must be the new hair

Mutation Squared

Mutation Squared:  When Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider (for the second time, since apparently he didn’t learn his lesson) he undergoes a strange second mutation. Left with eight eyes and a ridiculous amount of body hair, he must learn to cope with his new transformation and new powers. Good thing Wade Wilson is there to help him out.
(Inspired by tumblr artist Polarspaz).

Pairing: Spiderman/Deadpool

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 43,334

Status: Completed


I am so damn late for Jean hair hype train but…
I still must do something…
His new hair length speaks to my soul in unimaginable depths (and kinks)

therightfulalphawerewolf  asked:

(Rp? PDH?) He was walking around the school when he picked up an unfamiliar scent,he looked over and saw a chestnut haired boy, 'Huh,must be the new kid' he smirked and walked over,standing behind him,causing the two freshmen talking to the boy to scurry off in fear,which only made his smirk grow

“Guys? Why did you run away…?”

Monty was confused as to why his classmates ran away. He seemed like the weird, nerdy kid of the group… his appearance made him seem even more weird… Of course he wore the required dress code clothing which made his Hertochromia stand out… but he wore black fingerless gloves, odd goggles that hung around his neck, and sported black paint covering the entire right side of his face and throat…

At first Monty didn’t notice the Werewolf behind him. He looked around to look for the reason why his classmates ran, then noticed a faint shadow against the lockers to his right and turned to face the student.

“U-Uh… Hello…? Do you need something?”

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: how did junko enoshima make the students from the first game look the same when they first came to the school? some of them had to have gotten taller or their hair changed. what if yamada, togami, or fukawa got new glasses? what about Chihiro? he must've gotten physically stronger. and what if Leon decided on a new hair colour? did enoshima dye it? did the tragedy happen the same year they got into the school? or was it another year after they got into the school? was it an illusion? do they think they look different? WHAT IF ENOSHIMA DIDNT LET THEM CHANGE THEIR APPEARANCES-
Don't Even Try To Hate on Taylor Swift.
  • "She is a whore, she dates every guy she sees": If you actually knew how many guys she has dated, you would not be saying that.
  • "She only writes songs about guys": Clearly you have only heard a few of her songs, secondly, there is nothing wrong with writing songs about relationships.
  • "Taylor looks like a grandma with her new hair": You must have one young, good-looking grandma!
  • "Her songs all sound the same": That's probably because you have only heard one of her songs, or you need your hearing checked.
  • "She doesn't care about her fans": She only has meet and greets before and after every concert, hand picks presents for her fans, takes time to get to know her fans as individuals on the internet, etc.
  • "She can't even sing": To each their own...but she actually can sing! If you heard someone like me sing, you would realize what an actual bad singer sounds like. Also, watch her live tour performances and get back to me on that!
  • "She has way too many best friends": Yes, she has a lot of friends, probably because she considers her fans her friends!
  • "She can't dance": Have you seen her doing actual choreography? She can dance awkwardly and she can dance amazingly!
  • "Her parents bought her success": You can't buy talent and millions of loyal fans!

to everyone who says rey can’t be a skywalker because it’s too obvious and that she MUST be a kenobi (just lol) can I just remind you that before tfa came out everyone thought rey was a solo? yeah sure there were some theorists who were thinking she was luke’s daughter but what did every interviewer ask daisy ridley? what did everyone say the minute she was cast? 

“oh this new chick must be a solo girl! she has brOWN HAIR!!!!” 

rey being a skywalker is the surprise, it is the plot twist because everyone was expecting her to be han/leia’s child.

Video Game Shop - M.C.


Games has always been a part of your life. Your parents were game developers and they own the company who develops them.

As their daughter, you always get to be the first one to test the games they make. From action to sim games, you’re already an expert for your age.

You were walking down the mall to a video game shop your family owns. You wore a hoodie over your shirt, a skater skirt and some combat boots. You did not want the employees to recognize you and give you the games for free(again) because that would be unfair.

You exhaled a breath you didn’t know you were holding in when you realized that the person behind the counter was an unfamiliar boy with a random hair color. Michael? He must be new. You thought to yourself as you glanced at his nametag.

You went over to the games were Halo 3 was located. You’ve been dying to play the game but didn’t get the chance to because you were too busy in school.

Just when you decided to pick the game, your eye caught a glimpse of the new NBA 2k15, followed by FIFA and Call of Duty discount pack.

You suddenly forget why you were there. You were having an internal fight on what you should buy. Yes, you have enough money to buy them all, but you weren’t really that much of a money burner. You buy each games one or two at a time. You let out a frustrated sigh when you felt a tap on your shoulder.

Your eyes were met by emerald ones. He was the boy from behind the counter. You admire his pale complexion and cherry colored lips.

“Hey.. Uhm.. You’ve been standing there for about 10 minutes. Can I help you?” You stare at him with mouth open until you find the words to answer him.

“O-oh… Well… I came in here to buy Halo 3 but then, I saw some other games… So I don’t know which one to buy anymore.”

“Well, which games had caught your attention?”

You showed him the stack on your hands. He nodded in response as if he approved of your game choices. You mentally rolled your eyes.

“Have you ever played Fifa?” He said as he held the CD game in his hands, checking the cover and description.

“Well no. I’ve always wanted to try it but I have too many ga–”

“Miss Y/N! Why didn’t you tell us you were here?”

Crap. They must have noticed your hair. And you thought this was your lucky day.

“Michael, what are you doing? You don’t have to charge her for those ga–”

“Okay, Spencer! I can take it from here.” You said with an awkward laugh. Michael stared at you as if he had done an awful mistake.

“O-oh! You’re the owner’s daughter! I’m sorry–I didn’t know–”

“Michael. You’re blabbering.”


“Come on. I have to pay for this stuff.”

“B-but he said to no–”

“Michael. Shut up. I’m paying whether you like it or not.”

Without speaking, he scanned your items and computed the total. He gave you the receipt, but instead, you gave it back to him, but not before writing your phone number on it.

“Here’s my number. Maybe you can call and teach me how to play Fifa sometime?”

“Oh, s-sure! It would be great.”

“Fantastic! It’s a date then. See ya.”

And as you left the store, Spencer came back from the stock room, staring weirdly at the boy behind the counter who was sporting a lovesick smile from his face.