must buy magazine!!!! :)

[J-NETZ] Reaction to Chanyeol’s Japanese Photoshoot in Haru*hana

Screencap and Japanese->Chinese translation credit to: 桑梓影有一座山

- Had no plan to buy haruhana at first, but bought it the moment I opened it lol. What’s this, this Chanyeol is too handsome

- Chanyeol should fire his agency. He could earn more money if he promoted himself as a solo artist in a station in Japan.

- Please give Chanyeol more Japanese jobs!! Like modeling for a Japanese magazine!! Like a TV program!! Chanyeol-si would absolutely do the best!!

- Wait wait wait wait!? Chanyeol-si in haruhana? Toooooooooooo handsome. Feel like I’m gonna buy a lot of this. I’m gonna die.

- Chanyeol in haruhana is simply even more perfect than my imagination. Couldn’t help but order it on amazon and surrender my wallet

- Chanyeol is absolutely popular in Japan!!!! Give him more exposure in japan please!! Even a nijigen nerd would spend money for Chanyeol!! (tn: nijigen nerd means someone who only cares about anime culture)

- Here!! Here he is~~~!!!!! Japanese style Chanyeol~~~~!! EVERY girl in Japan would fall in love with him~~~!

- Please, I’m begging you, let Chanyeol-si work in Japan (for a very long time)

- I want to breathe in Chanyeol

- Reserved haruhana immediately!!!! Chanyeol-si suddenly appeared on a Japanese magazine, absolutely amazing (what a meaningful lunch break)

- I must buy Chanyeol’s magazine even if I need to die for it. I will leave early for work today to buy it. Wait for me Chanyeol-si. How could I ignore such a handsome guy

- I really decided not to buy any paper products…it’s a lie that I’m not going to buy this wwww I ordered it immediately after I saw those surprisingly handsome pictures of chanyeol-si! I blame it on Chanyeol being too handsome lol