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Jegulily prompt... Something about the morning after. The three are friends and they start up a drinking game and the next morning they all wake up and decide that they've been teetering on something more for so long they might as well embrace it. Or something like that.

Regulus woke up on his back, his feet still on the sofa, with James resting his stupid face against Reg’s knee. The fucker must have pushed him off the sofa at one point in the night. Lily was curled up on the chair next to the sofa, her dark red hair a curtain over her face. Reg couldn’t even understand how she was breathing like that without inhaling her hair.

Reg got up and groaned. His head was pounding and he promised that would be the last time he drank tequila with these two menaces. Lily and James were trouble on their own but putting them together was like a hurricane.

He gulped down a glass of water and two pill to help with his headache. Then he got started on breakfast because he was simultaneously nauseous and starving. Working up the pancake batter, he dropped some chocolate chips in there for good measure. 

Something was pushing at his mind, something fuzzy that had yet to come into focus, lost under the haze of alcohol. Reg wasn’t sure if he wanted to ignore it or try and remember. Instead he cracked a few eggs into a pan. 

It wasn’t until the bacon that the other two were roused from their sleep. The smell of bacon could make anyone do anything. Lily stretched and ran her fingers through her hair to get it out of her face. James woke up like a dying fish, gulping in air as if he forgot how to breathe in his sleep, or maybe it’s just the feeling of death that come from a hangover.

“Oh my god, Reg,” Lily said, shakily getting to her feet. “Are you making us breakfast?”

“I’m making myself breakfast,” Regulus responded with a smug grin. “Who said you get any? Especially you, Miss Evans, seeing as you’re the one who brought the poison into my flat.”

Lily rolled her eyes and sat down at one of the stools at the kitchen counter. “It’s not my fault you can’t hold your liquor, Black,” she said challengingly.

“Hey, hey, no fighting,” James murmured, struggling to his feet and stumbling over. “We all made terrible decisions last night.”

Regulus watched James’ lips move as he talked and suddenly it hit him like a freight train. I kissed him last night. Regulus turned and stared at Lily for a moment and the same feeling came over them. He’d kissed his two best friends the night before. What a disaster. 

“Bacon’s burning,” Lily warned him and Regulus turned back around to deal with it. 

“Well, one of you could actually help me instead of standing there like a bunch of freeloaders.”

James huffed and grabbed a spatula, flipping the pancakes while Lily went over to make coffee. They worked in companionable silence until breakfast was done. They stood around the island in the middle of the kitchen and ate standing up.

There was tension in the air as all three of them started to recall what had happened the previous evening. As Regulus had thought, it was all James’ fault.

Regulus had been laughing as James tickled him mercilessly. 

There had been hands in hair and then they’d been kissing.

Lily had complained about being left out.

Lily sitting in James’ lap as she kissed Regulus.

Regulus was pretty sure they hadn’t had sex. At least there was some comfort that is alcohol-laced brain had some level of control. He’d wanted it - of course he had. Lily and James were both attractive people and Regulus had been in love with them from the start. He had always imagined there would be a choice for the three of them and he assumed Lily and James would choose each other. And yet James had kissed him first.

Regulus put his fork down and buried his face in his hands. How did people do this? How did people talk about this kind of thing. 

James brought his hand up and gently rubbed Regulus’ back. “It’s okay, we’re all a little lost this morning.”

Reg picked his head up and looked at Lily. She gave him a small reassuring smile. “I think we’ve all known this was coming,” she said quietly.

“Right, well you two can figure things out and I’m going to go lie down,” he said grumpily, pushing past James and going into his bedroom, ignoring them both as they called out to him.

He didn’t lock his bedroom door because he was secretly hoping one or both of them would come comfort him. Even if he couldn’t have them, he still wanted them as his friends, and he still wanted to easy affection they provided.

A few moments later the door opened but Reg didn’t look up to see who was there. He was surprised when the mattress dipped on either side of him and he was surrounded by warm bodies.

Together they manhandled Reg onto his back and both rested their heads on his chest, snuggled up close to his sides.

“We love you, you idiot,” James said quietly. “Did you really think we were going to leave you out?”

“Well, it’s the easiest solution,” Regulus grumbled softly, putting his arms around their waists to hug them both. 

“Not for us, it’s not,” Lily said stubbornly, nuzzling her face against him. 

“Fuck that heteronormative bollocks,” James said, lifting his face up and kissing Regulus softly on the lips. “It’s all of us or nothing and I think I know which one each of us would pick.”

Lily hummed in agreement. “James and I would kill each other without you around. Besides, where are we going to find someone so pretty who also makes us delicious breakfast?”

Regulus chuckled. “Don’t get too used to it,” he teased, grinning broadly. “I’m not cooking you breakfast every morning.”

“Just one special mornings?” Lily asked, batting her eyelashes at him.

Regulus sighed. “Fine, birthday mornings, handover mornings and mornings after sex.”

James laughed. “Oh Reg, you delicious cream puff, that’s going to be basically every morning.”

“What did you just call me?” Regulus asked, making a face.

“Quiet you two,” Lily said, closing her eyes. “I still feel like shit.”

“Oh, sorry Lils,” James said, tilting Reg’s face towards him. “We’ll be quiet.” James pressed his lips against Reg’s and started to kiss him tenderly. One of Regulus’ arms was pinned under Lily so he had to satisfy himself with tangling his hand in James’ hair. 

“I can hear the sucking sounds,” Lily said, peeking an eye open. “Honestly, you two.”

Regulus blushed as they broke the kiss. “Don’t look at me,” he said in embarrassment. “He’s the one who did it.”

“I didn’t hear you complaining,” James teased, nipping at Reg’s bottom lip.

Lily huffed and crawled over Reg, wigging her way between the two of them. “Sleep now, snogging later,” she said firmly. 

“Yes, Lily,” they said in unison, curling up around her and finding a nice way they all fit together before falling back asleep.