must be the rookies

okay here me out but what about no magic AU where Credence is telepathic and Queenie is a mind reader (basically an empath) in the 60’s and together they run a spiritualist shop above Jacob’s bakery where they do ouija board and tarot card readings for clients? like Queenie gets details about whoever the client is trying to contact, knows exactly what to say to give them closure, and Credence moves the planchette/rattles things on shelves/blows curtains to sell the ritual. they both see it as a way to put their abilities to good use that (usually) won’t get them into trouble and as a way to really help people with a service regarding subject matter that isn’t readily supplied in the growing commercialism of the time. they don’t necessarily believe in or dispute spirits or an afterlife fervently, its more just that they don’t know what’s out there, just whatever abilities they have and that surely there must be stranger things out there. Tina is an eager rookie police officer with her eyes on the cheif position who sometimes wishes her job was as fulfilling as her sister’s, and every client that leaves the shop gets a free pastry after the shock of it all.

BONUS if Tina’s boss goes missing and after months of searching and dead ends they fins the body of Percival Graves, dumped in the Hudson. distraught, Tina goes to Queenie and wants to try the board, not fake it this time and just try and get it to work. she has to find out who did this to him. she brings his badge recovered from the body and sets it carefully on the table, all sitting around the board. they’ve never actually tried to contact an actual dead person, so they warily place their hands on the planchette, Credence making sure to not accidentally move it himself, as Tina asks the first question. “Mr Graves, are you here with us?” they all hold their breath for an agonizing minute until slowly the planchette moves over the word ‘yes’. wide-eyed looks all around confirm none of them did that, and shakily Tina asks the second question, to prove it’s really him. “do you prefer coffee or tea?” the planchette makes an almost irritated shuffle beneath their fingers until it slowly slides around the board and spells out ‘w h i s k e y’. Queenie gasps, Credence jerks his hand away, and Tina faints in her chair.

(cue ghost graves grumpily hanging around queenie’s shop and criticising the hokey relics and knick knacks and griping about being dead while he helps tina and co try and solve his murder bc I LOVE GHOST GRAVES)

In an interview for Produce 101 Baekho mentioned that he wanted to be like Nayoung or Kyulkyung in I.O.I or Seventeen and just hearing that from someone who debuted earlier than them hurts me so much because it should be the other way around, right? Trainees and rookies should aspire to be like their senior groups, and the fact that Baekho felt like they were a failure group hurts me to no end.

I want to hope that Pledis did this to benefit Nu’est but I can’t imagine their situation right now. Nu’est, who debuted the same year as EXO, B.A.P, Vixx, are reduced to competing in a show with other trainees must feel like shit. Nu’est, who doesn’t have a huge following in Korea competing on Produce 101 as their “last chance” while also being called cheaters by other trainees since they have a fanbase to begin with must be so hard on them.

I don’t blame them for not ranking as high for the first episode. I can only imagine what it’s like trying to do your best performance when you feel like this is your last chance to achieve your dream…competing amongst rookies in a survival show. It must be embarrassing to them.

No matter what, I will always support Nu’est! (even tho international fans can’t vote T_T) and I will anticipate their success! I hope this time, their hardships will be repaid in tenfold~

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Can u imagine like,,, how sad Rookie must get sometimes,, he makes dumb mistakes a LOT and it was expected for him to make a mistake in the golden puffle psa mission so hes just,, ":("


Yeah he does make those mistakes a lot and it’s even shown how he gets really upset about those things. 

Outside of the missions too he is shown to be upset over the countless mistakes he makes in the missions.

Wiki page here

“Why can’t I be on the right track?” It seems that he feels bad for failing a lot, knowing that he is likely to cause another failure and even calls himself out on it.

He knows he did something wrong and probably wants to stop messing up but by accident he still causes mistakes. Rookie always tries to do change, usually by suggesting to do better and even helping out more.

Rookie even does overtime (most likely to make up for his mistake) and goes so far that he falls asleep on the job.

Comic here

Like you said though, despite all his efforts to fix it he does make a lot of mistakes and is even expected to fail! That must really suck.

Kingdom Hearts {Sentence Starters}
  • "You want it? Well then, come on over here and get it!"
  • "One who knows nothing can understand nothing."
  • "Just sitting here won't change a thing. It's the same old stuff. So let's go."
  • "I've been having these weird thoughts lately."
  • "That's why they'll keep coming after you no matter what."
  • "Giving up already? C'mon, I thought you were stronger than that."
  • "There is so very much to learn. You understand so little."
  • "You lazy bum. I knew I'd find you snoozing down here."
  • "So, suppose you get to another world. What would you do there?"
  • "Are you quite sure? Did I imagine it?"
  • "Must you be so loud? You woke me up."
  • "You rookies still don't understand what it takes to be a true hero."
  • "Your concern is touching, but hardly necessary."
  • "If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one?"
  • "So, you have come this far and still you understand nothing."
  • "It's my lucky charm, be sure to bring it back to me!"
  • "He's perfect. Perfect. Perfectly infuriating! He makes me crazy!"
  • "Don't ever forget: wherever you go, I'm always with you."
  • "I've done absolutely nothing wrong!"
  • "I'll hunt down every last one of them! I'll track them down somehow."
Make Me Proud - pt.2

Long Distance Relationship with Mark
Genre - Fluff (Slight angst but still not yet)


Mark had been gone for around two months, you missed him a lot but you still talked every day and it was fine.

It was a Friday, the day you always Skyped and as always you heard the Skype call ring. It was hard to Skype because of time zones. It may have been 4pm on a Friday for you but for Mark this was 8am on a Saturday.

“Hey y/n,” Mark called out cheerfully, waving to you across the screen. “How has your week been?” He asked. Nothing you spoke about ever had much consequence but you had fun together.

“It was good, I got full marks on my test and I should graduate in about eight months from now, as soon as I do I will come visit.” You replied smiling. Two months was a really long time in reality. But both of you liked to pretend it wasn’t.

“How about you?” You asked him. Mark looked happier than usual, something good must have happened.

“We have the last Rookies show ever in Bangkok next month, after that I’m debuting in the first sub unit y/n!” You clapped your hands together in excitement. He was achieving his goals.

“That has made my week infinitely better just by hearing that. Mark you must be the greatest rapper SM has ever seen.” He was young to debut so he really must be good.

“Are you eating okay though because I want to make sure they treat you right, don’t let them forget your still technically a kid Mark make sure you don’t get to tired.” It was just to reassure yourself he was okay. You knew Mark was okay.

“I tell you this all the time. I will never be unhappy working hard at what I love. Never worry. Make sure you are okay to, are you still being happy? Have you eaten some ice cream from our favourite shop on my behalf, because if you haven’t that would be unforgivable,” Mark said jokingly.

These chats made everything okay, Mark and you were so happy even when you had to deal with being far apart.

Mark turned round and shouted at someone behind him.

“Donghyuck! Yah Donghyuck! Stop it, annoy me some other time I’m talking to my friend from Canada!” He said. He had told you about Donghyuck. He always complained that he was really annoying and made his life unnecessarily difficult but you knew Mark loved him really.

“Ahhhh Marky are you talking to your girlfriend ahaha, let me say hi.” Donghyuck shouted in the background. At this point Mark got up from where he was sitting and held up one finger at the camera indicating he would be back in a minute.

After about thirty seconds, some whispers and some shuffling, Mark sat down again frowning with a Donghyuck sitting next to him that looked as if he was the happiest puppy alive.

“Hello y/n, nice to meet you. I am the rookies number one visual Haechan!” He spoke in Korean but you been studying so you could visit Mark more easily.

“Hey Donghyuck I have heard all about you,” you said grinning at Mark who looked most annoyed.

“Mark never stops talking about how much he misses you and how great you are, it’s annoying please come here so he will stop.” Donghyuck announced. You laughed out loud and nodded to him.

Mark pushed Donghyuck.

“I said you could say hi and you did. Now go find Jeno and annoy him instead.”

He got up and waved bye before leaving you alone again.

“I’m sorry for that, I know we don’t have a lot of time to Skype and he kind of ruined it.”

“No, no Mark. It makes me happy to see your friends and to see you have nice people to live with. I like Donghyuck he is funny.” Mark gave you a look.

“Not more funny than you though of course.” You said making a heart with your hand.

“Please stop, nobody wants to see your aeygo y/n.” He stopped laughing and looked over at the wall next to him.

“I know we joke and we can still be happy, but I do miss you y/n, I want you to know that. I have a lot of fun here with all my members and I am about to achieve my dream but without you it will always be less fun. I don’t tell you about my bad moments because I don’t have many and I don’t want you to worry. But I miss having you here.” He seemed sad.

“Mark…” you didn’t know what to say.

“I wish I was there to hug you and say it will be okay Mark,” you started, “and it will be okay, as you said the bad moments are very few. But I can’t sit and hug you it kiss your cheek to reassure you. But never feel like you can’t tell me something.” You assured him.

“As long as you are still my boyfriend and we still talk and we still Skype like we do now, everything will be okay. Also if you need someone to hug I suggest Donghyuck, he seems like a nice guy who could be a good substitute me.” You said.

Mark deadpanned.

“And we ended on a low with your jokes about my professional evil child/ band member.” Mark looked right at you.

“I will text you after practise and I will call you tomorrow. And I will see your face again next week as always. I love you y/n.”

“Love you too Mark.”

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Hey Rian how did you begin writing for Rookie and online magazines. I want to start doing something like that but I don't know where to begin..

tavi gevinson emailed me and invited me to write for rookie (i think someone that follows me must’ve coordinated that but like 3 incredible people writing for rookie were in my ear saying i should write for rookie and then i got the email and i posted “whom did it???” and no one said it was them) and any other writing i get lucky enough to do is because i’ve been able to write for rookie. you can begin by writing and doing whatever you want to do for magazines independently and showing your competence, submitting writing etc. i aint nobody special 

Request: Can I have a carisi/ofc story?? Just a little one?? Pretty please?? 

Of course! Here you go, Darling! 

You were trying to be nice…you really were. But it was taking most of your self-control not to laugh at the young rookie who was currently trying to impress you.

 It wouldn’t have been so funny if he weren’t trying to impress you by telling how “tight” he was with the SVU Detectives. And in particular the famous Detective Carisi…your Husband of two years. The young rookie was in the middle of telling you a regaling tale of how he and Sonny would always get coffee at the same time and debate whose Mother made the best Italian food. You thought about telling him you were Sonny’s wife, but he caught your interest when he mentioned how Sonny was a “cool guy, but talked about his wife too much. Besides she can’t be compared to you”.  Sonny picked that moment to walk behind the rookie.

 Now it was taking all your self-control not to laugh since Sonny was standing behind the rookie miming him. Sonny was flipping his hair in all directions, flexing, and pulling superhero poses all the while imitating the rookie.

 “So Baby girl, what say you and me get a drink tonight and see where the night takes us?” He said winking.

 At this Sonny cocked an eyebrow and put a hand on his hip. You cleared your throat trying to gain some ounce of composure before you spoke. Sonny however beat you to it. 

“You know maybe you should check to see if a Lady is wearing a wedding ring before you ask her out.” He said putting his arm around your waist.

 The rookie’s eyes grew to the size of saucers as he looked at your hand to see a five karat aquamarine surrounded by diamonds on a silver band encircling your finger.

 “Hey man…I swear I didn’t know. I didn’t mean any disrespect or anything.” 

You could see the wheels turning in his head as he tried to think of what he should do. You weren’t quite sure but you believe the look on Sonny’s face must have been what made up the mind of the rookie. Because he muttered a quick sorry and turned tail to take off.

 Again you were having a bit of trouble not laughing. This time because of the look of  jealousy on Sonny’s face.

 “So…umm..” He started, but you cut him off by taking his head in your hands and kissing him.

 “Trust me babe, I was waiting for to come rescue me the whole time.”

 Sonny couldn’t help the smile that spread ear to ear. “God, I love you.”

 “I love you too, Dominick Carisi.” You said kissing him again.

 “Let’s get somethin to eat, Doll.” He said as he took your hand in his and lead you out of the building.

Family Matters

WinterIron Mafia AU: “Are you seriously offering me money to break up with my boyfriend?”

This is a small gift for @mojishinprocastinatorextreme who got a real scare today. Since you live half-way across the world a little distraction in the form of a fic was the only thing I could think of to help. I hope you’re holding up alright, love! Oh, and watch out for the cut!


Stane blinked. A frown flickered across his features, the movement stiff as though the muscles were unused to express such an emotion, and expertly erased before it had a chance to truly sink into the skin a second later.

“No,” Bucky repeated, his voice firm and unyielding.

A slow smile settled on the older man’s face that did nothing to hide the cold calculation in his eyes. Obadiah Stane was not a man used to being denied, hadn’t been even before he had become the head of one of New York’s most influential families in the wake of Howard Stark’s death. Bucky would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy it.

Natasha may have been on to something when she complained about that supposed death wish of his. Not that Bucky would ever admit that out loud.

“120'000 then,” Stane said with an acquiescing nod, as though this was some grand gesture from a selfless king to his loyal guard.

It was probably meant to be inspiring but all it really did was make Bucky wish he’d never left Hydra. Considering the only thing those sadistic bastards treated worse than their enemies were their own damn men, that was really saying something.

“Tempting,” Bucky deadpanned in the dry tone he usually reserved exclusively for the weakest, most idiotic of their numerous enemies—the ones that tried to prove their lack of mental capacities by kidnapping Tony Stark. 

“But with all due respect,” which Stane hadn’t earned much of as far as Bucky was concerned, “I’m still gonna have to say no.”

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How I Meet You

      “I heard he’s handsome and talented.” Seungyeon squealed in excitement in the car when your manager told her that rookie singer and talented producer Dean would be guest on a radio show along with you and your other two members. You heard a lot about him recently and you listened all his song without exception, usually you found some song isn’t good enough for you to listen but it didn’t happen on his songs. You like all of them, you even purchased all his songs without hesitation on itunes. Although you were not his die-hard fan but indeed you gladly admitted that he’s talented and has a beautiful voice, no wonder he’s being predicted as promising singer of the year. 

      “Too bad I didn’t bring his album with me right now, I want his sign on my cd.” Yooeun added. Both of them are his fans, and thanks to them you could enjoy Dean’s music because they were the one who told you to listen his song.

     “Should we ask for his sign then?” you offered. Since your personality is chill and easy going, you are not having a hard time to approach people. Sometimes they would misunderstand by your act but that’s you, you just want to make a new friend without any secret intention.

     “But I’m too shy~~” Seungyeon and Yooeun exclaimed almost at the same time gained a laughter from you and your manager.

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[ENG] Storm Lover Series Bakappuru Fes (Afternoon) Skit Cut

Happy new year 2017!

Since it’s the new year and I wanted to post something, I decided to go with this. I wanted to subtitle the whole event but it took me so long to finish just the skit I won’t be doing the game part. I must admit I got lazy with the subtitle fonts and I’m too rookie to know how to properly use aegisubs so I’m sorry if the subtitling isn’t professional level. I also apologize if there are any mistakes in translation.

Some rules!

Explanations/Ref for this video:
1:43 = Ikari Mio’s seiyuu, Namikawa Daisuke, is bad at reading kanji so with furigana written, he is able to read it
35:51 = I’m pretty sure Ikari meant to say 正肉 but they’re making fun of Namikawa and the fact that he can’t read kanji
55:19 = 当て振り is when the instruments are recorded beforehand and the players just move their hands accordingly during the performance
1:05:32 = 隠し味 means subtle seasoning but literally means “hidden flavour”
1:07:14 = 真剣 can mean “serious” but can also mean a “real sword”

top x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: T.O.P (Big Bang) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: Not gonna lie, I only ever watched two episodes of Running Man so my description of it’s vague. Hopefully, this still works for you. c: Sorry for the wait!

Summary: “Hey, can I request a scenario with top, where you guys go to running man, and you are a huge fan of him and it’s a couple race. And then after the show he asks you out, and you guys start dating, are already went public and comeback on running man, and they tease you guys, saying that they need to be on the weeding, thins kind of thing.” - Anon

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(TRANS) Haru*Hana Vol. 25 - BTS Part

-BTS’ second Japanese single ‘Boy in Luv’ is a popular song in Korea. Like the original song title 'real man’, you can see the wild side of the seven individuals.
Jungkook: The topic is about teenage boys that don’t know how to express their love to girls.
Suga: This song is part of a triology with 'No More Dream’ and “N.O.’ Our debut song is about going against the world and this song refers to growth and experiencing what love means. It’ll be nice to listen to the triology together.

-What is the dance point of this choreography?
J-Hope: All of my parts (laughs) hahaha, just kidding. Since it combines a lot of choreography, any part of it can be considered the dance point.
V: In the very beginning all 7 of our breathing was in sync. When I watched the video, we were so handsome that I got goosebumps.
Jimin: I like the dance during Suga hyung’s rap. We used actions to show a motorcycle.
Suga: So that’s why they always film you guys and not me during my rap (laughs).
Rap Mon: Although it’s not a dance part, I like the part when I sing 'hold up!’
Jin: In the Korean version there’s no solo parts that show the wild feeling, but it is in the Japanese MV.

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