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The TodoDekuBaku threesome is interesting. I'm huge Tododeku shipper and slight Katsudeku shipper but really not a Todobaku fan. Those two just don't mesh... That doesn't stop the polyamorous relationship from working though, since not all members must be involved with one another. I could see it working with gray-ace/demi Shouto having a primarily romantic relationship with Izuku (with the occasional tender "lovemaking") while aromantic Bakugou has more of a physical relationship with him.

Whoa I’m late to answering this, but better late than never!

The TodoDekuBaku ship is quite interesting and I’m glad you think so! I feel you with being a Tododeku shipper and slight Katsudeku shipper with not much of a Todobaku fan, which is cool! To each their own, I say. 

For me, I ship them both too hard and too equally, so then this happened.

I also just ended up shipping Todobaku ever since their fight in the Sports Festival and during the (spoiler if you don’t read the manga-during the School Trip Arc.) 

The way you describe their dynamics is a fun one. I can totally see what you proposed happening within their relationship. 

I have this headcanon that Bakugou Katsuki is secretly a sweetheart underneath all those emotional walls he has, so as soon as he gets more confident emotionally, things may change, but just a little since he is Bakugou Katsuki (lol love this boy). And for me Todoroki Shouto, I agree with the romance with him since I see him taking it slow, a cautious dude overall with such things. 

But that’s the fun of shipping! Anything can happen, especially for this dynamic trio of baby heroes. 

As an ending note, Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki and Todoroki Shouto are precious. <3 

Have a cool day anon! -Unoutan

You know what I love?

I love the fact that despite ichi//hime being canon the majority of the bleach fandom just ignore it and still post IchiRuki. Like I’ve never seen one of those anime fan pages on Instagram or any social media for that matter post ichi//hime. And generally they post what ever is canon. But nope, they will always post ichiruki in fact that is if they post anything Bleach related at all. Lmao man you know you fucked up when an entire fandom elects to ignore the canon. I mean just think about how unpopular ichihime actually must be for literally no one to post it. Like ya there is an ichihime fandom and origos do exist but just think about it if we hardcore ichiruki fans were the only ones who cared about Ichigo not ending up with Rukia then why do even the most casual of Bleach fans chose to ignore ichihime? It’s because ichihime is absolute trash and nothing kubo does will ever change that fact. Tite Kubo is a moron who cut his nose off to spite his face and the fact that he developed ichiruki only to make trash like ichihime canon is literally the most insane shitty direction I’ve ever seen any fictional series take. Yeah ichihime may be canon but ichiruki had the entire fucking manga, so who really lost?

Anime movies I Recommend so you wont be bored :D

aaAnime movies i reccomend for you guys to watch (these do not include Ghibli films, while i love those movies i don’t wanna suggest them cause i’m sure u all know about them)

Time of Eve


A girl Who lept Through time

Pet-shop of Horrors

Escaflowne: a Girl in Gaea

Fist of the North Star The movie

Puppet Princess



Dagger of Kamui

Patlabor: The movie

Mind Game

Gundam War in the Pocket (4 episode anime, bascially considered a movie)

Akira (beautiful animation but the story in the manga is superior)

Vampire Hunter D


Spriggan (one of my favorite action anime of all time)

Cat Soup (mind fuck, but beautiful)

Steamboy (katsuhiro otomo)

5 Centimeters Per Second


Garden of Words

Boy and the Beast



Memories:Magnetic Rose

Arashi no Yoru Ni


Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind


Royal Space force: The wings of Honneamise

Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Angel’s Egg

Jin Roh: Wolf Brigade

Wolf Children 

Trigun Badlands Rumble

Legend of the Overfiend (if u dare :3) (AND YOU MUST WATCH THE DUB!!)

Ojisan no Lamp

Tokyo Godfathers

Perfect Blue

Cowboy Bebop Knockin on Heaven’s Door

Millennium Actress 


Evangelion Rebuild Films (1.0, 2.0, 3.33)


Lupin the Third Jigen Daisuke’s Gravestone

Lupin the Third Bloodspray of Goemon Ishikawa (MUST WATCH FOR SAMURAI ACTION FANS!!!)

Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin Movies 1-4


Note: If you want more details on a specific movie just ask me and i’d be willing to give a synopsis :D

These are my personal favorite films i’ve in the world of anime :D

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January 16-23

Escaflowne Week is a fan-created event dedicated to the 1996 anime The Vision of Escaflowne.  To take part, all you must do is create something related to The Vision of Escaflowne, whether it be edits, music, fan art, fanfiction, gifs, fanmixes, or otherwise.  Please tag all your creations with #escaflowneweek so they can be found by the mod!

2017 Themes (optional)
There are two “themes” to choose from on each day.  You may choose to participate in one, both, or neither, and all of those options are perfectly acceptable.

Monday, January 16 - light / dreaming
Tuesday, January 17 - survival / loss
Wednesday, January 18 - sisterhood / two
Thursday, January 19 - connection / gravitation
Friday, January 20 - inertia / those who wander
Saturday, January 21 - penultimate / in motion
Sunday, January 22 - departure / future
Monday, January 23 - time / love

Spread the love, be courteous, and have fun!

BH6 Headcanons- Older!Hiro

- I’ve seen Hiro described as “shy”, “socially awkward”, and ‘shrinking violet’ due to being bullied, and because he mostly only talked to Tadashi and Aunt Cass before the film happened. Head canon that he never quite grows out of his shy, reserved personality and as a result while he’s himself around his friends, he’s less outgoing, quieter and more reserved than Tadashi (but still snarky and rebellious, and no less of a s**t and con artist). He’s still a sweet kid and a nice guy all grown up though.

-This just adds to his adorkable/ moe/ bishie appeal. Seriously, the admirers are just lining up at the cafe to get him as their waiter (I know I would…). Aunt Cass fully exploits this fact to draw more customers in while keeping a Mama Bear eye out for him. He gets a LOT of tips. 

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Is Sailor Moon manga any good? What are the pros and cons?

Well I’m one of those whom consider that the classic anime is better than the manga.

IMO, the manga is not a masterpiece but it’s still very good and I think it’s a must read for Sailor Moon fans (it’s the ~source~ material after all).

The story starts the same both in the classic anime and the manga, however, the more the story progresses the more each story differentiates from each other (the story in the manga tends to be a little bit darker than in the classic anime which was made for kids after all).

Each version of the story has good and bad things so it’s up to you to decide which one you like better. As for me I like the classic anime story better because they changed things in order to improve them (season 1 finale is still one of the most iconic finales there are, Neptune & Uranus’ relationship is clearer, they removed the problematic parts, etc). Also since they had a ton of episodes to air they had a lot of room for character development, there’s barely any room in the manga for character development, a thing that Crystal made even more obvious.

In my opinion, the best thing about the manga is the beautiful art

And as for negative things, I’d say the problematic parts (Black Lady’s kiss for example) and the fact that the some parts of the story were made better by TOEI in the classic anime.

It’s perfectly ok to like the anime better or the manga better or liking both equally, liking a specific thing doesn’t make you more of a fan just like not liking one thing (cough Crystal cough) doesn’t make you less of a fan. At the end of the day, we’re just different people with different tastes so it’s only natural that we all can’t agree and that’s completely ok as long as we’re respectful towards different opinions and don’t try to force our views upon the others.

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as a mlm im fucking ashamed of that results. especially the best animation one, holy shit. still can't accept that people say that such a thing represents me, or my bf. gay/bi boys' reality isn't a rainbow full of happiness as this anime wants to show, especially in extreme homophobic countries like Japan and Russia. cutting things like homophobia or self acception from your story may not represent actual mlm, but at least gives you a lot of fujo fans and some virtual awards isn't it?

ah, my condolences. I can’t begin to imagine how disturbing it must be for you to witness these people going like “SUCH REPRESENTATION, MUCH LGBT”. 

One of the WORST aspects of the show is that they ignore the blatant problems a gay couple would face (especially considering those two countries and the fact the mains are basically celebrities, WTF) and then acting like this ridiculously unrealistic plot is a good thing???um no?????ignoring the problems ACTUAL PEOPLE FACE EVERYDAY is NOT a good thing??? even if it wasn’t your regular fujo-bait, it still would fail in representatİon department spectacularly,,,







Like… it’s such a typical fanservice/BL anime I can’t even. Asses in your face, shiny eyes, all money spent on animating tears, cardboard cutout characters, fantasies of a “perfect prince with the plain ‘girl’ ”..??? I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact people legitimately believe this is a pro-LGBT work. especially when the creator bitched about gay couples HOLDING HANDS on her twitter and said wouldn’t draw yuri bc “um sorry i like guys uwu”. As if we needed that extra cringe, thanks much, “kubo-sensei”. 


Here’s some personal recommendations for my friends. The goal of this list was to pick anime that at some point has aired on TV, and to find anime like it. I understand that a lot of people discover anime through Toonami, Adult Swim, the old TechTV, etc. so I wanted to help those newer fans.

This was the criteria I used for recommendations:

My recommendations must be obtainable through legal means. It is important to me that people support the shows they love, whether it be through legal streaming like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, NicoNico Douga, Funimation, Neon Alley, etc. or DVDs/BDs. The goal here is to get people that are just getting into anime towards the path of getting their shows legally.

My recommendations cannot be currently airing on US mainstream TV stations. While stuff like EVA and Gurren Lagann have been on TV at one point, they aren’t anymore so they’re eligible. 

If you disagree with any picks I really don’t care. Make your own lists if you’re personally offended that I included series you don’t like. I’ve been watching anime for 20 years so my tastes are all over the place.

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January 11-18

Escaflowne Week is a fan-created event dedicated to the 1996 anime The Vision of Escaflowne.  To take part, all you must do is create something related to The Vision of Escaflowne, whether it be edits, music, fan art, fanfiction, gifs, fanmixes, or otherwise.  Please tag all your creations with #escaflowneweek so they can be found by the mod!

2016 Themes (optional)
There are two “themes” to choose from on each day.  You may choose to participate in one, both, or neither, and all of those options are perfectly acceptable.

Monday, January 11 - girl on gaea / track and field
Tuesday, January 12 - burning / sacrifice
Wednesday, January 13 - celebration / perspective
Thursday, January 14 - chaos / safety
Friday, January 15 - battlefield / draconian
Saturday, January 16 - family / wounds
Sunday, January 17 - good / evil
Monday, January 18 - home / fate

Spread the love, be courteous, and have fun!

Anime summarized in a question

Snk: what’s in the basement and how many ppl can I kill before it gets awkward
One Piece: how long can we drag this out
Jojos bizarre adventures: why
Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!: why the fuck not
Knb: what is gravity
Haikyu: why have unlikable antagonists
Bleach: how many alternate personalities can we get away with our protagonist having
Hunter x hunter: how cute can we look while emotionally wrecking our fans
Madoka Magica: lol same
Tokyo ghoul: why ishida why must you hurt those who love you