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Winter In The South

The weatherman predicts 4 to 8 inches of snow. You are hesitant to believe it, but deep within your soul an urge of unknown origin begins. You must buy bread and milk. You have no idea why, but something ancestral is pushing you. When you arrive at the grocery store, the bread and milk are in short supply. As you reach the line, every cart is filled with bread and milk. What are they going to do with it? What are you going to do with it? You dare not guess, but pay for your 3 loaves and 3 gallons all the same and hope it lasts through the storm.


7 Cool Inventions You Can Buy Now On Amazon


TV Anime 『Magic Kyun! Renaissance』 Insert Song 「Shiny color」/Tsukushi Monet(CV: Aoi Shouta) Audio Video

Release date: 2016/12/14


Request:  Hi there, finally got the time to gather my thoughts into words and it goes kinda like this: imagine helping Leonard Christmas shopping for Lisa. Thanks for listening and please keep delighting us with your stories

“Remind me,” the low drawl came from beside you, reminding you, not for the first time, of Leonard’s disapproval of this plan. “Why must I buy her something?”

“Because,” you start with a good natured roll of your eyes as you turn to him, “this shows you care.”

“No, this shows that I was forced to go to a department store,” Leonard counters, giving you a pointed look. “We both know I could get her something better…”

“Yes, you could steal something,” you reply in a hushed voice. “But what does that say? ‘Hi sis, I decided to put this one thing aside from my latest haul, thought you might like it? I know you can’t actually wear it or anything because, well, it’s stolen, but hey, who cares?’”

Between the look of disbelief thrown your way and the slightest of twitches on his lips, it was easy to tell you hadn’t succeeded at getting your point across so much as amusing the man. Yet somehow, with a conceding nod, he gave in.

“Jewellery?” he asks with a raised eyebrow, curious as to exactly what you had planned.

“I was thinking something gold…”

some reminders re: US BTS tickets

american ticketing companies have a very real scalping problem that needs to be addressed at a legislative level. even non-BTS kpop fans/antis buying tickets for the purpose of reselling for a profit are considered scalpers (and some of the screenshots i saw circulating on twitter were from known trolls.) don’t buy from scalpers now, no matter how devastated you are for not getting a ticket today.

powerhouse will almost certainly open more dates. if you must buy from scalpers, wait until much closer to the concert day when the prices drop significantly. if you buy from paypal, make sure you use GOODS & SERVICES so if you are scammed paypal will side with you and refund your money. always be cautious when buying big ticket items from strangers. be very careful with who you give your money too.

Overwatch character ages from oldest to youngest
  • Reinhardt: 61
  • Torbjörn: 57
  • Soldier: 76/Reaper: their ages are unknown but i’m guessing 40s/50s since they don’t look too much older than Mercy in the old pictures 
  • Roadhog: 48
  • Hanzo: 38
  • Mccree: 37
  • Mercy: 37 
  • Genji: 35
  • Widowmaker: 33
  • Pharah: 32
  • Mei: 31
  • Bastion: 30
  • Winston: 29
  • Symmetra: 28
  • Zarya: 28
  • Tracer: 26
  • Lucio: 26
  • Junkrat: 25
  • Zenyatta: 20
  • 19
Leotarius Eating Out
  • Sagittarius: *sees Virgo and Pisces and walks over to their table* Hey guys!
  • Virgo: Sag you are so materialistic.
  • Pisces: Yeah...
  • Sagittarius: *laughs* You know I'm not.
  • Virgo: Look at all of your fancy little things. She must beg Leo to buy her all of that.
  • Pisces: Leo, look at that lip gloss. I'm broke can you buy it for me? *Virgo and Pisces laugh*
  • Leo: *Leo walks over*
  • Sagittarius: Baby it's okay let's just order our food.
  • Leo: No it's not. *tries to keep his voice down* Actually, she doesn't ask for anything. That's why I give her everything. Plus, she could buy it with her own money but I refuse to let her. I don't want her to. Oh, and you see this watch? She bought this for me along with this bracelet, necklace, and earring. We spoil each other.
  • The whole restaurant: *applauds*
  • Virgo and Pisces: *silent*