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💗 Powerpuff Girls S4 Sentence Starters – Part 2 of 2 💗

  • It’s enough to make a man lose faith in that brighter tomorrow. But not me. I’m not that faith-losin’ man.
  • Have we somehow angered a higher power? Are we to be forever cursed?
  • It started to rain in town. Maybe criminals don’t like getting wet.
  • What you’re looking at is a microscopic robot.
  • Our clothes melted.
  • Isn’t that just a jar with holes in the lid?
  • It was about to…you know, crush you, so I…well, I, um…stomped…on the nasty little thing.
  • What are we gonna name it when it gets better?
  • Squirrels eat nuts, stupid!
  • All you can do is give her food and water and a warm bed and lots and lots of love. Then we just hope for the best.
  • Well, that was pretty pathetic.
  • It’s obvious to me that my cybernetic techno-beacon is functioning properly and controlling your adolescent minds, thus brainwashing you into coming to my place of residence.
  • You had your logo all over it, you egomaniac!
  • Today, for the first time ever, we have discovered an individual whose bravery, strength, and agility have proven her worthy to be a member of our exclusive organization.
  • A highly intelligent creature known for its charm and resourcefulness, the common North American tree squirrel is a natural acrobat.
  • She says she’s worried about the animals and she thinks she should stay here.
  • We’ll never find anybody who can stranglehold like you.
  • We better launch this thing fast!
  • We must enlist the aid of the most evilest of evil minds.
  • Look at this egg. Look at this egg!
  • Just ‘cause you’re a supervillain, you think you can waltz in here and not pay?
  • I am not just evil. I am extremely evil! I am the most evil of all evil beings! Nothing is more evil!
  • If you don’t help us, that alien force will come down here and destroy everything in the evilest way imaginable.
  • We wouldn’t want you to be replaced as the world’s evilest villain.
  • In order to be evil, you have to look evil.
  • The next step in being evil is being mean.
  • You must gather all the stinky cheese you can gather!
  • The sound of evil! Evil brainwashing waves making their way to some unsuspecting victim!
  • This is stupid. You’re stupid.
  • That was my idea! I’ve always wanted to do that!
  • Your plans aren’t working!
  • Sure, baby, we can paint it red. It’s my town! We can paint it any color you like.
  • The destruction of your dwelling area is now complete. I am now your new leader.
  • I am a villain! Do you hear me? Villain! I do not save! I do not do good! I am bad! I am evil! I am the most evil!
  • Yep, you’re the goodest good guy ever to have done good.
  • Sweetheart? Oh, no, I don’t have time for that.
  • Though I could not summon the courage to speak to you before, Cupid’s bow has given me strength on this, the eve of love.
  • Wow, oh, hey, this is really good water.
  • You know the ladies don’t go for those skinny scientist types.
  • You know guys don’t go for those plain-jane bookish types.
  • What are you up to, lumpy bones?
  • That sounds like fun, cheesy quesadilla.
  • I had a really bad experience with a cat once.
  • I don’t think I could date a man who hated cats so much he had to make up ridiculous stories.
  • I don’t think I could date a woman who didn’t believe my ridiculous stories!
  • I’ve turned into a jinx. I’m no good anymore.
  • I’m afraid if I stay, I’ll just cause nothing but trouble and make everyone unhappy.
  • You forgot the ketchup!
  • So nice of you to join us. I’m starving!
  • I did not panic! I was tricking him into a false sense of security!
  • Report cards are the single most important determining factor to consider when judging the worth of an individual’s life.
  • Just tel yourself it’s not real and it will go away, okay?
  • We will attach a tag to your backside that says “Made in Taiwan”!
  • Sorry it took me so long. I wanted to slip into something more…sinister.
  • Yap, yap, yap. Can I toss this guy already?
  • You guys with your special powers of ice breath and south-of-the-border rodent speech.
  • Oh goody, goody! I wonder if it’s another flaming rodent! Let’s go see!
  • I thought I was special, but I’m not! So there!
  • That’s lame! Anybody can curl their tongue!
  • I bet you’re wondering what’s inside my magic satchel today.
  • All hail the mighty and powerful television.

anonymous asked:

I HAVE NEVER SMELLED A FART IN A GYM 😂😂 I am 100% certain that people fart in the gym all the time, but the ventilation and air con makes it less obvious. So it must have been one stinky fart for you to have smelled it! I am so sorry but I am LAUGHING so hard at your terrible experience 😂😂 I'm such a jerk but this is really funny hahaha

It was AWFUL and it wasn’t going away. 

It was one of those farts that heat up the air they touch. 

The kind that just lingers

They had to open two windows. It was intense.