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could I have some hcs for ma boys Jesse, Jack, Gabe and Hanzo taking care of an injured or sick reader? like reader really wants to go out again but they haven't fully recovered yet? (I know this is basic af but I'm a sucker for these)

No worries, dear Anon, we are suckers for this kind of requests too, we won’t judge! xD 


  • You got sick with a bad case of a cold that refused to go away and had been bothering you for almost two weeks now. Knowing how highly contagious a cold tends to be, you told Jesse to stay as far away from you as physically possible; he had various tasks to take care of and couldn’t allow himself to get sick because of an impending mission. Did that stop him? No. Could he care any less? No.
  • He desperately wanted to take care of you and refused to leave your side for more than a few minutes at a time even though you kept reassuring him that it was a simple cold that should be gone within the next few days. He wouldn’t have any of it; to him, this illness could have put your life at stake. He made sure that you got the best treatment possible, he also took off his serape and wrapped it around you to make sure you wouldn’t get too cold (though you had already been wrapped in roughly three blankets).
  • This man needs a lot of affection and you soon realized that a cold didn’t stop him from claiming it. You tried to tell him to stay away from you but he kept going in for kisses and cuddles, not caring that he risked his own health in the process. 
  • He even risked getting into a huge argument with Gabe by not showing up to training a few times and instead preparing some soup for you. It just proved how dedicated he is.
    (Gabe would have given him some time off, he’s not that heartless, but since Jesse never actually asked, the cowboy had to prepare for a lot of extra work.) 
  • Since lying in bed all day got boring quickly, you decided to leave your room and at least get some kind of snack even though you still felt like you were about to faint at any moment. You prayed that you wouldn’t run into your boyfriend but, of course, destiny always brought you two together. He seemed a little shocked to see you out of bed, walking around tiredly and grabbing the kitchen counter for support.
    “This ain’t yer bed, sugar. I could have brought ya that cereal bar, ya know?”
    He quickly led you back to your room and made sure you didn’t leave that mattress for the next few hours, at least not without his aid.
  • Remember how you told him not to get too close to you? Guess who got sick the day you fully recovered. You’ll be passing that cold back and forth for ages if you don’t keep him away! 


  • He truly wanted to help you when you got sick with the stomach flu, honestly, but this man was just so extremely busy due to his position. The least he tried to do was send others, preferably Ana, to frequently check up on you. He also called a lot to make sure you were resting properly and send some words of comfort. 
  • When he noticed your condition slightly worsening, he immediately canceled as many meetings as he possibly could to be with you more, he started to worry too much and wouldn’t have been able to concentrate properly anyway. Jack took some of his paperwork with him to finish it in your room to keep you company and let Gabe and Ana handle training the new recruits. Of course, he wasn’t able to spend all his time by your side but he tried his hardest to pass as much of his work as possible to others. 
  • Though he craved affection and attention as much as Jesse did, he knew how important it was that he didn’t get sick; the strike commander being away for even a few days might have resulted in a disaster. He did give you a comforting pat on the back once in a while, but sadly, he wouldn’t get any closer than that. Hugs and kisses would have been pretty problematic with the stomach flu anyway. 
  • His mom taught him how to help with stomach problems by using some home remedies. He got you some snacks that didn’t cause your stomach too much discomfort and made sure you always drank enough.
  • He always held your hair back for you if it got in your way whenever your stomach rioted and you came face to face with the toilet bowl.
  • Of course, the stomach flu had hit you right before a mission that you had been looking forward to for ages. You might have been able to recover until it started but you still missed out on a significant amount of training. So you tried making your way over to the training facility without running into him but in the end, you did bump right into Jack when rounding a corner in one of the many hallways. He looked at you in confusion for a few seconds, processing the situation until he scowled at you, grabbed you by the wrist and gently guided you back to your room.
    He had already assigned someone else to that mission but promised to soon give you a similar one.
    Jack also took that day off to watch you and make sure you didn’t get any other stupid ideas.


  • You were a little clumsy; everyone knew that very well, so it didn’t come as a surprise when you broke your ankle during a mission after tripping over a branch in the forest. Other than that, you were perfectly fine, no bruises or anything. Gabe didn’t seem too worried; your injury wasn’t life-threatening, he just kept telling you that you should have been more careful of your surroundings. 
  • He also turned out to be a teasing asshole about it.
    You want a hug? Stand up and get it.
    You need some water? What a shame the kitchen is so far away.
    However, as soon as you did stand up to get what you wanted, he freaked out, reminding you that he was only joking and that you had to sit back down and rest immediately.
  • He was actually worrying a lot more than he would have liked to admit, he kept reminding himself that you would be recovering quickly. Still, when he was at work or training with the Blackwatch members, he was always on edge, couldn’t wait to finally check up on you and make sure everything was alright.
    Gabe ordered McCree and Genji around to bring you water, a meal, another pillow, or anything else you requested when he was too busy. 
  • After finishing work, he immediately went over to your room, checking if you needed anything. As he saw you walking around, limping to the door to get some fresh air and finally move your limbs a little, he swiftly picked you up and put you into your bed again. He kept asking way too many questions. Have you eaten anything yet? Did you drink enough water? Was your foot still hurting a lot? Did you need painkillers?
    You had to reassure him that you were fine; it was just a broken ankle and not the end of the world. He must have completely forgotten about your injury not being life-threatening. 
  • Of course, Angela had given you crutches so it wasn’t like you couldn’t walk or at least hop around the headquarters on your own, yet Gabe didn’t let you go anywhere without supervision.
    You could have tripped and gotten hurt even worse, there was no way he was risking that.
    You thought reminding him that you were a grown adult able to take care of yourself helped? Nope, nice try though.
  • After practicing your puppy eyes for a while, you actually got him to carry you around, preferably by giving you a piggyback ride. Gabe might have sent death glares to the people throwing comments about him going soft but he actually enjoyed it. A lot. 


  • You almost got shot during a mission, the bullet only grazed your side in the end but it still left a nasty wound. When Hanzo found out about your injury, he completely freaked out on the inside but was able to conceal his panic pretty well. 
  • He was extremely careful, rejecting any kind of physical contact, afraid of hurting you even though you kept insisting that it barely hurt anymore and it shouldn’t have been a problem at all. Still, he refused to get too close to you, worried that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself after initiating anything. He was scared that any movement might have resulted in your wound starting to bleed again. 
  • Hanzo followed you around almost everywhere, almost every time, watching you closely. He kept an eye on you to make sure you didn’t strain yourself and didn’t do anything reckless that might have caused your wound to open. 
  • He was also extremely observant. If you were still hurting but trying to play it cool, he knew. You tried to hide your pain but he always found out, immediately coming to your side as soon as you winced only slightly, barely visible to anyone else. 
  • He kept asking if he could help you with any tasks or bring you food or drinks while also asking you to please just lie down and rest. He aided you with every single thing, even the easiest tasks that you could have finished by yourself without any problems.
    Hanzo wanted to make sure that there was no way you could hurt your side, he couldn’t stand seeing you in pain. You didn’t mind doing any of your chores, you needed some movement but you decided not to complain. 
  • You decided to go to the training room one night, secretly, having had enough of this confinement to your bed. Hanzo almost got a heart attack when he found your side of the bed empty at midnight but had a feeling you went out to train. He probably would have done the same.
    After he found you carefully practicing some basic moves he started to scold you but soon composed himself. He then proceeded to gently wrap his arms around you, careful not to get too close to your injury, and begged you not to make him worry like that again. After seeing that you were able to do some simple training without being in pain, he allowed you to do more things on your own again, still keeping a close eye on you, of course.
Igniparous, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction
Dragons. Fire born beasts larger than houses, wicked fangs and claws that could tear people to pieces. They train them. They ride them. They fight beside them. Eventyr, an academy in Northern Ishgar, is where young men and women go to train for the Ryttere, the military's Dragon Corps. But dragons aren't the only thing Natsu and Lucy discover there.

Lucy glances at the battered tapestry on the wall, thoughts straying from what Makarov is telling her, the words becoming white noise, hazy and easily forgotten. It’s an old thing, the tapestry, frayed at the edges and bloodstained. Her gaze traces the lines in the fabric, following the fine weaving of each stitch until she can’t find where one ends and the next begins. For a long moment she wonders how long it’s been here, rotting away in this room, left for the bugs. It’s collecting dust, only a thin layer, but dust all the same. Makarov must have forgotten about it over the summer when he left for The North. No matter, the old thing was decaying the last time she saw it, she doubts it can be saved now.

Her gaze flicks over the art, taking in the monstrous shapes and dimming colors: Dragons. The tapestry has been around since the first Dragon War, years and years ago. The thing should be in a museum somewhere, some place where it can be protected from time. Makarov never has been one for giving up his prizes, however. She forgets the story behind it, but she knows he must have won the old thing, probably back during his days as a gambler.

He doesn’t do that much anymore, not since before Lucy was born. From what she’s been told, he was good at the game, could play his cards right and outmatch just about anyone, but when he lost, he lost hard. It cost him his marriage, but he wouldn’t let it cost him his children, or his eventual grandchildren. Despite this, Lucy knows he still has a fondness for risk taking, though he’s more strategic about cutting his losses.

She remembers an occasion where he had a bit too much bourbon and too little luck during a game of poker. It had cost him his pants and perhaps a little of his dignity. Regardless, it was certainly a holiday to remember, even if she was mortified to see her grandfather strip down to nothing.

It was Laxus’ fault, really. He was the one that brought out the bourbon in the first place, despite knowing what a mess it would make. He should have known better than to do that, but she supposes that with everything that happened around that time, Laxus just wanted all of them to forget. They all just needed to forget, at least for a little while. She wishes it was that simple, but forgetting isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds, and the bourbon only led to more heartbreak than it was worth.

Laxus tried though, and that’s more than Lucy did.

New fic guys! Enjoy <3

Daddy Issues - Part Two

Description: Yeah like you got daddy issues.

A/U: This was an emotional rollercoaster to write, so I’m praying y’all feel the same. Also, there are a lot of the y/n y/l/n like things in this. I was under the impression I could change additional ones but it won’t work for me. If you know how I can fix it please message me!

Word Count: 4,893

<< Part One

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One. Zero. One. Three. (An Adlock x Marylock Fanfiction)

(Hey y’all! The other day, I had this epiphany that I wanted to make a fic with references to John trying to flirt with Irene in ASiB. Thanks to @i-am-benedict-cumberbatched‘s amazing prompt on Mary learning about Irene waaaaaay back, my plans have been culminated into this so hope y’all enjoy!)

Originally posted by consultingpiskies

There’s a huge distinction between lilacs and purples, and it is important to know which is which – or so Sherlock convinces himself to believe. 

221B has been filled with clutter, or at least more clutter than usual, ever since the preparations for John and Mary’s wedding started. He couldn’t hide his nervousness, despite trying to be his level-headed self, waiting for the event to happen making him uneasy. 

The obvious thing that occurred in his mind is the disturbing sentimentality that comes along his camaraderie with John Watson. To be fair, it is quite manageable considering the fact that having Mary in his life now is one to be grateful for. In fact, if he believed in a higher power, he would probably consider it a blessing.

“Are you looking up bridesmaid dresses?” Mary asked, taking him by surprise as she popped up behind him. 

He abruptly closed his laptop, playing it cool, and simply replied, “Just doing my research.”

Mary giggled, rolling her eyes playfully at him. In her hands were a bunch of invitations. 

“Anyone else you’d like to include, Sherlock? Probably a date? John mentioned a crazy mad one from before.” she asked teasingly. Behind her, John gave a not-so-subtle scoff. 

Mary raised her eyebrow and turned to face her soon-to-be husband. “Her name’s Irene Adler, right John?”

John pursed his lips, probably remembering the lie Mycroft told him. The Woman was supposed to be dead, right? 

“Ah, yes. Erm…” John simply muttered. “Probably not the best idea to invite her to our wedding.”

Mary looked amused. “Why not? Sherlock doesn’t seem to mind.”

Sherlock looked at Mary with a protesting expression. “I didn’t–”

“Ooooh! I think I struck a nerve here!” Mary quipped delightfully, resting her chin on her fingers. “Now, I really want to invite her.”

John sighed. “That bloody woman is a walking chaos. Talk about…”

Sherlock found himself irritated, John’s words sounding muddled against his ears. He finds his patience more tolerating when it comes to John and Mary, but this time, the doctor’s words against The Woman gave his head a buzz. A similar feeling occurred years ago, when John was deliberately turning on the charm, or what people call tried to flirt, with Irene Adler back when all three of them first met. 

And so, he couldn’t quite stop his own tongue at spilling the following words: “If I remember correctly, you didn’t initially think she was a chaotic woman. She was actually your type before she deliberately turned you down.”

John stopped talking, brows knitting together in confusion. 

“Oh, this is the first time I am hearing about this.” Mary grinned, nodding at Sherlock to continue. 

Sherlock sighed. “No, I–”

John, still obviously irritated, leaned towards their direction. “I want to hear about this as well. What in the world are you talking about?”

The detective realised that John must have forgotten about the incident already, but even with the protests of his logical self, his mouth started to recount the story.

“When we asked her about the case of the hiker and the backfire, and how she knew about it, she said she knew what one of the policemen… liked.” Sherlock almost spat the word. “And so you immediately offered, or more appropriately, tried to offer that you are not just a policeman, but a former soldier, considering that you asked her if she likes policemen with a leaning stance and a lingering stare, suggesting pride, attraction, and interest. Not to mention the small smile you have as you asked the question, suggesting that you did, in fact, have the soldier card up your sleeve. I’m assuming that her dismissing your advances might have caused your… hostility towards her.”

To his surprise, as soon as he ended, John and Mary are both smiling knowingly. 

“So, I was right. You were jealous that’s why you tried to impress her.” John replied, smirking. The doctor turned to his fiancee, and added, “Sherlock forgot to mention that to ‘dismiss’ me, Irene Adler’s exact words were ‘I like detectives, and detective stories. Brainy is the new sexy.’ So now you probably know why Sherlock’s practically smitten with her.”

Mary’s smile grew wider, shrugging. “To be fair, you really got dumped.”

“I wasn’t… I’m not… smitten… with her.” Sherlock muttered through his teeth.

“Whatever you say, dear.” Mary replied, piling up the invitations she was holding. 

And if Sherlock wasn’t mistaken, she may have deliberately left a blank one just above the drawer where he kept the Vertu. 

“Sherlock, dear, can you come here for a moment?” Mary called from the top of the stairs, as he and John were discussing something with Lestrade by the doorway. The detective gave her a nod and followed. 

“What is it?” he asked casually, oblivious of what is about to happen. 

There was something about Mary’s smile that made his senses tingle, heart thrumming as she gestured him to sit. His brow raised in curiosity when she showed him his own mobile phone. 

“You shouldn’t leave your phone lying around, especially when you have a very naughty text alert.” she teased. 

It was evident that surprise was spread across his face, Mary simply enjoying the moment. Then she read, “Pregnant lady, bronze babies, cloaked man, and Kafka… Guess where I am? IA. IA— I wonder who this is?”

So Irene is in Prague. Safe. Good to know. Still, he wouldn’t say that out loud. Not when the cat’s out of the bag.

Sherlock walked over to Mary, without making eye contact, and asked for his phone with an extended hand. She willingly gave it back to him, crossing her legs as if waiting for an explanation. 

“Oh please, I didn’t do it on purpose! It was displayed on your screen, inviting prying eyes. I didn’t even have to crack your passcode. But I tried it and it was quite easy.” she smugly said, grinning at him. 

“Is it now?” he replied, deadpan, missing a point.

“John told me she was dead, and that you didn’t know because Mycroft wanted to keep it a secret. But you knew they were lying because you saved her, didn’t you?” Mary asked curiously, but Sherlock knew she already had it all figured out. 

“I think the answer to that is quite… obvious.” Sherlock replied. He noticed Mary’s questioning look that made him roll his eyes. 


Mary was obviously trying to restrain herself from smiling. “You still see each other.”

Sherlock sighed. “I don’t understand why you’ve taken intere–”

“When are you going to text her back?” she asked again, grinning. 

“I don’t.” 

“Stop fibbing.”

“I’m not.”

“I know when you’re fibbing.”

Sherlock can’t help but run his fingers through his hair, agitated. Why is Mary pressing on about her?

“One. Zero. One. Three.” Mary mused, playfully rocking back and forth on her seat. 

The detective was suddenly back to being attentive, unsure of what he’s heard. Mary raised her eyebrows at him. “You seem surprised.”

“How did you–?” Sherlock started, but he was interrupted by John entering the flat. 

Sherlock took every opportunity to talk to Mary about the matter at hand, but she dismisses him immediately as soon as he rejects her request to talk about Irene Adler. 

Days passed, then weeks, and every time he’s on his phone, she keeps on whispering, “Make sure you have it on vibrate.” accompanied by a cheeky wink. 

But it was when John went to fix some papers for their clinic that he found himself alone again with Mary’s inquiring eyes. 

“Mary, please, it’s a simple question.” Sherlock hissed. 

“So was mine. I just wanted to know… how things are.” Mary smiled. 

“The passcode…”

“…is the date when you saved her from that terrorist cell. October 13, yes?” she said, an air of pride in her voice. 

“Yes.” Sherlock replied shortly. 

“And… we’ll just leave it at that?” Mary groaned. 

“It’s just a passcode.” he asserted unconvincingly. 

Mary theatrically tapped her pointer finger near her lips as if to exaggerate that she was thinking. “John told me that, to Mycroft’s hesitance in telling the story if I might add, the only reason why you beat Irene Adler was because her passcode was your name.”

Sherlock tried to focus on the wall behind Mary instead of directly looking at her. “I didn’t beat her.” 

Mary nodded. “Because you went out of your way to save her, thus making you feel like you lost.”

The detective didn’t reply. Instead, he handed Mary his phone. 

“What do you want me to do with this?” Mary asked. 

“Any observations?” he asked, voice too quiet that it would seem like he was talking to himself. 

Mary looked at the phone and her smile grew wider. “iPhone 5. So after all these years, you still backup all her messages, and even her text alert, and put it in whichever phone you’re using. The question is, why?”

Sherlock sighed as Mary handed him the phone back. “Everything I will say is a secret. Our secret.”

“Of course, dear.” Mary replied sincerely. 

“I believe John feels very strongly about my relationship with The Woman, so I’d rather he not know.” Sherlock grumbled. 

“I don’t think he hates her, really, he just told me that when you thought she died, he was very worried about… your emotional state. And he couldn’t understand you, her, and you and her. Plus, you did say Irene dumped him easily. Maybe it hurt his ego.” she joked. 

“Even I don’t understand her… And myself when with her.” Sherlock confessed, not meeting Mary in the eyes. 

“Why did you save her?” Mary asked directly, narrowing down the conversation into the most obvious foundation. 

Sherlock’s mind reeled, words and expressions flying through his usually above average train of thought. 

Mary smiled and reached out to touch his folded hands. “Sherlock, admitting that you feel something for her will not make you a lesser being. I hope you know that.”

“It’s never simple with her.” he sighed. “She’s too clever, too cunning, too dangerous, too inviting, too… just too much everything. And I can’t get her out of my head. It can be irritating at times. Prancing into my Mind Palace even in the middle of cases. And what’s more frustrating is I don’t want to… stop thinking about her, I mean… Oh, will you stop looking so happy? It’s not like I just confessed a murder, or a solution to a decade-long case.”

“But you did speak out your heart. Look, Sherlock, I’m not asking you to try and have what John I and have with her. I know that’s what you’re worried about. I can see that you feel restrained by the idea of ‘settling down with The Woman’ and that’s not what I’m telling you.” Mary explained. 

“Then what exactly are you telling me?” Sherlock asked. 

“I’m simply letting you know that it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. Live out the adventure. Play the game. Gamble. Fall.” 

Sherlock studied every word that escaped Mary’s lips. “You can be difficult at times, Mary Morstan.”

She grinned. “Made you think, didn’t it?”

For the first time since they started the conversation, Sherlock smiled. “I believe you and her will get along very well.”

Mary’s smile grew. “So you’ll let me meet her?”

The smile on Sherlock’s face disappeared quickly. “No.”

Pouting, she playfully punched him in the arm. “Why not?”

“It’ll be too chaotic.” 

“Oh, please! It’ll be fun!” Mary insisted. 

Sherlock rolled his eyes. “No. And besides, she’s… she’s currently halfway across the world so contain yourself… Last night, she told me she’s in Phuket.”

A scheming glint was evident on Mary’s eyes. “You’ll go, wouldn’t you? Oh, just take me. We won’t take long.”

“Your wedding is in a week.” 

“John wouldn’t know! We’ll plan it out. We can do it right now!” 

Sherlock pinched the bridge of his nose, a sudden realisation hitting him. “Wait, you still haven’t answered my question.”

“What question?” Mary asked. 

“The passcode. How did you know?” 

Mary chuckled, fumbling with her phone before giving a reply. “John said that you found out she wasn’t really dead around New Year. Then met her again, here, 6 months later. She stayed for a day, had you crack the code, then basically causing chaos and you saving the day within those 24 hours. 

Then John said Mycroft went to meet him during the wettest season of the year, so I assumed mid-November to December, and the claim was that Irene Adler was captured and ‘killed’ in Karachi a couple of months before that. Can be September or October but I chose the latter because the chances are slightly higher. 

After that I figured it was a weekend, considering that John was admittedly on a dating spree during weekends at the time, giving you enough opportunity to sneak out and have your little escapade.”

“I actually asked John to gather evidence for a triple murder in Warwick and even advised that he stayed there overnight in case I need anything else. He seemed pleased with the idea.” Sherlock recalled. “Still, great deduction.”

Mary looked pleased. “Can’t always be too accurate.”

Sherlock nodded in agreement. And just when he thought the conversation has come to a close, Mary’s face lit up once more as she looked up to him.  

The detective’s eyes narrowed as he tried to read into Mary’s expression, but she left him no more time to guess as she showed him her phone screen. 

“Pack your bags, Sherlock. We’re going to Thailand.”

Neighbors// Ponyboy Curtis

This was requested :))) -Bella


I was at the Curtis house hanging out with the guys, but I noticed Ponyboy acting much more shy than usual. He was shifting nervously every few minutes, and he wouldn’t even look at me, or anyone, for that matter.

“What’s wrong with Pony?” I leaned over and asked Soda.

“Oh, he’s got a thing for you, and he’s got it bad. He always does this when you’re around. What’s different this time?” He said, nudging my shoulder.

Ponyboy Curtis had a thing for me? This was like a dream come true. How come I had never noticed his nervous behavior before?

“I guess I never noticed. How long has this been going on?” I asked, suddenly more curious. I felt like I was on a cloud. My giant crush of three years liked me back!

“Someone’s happy. Anyways, this has been going on ever since we started hanging out with you, and we all know you’ve got a thing for him, too,” he smirked at me.

“W-what? No, obviously not…” I said, feeling myself blushing and looking down.

“Don’t try and hide it, sister. Besides, there’s no shame in it. You two would be great together,” he said, glancing over at Pony, who stared at us, almost jealous looking. We were sitting pretty close to each other.

“Should I… say something?” I said, my heart racing in my chest.

“Go for it. It’s your move, kiddo,” Soda said, giving me a pat on the back.

I slid over next to Pony and put my hand on top of his. His head shot towards me and a deep crimson blush filled his cheeks.

“H-hey, y/n, what’s going on?” He said with a shaky voice. 

“Oh, not much, really. Other than the fact that I’ve been informed you have a crush on someone? Someone very close to you?” I said in a suggestive tone.

“Y-yeah, she’s really special to me,” he said, and I could tell he was starting to take the hint.

“Well, I’m sure she likes you just as much as you like her,” I smiled at him and leaned closer.

“Yeah, I sure ho-” I cut him off mid-sentence with a soft kiss on the lips. His eyes grew wide, but then they closed and he gave into the kiss, wrapping his arms around my waist.

In our little moment I must have forgotten about the other gang members in the room, because all of the sudden our beautiful little world we had created came to a screeching halt when all of the gang members started screaming and chanting.

“Yeah, Pone-bone! Get some!” I heard Steve yell and Two-Bit was beside him making kissing faces.

“C’mon,” Pony said, grabbing my hand and standing up, “let’s get outta here. You wanna go catch a movie or something?” 

“I’d love to.”


It was originally requested by @goomfrugluh​ but she asked for it way before I had a tumblr.

Pairing: YoongixReader

Genre: Fluff, comedy (but mainly my half-ass attempt at comedy)

Word Count: 579

“What are you talking about I’m very mature.”

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

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Myth Creatures FT

For @chikach00 - an awesome friend ~ I hope you enjoy it!

Creatures: Angels

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: T+

Words: 2419

Natsu’s heart pounded, the shouts behind him becoming louder and closer. He sprinted towards the fence, ignoring the burning pain in his side and the blood rushing from the wound, soaking his shirt.

Another gunshot ricocheted through the alleyway and Natsu jolted forward, almost falling down as it lodged itself in his back. Agony ripped through his senses, the urge to vomit rising up at the excruciating feeling of being shot.

He hit the fence and threaded his fingers through the silver links, trying to climb but his body was finished. His stamina depleted, and any adrenaline that had been helping him ignore his wounds was now gone entirely.

“Get him!”

Natsu pushed his head down and brought a hand up to his neck, stuffing it underneath his scarf to grip at his cross as the footsteps slowed, still approaching him. He ran his thumb over the heavy silver, closing his eyes tightly, body sagging at the attempt to keep his posture.

“Help me.” He whispered, gritting his teeth as his nerves jolted in pain, and he slumped to knees, unable to keep himself on his feet. He pressed his head to the chain fence, tightening his grip on the cross as blood streamed down from the wound on his back.

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JuminZen week

Day 2: Cats // Drinking // Ribbons & Mirrors

So this is a continuation of my story from Day 1 but it can be read separately. If you haven’t read Day 1 yet, here’s the link:
Day 1 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7

(3610 Words)

Zen knew where the C&R building was. He walked past it every day on his short trip to the theatre, so when Jaehee had asked him over the messenger to drop by after practice, he was happy to comply. It was only very recently that he had actually become aware of how close indeed the theatre was to Jumin’s company’s building, but that was possibly because of the interest he had shown in the man himself lately.

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My Love | Part II

didn’t think that this post would gather that much attention bc i totally wasn’t planning much for it. but since it did, here’s the continuation. hopefully it isn’t too confusing. my ask is open if u wanna drop by. warning: this is pretty long, hence the cut, so strap yourselves in. 

“She had this innocence to her,” He began, his eyes fluttering to a shut, “She was so different from any other person that I had ever met.”

“Before I knew it, I was madly in love with her. There was not a single shred of doubt in my mind of how much I wanted her. Of how much I loved her.” He continued, voice pained, “I loved her more than anything.”

If his eyes were open, you would have seen the pain and hurt. He didn’t say anything else, but you felt his tense body beside you. Hearing him talk about his love for Rika hurt more than you thought it would. Why did you think this was such a good idea in the first place? You suddenly regretted ever bringing her up, stomach curling. He continued to talk about her with so much love and adoration, trying to conceal his shaking and cracking voice to the best of his abilities. You couldn’t help but feel bad for him. He deserved more. More love and care and patience and time to heal. You vowed to give him just that.

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A/N: Finally back! Here’s my second request. I am not sure how I feel about it, but I hope the anon who requested it, enjoys it. :)

Prompt: You’re a murderer! Cold-hearted sadistic murderer!”
“Calm down (y/n), they were just Twinkies.” (changed significantly) 

Characters: Derek Hale and Reader

Pairings: N/A

Requested:  Yes

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No one could say you and Stiles weren’t related. The two of you shared to many characteristics to ever be assumed otherwise. For one neither of you knew the meaning of ‘shut up.’ Nor did you or him have any problems speaking your minds no matter who it could potentially piss off. And last but not least you both had a habit of getting on Derek’s nerves. You more than Stiles surprisingly. “Are those? Are those what I think they are?’ You questioned, horror written on your face.

  Derek looked down to where you pointed dramatically at the ground. He learned long ago not to ask why or how were in his flat-you just were. Still as he spot the two Twinkies lying on the ground, Derek began to wonder if he should invest in better locks. “Someone must have forgotten about them.” Derek replied, turning his attention back to the fridge.

Your eyes narrowed at him. “No one forgotten them. I put them there for safe keeping, since they were unwrapped. Your carelessness killed them.”

He scowled at you. “Why are you putting food in my fridge? You don’t even live here.”

“Don’t try and change the subject- you’re the one who murdered them!” You accused.

“Murdered? They’re stupid snack cakes. Ones that shouldn’t be in my fridge.” Derek growled, eyes glowing red. Normally just a glimpse of fangs, claws or eyes was enough to get your cousin running.You however, went head on with him.

 “You’re a murderer. A cold- hearted sadistic murderer, who leaves his victims lying in the dirt. Only to later mock their corpses by simplifying them as snack cakes.”

  An annoyed growl escaped him as Derek slammed the fridge door shut. Without another word he walked away, making a mental to get new locks. “Don’t think walking away will solve anything! Justice shall be served! Deaths avenged!”

  Make that several new locks.

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What happened with the Thomas Sanders thing was at one point an underage fan drew NSFW art with their age removed from their bio and TS shared the art. Sometime later they must have forgotten about it and put their age in their bio. TS shared support for aces/aros in the LGBT+ community so some aphobes went snooping, found the underage artist, and began a smear campaign that TS asks for NSFW art from underage people. People are sending about it so you're informed on what happened.

No people are sending the info blaming us for being against this rando guy (who we’ve never posted about) and criticising us for posting from someone who has apparently criticized this guy. So…

My idea

Hey guys. I would like to tell you about the idea that last bit I thought. So quite often I find a au where Penny and Rob swapped places. I really like this au and I eagerly looking for related images. But I got a different idea. What would happen if Gumball and Rob swapped places? I think it would look something like this: 

Rob would be the main protagonist of the series and we gonna watched his adventures. He’s would be a very close friend of the Watterson family, but always would have trouble remembering the name of the oldest child an Penny’s boyfriend (Gumball), at least when Gumball was not erased, or somewhere on the season 1. His two closest friends would be Darwin and Penny. From Darwin was connected to him almost brotherly bond, and Penny was that his best friend, no romantic overtones. After the Gumball would be regarded as an error and sent to the Void, his relationship with Wattersons even more to be deepened. However, after the episode “The Void”, Gumball would comback to the world, deformed with a deleted memory. However, he’s does hide in his old hause, because he dosen’t remember that he had a family. He retreated to near the Rob house, until Rob found him. However, the Gumball it took a week to recall who he is. And in that time, watched Rob’s life and his relationships with his friends. And when he finally remembered to who he is, and after seeing how Rob, that person who is in some way responsible for his condition, being friend with his family, girlfriend and friends who have forgotten about him, Gumball alone, without any incentives swore revenge.

But Rob does not understand him unaided what he meant, because Gumball would be too busy planning his revenge to explain to him why he hates him. However, after many failed attempts to Rob at the end would help him be an effective villain, including a complete success. Then the story had been going to the same way as in the tv series. However, in the episode “Re-run” Gumball in the end would explain to him why is he hates him. He would tell him about it as every day must pass key for it people who have forgotten about it. That pop just wants to get back with his old life, which had a loving family and a girl. Then again, action was fought by the same way as in the tv series.

I think that Rob as the protagonist would be much more carefree and relaxed than as an antagonist. He would be a lot more intelligent main character, but with a great tendency to indulge emotions and a spur of the moment. Would be also the type who says then thought, which often put him in trouble. I think that often would say the things about which the falls did not speak, and always would say what he thinks, regardless of the situation.

I also think that Gumball would be the same person, but that would not be the main character. However, after escaping from the Void and remember everything, would become more embittered and vengeful. Would become more tenacious and ruthless, at any cost in order to get revenge on Rob. But in the Middle still would have been a nice compassionate person who simply wants to his loved ones remember him. And he would become more serious and mature, by his experiences with the Void.

Hey There, Neighbor! : 6

Summary : Lucy lives a very successful life. But others would call it a ‘business-over-pleasure’ lifestyle. When she gets a new neighbor her life turns upside down. He does everything he can to show her what life is like outside the stuffy suits and lonely offices.

Chapter : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

                                                   The final chapter!

Lucy stood there, mouth gaping open, her eyes as wide as saucers.

“Natsu?! He’s the restaurant owner?!”

“Neighbor?” Erza questioned, she must have forgotten all about him.

“Yow!” Natsu yelped, reaching for his leg underneath the table and glaring at the man sitting next to him, who glared right back.

“Pardon him,” he stood and walked, more like glided, across the floor before stopping in front of Lucy, holding out his hand, “my name is Zeref Dragneel. It is an honor to finally meet you,” he then gestured to Natsu, “this is both my partner and my little brother, Natsu. But I believe the two of you have already met.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well,” Lucy shook his hand, forcing down her shock, “and um, yes. We are neighbors.”

Lucy missed the look of disappointment that crossed Natsu’s face.

“Oh!” Erza snapped her fingers, “You’re the one who fixed our plumbing a few months ago! You’re Wendy’s cousin!”

“Uh, yeah…” Natsu’s grin was a little strained.

“Natsu does tend to do various jobs when he’s not cooking,” Zeref chuckled.

“So… he’s a chef?” Lucy smiled, Erza was asking Zeref and herself to sit so they could begin when Lucy remembered, “The coffee! They’re famous for tit! Is that what Natsu has been bribing me with? Was all for this?!”

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Everyone feels that they didn’t study well or didn’t solve enough practice or past paper questions before their exam and start to panic. And as A Levels 2015 are approaching these are my tips to stay calm and hopefully never panic before the exam day/hour.

  1. Never study the day before your exam and on they day of your exam for a number of reasons. You will most probably want to cram and start to panic about stuff you know but must have forgotten like in this rush hour. So busy yourself by studying other subject, watching movies, or even having a day out.  This might seem impractical to some of you but do you really want to spend your day stressing over your exam or do you want to be relaxed and confident and do well?
  2. Before your exam day make sure to have a good night sleep and have a healthy breakfast to function well. Pray, mediate and do anything to feel relaxed (ps. it helps!)
  3. NEVER EVER stay next to a person who is a study-a-holic. Like once, me and my friend where pretty much super confident and we passed by one of our classmates and she was litrerally studying 5 minutes before the exam and discussing some information which was out of our syllabus. This made me so uneasy and lowered my self esteem which is NOT GOOD and yeah so remember if you happen to know these kind of people (no offence !!) just don’t be near them before your exam. 
  4. While revising for your exams (in case of A Levels) don’t just go over through your notes. What I recommend you to do is to do past exam papers and while doing them understand your level of understanding the topics and answering them. Note down the chapters and topics you need to go over through using tracking charts and then revising these topics that you need to focus more on.
  5. Another before revision tip, is while doing your past exam papers is to note down questions (works mostly for biology really) in flashcards and then review them while revision. For example in my biology paper we have free response questions which carry 15 marks and they are easy to score all the points, so lets say I don’t know the answer for the light independent stage of photosynthesis and role of NAD, so making a flashcard with the answers of the marking scheme and reviewing them before the exam day will be good!
  6. One of my favourite tips is to revise for your exam a day before the day before your exam (ah weird?). So lets say my first exam is actually 8th May 2015 and it is A Level Biology paper 5 so instead of revising for it on 7th and 8th May I will be revising for it on the 6th. Why is that? This is because I will actually be already done revising for the paper and cover all the topics I need to cover before hand. I will not be stressed as much as when it is before the exam or so. Therefore, on the 7th I will be doing for chemistry past papers and I will have less time to think about my actual exam the following day.


Feminist and lesbian politician Kathleen Wynne visited a Canadian mosque to show that we should embrace Islam and we are all equal.. She was made to sit in the back corner away from the men as Islam teaches that a woman praying infront of a man makes the man’s prayer invalid. The woman, even with every piece of her skin and her body shape forced to be hidden, is a distraction to the men and must be separated. This is all under the assumption she has permission from her husband to leave the house first, of course. 

Wynne must also have forgotten the part while she was giving her speech about equality, where if she visited any of the main 13 Muslim countries, she would legally be killed for being a lesbian and a further 3 would arrest her. 

But Muslims outside of these countries don’t hold these views, right? They hold our equal western values, right? Well a 2007 survey of British Muslims showed that 61% believe homosexuality should be illegal, with up to 71% of young British Muslims holding this belief. A later Gallup poll in 2009 showed that none of the 500 British Muslims polled believed homosexuality to be “morally acceptable”. This compared with 35% of the 1001 French Muslims polled that did. According to a 2012 poll, 51% of the Turks in Germany, who account for nearly two thirds of the total Muslim population in Germany, believe that homosexuality is an illness.

Another YouGov poll for Muslim students was conducted across 12 universities in the United Kingdom and it found 40% support the introduction of sharia into British law. A third support the notion of a worldwide Islamic state based on sharia law. 40% feel it is unacceptable for Muslim men and women to mix freely. A quarter have little or no respect for homosexuals and that men and women aren’t equals. While 32% of them said that killing in the name of their religion was acceptable. 

And these American kids complain about a cake not being baked and having to leave their mini skirts out of the classrooms. Oh the cruel, primitive western white oppression. 

Skype Hijack

I was just gonna post the link but everything’s being stupid so here’s the whole thing.

The first time it happened it was a coincidence. Beca had come into their room and asked Chloe if she could go with her to listen to a mix she wanted to use for regionals. She must have forgotten about her weekly call with Aubrey, but she left her computer on her bed, on and unlocked. When the incoming skype call ringtone started, interrupting Stacie’s homework, she stood up and walked over to Chloe’s bed to shut off her laptop, her hand hovering over the keys when she saw who it was.

She sat down on the bed and accepted the call, smiling when Aubrey’s face appeared on the screen.


“Hi.” Aubrey looked surprised and a bit confused, but she managed to smile. “You’re not Chloe.”

“That is correct.” Stacie smirked. “Beca needed her to listen to a mix so she left, I’m sure she’ll be right back. How have you been?”

“I’m fine, thanks. How’s school?”

Stacie exhaled dramatically. “Hard. I’m taking way too many classes this semester.”

“You’re smart, you’ll figure it out. You always do.”

“But I don’t have anyone who’s willing to sit in the library with me after practice anymore.” Stacie pouted.

Aubrey chuckled. “I miss you too.”

Stacie couldn’t control the huge smile that took over her face. “You should come visit more often, you’d miss me a lot less.”

Aubrey rolled her eyes but she was still smiling. “I’ll think about it.”

The door slammed open and Chloe rushed back in. “Did I miss Aubrey?”

“Nope, I was keeping her entertained. I hope.” Stacie waved her fingers. “Bye, Bree. Come visit us.”

Stacie got up, letting Chloe take her spot and went back to her own bed, throwing one wistful look at the computer before going back to studying.

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