must dope

Dear Ankh Niggas

1. All black women are goddesses…not just the ones you deem acceptable. 
2. Egypt is not the only country in Africa
3. Not all black people descended from royalty…dat don’t make us any less glorious tho.

sometimes I think about the kind of person I am, my sense of humor, the things I find important and what I’m most passionate about

and I think about the fact that someday I’m going to meet someone who sees and loves all these things and I’m going to spend the rest of my life with them

and I realize “fuck, that person must be DOPE”

I have a feeling that when people say “who the FUCK would elect andre bourgeois mayor he’s such a terrible person he just uses privileged to get his daughter what he wants” they don’t really consider…things…

like…his political views…must be really dope…or dark blade literally just explained he got re-elected because he made his opponents look bad but honestly i refuse to believe the general public let him be mayor for 24 YEARS without agreeing with SOME of his views