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I would know.
In the magic reveal scene, arthur denies merlin’s confession and says, “you’re not a sorcerer.” He doesn’t say “no, you’re not a sorcerer. You can’t be. I won’t allow that.” He says, “no merlin. You’re not. I would know.”
The wording here has a huge significance.
Merlin can’t possibly be a sorcerer because he’s arthur’s friend and arthur would know. Because friends tell each other things. Because arthur tells merlin everything, and so merlin must tell him everything too, right?Because even if merlin didn’t tell him everything, arthur would still know. Because you’re my companion, my friend, the person I’d know even in death.
Essentially, it’s not so much about arthur’s disappointment with merlin being a sorcerer, as it about arthur, who believes himself to be merlin’s best friend, never knowing who his best friend truly is.
It’s safe to say that this scene destroyed me.


My man James rushing to rescue his man John just before he realises he actually has a rebellion to lead


Why didn’t you tell me who Chae Young Shin is? Why did you say she was dead? What the hell have you done to us?!