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WHETHER YOU SHOULD LIVE OR DIE or however the song goes…

Here be my list of musings on the pros and cons of my college choices. Urgh.

Feel free to ignore/comment depending upon your interest in my life. This will probably be updated alot as I come up with more things.



  • Broad GE for broad major studies
  • Easy to switch majors if I want to
  • A very good “child development” program (which probably focuses more on raising babies than the mental part which is what I want)
  • Boys
  • Doctor Who Club
  • Sci Fi and Fantasy Club
  • Quidditch Team
  • The parents can pay for tuition because it’s that cheap
  • $5000 for a whole year (and then room and board… $3000 for room and then other expenses?) (basically about $10,000 a year)
  • Won’t need to worry about college parties and drinking and stuff
  • Loads of marriageable boys- 52%/48% m/w difference
  • Nice, compact (hillly) campus
  • New Heritage Halls are awesome
  • WIFI
  • More likely to get apartment living and not the dorms of Helaman Halls D:
  • I know lots of people going to BYU LOTS OF THEM
  • D-man for instance
  • Lots and lots of people to date then
  • 20 minutes away from like 5 different ski resorts
  • Boys who ski?
  • Mountains to protect me and tell me directions (it’s an Oregon thing)
  • Can study abroad in India :D
  • And the Cannon Center and the Cougareat and in-apartment kitchens are nice
  • Religion classes!
  • Devotional every Tuesday which I will possibly skip because I am a horrible person like that
  • Can graduate with “Honors” but no Honors College 
  • This will make it 3+ generations of alumni in my family on both sides
  • Grandmother will SHUT UP


  • Will drown in excessive Mormon (no seriously. I saw two stake-center sized buildings. On one lot. And there were two other buildings a block away. That’s how many members there are in Utah.)
  • Excessive parental nostalgia
  • It’s hot
  • And it’s cold
  • It’s up
  • And it’s d- okay I’ll stop
  • But srs it is HOT THERE 90% OF THE TIME
  • And the snow apparently sucks to trudge around in too
  • So basically their seasons are HOTHOTHOTFREEZINGwetHOTHOTHOT which I hate
  • Need to have a permit to have a bike?
  • Will have to fly or have parents drive to get me on holidays
  • No specialization of major
  • Not as many job contacts in my currently desired field
  • Apparently having a Masters from BYU is detrimental? Good thing I will not have BYU as my graduate school
  • Did I mention it’s hot?
  • Won’t give me my bloody financial aid package until mid April >.<
  • BYU vs OSU games



  • Nuclear Engineering program kicks fanny
  • Scares the ever living **** out of grandmother
  • She abhors the idea of me living in a co-ed dorm; I won’t mind
  • Accepted in the Honors College
  • Which guarantees me living in West, the nice apartment-dorm
  • And the awesome food court right below it
  • Other dorms are nice too but… DORMS D:
  • Ridiculously nice campus though
  • FFA all over the place :D
  • Close to home
  • Only a couple hours from ski resorts?
  • Snow in the Quad sounds cool
  • Can go home on the weekends
  • And go see the Hobbit
  • Weather is Oregon weather which I like
  • Did I mention nuclear program? They have their own nuclear reactors and everything.
  • Already have some scholarships for it (about $20,000 worth?)
  • In state means I get to keep Kaiser and therefore not worry about insurance
  • I’m probably smarter than most people there except the engineering kids


  • Grandmother will freak (that may be why I pick it >.>)
  • More expensive (approx $17,000 a year but I already have a butt load of scholarships?)
  • Apparently co-ed dorms are against my morals which I was not previously aware of, which is why Grandma is freaking
  • Nuclear engineering will probably kick my butt and I prefer the theoretical side, even though I want to design safety measures and stuff
  • Also won’t give me my bloody financial aid package till beginning of April apparently
  • Will be harder to find dateable people, although there is apparently a very nice student ward there
  • Probably filled with typical college gits >.<
  • And that means alcohol and boys in my room and yuck
  • Not sure about wifi situation
  • Kids from school went there. >.<
  • BYU vs OSU games

Edit: this list is definitely not yet finished so there will be more pros and cons coming later, especially in the bottom half. *can’t reply on phone*