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Everyone feels that they didn’t study well or didn’t solve enough practice or past paper questions before their exam and start to panic. And as A Levels 2015 are approaching these are my tips to stay calm and hopefully never panic before the exam day/hour.

  1. Never study the day before your exam and on they day of your exam for a number of reasons. You will most probably want to cram and start to panic about stuff you know but must have forgotten like in this rush hour. So busy yourself by studying other subject, watching movies, or even having a day out.  This might seem impractical to some of you but do you really want to spend your day stressing over your exam or do you want to be relaxed and confident and do well?
  2. Before your exam day make sure to have a good night sleep and have a healthy breakfast to function well. Pray, mediate and do anything to feel relaxed (ps. it helps!)
  3. NEVER EVER stay next to a person who is a study-a-holic. Like once, me and my friend where pretty much super confident and we passed by one of our classmates and she was litrerally studying 5 minutes before the exam and discussing some information which was out of our syllabus. This made me so uneasy and lowered my self esteem which is NOT GOOD and yeah so remember if you happen to know these kind of people (no offence !!) just don’t be near them before your exam. 
  4. While revising for your exams (in case of A Levels) don’t just go over through your notes. What I recommend you to do is to do past exam papers and while doing them understand your level of understanding the topics and answering them. Note down the chapters and topics you need to go over through using tracking charts and then revising these topics that you need to focus more on.
  5. Another before revision tip, is while doing your past exam papers is to note down questions (works mostly for biology really) in flashcards and then review them while revision. For example in my biology paper we have free response questions which carry 15 marks and they are easy to score all the points, so lets say I don’t know the answer for the light independent stage of photosynthesis and role of NAD, so making a flashcard with the answers of the marking scheme and reviewing them before the exam day will be good!
  6. One of my favourite tips is to revise for your exam a day before the day before your exam (ah weird?). So lets say my first exam is actually 8th May 2015 and it is A Level Biology paper 5 so instead of revising for it on 7th and 8th May I will be revising for it on the 6th. Why is that? This is because I will actually be already done revising for the paper and cover all the topics I need to cover before hand. I will not be stressed as much as when it is before the exam or so. Therefore, on the 7th I will be doing for chemistry past papers and I will have less time to think about my actual exam the following day.



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TS4  bfly33 retexture

I could have sworn I did this a while ago. I must have deleted it and forgotten about it. Weird. Anyway I redid it for you! 

The Mesh is by nessasims and you need to download it here.
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  3. Standalone
  4. Mesh NOT Included

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As much as I love Frozen, I must admit some things that annoy me about the movie and  the fandom around it. And you can blame the “progressive disney” fans for it

  • Frozen isn’t the first Disney movie to have a strong female role, people must've  forgotten about the Disney movie about how a Chinese girl disguised herself as a man and fought against the Huns for the honor of her family -…..also known as Mulan.
  • Frozen isn’t the first Disney movie that didn’t have the love interest as the focus point…but instead put the relationship between two characters as the focus. There was a movie that came out a couple years ago Called “BRAVE” that focused on a girl that didn’t want to pick a husband, wanted to do archery instead of being a princess, and went on a journey to repair her relationship with her mom
  • There wasn’t anything “feminist” about Anna or Elsa, the story was about the love between two sisters. To me, it was “Brave” that went back to the tried and true “Disney musical” format. Merida is just as “progressive” as Anna- Neither were damsels in distress and were driven in what they wanted to do. That’s just modern women now a days. Nothing really feminist about it.
  • Actually in my opinion, if Brave was a musical, or if Frozen wasn’t a musical, Frozen wouldn’t be as popular because though the characters were good, the storyline was…..sloppy. I mean the story is about sister love, but the theme seemed…..rushed like hell and more like “hey guys it’s something different…check it out”, rather than genuine at some points.
  • Thanks to the Hype people put around this movie, If you watch it now, you would think it’s highly overrated, which says something about how (weak) the plot was done.

All the people bitching about fall out boy touring with wiz khalifa must have forgotten about 2009 when they toured with 50 cent or the song they did with lil Wayne. I think it’s awesome they try to expose their fans to different kinds of music. Pull your head out of your ass and give wiz a chance who knows, you might like it! And if you don’t you can stay home while the rest of us have fun at the boys of zummer tour.

People who think Alison is just playing Emily must have forgotten about The Mermaid. You know, the diary entry that Alison wrote? That was about Emily? Here’s what it said:

“Look at my mermaid. If she knew how much power she had. She could have whoever she wants. But she’s afraid. I think about what she’d be like if she was as tough as she was beautiful.

You can be anything you want to be in this world, but one thing you can’t be, is weak." 

This is in Alison's diary. The same diary that she probably hid from everyone. Why would she lie in her own private diary? She had no reason to when she was most likely the only one to see it. What’s important here is that Alison thinks of Emily as her mermaid. Hers. She also thinks she’s beautiful. And she knew that Emily wanted her, but she still thought that she was beautiful enough to have someone better or someone that wasn’t her. Which is saying something because Alison thought she was the queen. She doesn’t want Emily to be weak; she wants her to be strong and brave. Also, "If she knew how much power she had” what this means exactly, I’m not too sure. But it sounds to me like Emily had some type of hold over Alison. She had power over her even though Emily was shy and reserved. Because of her beauty and her character, she had power, but she didn’t know that. Alison did though. Anyway, the point of this post was to say that this entry doesn’t sound manipulating or cruel at all. These are Alison’s true and raw thoughts and emotions. She had/has some type of feelings for Emily and you can’t deny that.

Dad and Mom got in last night and we made plans for the morning. We left the house early, driving south to see the tulip farm before it got too busy. After all the days of sun we must have forgotten about the rain, it caught us unexpectedly just as we were arriving. We didn’t let the weather deter us, and we walked out into the fields, through the sea of color. It got pretty cold after just a few minutes, and it even started hailing, so we walked the fields and finished taking photos before running back to the car, already planning out where we wanted to go next. → Peter Schweitzer

Note Shenanigans

Pre and Post Airport

In which his hand writing suggests he should have been a doctor and she feels a little bit like a CIA TV show character trying to break the code to solve the mystery to save the people so the world doesn’t end. All before the last five minutes of the show to gaurantee she gets her few moments of sexual tension with her hot partner. 

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Early in 2006, Central Park Media sent out a call to kaiju fans to submit to them their own original kaiju designs, with a selection to be featured on the then-forthcoming DVD release of Negadon: The Monster From Mars. The call recieved plenty of submissions, and among them were Mr. Matt Frank (spankzilla85) with Xogasaurus, Raf Gonzales of Enshohma’s Corner with Manbudra, and yours truly - “Steven S.” - with my own Mukadae. I slightly remember submitting my drawing, but must have forgotten about it soon after, as I only discovered it had been included on the disc when I finally picked up the Negadon DVD in 2012! Nonetheless it was a pleasant surprise to discover my name immortalised on a kaiju DVD, and I’m weirdly proud of it!

So we just got back to Moscow and I went to pick up Shinji from my grandma who was watching him

Was met with this

He stayed like that for like 20 minutes straight and just when I thought that his tiny hedgehog brain must have forgotten all he knew about human interaction (since grandma wasn’t handling him) and will never be the same he SUDDENLY realized it was me and literally popped out of his tight ball of pain and started aggressively climbing onto me and trying to cuddle under my chin like there is no tomorrow

And I mean

I literally did not expect this dumb potato to miss me

And he is probably just used to having cuddles every day and knows it feels nice and the familiar smell made him feel safe

But he was just SO HAPPY and holy shit that’s so fucking cute

He’s clearly crouching, we can even see his knee. Crouched down he’s about 6 bricks tall. Awfully big to be a baby. Whoever listed his age as 16, thus making him 1 in the above picture, must have forgotten about this scene and/or the part where it says this was 15 years ago.