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Anti-Migraine Spell

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Best worked at dawn or dusk, or in dim lighting.

If you have long hair, in preparation for this spell spend 5 minutes slowly brushing it out, envisioning the pain flowing into the brush with each stroke. 

🌿Gather candles; two purple and two silver or white. 

🌿Gather herbs; rosemary, lavender and mint.

🌿Gather crystals; clear quartz and amethyst. 

You will need something to place the herbs into at the end of the spell, be it a sachet, a piece of cloth or even a clean sock. 

Arrange the candles in the cardinal directions, with the silver in the North and South. Place the herbs in the center, and finally, the crystals. 

Say, and touch each item in turn: “May the light of this candles clear away my pain, like a fog lifting. May the scent of the herbs soothe away the heaviness. May the touch of these crystals draw out my pain, and leave their healing energy.” If needed, you may repeat this two or four times. 

Breathe deeply. Let your eyes soften and your vision widen, and take in the gentle light of the candles. Crush the herbs so the scent is faint, but noticeable. Hold a crystal in each hand and feel their energy. When ready, hold one to each temple and allow it to ease the pain. Stay in this state for as long as needed. 

When finished, if you are able, go to bed for a while. Place the herbs in the sachet and gather the crystals. Pinch the candles out and put the sachet in your pillowcase and hold onto the crystals, allowing them to continue to draw out the pain. OR if you must go somewhere: Place the herbs in the sachet, and the crystals if small enough. If not, carry with you, and put the sachet in your pocket to aid you through the day. 

“My wife was a healer. What they call in the Highlands a charmer, but more than that. She was a white lady— a wisewoman.” He glanced up briefly. “The word in Gaelic is ban-druidh; it also means witch.”

“The white witch.” Grey also spoke softly, but excitement was thrumming through his blood. “So the man’s words referred to your wife?”

“I thought they might. And if so—” The wide shoulders stirred in a slight shrug. “I had to go,” he said simply. “To see.”

“How did you know where to go? Was that also something you gleaned from the vagrant’s words?” Grey leaned forward slightly, curious. Fraser nodded, eyes still fixed on the ivory chess piece.

“There is a spot I knew of, not too far distant from this place, where there is a shrine to St. Bride. St. Bride was also called ‘the white lady,’ ” he explained, looking up. “Though the shrine has been there a verra long time— since long before St. Bride came to Scotland.”

“I see. And so you assumed that the man’s words referred to this spot, as well as to your wife?”

Again the shrug.

“I did not know,” Fraser repeated. “I couldna say whether he meant anything to do with my wife, or whether ‘the white witch’ only meant St. Bride— was only meant to direct me to the place— or perhaps neither. But I felt I must go.”

He described the place in question, and at Grey’s prodding, gave directions for reaching it.

“The shrine itself is a small stone in the shape of an ancient cross, so weathered that the markings scarce show on it. It stands above a small pool, half-buried in the heather. Ye can find small white stones in the pool, tangled among the roots of the heather that grows on the bank. The stones are thought to have great powers, Major,” he explained, seeing the other’s blank look. “But only when used by a white lady.”

“I see. And your wife …?” Grey paused delicately.

Fraser shook his head briefly.

“There was nothing there to do with her,” he said softly. “She is truly gone.” His voice was low and controlled, but Grey could hear the undertone of desolation.

Fraser’s face was normally calm and unreadable; he did not change expression now, but the marks of grief were clear, etched in the lines beside mouth and eyes, thrown into darkness by the flickering fire. It seemed an intrusion to break in upon such a depth of feeling, unstated though it was, but Grey had his duty.



OUTLANDER || Dragonfly in Amber (2x13)

You – you promised me that if it came to this, ye’d go back through the stones, back home.

But you are my home.

And you are mine, but this home is lost. And now you and the bairn… you must go to a safe place.

“Begone from This Place Or I Will Smite Thee!” he commanded.
The god looked taken aback. “Why? You can’t ask why in this situation!”
“Why not?”
The god looked slightly panicky. “Because… Thou Must Go from This Place Lest I Visit Thee with Boils!”
“Really? Most people would bring a bottle of wine,” said Ridcully.
The god hesitated. “What?” he said.
“Or cake,” said the Dean. “Cake is a good present if you’re visiting someone.”
“It depends on what kind of cake,” said the Senior Wrangler. “Sponge cake, I’ve always thought, is a bit of an insult. Something with a bit of marzipan is to be preferred.”
“Begone from this place lest I visit you with cake?” said the god.
“It’s better than boils,” said Ridcully.
“Provided it’s not sponge,” said the Senior Wrangler.

– on holy threats | Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent

Real Budoblr Talk, you guys.

I’ve been doing martial arts for close to a year, and I know I have sporadically made posts for just as long. You’ve probably heard me rave about it and crack jokes, like “I do it because I want to be tiny and terrifying,” or “I’m three ounces of whoop-ass!” What can I say? I fell in love with all of it quick and I haven’t looked back… But today, after class, we started talking about circumstances where girls would need to protect themselves and I remembered why I started training. I’m going to jump on a soap box and tell you why I wanted to start martial arts, what I’ve experienced since, and what the deal is.

So, I’m a small girl in marital arts. I wanted to practice some form of self-defense years before I started because I’m a tiny-as-hell woman and I have had too many, too scary close calls where I could have been beat up or worse. Hell, even if I didn’t have experiences of my own that nearly went from “bad” to “WORSE,” the city I love is still an epicenter for human trafficking and the area I live in has been getting dangerous. I won’t even go into how MOST sexual assaults are done by people that know the victim personally because we’d all get bummed out… But yeah. I don’t think the world has gone to shit, but there are a lot of scary things that we all need to be aware of.

The second I could, I joined a dojo that teaches martial arts that are more practical for combat or self-defense. When I started, my instructors and a lot of the other students noted why I would need it. My instructors and training partners will often give me instruction that helps ME with my size. A few of them don’t fool around when they remind me of situations where I’ll really need what I learn. I’m always being told by new guys that I train with they’re glad to see girls train in self-defense. They make me feel like I have the right to be there, and I’m always super grateful that they willingly train with me and teach me. That, and I made some awesome friends since I joined, so that’s cool. <3

I joke a lot about the bruises that I get in class (and I even show them off) because this form of martial arts can be harsh. There’s a lot of pain involved, but I’d never want anyone to go easy on me when we’re training because someone out there that would want to hurt me would laugh at the idea of “going easy.” People can be really depraved, and I wouldn’t want to “go easy” on anyone who thought so little of my well-being that they’d use, abuse, or murder me.

I don’t like to think about the situations where I’d have to use what I’ve been learning. I’m not naïve enough to think that I’m guaranteed to kick *anyone’s* ass who wants to fuck with me. I remind myself all the time that I need to learn so much more because I’ve only just started. I will say that I have looked at all the things considered and I have decided that I need martial arts as much as I want it. I’ll be sticking with it for as long as people will train with me, and I want to train for many, many years. Expect me to bug ALL OF YOU about it for as long as you will know me.

If you’re reading this Budoblr post and ever considered going to self-defense workshops, sign up for a weekly class so you can stay in practice. If you have a female friend/family member/gal-pal that you’d want to protect, tell them to sign up or buy them a membership. I will always bug everyone to pick it up, and I won’t even bug you by telling you that you must go to one specific place to train (but I will 100% recommend my dojo to everyone on my list because they rock. You know, JUST SAYING).

Thanks for reading this far and for putting up with me when I geek out about getting punched in the nose or kneed in the knee. Martial arts makes me feel like I can be big and powerful, and I’ll never go back to being “just a small girl” ever again.

My Best of (Johnlock Fanfic) 2016

Here it is. Following the lead of @chriscalledmesweetie I am posting my “Best of” for my Johnlock fics for 2016. It should be noted that I have only been writing fanfic since this time last year, so almost all 56 of my works are from 2016

MOST HITS (Multi-chapter):

Know When You’ve Been Beaten
Words: 44K 
What began with a drugged and vulnerable Sherlock confessing some things about his sexual history and feelings towards John (after Irene Adler injected him and escaped), becomes a sweet, humorous and awkward journey of Sherlock overcoming his past to flirt with the idea of something more with his companion. Misinterpretations and misunderstandings plague the two, as the good-natured, compassionate and sometimes BAMF ex-army doctor, is seduced by-proxy by the mad-genius detective trying to work through what he wants and if he is capable of providing it.

Capturing Perfection
Words: 41K 
An AU ficlet: Rugby Captain John Watson and science-minded photographer Sherlock are classmates at uni. Sherlock has a class project where he needs a nude model. He asks the only boy that intrigues him, John Watson, to be his model. The more time they spend together the more they realize there is a perfect attraction between them.
Slow, sexy, sweet burn to eventual smut.

The Hunter’s Choice: Love or Pride
Words: 10K
A typical case out of town (post-Mary) leads to reflection, secrets shared and misunderstandings. Thinking he is going to lose John for good, decides to try to take as much as he can before his companion is gone forever… But he always misses something and John never fails to surprise him. 
Lots of feels, some smut and a happy ending - in more ways than one (ಠ‿  ↼) 

MOST HITS (1 shots)  :

Research - First Kiss
Words: 2K
“Have you ever kissed a man, John?” Sherlock’s voice is even and slightly disinterested.
John’s eyes widen. “Sorry, what?”
“You heard me perfectly well. A simple yes or no will suffice.” 

The 12 Truths of Christmas
Words: 3K
“It’s a simple construct, John. There is nothing I value more than data. Facts, John.” Sherlock flourishes a long, thin hand, then steeples his fingers together over his lap. He scans John with steel blue eyes. “In place of some appalling or imbecilic gift inflicted upon me in the name of tradition on Christmas day, I propose that you provide me with one previously unknown fact about you for each day leading up to Christmas.12 in total, John.” 

MOST KUDOS (excluding already listed)

Weak As A Kitten
Words: 9K
WIP [my co-author is on hiatus :( ] 
John tries to bury his lust for his flatmate that has been forbidden fruit for so long. The untouchable detective drives him near crazy with his troubling new behavior. He doesn’t know Sherlock isn’t afraid of sex; he’s petrified by it. However, he wants it with John so much that he’s willing to go through Sherlock-like lengths to tempt the ex-soldier to make his move.

Sherlock’s Jaaneman
Words: 2K
Sherlock finds a new name for John that embodies how he truly feels for the man. It takes John a bit to catch on, but then Sherlock finally puts his feelings on the table.

Just A Dream
Words: 7K
The evening after John has a hot and confusingly detailed dream he can’t stop thinking about it and debating if it is or isn’t real, things escalate quickly. WIP 


To Ruined Reputations or Stag Night (The Not-So Really Good Bits)
Words: 13K
Everything that happened during John’s Stag night that Sherlock didn’t want to share in his Best Man speech including dancing and more drinking games.

The Crimson Thread
Words: 4K
After the dust settles Sherlock explains the tangled web of Moriarty’s plan.

MOST COMMENTS (excluding above)

Defining Expressions
Words: 8K
Sherlock wants to understand John’s many facial expressions, but when he attempts to observe his companion while he is sleeping things quickly take an unexpected turn.  (WIP)

Afield of Daisies
Words: 8K
Sherlock is a man with an unusual gift; his touch brings back the dead. However, for every life restored for more than precisely 66 seconds, another must go in their place and if he ever touches the resurrected again they will immediately die.
At the urging of his brother and Detective Inspector Lestrade he attempts to use his ability and superior intellect for good, solving murders. After all, murders are easier to solve when you can ask the victim who did it.
Alone is what he has always had and sentimentality and love are a dangerous weakness he cannot afford… that is until he meets ex-army doctor John Watson and his world is transformed. 

No More
Words: 29K
A collaborative work with @sherlockssister1
After all their wars have been fought and the criminal masterminds defeated John and Sherlock are only left with their own demons and ghosts to defeat. Can they at last find their peace, and each other, without the war?
An odyssey to healing after the pain.

My birthday present to myself is the squiggliest otp doodle of dave not warning eridan about the flash in photobooths because it has been so long since i last drew the otp

Dave obviously took Eridan on a date to a carnival because there is nothing like flashy lights and cheap prizes to teach your boyfriend ALL about true genuine 100% accurate human culture things. Yes Eridan, the ferris wheel is how we teach our young to be vigilant. We take them in one every day until they know all about the layout of the land around it.