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i brought up getting a nape undercut to my mom and she had nooo objections

so tempting but growing it out would suck so bad.. especially with the summer. but if I maintained the shave all year until next winter I could grow it out then and not have to worry about having my hair up like i will for marching band.. 

hums hums hums the most accurate place I can go to during that time college wise is mississippi southern college but by the time the two (two!!!) black students finally got to attend it was in the mid 60’s and though I don’t want to fast forward that much I’m not adverse to it

The Early Days:

Around 400 BC, Celtic people arrived from Western Europe and settled in the eastern Alps. During the second century BC, a Celtic state called Noricum was developed around this region’s ironworks. Noricum stretched from eastern Tyrol to the Danube and eastern fringes of the Alps in Carinthia. From about the seventh century BC onwards, one of the main regions of this state was found in what was to become modern Austria, near Hallstatt.

In 15 BC, the Romans crossed the Alps and settled south of the Danube, carving up the region into separate administrative areas. These areas were Carnuntum, Vindobona (blueprint of Vienna), Brigantium (now Bregenz), Juvavum (Salzburg), Flavia Solva, Aguntum and Virunum.

After the Western Empire collapsed in the 5th century, the area was taken by new tribes: the Germanic Alemanni in Vorarlberg; Slavs in Carinthia and Styria; Bavarians in Upper and Lower Austria, Tyrol and around Salzburg. The Bavarians were the most successful and, by the 7th century, controlled most of the Austrian territories, creating a larger German speaking territory.

All of this, my friends, is where Roderich started.
Art Deco Pink Favorites! Bronze Vintage Backing with Pink Paint Under Glass. Leverbacks e9b1
This is IT guys and gals! My absolute favorite pair of earrings. I love everything about them- the Art Deco look to the pink cabochon to the

 vintage look. I wish I had a catalog of all the Art Deco varieties out there. I must do more research. I do have one other pair (it’s coming!), that I will present shortly. I made the paint color with Antique Pink and Icy Pink Pebeo paint. I adore the shape of these earrings. Especially the bottom, how it comes to a point and has the scroll work around the cabochon. And the adorable flower at the top for contrast. They are perfect in my eyes.

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Hi, I also wanted to ask about being bi, because I think I might be. Whenever I watch some romantic movie and there's some makeout scene or whatever between a guy and a girl, of course I think "gOALS" but then I find myself not being able to decide whether I would like to be in the guy's position or the girls. I think that might be kind of telling, and the little questions you asked in the previous anon's ask about being bi, I answered yes to. So does it seem like I'm bi, in your opinion?

Honestly i can’t decide that for you lovely you know you the best but since you answered most of the questions yes maybe you are but you must have some more thinking to do and do a little research the process is just figuring out yourself no one can make that decision but you so take some time to figure out what you are and decide for yourself to know when you are or you don’t have to label it and you can just love who you love be proud of who you love i wish you the biggest luck


Love Jessi 💕


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Well what would be a constructive or realistic way? He suggested surgery...

Well listen first of all, for anyone considering any changes to their body: if that is something that you want to do and have decided for yourself because you yourself feel like it’s something you want then feel free to do with your body what you want.

BUT don’t mistake wanting to do something because someone convinced you or to please them. It sounds to me like this is not something you want so don’t do it. If he’s pressuring you or making you feel like you owe it to him to get SURGERY, drop hiss ass. You deserve better. You deserve someone who loves you just as you are.

As for a constructive way of dealing with it, maybe do some research on the subject, there must be more couples dealing with issues like yours, maybe there are some relaxation techniques so it’ll be more comfortable, look into it, maybe even talk to your doctor about it. If it hurts to have sex, there should be a way to fix that, a doctor might help you look at your options. There may be some existing ways NO SURGERY NECESSARY, to help and let you enjoy it.