must do productive things

How I spend my day

        Some people say to me especially my parents that I should spend my days meaningfully. I must do something productive like studying or doing house chores , but I admit I don’t always do that, but if I spend a day that doing something productive I must been doing things like homework and studying .

            I’m always alone in our house because my parents and siblings are always at work, and our house is not that big so I don’t have many house chores to do.

            If I finish all my assignments I usually clean the house and do nothing , or I just sleep or listen to music at the same time I browse my facebook account , instagram and twitter account. I am a lazy person and sometimes I forgot to clean the house .If I am really bored or nothing else left to do, I turn on the TV and watch movies or TV shows.

             In all the things that I said that I do, I do more reading books and stories from wattpad. And learning how to speak Chinese Mandarin and how write characters and pronounce it correctly.

            I probably spend my day boring because I have nothing else to do and I’m a boring person that have a boring day .

             24 hours is a short time for busy persons but in my case it is a very long time because i am always bored and not having many things to do.