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turncoat: in defense of andromeda tonks nee black

The day after Andromeda’s world ended, she woke to a house full of life.

She rolled out of bed in soft pajamas, bare feet. One pillow was mussed and crumpled. The other was untouched, plumped just the way Ted liked it. She leaned against the headboard, pale fingers gone paler from squeezing the wood.

Her knees were creaking, her joints aching. She was forty three and she felt like she had at least a century brittling her bones. Morning light, grey and dim, dropped through the crack in the curtains, shattered to the floor. There was a sniffle. There was a crescendo of an infant’s cry. Andromeda wrapped an old blanket around her shoulders and went to her grandson.

If she had picked up the newspaper on her front step (she wouldn’t) she would have seen the garbled headlines first trying to make sense of the smoldering remains of the Battle of Hogwarts. THE END OF OUR TERROR? the Prophet screamed.

When Andromeda went out into the rest of the house with Teddy nestled into her shoulder, she had to step cautiously over sleeping bodies. In one corner, a boy with disheveled hair and crooked glasses was passed out on her living room floor, wrapped around a lithe redhead. Harry had insisted on coming to tell her about Nymphadora and Remus in person. The rest of the snorers on her floor had insisted on coming with him. Andromeda had insisted that if they tried to leave again in that state, exhausted and unfed, they’d end up passed out in a ditch somewhere and not just because she’d send a curse after them.

She didn’t know them yet. She didn’t know Harry would spend hours on all fours when Teddy was learning to crawl, demonstrating proper form, while Ginny laughed and cheered them both on with Lee Jordan-style commentary. She didn’t know Molly Weasley would fold herself bossily, comfortably, into Andromeda’s Saturday afternoons with teacakes and preserves, her mending and her sharpest gossip, kindest words.

Andromeda didn’t know that the bushy haired girl curled up on the couch would teach Teddy to read, buy him Muggle science books and help him make a potato battery for a lightbulb, that the lanky redhead bent like a long-limbed question mark at the foot of the couch would become Andromeda’s newest, brightest chess arch nemesis.

Little Teddy on one shoulder, Andromeda went barefoot into the kitchen to get down her daughter’s favorite mug and fill it full of steaming tea. Andromeda let it overbrew, watching sleeping chests, backs, ribs, stomachs rise and fall, breathe, shake. When she finally rolled the bitter liquid over her tongue, she clung to the mug, didn’t let it break the silence.

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history meme (french edition)  →  free choice: relationships (4/?) Antoinette de Bourbon & Anna d’Este

The specificity of the relationship between Antoinette and Anna lies in the fact that the two women became the pillars of the Guise family, more than the Guise men themselves, and managed to find comfort and support in each other. The bond between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law survived the darkest hour of the 16th century, and was so strong that Anna attempted to recreate it with her own daughter-in-law, though without much success. Born in a turbulent family, daughter of an outspoken and daring mother who never feared to speak up at any cost, Anna suddenly enjoyed the strong mind and sang-froid of the Guise mother, two qualities that would prove to be not only useful, but determinant in her life.

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top 5 haikyuu asses? #babygotback

Top 5 best asses in haikyuu???

Look at that booty. Show me the booty. Gimme the booty. I want the booty. Back up tha booty. I need tha booty. I like the booty. Oh, what a booty!

1. Bokuto. I HAVE DIED EVERY DAY WAITING FOR THE MOMENT I COULD USE THIS GIF!!! I mean, this is not just me being blinded by love, this actually the best haikyuu booty @whoever did this animation: THANK YOU  

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3. Oikawa. Again, I feel like thanking the animators for this. (Iwa-chan got booty too tho)  

4. Daichi. #confirmed by Suga

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5. Yaku. Our favorite kitty libero put the ass in sass 

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- Bonus: our favorite russian lion got A+ booty too and with this it’s safe to say that Nekoma wins the “Team with the best asses” award and if you think about it it’s such a Nekoma thing to do they don’t have the very best™ but still together they could steal the prize away from the team that’s on the top (look at me managing to say something serious here at the very end). 

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- Bonus #2: Makki must have a pretty fine piece of ass too apparently 

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Ask me my top 5 things!

Hi everyone! I’ve seen a few floating around, but I wanted to make my own April Study challenge! Below are the questions, which can be answered in the caption of a photo post or as a text post. If you answer any, please tag me, #nkbstudies or #heynay, or @ me so I can reblog it! Have a fun month of April <3

The tag for this challenge is #aprilsc, so as not to interfere with the tags of other challenges.


1 (Sa). How do you stay motivated?

2 (Su). Do you prefer to study alone or with friends?

3 (M). What’s your favorite spot to study (outside of your usual study space)?

4 (Tu). What’s your least favorite subject to study? How do you keep yourself motivated to study it?

5 (W). What’s your preferred method for planning?

6 (Th). How do you keep your work organized?

7 (F). What is your favorite subject to study?

8 (Sa). What’s your favorite book?

9 (Su). What’s your study space like?

10 (M). What are some of your general study tips?  

11 (Tu). Do you like to snack while studying? If so, what sort of snacks do you like?

12 (W). What sort of goals do you like to make and focus on? (i.e. long term/short term, incentives, etc.)

13 (Th). What’s your aesthetic (or your ideal aesthetic)?

14 (F). Who’s the best teacher/professor you’ve ever had, and why were they the best?

15 (Sa). Who’s the worst teacher/professor you’ve ever had, and why were they the worst?

16 (Su). Do you prefer binders or notebooks and folders?

17 (M). What are some of your favorite studyblrs?

18 (Tu). How do you like to take notes? What method is your favorite?

19 (W). What’s your must-have piece of stationery?

20 (Th). Where are you hoping to be 5 years from now? 10? 15?

21 (F). What are some of your subject-specific study tips?

22 (Sa). How much noise do you like when you’re studying? Do you like to listen to music/white noise, or does it need to be silent?

23 (Su). What gets you out of bed in the morning?

24 (M). How do you like to study for tests? What methods are your favorite?

25 (Tu). Do you get nervous for exams? If so, how do you combat this?

26 (W). What’s in your pencil case?

27 (Th). What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?

28 (F). April is Stress Awareness Month! What tips do you have for balancing school and mental health?

29 (Sa). What is your favorite kind of weather for studying? What’s your favorite kind of weather in general?

30 (Su). How has the month of April been for you?

Some of my favourite moments from Call Me by Your Name (the novel) Part 2

1. Flirting over Bach. While Elio plays Bach on the guitar, Oliver has a “cutting” and “cruel” look on his face. Wounded, Elio stops playing. Oliver begs him to continue, but Elio teases him by switching to piano and changing the piece, refusing to play it as he played it before until he finally acquiesces:

“I knew exactly what phrase in the piece must have stirred him the first time, and each time I played it, I was sending it to him as a little gift, because it was really dedicated to him, as a token of something very beautiful in me that would take no genius to figure out and that urged me to throw in an extended cadenza. Just for him.”

We talk a lot about Elio’s thirst but he is a true romantic!

2. While Oliver was dating Chiara he and group of friends decide to go for a bike ride. They are one bike short so Oliver asks Elio if Mario can borrow his:

“I shrugged my shoulders, meaning, Go ahead, I couldn’t care less. But no sooner had they left than I scrambled upstairs and began sobbing into my pillow.”


3. Basically all of Monet’s Berm, but especially when Elio puts his hand on Oliver’s crotch and Oliver removes it in a gesture that’s described as “quite glacial”.

I see you Oliver ;)

4. Vimini:

“He likes you too—more than you do, I think.”

Captain of our ship!

5. When Elio takes Oliver to the bookshop and thinks:

“This is where I dreamed of you before you came into my life.”

My romantic son.

6. Vulnerable Oliver. As much as I love Elio’s teen angst, Oliver’s longing has a quiet pain that is very moving. The first night they sleep together he is “fussing awkwardly”:

“ ‘I’m so glad you came,’ he said. ‘I could hear you moving in your room and for a while I thought you were getting ready to go to bed and had changed your mind.’ ”

And later when he asks, “Can I kiss you?”

7. Oliver taking off Elio’s clothes:

“He was whispering, ‘Off, and off, and off, and off,’ which made me laugh…”

Cute, and cute, and cute, and cute.

8. Elio seeing Oliver wearing his bathing suit and calling it an “unbearable turn-on” which somehow leads him to the memory of Oliver coming on his chest… Have I mentioned that I love this book?

9. The entire peach scene might be the most human thing I have ever read, but especially Elio’s reaction while Oliver is actually eating the peach: 

“I was crying because no stranger has ever been so kind or gone so far for me…”

10. In Rome when Elio begins to contemplate life without Oliver:

“Would I be able to live without his hand on my tummy or around my hips? Without kissing and licking a wound on his hip that would take weeks to heal, but away from me now? Whom else would I ever be able to call by my name?”

I’m in agony.

11. Elio’s dad ripping out what’s left of my heart and handing it back to me:

“I never had what you had. Something always held me back or stood in the way. How you live your life is your business. But remember our hearts and bodies are given to us only once… I don’t envy the pain. But I envy you the pain.”

12. Oliver’s Christmas visit:

“I’d love nothing better than to take your clothes off and at the very least hold you. But I can’t.”

*flips table*

13. And when they meet again years later:

“…he was more me than I had ever been myself, because when he became me and I became him in bed so many years ago, he was and would forever remain, long after every forked road in life had done its work, my brother, my friend, my father, my son, my husband, my lover, myself.”

Congratulations, you broke me.


In the archives of our office we have found a historical collection of public safety handouts.  Containing many copies of fliers, pamphlets, and booklets, this trove of information is a unexpected find amongst our materials, and must have been a forgotten piece of memorabilia from one of the previous staff at this institution (though why so many copies have been kept is a reasonable question, but we can only assume eccentricity).  While this information is no longer current, this very much is the history of the Darkening Wood itself.  This material dates from approximately the time of the Magical Disaster at Volsalburg, and this information gives a good insight to the feelings and attitudes toward magic (and its dangers) at the time.

This information includes the six-page booklet “Dealing with Magical Fallout“, a brochure “Safe Places During Magical Fallout“, and a small pocket checklist “Household List for Magical Disaster Preparedness“.  All of this information comes from the International Department of Magic Regulation and Support.

We, of course, do warn that this material is no longer considered current.

We would like to know if our readership would be interested in owning copies of this material, funds from which would be used to assist the operation of our labs.  We are also able to offer scans of this material in a digital format for download for a minimal fee, if this would also be of interest.  Please let us know of your interest in response to this post, and we will look into shipping and other logistical information if there is sufficient interest.

Miraculous Ladybug multi-collab for ML artists!!

Okay, I recently thought of this neat idea to make a multi-collab with any ML artists.. but what for? Do you remember how in the opening they have all of the characters stacked up on one another? Here is a reference down below..

I want to recreate that but on one large page with a whole bunch of artists! ALSO VERY IMPORTANT!! I would like to mention that while discussing this with a couple of peeps we are not doing them in their civilian forms, but in their akumatized/superhero forms! (this does NOT include the new spoiler versions, only Ladybug are Chat Noir are superheros in this)

I figure that if any artists are interested in participating, PM me here on tumblr and tell me what character you want to do. If there is more than one person who wants to do a character, then the one who asks first gets the slot! Any artist can do this as long as they are fairly recent on here (still running as of the start of this year) and they message me that they want to do it along with the characters left they want to do! There is no specific date quite yet but I figure the due date will be around late may ;D

Here is the list of 25 + 3 other akuma that states which characters (in order of pic from left to right, bottom to top) are taken or still open! I will update this every so often so keep in check if you’re interested:

  1. Ladybug - taken by me, @themasquedfox
  2. Lady Wifi - taken by @megatraven
  3. Puppeteer - taken by @becksyart or @beckyehhh
  4. Vanisher - taken by @thelastpilot 
  5. Chat Noir - taken by @australet789
  6. The Bubbler - taken by @larvesta
  7. Antibug - taken by @alazic02
  8. Princess Fragrance - taken by @anipwrites or @anip-art
  9. Reflecta - taken by @artgraveyard
  10. Dark Cupid - taken by @krissysally
  11. Horrificator - taken by @faoghart
  12. Gamer - taken by @evieoftheisle
  13. Timebreaker - taken by @stellalights
  14. Stormy Weather - taken by @kawasakies
  15. Stoneheart - taken by @cupcakeismynamebitchez
  16. Evillustrator - taken by @minis-art 
  17. Rogercop - taken by @foxyclocks
  18. Pixelator - taken by @sadrien
  19. Darkblade - taken by @dracoskullart
  20. Simon Says - taken by @thewonderfulwizardofass
  21. Guitar Villain - taken by @nalciel
  22. The Mime - taken by @art-esque
  23. Copycat - taken by @mocchidochi
  24. The Pharaoh - taken by @whydocowsfall
  25. Mr. Pigeon - taken by @baneismydragon
  26. Volpina (added slot) - taken by @akiwitch or @akidoodles
  27. Kung Food (added slot) - taken by @orbeck
  28. Animan (added slot) - taken by @dragonontheside

I tried to make this as organized as I could! As you can see there are 0 slots left!

Here are some general questions asked concerning this collab:

  • Do we have to use the same poses as the civilians do? Not at all, but it would definitely be preferred! If you do change it up, try to keep it simple. Please talk to me about it with some sample sketches for your idea if you do decide to do so (especially for the ones with characters together like alya/marinette and adrien/nino– see to me about it if you have these characters)
  • Can we do traditional art? Yes! You can do either traditional or digital!
  • If I am doing my piece traditional, how would I enter it in for the collab? Now I haven’t messed around with traditional art yet, but I’m pretty sure you can scan it in and place it as a transparent png. file, then send it to me! I hear Camscanner is also a pretty good scanner for that sort of thing.
  • What about the image type? In order for it piece to be accepted and assembled into the final pic, you must have your final piece a transparent png. file, that way it is easier to put on the canvas!
  • What is the due date to send it in the pieces? I haven’t settled on a certain date yet, but I’m thinking late may! I can only hope everyone gets it done earlier ^^;

Let me warn you that there may be some parts of your artwork covered up by others artwork based on the MLB opening character stack, so here is what I will say for you to do– I want you to post your piece of the collab on your blog and tag me in it so that I can provide a link to each individual piece from the full final collaboration that I am posting here. Please only watermark your artwork on your piece that you post on you blog and not the one you send me!

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you all have a wonderful day! I’m sure it will look lovely when it’s done <3 Message me if your interested and tell me what character you would like to do and feel free to ask me questions in the ask box too or through a PM! I look really forward to it!!

Quick shoutout to @the-bored-bookworm for helping me put this idea together! I seriously appreciate it!! OvO

[I will update and edit this often]


Prompt: One day, you accidentally made a symbol to summon a demon on your sandwich and Crowley pops up.

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

A/N: Hey guys! It’s been a while. School is a pain in the ass but I think I’ll survive. I liked the prompt of this and the last bit was a little extra part I decided to add. My requests are open it’ll only take me a billion years to even write it lol

Tag List: @charley1979 @gettinjoyful @roxy-davenport Sorry if I missed someone, tell me and I’ll add you onto the list

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You just got home from a long day at the office. Your feet ache and you have a giant headache. You just got out of a bath you ran for yourself and now you trudge your way into the kitchen. There’s no problem that a little bit of food can’t fix. 

Moving around in some underwear and an oversized t-shirt, you started pulling things out from the cupboards and the fridge, getting all the ingredients you needed for a quick little sandwich. Assembling it together in record time, you grab some mayo and started smearing it around on your slice of bread. Not minding where you were placing it, you kept smearing it until it was covered. 

“Hello, darling.” A deep voice grumbled from behind you. You let out a yelp and jumped nearly 5 feet into the air. Twirling around, still holding your butter knife in one hand and your piece of bread in the other, you come face to face with a man in a black tailored suit with a red tie.

He was quite taller than you as he stood there with his hands in his pockets. You looked at him with wide eyes as you squeaked, “How did you get in here?” He raised an eyebrow at you and gave you a questioning look.  

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The Spirit box

A spirit box is a construct used to house spirits through their fetishes (an item used to conjure spirits or act as a medium to interact with one). The box can help accomplish the following:
+ Evoking many spirits
+ Cast spells, present petitions and requests to spirits
+ Give offerings
+ Move spirits from place to place easily
+ Be used as a compact spirit altar

+ A wooden box, no wider than an arm’s length and no taller than two hand spans, the box must have a lid.
+ A piece of paper.
+ White candle.
+ Black paint and a paint brush (other methods such as wood burning, etching or drawing may be used, so long as the media[medium] is black).

Making the box:
1) First, write out a welcoming letter addressed to all spirits. Invite them to work with you, promise a reward, tell them exactly who you are.
At the bottom of the page, write a godless blessing for the spirits, wishing them rest and other such things.
2) Take the box and begin to draw the following on the top and bottom:
A circle with lines dividing it into four equal segments (sometimes called a “crossroads symbol”).
This is the only mandatory symbol. I have made several of these and have met only failure without this symbol, acting as only a box and nothing more. This symbol resembles a space between worlds, from which either side may contact the other and thus is very important to something such as this box.
3) Finish decorating the box with other symbols if you wish. refrain from using symbols referring to a specific god or goddess unless you work only with spirits of that faith (a very foolish thing to do).
4) Roll up your petition and burn it, once it is ash, spread it all over the box (excluding the inside). Dress the inside with something such as oils, blood, bone dust, grave dust or other appropriate materials. DO NOT USE SALT OR BANISHING OILS/HERBS. YOU ARE DEFEATING THE PURPOSE OF THE BOX.
5) Dress a candle in the blood of any animal, twisting towards you as you do. Open the box and place the candle inside. Light the candle and let it burn out.
6) Place in as many fetishes as you please. To evoke them, light a candle and place it in front of or behind the box.
Place a offering, utter an invocation and knock on the box three times for every fetish in the box.

If you are incapable of conjuring spirits, this box will not change that. This is for those who have worked with spirits previously and know how to summon them and have done so.
As mentioned before, do not use banishing/cleansing herbs or you will “break” the box, making it useless for necromancy.
Offerings you can place inside can be anything from fruits to wine and rum.
When not using the box, cover it in a black veil so that the spirits within are not disturbed.



Please Read Carefully!


-Extra details, or request of a difficult pose may cost an extra fee

-I MUST have a reference piece of your character. Will not accept written descriptions at this time.


-Only 1 character per person.

-Will only include white bg.

-Your commission may be streamed.


-All transactions are to be made via paypal (you will need to cover the transaction fee).

- I must receive payment before I start working on your commission.

-If I do not receive your payment within 7 days, I will let another person have the slot.

How to Order:

Please email me at titled “Commission - (yourusername)”

Please include the following information in your order:

Type: Headshot / Waist-up / Full Body
Reference link: 
Pose / expression preferred:
Personality (not mandatory):

-I will send the completed high-res piece to the email you placed the order with, unless stated otherwise.

*Please send me payment only after I have confirmed your order!*

After I have accepted the commission, please send the payment to 

-Do include your username in the info so that I know who the money’s from. 

Thank you for reading!

Bad Moon Rising [Modern!Kylo x Reader]

Summary: A flat tire and a chance encounter crosses your path with Kylo’s. His good looks and intrigue draw you in, but there’s something hiding behind those dark eyes still to uncover.

BMR Masterlist // AO3

A/N: Alright. Here’s my first go at this. I wanted to add more detail, but I think I’m going to end up making this into a short series (I already have part 2 written!) so I wanted to get through the inciting incident first. Hope y’all like it!

Warnings: Language.

Word count: 2,500+

The night was frigid and exceedingly dark, the heavy cloud cover blocking out any light from the moon. You hated working late, but that was exactly what you had done every day this week. Working late was one thing but working late in retail was another. At the end of a dayshift you could grab your stuff and leave. But a night shift just took it out of you. You had to restock and tidy up and didn’t end up leaving until an hour after the store had closed. Now you were exhausted and just wanted to get home, so you decided to take your shortcut. It would get you home faster but you had to drive through some sketchy areas first. During the day this wasn’t a problem, but now was nearly midnight and the city was basically dead. This route would get you home much faster, however, and all you could think about was getting in bed.

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Your work has been a gift to mankind. You shaped the century.

Nightlight Volume 2 Issue 4 Submission Period OPEN

Hello, Nightlight crowd! Time for a new theme to wrap up our eventful second year, and I’m particularly excited about this one.

Volume 2 Issue 4: Here Be Dragons (July 21 - October 5)

You read that right: this issue, we’re accepting fantasy pieces. The standard demographic of the magazine still stands, the piece must have either character(s) with a mental illness and/or be authored by someone with one, but other than that, all pieces of fantasy are welcome. Urban fantasy, high fantasy, low fantasy, space operas, dark, heroic, contemporary–it’s fantasy all the way down, folks. Once again, pieces that are inherently derogatory in nature will not be accepted, nor will pieces that are erotic or heavily gory. Nightlight is accepting artwork as well, the specific guidelines of which are on our guidelines page.

People interested in doing the cover should either email or PM us. Good luck!

You’ll Be in My Heart

I was in the mood for a sad story, and haven’t really been writing recently, so I decided to combine the two.  I don’t usually write angst, but I think there’s enough fluffy bits in here to make it recognizable as a Ginny fic.

This could potentially take place in this universe, but I’m not sure if this is a one-time thing, or if I’ll adopt this headcanon for future stories.

Stanley learns something about Lefou’s past that he never would have imagined

Warning:  There’s nothing graphic, but it does deal with the death of someone very young, so be careful.

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