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The Witch Kitchen Thank You!! Giveaway

I said i’d do a giveaway like 2k followers ago and I got busy but I’m glad I did cause i have even more love to offer. Like i once said, this blog started as a way to help my mental health, whenever i was going through something and needed to get my mind off things i’d come here and transcribe one of my favorite recipes that always makes me feel better. I’m so glad to be able to share that. And I’m even happier to be able to share what I do. Thank you for all your support :)


- A Four Piece Measuring Cup Candle set
(featuring a Gold Abundance, Hex Breaker, Autumn Day, and Void Walk candle)

-A Bag of 3 Witch Kitchen Lollipops of your choosing

-A Witch Kitchen Rosemary & Salt Kit:

-A Mortar & Pestle

-A Hair Clip of your choice (Abalone Mermaid Clip pictured)
or A gift card for $10 at my shop

-A Glass Vial of your pick of my Hand Blended Herbal Teas

-2 bundles of Sage & 1 bundle of Lemon Thyme from my garden

-A sachet filled with ANY herb of your choosing!
(within good reason. I can’t send you an ounce of saffron unfortunanly lol) 

-A Bag of beautiful White Copal Resin

-A selection of Stones featuring:
Tumbled Rose Quartz, Celestie, labradorite, Blue Goldstone, Rainbow Moonstone, Jet, Bloodstone, Smokey Quartz
A rough piece of Black Tourmaline, Rainbow Fluorite
A Pyrite Cube and Honey Calcite
An Amethyst Sphere, a Garnet Sphere, and a Rainbow Aura Quartz Cluster


-Must be following this blog
-Must be 18+ or have parents permission
-Reblog (+1 entry)
-Follow my Etsy and send me a message on here :) (+1 entry)
-Check out my Instagram and Main Blog if you’d like
-Don’t spam followers, have fun, be nice, and don’t tag as giveaway!
-If this passes 3k notes I’ll add a second prize✨

This giveaway will run til Midnight EST November 18th 2017
Winner will be chosen via random number generator

**officially over**
Must Follow Blogs (:

This is a collection of my favorite blogs, by category. If you’re not following, you’re missing out.

Meme/Fun Blogs:

Misc. Blogs:

Positivity/Aesthetic/Pride Blogs:

Swiftie Blogs:

Much love to these blogs. 

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Must UNfollow Blogs:

  • @>sixpenceee  
  • Seriously, sixpenceee is ableist.
  • And uses mental illness to make horror stories.
  • Therefore making various mental illnesses look “scary” or “dangerous”
  • Like no, you can leave.
  • Also stealing posts from other people without giving the source.
  • Must unfollow.

Really fast sketch for the amazing @zippi44 ♡ (*´꒳`*)

Happy belated (sorry :,D) Birthday! ♡
Hope you had a beautiful day! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡

Thank you so much for everything you do for FT fandom and everything one else! ♡ :3

Want a promotion to 125,000+ followers? Here is your chance!


  1. REBLOG and LIKE this post.
  2. Message me “Done!” HERE.

Plus you MUST be following all the blogs below:

  1. plugsanddrugs- 
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  3. pinkzenn

i know 3 blogs is a lot, but trust me you will gain! Everyone above will promote you to 125,000+ followers! DON’T LIE BECAUSE WE CHECK.

Remember to message me HERE if you have reblogged, liked, and followed everyone for a 100% chance of winning!

Hello all! I’ve been meaning to do a raffle for awhile, but time has gotten away from me for the last couple of milestones ;; This last week I bumped over 4k follows, so I’m finally making the thank-you gifts a reality!


  • Free Commission (1 winner): Full-color artwork, either 1 full-body character, 2 waist-up, or… a bouquet of chibis…? Fanart or OCs ok! You’ll get the high-rez image + completed PSD file.
  • Sweetleaf Iwaoi Keychain (2 winners): 3" acrylic charm of this artwork w/ gold keyring & d-hook. Shipping covered by me.

Check out the cut for info on the rules & how to enter!

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consistent art style???? idk her

anywho, apparentely no one is drawing @jojocure ’s au saiharas (blasphemy) so i took it upon myself to draw as many as i could on one page (and a bonus ouma bc id Die™ for him)



I know it’s been a while since I’ve had a give away and I know it’s nothing big but I hope you guys still have fun with this!

PRIZE: Negan poster book. (14 posters included in the book are shown in the second pic.)

Must be following my blog. (Only fair) lol

Only reblog. Reblog as many times as you want. Winner will be chosen using Random Name Picker.

You have until June 15th to enter.

Good luck!

First of all, thank you all so much!!

Second, I’ve decided to do an ART GIVEAWAY for this milestone! One person will win a piece of (sfw) fanart of a ship of their choice! :D 

The rules are simple, you must be following this blog (obviously), and you must like and/or reblog this post. This Friday at noon, I’ll collect all the names and find a winner with a random picker tool. Then I’ll announce/contact the winner! 

Again, thank you guys so much, have a lovely day <33333

¡Hola, hola! It’s been ages since I made a ff (too lazy lmao), but since my fourth blog anniversary was not long ago and I’ve recently hit 11.5k followers, I decided to make one! Apologies for the simple edit and short words, but you know me; minimal aes. ha! Anyways, I just wanted thank you all for sticking up with me even though my interests and content of my blog changed quite a bit… you are all amazing, guys. Idk what else to say, so yeah, here’s a list with the coolest people.
bolded → favorite people/blogs  bITCH I WOULD DIE FOR YOU!!!!!
# - j ☰  @a-ogiri / @andreil / @ayatosama@araigorn / @boydbaeulieu / @choutarous / @cieled / @cldstrifes / @dasperix / @dearestsoul / @desperix / @eradne / @evenhbech / @evngelion /@fleursdesmorts / @floppyamon / @ghosthills / @greywuren / @grifith / @gurako / @henrychenqs / @heroacacaps / @hheartflia / @hyoudov / @ichimatsus / @iosakisaka / @irnperio / @ithmid@julietcapulaet / @jyushimachuu

k-v ☰   @kasbrekker / @kishibe / @kishou / @kirschtein@kurorolucilfer / @kvet / @lametooru / @lawliex / @lawlliets / @lynchsronan / @mamurasm / @micaelis / @minnyard / @mirayuuki / @monstrux / @n5fw / @nakurawari / @narael / @ouzen / @owarus@plisetsking / @ravenearl / @saeyoungchci / @sawtsuki / @sehurn♡ / @shgieo / @shirayukii / @soldler / @spectrux / @submachineguns / @sulviaplath / @tch / @tovbio / @umis / @uorie / @vereprince♡ 

Official Canna-Witch Giveaway!

Thank you all for being active with this blog! Since I reached 1k followers I need to celebrate and give back cause I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU!

- Must be 18 or Older AND you will be required to prove this to me via ID proof. (Sorry but I gotta be sure as to not get anyone in trouble) also must be in the US and be willing to provide name and address to ship
- You must follow this blog, like this post, and reblog this post (If you cannot post this on your main, send me a message from your main and provide me the info of your side that you posted it to)
- DO NOT PUT GIVEAWAY IN THE TAGS, they’ll make me take it down if I’m caught.
- This giveaway will end Sept 4th
- Winner will be randomly picked via random generator and I will contact via PM on Tumblr, if no response in 48 hours another winner will be randomly picked.

Items included!
- 10 card tarot reading, anything you wish to ask
- Crystal Amethyst Pipe (2 extra screen bowls and 2 pipe cleaners)
- Grinder
- Smokable herbs; Mullen, Chamomile, and Catnip. Along with info for other uses
- Stones
- 100 RAW papers and filters
- Stash Jar
- Special box to keep it all in

Yes, sadly, no cannabis. The DEA would be up my ass lol! Anyways be sure to reblog, like, and follow this blog for entry!! Best luck all! I will post photos of whole set once I have the pipe in!

🌸Layla’s 500 Followers Giveaway!!!🌸

Wooooooooow!!! 500 of you???? I am… I am honoured 💚💜💙💛


Deadline December 15th 2017

🌸The Prize🌸

  • Lined floral journal
  • 4 pack of raven candles
  • Deer bookmark illustrated by me
  • Two packs of witchy stickers
  • Two clear quarts clusters
  • Antique style frame
  • Carved cow bone necklace by Zoë Bodzasy
  • 5x7 Three Skull print by @snuggle-kitten-bear


  1. Must be following my blog (if you follow from a sideblog just let me know via message or in the tags)
  2. Do not tag with “giveaway”
  3. Likes and reblogs both count
  4. I will ship internationally. You must be okay with giving me your address obviously!
  5. If you are a TERF, Nazi, homophobic or anything of that sort don’t bother ✌


All items from third parties are not affiliated with this giveaway. Tumblr is not affliated with this giveaway. This giveaway is NOT VEGAN. It includes animal bones.

Have fun guys!! Thank you for this amazing time on this blog so far!!

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Hello everysquid! Though a bit delayed, its time to announce the Pearl-Off-The-Hook Nintendo New York Giveaway! 


The winner receives all of the following:

  • A deck of Splatoon playing cards, exclusive to the Nintendo NYC store
  • A random bag of a Splatoon squid key chain
  • A pink Splatoon 2 bag, very soft and in the shape of a squid, of course. It also has a slot inside for your switch!


  1. You MUST be following this blog, Pearl-Off-The-Hook, to enter.
  2. USA participants only.(Sorry squids, international fees stink)
  3. The winner is picked from a random generator. We will contact you via messenger. If you do not respond within 24 hours of announcement, we will draw again. You must be comfortable giving your address. 
  4. No giveaway blogs, please!


  • Reblogs and likes count as two separate entries. If you do both, you get two entries, and the more the merrier!
  • Remember, you can only win if you are following us!


Reached 200 Followers! <3

well durring the night 205 because of my amazing followers/mutuals who promoted me a bit :3 <3

So now i will promo all I love on here because they deserve it :D! Bolded ones are mutuals and friends who are just the best and I love them most <3 Lotr, Got, Spn, Multifandom blogs :)


@allpaintedincolors, @anagraves @blackfyrres,@batman-dc, @feel-the-music-in-heart, @feanarofinwion, @gendryxaryatrash, @gotlembas, @hokageandramen, @darylvdixon, @chochxng, @deanmaniac, @canonspngifs, @alone-ronin, @flintvane, @aredhels, @hozzen, @fairyshire, @amberatww, @dracomysunshinechild, @daehneryse, @house-of-feanor, @danyer-s, @castieltaking-hobbits2gallifrey, @asongoftarthandlannister, @bellameblake, @bellamyblakesgun, @gryffinoir, @float-like-a-cadillac, @enchantedcas, @eowyntheavenger, @fuck-yeah-middle-earth, @ahoyspn, @artemiskitsune, @him-e, @bellhound, @goodqueenalys,


@jonstavk, @jojenreet, @jrrtolkiens, @ladvsnow, @lavenderdany, @l-o-t-r, @leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas, @l–o–t–r, @missahdei, @nature-and-starlight, @ruinedchildhood, @remembertheshiremrfrodo, @rosetylerinthetardis, @sillver-queen, @iron-darkness, @lumos-galadriel, @lostgardenofthoughts, @jonny-bernthals, @jontargaryien, @robb-greyjoy, @rebecca-1corinthians1013, @ivartrash, @ivarbarnes, @returncftheking, @regalstormborn, @mishacolins, @klngfili, @princelinglegolas, @moriquendii, @magda-lennah, @mockingjaykatniss2, @ladymd


@woodlandcrowns, @weareabunchofheathens, @winterishereyourgrace, @ungoliamt, @undomielevenstar, @eomer, @edoras, @thesilverrqueen, @ewoyn, @thewincheters, @queenbaes, @quitefair, @virilome, @salazarastark, @xreginaignis, @worthysnow, @shiremaiden, @theleavesoflorien, @snow-ygritte, @tolkien-in-beleriand, @thranduilsqueen, @tlotrgifs, @thraanduiil, @stiilesstilinski, @qveencerseii

Sorry If i forgot to list someone :c <3

5000k follower special!!!

So I am SO shocked and honored that 5000 people have decided that you liked my blog enough to follow me, and I wanted to do something to show how much I love you!!

What I decided I would do is a fic giveaway!  So here’s everything you need to know:

How to enter

  • You must be following this blog.  Idrc if you just start following me for the give away, but if you win and you’re not following, I’ll pick someone else
  • Every reblog counts as one entry.  You can reblog this post as many times that you want, but try not to spam your followers too much lol
  • Likes count too!!


  • It will take me a little while to finish the fics, so don’t pressure me too much.  I promise I’ll get them all done
  • There will be three winners
  • I’ll be using a random selection generator to pick the winner so it’ll be as fair as possible ^^

Rules for the fic

  • I will not do smut of any sort
  • I also won’t do anything related to cheating/abuse/rape/anything potentially triggering
  • I’ll write for any genre, but I don’t have a lot of experience in angst or hurt/comfort
  • I’m willing to write for all the characters, but just know that outside of the RFA + V they might not be super in character, but I’ll try my best
  • It can be for a ship from the game (polyships highly encouraged) or x reader/x OC!
  • AU’s are also highly encouraged
  • No matter what, if your request makes me uncomfortable in any way, or even if I feel like I wouldn’t be able to write it, then I can tell you to think of something different.

Winner #1

  1. A fic somewhere between 5k-10k words, multi chapter if you want

Winner #2

  • A 2.5k-5k fic, again, multi chapter if you want

Winner #3

  • 1k-2k fic, probably a single chapter, but I guess multi chapter if you want really short chapters lol

(The length of your fic will depend on how much I can get out of your prompt)

And that’s all!! Again, thank you so much for following, and may the odds be ever in your favor :D

i’m still amazed at the fact that yongguk knows tumblr and once made an account and posted here, like it makes you wonder just how far bap has delved into tumblr hell and the baby fandom here ha ha ha ha ha ha *sweats nervously*