must find horcruxes

for @pumpkingspicedpotter

happy 20th birthday amanda!!!!! this is literally the first hinny (or golden trio era in general????) fic i’ve ever written so i hope i didn’t screw it up too badly! xox

It’s a Sunday.

Harry can’t remember the last time this mattered, the last time he had kept track of things like days or weeks or months, but now it does. It matters because Mrs Weasley is cooking a giant roast dinner and it smells delicious, and because Mr Weasley managed to get time off of work, despite the current chaotic state of the Ministry, and because tomorrow is Monday which means another week, slightly further away from all the destruction. It matters because last night was the first decent night’s sleep Harry has had since he can remember, even if it was riddled with images of the dead.

It has been seven days since he didn’t die.

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