensitive. He didn’t keep up with the image with which I am glad. But then, why did he keep up with the script?

Like, I’m not saying the entire thing is scripted, but how much is actually?

I know I am probably overthinking this, but I can’t put it down to rest. I had to share it somewhere; so I’m letting it all out here.

And I am not denying the fact that he must have gone through hell! Of course it must have been very, very hard for him. But why did he have to act so guilty? How much did SM push him to carry the act which is this self-deprecating and frustrating and depressing?

The Lady of Winterfell

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Reader x Tormund

Jon sighed as the Lannister soldiers spread out. There were more of them than the men with Jon, it was the only reason they didn’t rush them, seeing as it was only a small branch that must have been travelling somewhere else.

Just when he was about to declare that they should make a break for it and hope for the best a small army, half the size of the Lannister’s that had gathered, burst into view. The small gathering watched in awe as the army cut through with uncoordinated attacks and a brutal refusal to be put down.

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So for whatever reason I decided to go back and transcribe Percy’s letter to Vox Machina. Needless to say, tears were shed. Again

Major spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution.

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Lilith taking a video with zelda, with her signature 'cut' at the end

Zelda was rereading Frankenstein at the kitchen table with an afternoon cup of now lukewarm tea and a cigarette burning in an ashtray next to it. She’d met Mary Shelley many times before her death and always delighted in their conversations. Such an intellectual, always had something revolutionary and poignant to say. Zelda often read Frankenstein to remind herself of Mary’s blatant flouting of convention and cutting social commentary. She took a long drag from her cigarette, turned a page in her worn down paperback, and folded one of her legs over the other. The afternoon sun was trickling in, and Zelda found herself feeling as close to content as she could muster. 

Then heels clicked on the kitchen tile, and Zelda glanced up distractedly from her book to find Lilith walking toward her with a little handheld video camera. She was glancing between the screen and Zelda with half a smile quirking at her lips. “And action! Here we have a witch in her natural habitat,” she breathed, and Zelda rolled her eyes dramatically. 

“What is it with you and that video camera lately?” she asked a little more harshly than she intended as she lifted her book to cover her face. “Honestly, you know I don’t like being filmed.“ 

"Reading Frankenstein again?” Lilith asked instead as she came closer. “You must have it memorized by now,” she supplied, her voice rising teasingly, always so breathy and suggestive. Sometimes it drove Zelda insane because she knew it was the voice Lilith used when she was hiding her true intentions, true feelings, true anything. Though Lilith was often untruthful, if only by way of omittance. She danced around her feelings and toyed with Zelda and kept her cards flush against her chest at any given moment. Though sometimes Zelda saw glimpses of what Lilith was underneath all the disguises she wore, and she wore many. And even then was that the truth? Zelda didn’t know. 

“I don’t know why you refuse to read it,” Zelda said, an accusation somewhere in her tone. Possibly offense. Zelda wasn’t even sure. Lilith pulled a chair up next to Zelda and pulled the book down from her face so the camera could see her expression. 

“Darling, I don’t need to read Frankenstein to know everything about it,” Lilith said breezily, and her dismissive tone told Zelda that the comment was reflective of Lilith herself. The particular expression Lilith captured on her camera then must have been something between annoyance and anxiety because Zelda was feeling both with the lens so close to her face. 

“Please put the camera away,” Zelda said, holding the palm of her hand over the lens. Lilith swatted her away like she was a child reaching into a cookie jar. 

“And forgo etching your beautiful face into eternity?” she gasped as if the plea had been a personal assault, “not in a million years!” her voice was breathy and dramatic again, and Zelda pressed her lips together and furrowed her brow, whipping the book up to cover her face once more. “Oh, don’t be petulant, look,” she sighed, scooting her chair closer. “Come on, look, you ridiculous woman,” Lilith instructed. Slowly and suspiciously, Zelda lowered the book to find Lilith leaning in close to her, the camera out in front of them and the screen flipped so they could see a live feed of themselves from the camera’s point of view.

“Satan, I look awful,” Zelda gasped and turned her head away. 

“Ah ah ah,” Lilith instructed, hooking a finger under her chin and turning her head back. “Zelda, you look wonderful,” she intoned, their gazes locking. Her voice was steady and even, and Zelda frowned. Lilith turned to the camera, her serious but somehow still dramatic flourish back in full force. “I want you to look back at this video whenever you need to know that you are stunningly beautiful, bitingly intelligent, immensely powerful, and unquestioningly loved,” Lilith said and then turned to Zelda and watched her expression. Zelda swallowed dryly and blinked in confusion. 

“You…what…” she stumbled, her voice barely above a whisper, her eyes locked with Lilith who was watching her with the utmost care and precision. She had her usual mask on, yes, but her words had been honest. Lilith blinked at her and raised her free hand to brush her fingers along Zelda’s jaw line. Then she held Zelda’s chin between her thumb and the side of her pointer finger. Her fingers brushed the skin there delicately, curiously, before her hand dropped back down to her lap. 

“Cat got your tongue,” Lilith teased softly, glancing from Zelda’s lips to her eyes. 

“Please turn off the camera so I can kiss you,” Zelda said evenly, her gaze locked with Lilith’s.

“You have to say it first,” Lilith told her apologetically but not at all apologetic. Zelda scoffed at her and leaned back in her chair. 

“I won’t say it,” she replied stubbornly. 

“Then the camera keeps rolling,” Lilith said with a solemn and helpless shrug. Zelda lunged for it, but Lilith stood up quicker.

“For the love of Satan,” Zelda hissed as she stood up and grabbed at the camera again. Lilith ducked out of the way, and Zelda chased her across the kitchen, grabbing and missing a half dozen more times. A smile was forming on Lilith’s lips, just barely, and her eyes darted, ready for the attack. Zelda tried to hide the rush of amusement and adrenaline behind frustration, but it wasn’t quite working. She grabbed Lilith’s shoulder and made a grab for the camera, but Lilith slid out of her grasp once more. “Dammit, alright, alright, cut. Cut!” she called, a laugh breaking past her lips as she admitted defeat, moving her fingers back and forth across her neck. Lilith turned the camera to her own face, Zelda practically climbing over her to get to it, and gave the lens an emphatic “Cut!” right before Zelda slammed the screen closed. 

(If I were to write a series of little fics about Lilith videotaping Zelda and posted it on ao3 would anyone read it??? Because the idea has now captured my heart)

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NDRV3 guys & their preferences for boobs/ass/thighs/necks/backs/hips? basically the things guys are attracted to on a fems/o and why??? plsss

Kind of NSFW? Be aware of that!

V3 Boys & Their Preference on Boobs, Ass, Thighs, Necks, Backs, and Hips!

Saihara Shuichi

The Back and Shoulders

  • He won’t admit his attraction because he gets shy and his cheeks turn bright red, but you’re well aware of where his preference lies.
  • I mean, if we’re being honest, his favorite thing is your face and your natural beauty.
  • Of course, he appreciates all of you and will show affection everywhere, never leaving a patch of skin gone unattended.
  • However, these two are what have his heart.
  • He finds something so seductive about the way your shoulders curve and the arch of your back. He likes running his hands along the curves. The same could be said about other parts, but they flow together and the way you are built make them stand out.
  • While holding you, he has one hand on the small of your back. 
  • Saihara loves placing his hand on the small of your back and several soft kisses on your shoulders. 
  • When you are intimate, he loves licking your spine and kissing all the way up to your shoulder-blades, and then breathing against your skin. His favorite spot is nuzzling his face into your shoulders and neck.
  • But he doesn’t like picking favorites, so he insists that he loves every inch of you.

Ouma Kokichi

Ass and Thighs

  • He’s a big ass man and thighs as well. He is split on boobs and butt, but the thighs are what really make him lean more towards ass.
  • He gets a big power trip whenever you’re laying beside him and he can just run his hand down your spine and squeeze it.
  • He also finds comfort in putting his head in your lap.
  • Leaving kisses up your thighs and hickies on your ass are his favorite parts about foreplay.
  • Being the kind of person he is, Ouma will often tease you and throw out compliments about these features. They’re somewhere in between sexual flirting and cat-calling, but it’s meant to be in a playful manner so you’re never offended.
  • He also loves putting his hand back there while you’re walking – just so everyone knows you’re his.
  • He loves spanking it, and seeing the results. Biting these areas is also a must, and generally just having his face down there.
  • While cuddling, Ouma loves caressing your body and rarely fails to fall asleep with one hand gripping your ass.

Rantaro Amami


  • Again, this boy loves everything about you and respects your boundaries.
  • But when it comes to your hips, he can’t help himself.
  • He likes your ass too, which is a very close second, but what really makes it for him is being able to grip onto your hips and pull you into him. He’ll joke and call them ‘handles.’
  • When he’s dominant and on top of you, he loves just being able to examine your body and run his hands along the curves. 
  • He loves the visuals. Seeing his hands resting on your hips, or his fingers wrapping around them tightly, or fitting perfectly into the curve – all of it get to him.
  • He does like sliding his hand around your hips, to your ass, and squeezing it – he’s another man who likes a good spanking as well. 
  • And during foreplay, he’ll leave playful bites along your hips, followed by gentle kisses around.
  • Rantaro is also sucker for romance, so when you two are dancing, he loves being able to grip them and keep you steady that way.
  • And holding them while he hugs and embraces you is a bonus. They’re his favorite because they are sexy, but also romantic.



  • For a long time, he was too shy to even consider this question.
  • But he really, really, loves boobs; yours in particular.
  • He really admires them and feels a connection since he cannot relate, being a robot and all. He has a back, shoulders, etc. but he’ll never know what… that is like.
  • That’s the reason why he’s a fan of nipple stimulation as well, whether it be with his hands or your own, or his tongue, it doesn’t matter.
  • Kiibo used to get flustered around them, but he loves the perkiness, bounciness to them. Even flat-chested women – their bodies are so different than men, so he still finds them to be very sexy.
  • He is usually respectful unless he gets in a mood where he can’t help himself, and then he really lets loose and is prone to grabbing them.
  • But he majorly struggles with taking your bra off; he is usually not successful and he gets embarrassed whenever he asks you for help.
  • He’ll refer to them as the wonders of the female body, and is almost entranced whenever he catches a glimpse of yours. 
  • It also drives him crazy when you go bra-less; it’s a major turn on to be able to see your nipples through your shirt. Kiibo can short-circuit and crash if he gets to excited so you try to limit this.
  • And don’t get him started on nipple-piercings.

Kaito Momota

Ass and Boobs

  • He loves everything. And by everything, I mean everything.
  • It’s a fifty-fifty between boobs and ass – he’s a classy man and goes with the two most common options, of course. But that doesn’t mean he won’t show love to the rest of your body.
  • One hand cupping your ass and the other one stroking your boobs, playing with it and squeezing each – oh boy. He can’t help himself.
  • His preference depends on his mood. Sometimes, all he wants is to leave kisses up and down your chest, and sometimes he just wants to spank you.
  • Being able to come up behind you and grind into your backside while using his hands to stimulate your chest is another personal favorite.
  • And whenever you’re dominant and he gets to just run his hands up and down your body, gripping your curves, he’s done for. 
  • Kaito likes being in control, too, and he’ll admire your body and tell you how breathtaking you are.
  • He doesn’t usually bite or leave hickies, but when he does, he likes to peck at your nipples gently. He’s more prone to scratching when he feels rough, though, so he’ll leave light red marks up your ass.

Korekiyo Shinguuji


  • Don’t get him started.
  • He thinks it’s incredibly intimate and romantic as well as sexy. It covers all the bases in his eyes. 
  • Korekiyo will pull his mask down and push his face into the crook of your neck, and then kiss it softly. Or run his tongue along it, biting down a bit.
  • It drives him crazy.
  • Nothing is more intimate to him than leaving a hickey. He always says that leaving on one the neck is the epitome of sexiness. He says it’s a way to mark someone.
  • Sometimes, he can’t help himself and will completely attack your neck. It’ll start with gentle kisses and progress to harder, rougher and more desperate kisses. These turn into bites and hickies.
  • There’s also something about feeling your breath on his neck that he loves. It instantly turns him on and sends shutters down his spine.
  • Not only does he love yours, but his neck is also his soft spot.
  • Whenever he gets really into it, he can’t hold back the sounds that come from his mouth. Being able to rotate between kissing your neck and your lips gives him a sense of satisfaction.
  • And he loves the closeness. Your faces are so close when one of you is loving on the other’s neck, and he always takes advantage of the opportunity to whisper dirty things to you in these situations.

Gonta Gokuhara

Ass and Back

  • He much prefers ass, but seeing your back curve into your ass is so satisfying and attractive as well.
  • It’s something about his primal instincts and urges that drive him crazy about these things.
  • Gonta is usually a big switch, so being submissive and dominant is equal. But anytime he’s able to take advantage of your ass, he goes into full domination, rough-mode.
  • The angle of seeing you beneath him, facing away, with your ass against him and seeing the arch of your back and butt is his favorite thing during these intimate moments.
  • Taking one hand, he’ll cup your ass and the other will trace your spine.
  • He also likes to use both of them to grab your ass when embracing you, or lifting you up so that your legs wrap around him and he’s holding you by your ass.
  • Naturally, they are things he has just always been more drawn to and it’s just that simple. He has no reason for it.
  • However, he tries to not stare during your daily life. During lovemaking is different, but typically he doesn’t try to stare at your ass while you’re walking or doing something.
  • That’s just the respectful thing any gentleman would do.

Ryoma Hoshi


  • He can appreciate everything about the female body, but he’s so drawn to the thighs.
  • The sexiest thing, to him, is driving with you in the passenger seat and then placing his hand on your thigh and squeezing it.
  • Lord knows he could easily wreck the car by doing this, so he controls himself.
  • Particularly the back of your thighs are where it’s at. He likes to sit above you and deeply massage them, running his hands along your thighs and admiring the shape.
  • They’re very warm which is another bonus and reason why he adores them so much. Hoshi finds comfort in resting his head in your lap.
  • Or having his head between them for other reasons.
  • He’ll kiss them and gently bite them, and he’ll always seductively tell you how much he loves your thighs. He tries not to be too rough, but sometimes he’s in such a mood where he can’t hold back.
  • Even while cuddling, he generally has at least one hand squeezing them. He usually puts his hand on your inner-thigh for a better grip.
  • Hoshi could run his hands up and down your thighs all day and fall asleep like that.

- Mod Rantaro

Designed and stitched a great quote from one of my favourite books; Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

And the Lord spake until to Angel that guarded the eastern gate, saying “Where is the sword that was given unto thee?”
And the Angel said, “I had it here only a moment ago, I must have put it down somewhere, forget my own head next.”
And the Lord did not ask him again.

Almost (Part 3)

Summary: After arriving at his doorstep, [Y/N] does everything she shouldn’t…

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 4169

Warnings: Angst. Melodrama. Swearing. Explicit (18+) smut.

A/N: Final chapter already. I hope you share your thoughts with me. Thank you in advance for reading! Don’t forget to listen to this song! Click for part 2 or see the masterlist for more context.

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Chapter 3: Almost Blue

The sedated walk through the dreary streets had dampened her hair. [Y/N] ran her fingers through it, trying to brush away some of the specks of water, trying to make sure she didn’t look as drenched and miserable as she felt. She had been caught underneath the looming grey clouds that were in a state of grief, releasing fine, colorless teardrops from the darkened sky until they spattered all over the cold brick stones. When would all those clouds disappear?

She was shivering now, waiting for him to open the door, as a sudden wind of unease crept all over her figure, tightening its unwanted—but maybe necessary—hold on her. Her face was moist from the rain and her tears, her fingers were almost numb, and maybe she shouldn’t have come. She took a step backward, away from that all too familiar door, when he opened it.

“[Y/N]?” His voice was groggy, like he had been trying to sleep but failed. Just a regular night for him. He stood in the doorway with his restless eyes and spruce hair, even at this forsaken hour, and the words that had been so strong in her mind were now forgotten on her lips. “It’s the middle of the night. Is everything alright?”

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Stroke of Midnight- Chapter 16 (Pennywise x reader)

Cold, lumpy hardness. That was what you felt when you woke up. Your head felt heavy as you slowly sat up. The air was quiet and still around you and it had a cool, clamminess to it. You were somewhere dark. And you were still in your red dress. Your shoulder was a mess of burning, throbbing holes. You could feel fresh blood trickle down your arm.  You reached up and felt something stiff right below the wound. Pennywise must have tried to stop some of the bleeding. You turned sideways and started to hoist yourself up and your stomach gave a lurch. You put your hand on it. Your throat tightened and you gagged. You sat still for a minute and breathed deeply. You didn’t know where you were or how long you had been there for, but you needed to find out. You hoisted yourself to your feet. You had been lying behind a big pile of rock. Now that you were standing above it, you wished you wouldn’t have gotten up.

You had just woken up to a horror scene.

You were in a vast room. It was so big, you couldn’t even see the ceiling. But it was what was a ways in front of you that had you standing with your mouth open, not in awe, but in horror.

There were dozens of children floating in a lazy spiral. A bright light shown all around them. They were so still, you didn’t know if they were dead or alive. You felt a shiver run through you. You put your hand over your mouth when you saw what suspiciously looked like an arm floating in the languid, macabre tornado. You glanced to your right. There was giant tower of junk. And right next to it, wearing a white tee shirt and boxer shorts, floated a very familiar looking figure. You held your breath as you slowly made your way to him and fought back a sob when your suspicions became verified.

It was Chris. You started crying. You didn’t know if he was dead or alive. You passed a horrified glance back towards the floating children. Was this what floating really looked like? Like you were just suspended in midair like some lifeless corpse? Was this what Pennywise was going to do with you after he had finished mating with you this last time? You thought of the turtle you had seen. How when you were in your trance, you had reached towards it like it was some kind of lifeline. Now it was time for you to be Chris’s.

You went towards him and reached up for him with both arms. You whimpered as the pain in your shoulder deepened. You started to get lightheaded and had to take a breath. You stood on your tip toes and, reaching with your good arm, grabbed his ankle and pulled. Chris slowly floated downwards. You had tears streaming down your face now. Chris’s feet settled on the floor. His eyes were a milky white.

“Chris?” You shook his shoulders gently. No response. You placed your hands on either side of his face. “Chris, look at me. Please.” You shook him harder. “Chris? Chris, please wake up. I need you. I can’t make it out of here without you.”

You shook him harder and said his name more loudly. You started wracking your brain trying to think of what could wake him. You really didn’t want to slap him in the face and you didn’t think splashing him with water would work either. Not that you even had any around. And then a wild idea popped into your head. And you ran with it.

Without any further hesitation, you kissed Chris firmly on the mouth. You let the kiss linger for a few seconds and then pulled away. The response was almost instantaneous. Chris’s milky gaze vanished, his green eyes back to normal. You let out a shaky laugh. Chris’s shoulders drooped, but at least he was alert. His eyes landed on you.


You nodded reassuringly. “I’m here, Chris.”

His gaze wondered to your neck and his expression grew hard. “What happened to you?”

“Chris, we need to get out of here,” you said quickly.

“What happened? Did he do this to you?”

“Chris, we don’t have much time. I don’t know when he’s coming back.”

“If he hurt you, Y/N, I swear to God-”

“Listen to me!” Your voice echoed around the chamber. “There is a lot going on that you don’t know about. And I swear I will tell you everything. But if we don’t move out right now…I don’t know what he’s going to do to you. And I am not going to let something else bad happen to you because of me.”

Chris narrowed his eyes. Finally he nodded. “If you know the way out of here, then let’s go.”

The stone floor felt cold and slimy on your bare feet as you led Chris to where the stairs were. You slowed when you reached that spot and felt your stomach drop like a stone. You stepped into the circular stone space and spread out your hands.

“Stairs. There were stairs here.”

“What stairs? Y/N, there’s nothing there,” said Chris.

A surge of anger filled you and you placed your hands against the well and leaned into it. Reality came crashing down on you like an avalanche.

“Lie. It was all a lie.”

Images started flashing through your mind from the last month. Pennywise protecting you and taking care of you. Roman dancing with you, making love to you. And the ballroom—the carousel and the slide—a sick cover-up for what really lied beneath. And now he had brought you and Chris down here. Trapped you down here.

You shook your head. “We are never getting out.”

“Don’t say that. There has to be another way out. We just need to find it.”

You knew Chris was just trying to make you feel better. But at the moment, you didn’t think anything could. Your shoulder throbbed and burned like a merciless beast was gnawing at it.

He already did, you thought in disgust.

You placed your hand on your stomach as a sudden bout of nausea flared up. You hadn’t eaten in a while. And as far as you knew, it would probably be a while longer yet. You leaned sideways and rested your temple against the cool stone. Chris was probably going to die now. And it was all your fault. You thought about the play that you had just been in. Where was your fairy godmother now? You stated singing softly.

“Impossible, for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage

Impossible, for a plain country bumpkin and a prince to join in marriage”

You thought of Pennywise and your heart clinched. You really did love him. Why was he doing this to you? Did he do this to all those kids? And if he did, why? Was he really that far gone? You put your hand over your face and wept.

You heard a loud grinding sound, like stone against stone, to your right. You felt yourself slowly being pushed and opened your eyes. The wall wasn’t moving. Or was it? You glanced to the right of you and jumped back. A section of the wall was growing outward in the shape of steps. You lifted your gaze upward, your mouth now hanging open. A spiraled stone staircase was emerging from the wall of the well, and from what you could tell, it reached all the way to the top.

“Now there’s something you don’t see every day,” you heard Chris say beside you.

The stone stopped moving. The steps were plenty wide enough to walk on. You reached a tentative hand out and pushed against them. They were completely stable.

“Is this uh… part of what’s going on that I don’t know about?” Chris asked.

You shook your head slowly. You were in complete awe. “I think it’s something that even I don’t know about.” You put your foot on the first step.

Chris put his hand on your shoulder. “What if it’s a trap?”

“I don’t think it is. Pennywise wanted me down here. Like really wanted me down here.” You gestured at the stairs. “Whoever did this wants me to get away. To get away from Pennywise.”

Chris snorted. “What, like someone’s helping you? Like your fairy godmother or something?”

For some reason the floating turtle popped into your head. You smiled. Maybe your fairytale wasn’t quite over after all.

“Yeah, Chris. I think so.”


You gasped when you stepped up out of the trap door. The air was thick, like you were walking through sludge. And it had a faint shimmer to it. You took another step and the air was back to normal. Your legs were shaking. It had almost taken an act of Congress to climb the stairs. You felt weak and your nausea had increased. The wound on your neck was giving you issues too. Fresh blood dripped from it and it throbbed mercilessly. You swayed forward, fighting to stay upright. Chris came up behind you.

“Where are we?” he inquired.

“This is the Neibolt house.”

You glanced around nervously. Pennywise could be anywhere. You had a feeling that he wouldn’t be happy if he caught you. You swayed again. Chris placed his hand on your back.

“Are you alright?”

“I don’t know.” Your voice was faint 

“Well let’s get you out of here. Get you to the hospital.”

Chris put his arm around you and led you through the house. You could see the front door. The stairs were to your left. Something jumped down in front of you, blocking your path. You and Chris both screamed. It was Pennywise. His signature grin adorned his face. You felt your blood start to boil, not from lust, but from anger.

“And where are you going to, my dear?”

“Penny, you need to let me go. I am hurt. I need to get help.” You swayed again. You just knew you were going to pass out cold right there.

“I can’t let you do that. You need to stay here. I need to protect you.”

“What the fuck? Protect her from who? You’re the one she needs protecting from,” Chris said hotly.

Pennywise regarded Chris as if seeing him for the first time. “I don’t think I was talking to you little man boy,” he said tartly.

“Penny, this is ridiculous. You need to let us go!”

“Yeah. What the hell do you want with us anyway?” said Chris.

Pennywise started slowly advancing towards Chris. His smile was completely gone. “Your hands off my mate will be fine to start with.”

“Penny.” Your voice was barely above a whisper. “Please.”

Chris’s hand tightened around your waist. “If you think I’m going to let you come anywhere near her…” he hissed.

The edges of your vision were getting dark. You were growing weaker by the second. Pennywise growled at Chris. You stepped out of Chris’s embrace towards your lover with your arm outstretched.

“No. Penny, please-”

You collapsed.

Chris lunged for you, but Pennywise was faster. He got into a protective crouch over your body. His yellow eyes glared up at Chris, daring him to touch you. Chris stopped in his tracks.

Pennywise glanced down at your lifeless form. He reached out and started stroking your hair. Chris grit his teeth, completely appalled at the sight of the monstrous clown touching you in such a familiar way.

“You think that’s gonna help her?” Chris shot at Pennywise. “I don’t know what you’ve done to her, what kind of spell you’ve put her under, but if you have any kind of feelings for her at all, you’ll let me get her the help she needs.”

Pennywise continued stroking your hair. He gently laid a hand on your abdomen.

“So what’s it gonna be?”

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The thought process that must’ve gone into this scene ,,,,,, amazes me. Like at some point during pre-production, Kloves must have sat down with his buddies Yates and Heyman and been like “aight lads, here’s how it’s gonna go down. We’re gonna have Harry wander about the Great Hall, and we’re gonna put Ginny, the girl we know he’s gonna marry or whatever, in the background somewhere, for like a few seconds, mostly blocked from view by her family, AND THEN - get this - we’re gonna go straight to his ex-of-sorts who he had like one awkward as heck date with and then the whole thing kind of ran itself into the ground because they had next to no chemistry or whatever. And we’re gonna make them share a really cutesy little smile for whatever reason. Sound good? What does Jo think? Jo?”

“Do it lads!”

Go Go Go

Originally posted by narika-a

Note: this gif has nothing to do with the story, I just like it

Words: 2 747

Genre: fluff, some ? comedy, horror, angst

AU: high school!au, murder!au

Inspiration & Dedication: from and for the best au generator @jaemms

Summary: You’re super tired of pushing through his crowd of super annoying friends but then you don’t go through near-death experiences without becoming the best of friends with them

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thehazardsolove  asked:

if you have any x-files feelings that you want to fic out, this is your prompt!

Once—they might have been a little drunk, the two of them and an off-brand six pack, a sticky motel comforter, the window unit gurgling and grinding—they make a map. It was bought along with the six pack, and Dana thinks the owner of the corner store probably should have warned them about drinking and driving, but he just eyeballed them and rang up one six pack, one driving map.

Anyway, it’s one of those foldout Rand McNally maps, all the highways laid out and every state a different color. Georgia is a kind of off-orange, and Mulder whips out a red sharpie, marks—vaguely the spot where Senoia should be. Your turn, he says, grinning, and it’s the grin that makes Dana think he must have been the bane of every teacher’s existence grades one through twelve, because what the hell are you supposed to do with a kid so smart he’ll dismantle all reality to see how it works?

My turn for what, Mulder? she asks. The beer is sweating in her hand, and she can feel the wetness of it trickling down her wrist.

To mark somewhere we’ve been, Scully. Afterwards, you can put it in your scrapbook. A memento.

I don’t scrapbook, Dana says, but she takes the sharpie from Mulder’s hand anyway. Studies the map and then draws an X, right over St. Paul, Minnesota. The map’s not detailed enough for her to pick out Clyde Bruckman’s apartment complex, but she wishes she could. ‘X’ marks the X-file, right? 

Rest in peace, Mulder says quietly, and doesn’t need to specify who he meansHe’s uncharacteristically gentle when he takes the sharpie from her fingers. For a moment he studies the map, then draws an X over Dudley.

Never again, Dana swears, and Mulder laughs. 

What, you don’t crave some Chaco Chicken?

Seriously, Mulder? she scoffs, and there’s a brief fight for the sharpie before he surrenders it to her again.

They go back and forth like that for a while, arguing good-naturedly about exactly which DC case they’re talking about, and whether the Piper Maru should be marked in the middle of the Pacific or not. (Mulder is the one to draw the X over Skyland Mountain, and they say nothing. He just squeezes Scully’s knee, and passes her the sharpie again.)

They’re slowing down when the motel alarm clock flips to midnight with an audible click. Scully has mostly given up, and has stretched out on the bed, letting Mulder mark the rest. Rockville. Aubrey. Bend. Delta Glen. It’s surprising the details he remembers. She could write you a novel about motel rooms like this one, tacky motel comforters and Mulder, whose hair is falling in his eyes, and who has a smudge of red sharpie ink on his finger.

He missed a spot on his jaw, shaving. She wouldn’t have noticed, but she’s looking up at him, Mulder with the shitty overhead lighting haloing his head. His hair is falling in his eyes, and she’s resisting the urge to reach out a hand and push it away. X marks the spot, she could say, tapping his forehead. It’s all in your head, Fox.

Hey, Mulder, which one was your favorite? she asks instead.

Favorite what, Scully?

Your favorite place. All those ‘X’s, you’ve got to have a favorite.

He smiles at her, a little absently. Oh, you know me, Scully, he says. Tomorrow, the map will have vanished, inexplicably, and Dana won’t see it again until she drops by Mulder’s apartment with a stack of files, finds it framed and hanging above his couch. I’m not really very sentimental.

Dog Walking- Tom Hiddleston x Reader

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“Come on Daisy” I called out as my puppy bounded about in the bushes of Highgate wood. She gave a high pitched bark and sped past me. I shook my head and walked on a little faster, my nose still buried in the book I was reading until I heard Daisy bark or attempt to sound threatening at another dog.

I cursed under my breath and ran towards the commotion with my book tucked under my arm, wishing I had taken her to puppy training classes instead of trying to train her myself. I found her up the path trying to face of another slightly older chocolate cocker spaniel.

“Daisy come here!” I shouted, trying to sound commanding, it wasn’t working.

“Bobby, mate come here” came a male voice from just around the corner, I squinted my glasses not quite the right prescription for me anymore. I was sure I knew that voice but where from. 

Abruptly the man came almost skidding towards me and stopped before he fell over his dog. “Sorry, I was about to put him back on his lead but he ran off, he must have caught your dog’s sent” apologised the handsome stranger and he was handsome. He had bent down to put the lead back on his dog but as he straightened up to his full height I caught sight of his face. He had kind face with blue eyes behind his black square glasses, a bit of a beard and blonde wavy hair under his hat. I was still sure I recognised him from somewhere.

“Sorry” I blushed, tucking a peice of hair behind my ear, a habit I had if I ever got nervous “do I know you?”

The stranger looked down at his dog and I was sure I saw him grimace a bit, his puppy looked up at his own as if to say “it’s ok master, I’m here” The man looked back at me and gave me a smile. “No I don’t think so”

“Oh” I answered, “I thought I may have seen you around here before” I paused feeling awkward “Obviously not”

He cleared his throat “beautiful” was all he said.


“Your dog, beautiful colouring”

“Yes she is, aren’t you Daisy. She’s a Shetland Sheepdog or at least she will be once she’s grown up a bit” I stroked her head and she sat down and looked back at me as if to say “look at me aren’t I perfect”

“Daisy, love the name. This is Bobby” Bobby did the same as Daisy, I swore he was looking at Daisy and trying to flirt with her, Daisy however was getting distracted by a leaf that was blowing in her path.

“Thanks, she’s named after Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby”

“One of my favourite books” said the stranger

I grinned “mine too” I showed him my well read copy that was under my arm.

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”  he quoted. I blushed again, feeling the butterflies flutter in my chest. I was about to introduce myself when Bobby barked again.

“Sorry, he’s getting impatient. I must go. Nice to meet you Gatsby Girl, and you Daisy” said the man, he bent forward to give Daisy a stroke, she decided to roll over in the mud and show off her belly. Traitor. He gave me a smile and walked off, with Bobby leading the way.

“Y/n, that’s my actual name” I called out after him.

He turned round, still walking away “nice to meet you y/n” and he walked away.

I looked down at Daisy “well you were no help.” She walked off and I had run to catch her again, vowing never to let my dog off the lead.

A few hours later, I was sitting on my sofa with Daisy gently snoring beside me, I was scrolling through my Facebook when I saw a news headline flash up. Tom Hiddleston out and about with his dog Bobby in London. ‘Oh how ironic’ I thought ‘Bobby must be a popular name’ I nearly threw my phone across the room when I saw the picture underneath.

“Shit, I just met Tom Hiddleston” I said to Daisy, who didn’t really care at all.

A/N: What did you think? Should I continue, let me know your thoughts.    

Jack’s face still hurt, lip busted open and eye socket bruised, when he sat down across from Gabriel at the table. It stung more with the way the other man refused to look at him, instead flipping through paper documents spread out in front of him. There was silence for a long moment, to the point he considered just getting up and leaving, and then Gabriel cleared his throat.

“Cruz told me what happened.”

Jack glared at the table in lieu of looking at him when Gabriel raised his gaze to him. Another moment of silence passed, then Gabriel sighed.

“You look like shit, Morrison.”

“Should see the other guy…”

Jack’s knuckles still hurt. The sting there, at least, was oddly pleasant. Vindicating. Like he’d earned it.

Gabriel sighed again. “This is not how we solve problems, Jack. This isn’t some gladiatorial arena; we’re all professionals. I expect better from you.”

That… that stung worse than anything. Jack snapped his head up to look at him and instantly regretted it. Gabriel looked so, so tired. Like he hadn’t gotten sleep in days. And that, unfortunately, wasn’t impossible.

“Cruz told you what happened, right?” The words came out before he could stop them, worry and anger melding at the bubbling surface of his emotions. “Did she tell you that it wasn’t about me?”

“Of course she did, Jack,” Gabriel snapped, deflating him instantly. “And even if she hadn’t, I’m not fucking stupid. You think I don’t know the shit almost everyone I’ve ever commanded thinks about me? You think I’m that goddamn naive?”

Jack sank in his chair, head bowed.

“That’s not the fucking problem,” Gabriel went on, “you are. I don’t want you picking fights over me. The team doesn’t have to like each other, they just have to work together. Follow orders–which, need I remind you, you are the only one who has had a problem with in the past year.”

Now his chest stung. That old wound, the conversation that made Jack worry, briefly, that Gabriel didn’t even want to be his friend anymore. Words like ‘insubordination’ and 'headstrong’ thrown around. It hadn’t been pretty; neither had the incident that caused it, which left the meaty part of Jack’s hip full of shrapnel and Gabriel thinking his impulsive ass was going to die saving him. A mess. Not one he wanted brought up again.

“So I’m just supposed to do nothing?”

He wanted to sound angry but instead it just sounded defeated. Hurt. He felt like a scolded puppy, tail tucked between his legs. Must have looked it too because Gabriel’s expression softened some.

“Listen… it means a lot to me that you want to defend me. I mean it.” Gabriel reached out a hand and held it out to Jack, palm up. Jack looked at it a long moment before slowly putting his in it. It was somewhere between a handshake and something more gentle, Gabriel’s thumb kneading at the gaps between his sore knuckles. “But you can’t do it like this.” Jack felt himself deflate a little more but Gabriel went on, voice soft. “I’m down a man for our next mission because you broke his nose and I’d rather have a fucking asshole who knows chain of command than be short on a critical run.”

“I can’t let them talk about you like that,” Jack said slowly, eyes on Gabriel’s thumb as it pressed gently between his knuckles.

Gabriel gave a small 'hmm’ noise and finally released his hand. It felt too cold when he did and Jack quickly tucked it back into his coat pocket to try and make up for the loss. No luck.

“Just try not to put anyone else out of commission, will you? I actually need to be able to use our whole team.” Gabriel said, moving to flip through his paperwork again. “You’re dismissed.”

Jack lingered a moment longer before slowly getting to his feet. When he did, Gabriel stopped him without even looking up.

“And Jack?”


“Thank you.”

Jack tried to study his face, still bowed towards his files, but found no way to read it properly. Finally, he gave in with a little sigh.

“You’re welcome, Gabe.”