must beat level 1

Pokémon Go Tips ■=Main Topic

■Egg incubation!
●Go to your list of Pokémon
●There is a tab that says “Eggs”
●Click on an egg
●Click an incubator
○And walk the distance
I got a Staryu out of a 5km and my cousin just started on a 10km eggLuckily you will earn more incubators too.
●The Incubator you have works for infinite eggs, the rest that you get will only be good for hatching 3 eggs
■So I may have found an amazing way to save battery power in game!!! I’m 99% sure this is what they planned in order to help us.
●Click the pokeball icon at the bottom of your main screen
●In the top right hand corner you will see the Settings Cog, click that!
●Underneath you should see a “Power Save Mode”
●Now check that box and exit out of the menu.
○Click it again to confirm that you did mark it and that it stayed marked
●NOW! What I need you to do is to start walking, a long-ish distance (if you have an egg in an incubator, even better!)
●As you walk, walk with the tip of your phone aimed at the ground. This should cause your phone to go black screened with a barely see-able Pokemon Go logo. (Your phone will vibrate when there is a pokemon nearby as long as you don’t disable that)
■When trying to encounter pokemon, use the incense and walk method! Incense & walk. Click the pokeball icon, hit items, use incense and walk around. The pokemon will come to you.  The incense are harder to come by so don’t do it too often
● When catching, Hold the pokeball until the color circle is small, that means you have a higher chance for a successful catch!
●find a pokemon that you have multiples of, find the one with the best moves and mark it as a favorite. Then go to the other copies, scroll all the way down, hit “transfer” to start getting more candies to evolve that pokemon!
●If the CP on a pokemon is over 100, keep it! It’ll be great to put in gyms as a placeholder!!

■Rumor has it that there are shiny pokemon in Pokémon Go aka “Pogo” Not surprising but be on the lookout ■Random spouts of leaves and grass on the screen means that there is possibly a pokemon running around at that spot. In the bottom right hand corner you can see a small grey box that, when opened, will show you pokemon in the area. The lil foot prints is how far they are from you. 1 means real close, 3 means not so close ■Gym Battles! Look at the gym and see what level it is at! •Level 1: 1 pokemon •Level 2: defeat 2 pokemon and then the gym drops to level 1 where you then must beat the level 1 gym. •Level 3: (assuming) Defeat all 3 pokemon then beat it at level 2 and then at level 1. ●If the gym is the same color as yours, you can add a pokemon to make the gym go up a level