must be hungover

If I Crash On Your Couch

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Summary: Sequel to Can You Take Me Home? (x). Request fic for @sleepersareweaker. “So, you’re gonna make a sequel to the saint patricks fic, where a few days later Gerard is flirting again but sober now, and reader begins to ~understand~ ..riiiiiiiiight?”

You woke to the sound of Gerard being violently sick in your bathroom down the hall.
Poor baby, you frowned as you sat up in bed. Must be hungover.
He’d spent the night on your couch, sleeping off his St. Patrick’s Day bender. You had slept in your own bed - alone, despite Gerard’s efforts. You blushed at the memory. You still couldn’t believe he’d acted like that.
He must’ve been really trashed, you thought with a sigh, and laid back down. You thought about going into the bathroom and offering to hold his hair or something, but you didn’t want to make him feel embarassed.
I’ll talk to him in an hour or so, you decided, and went back to sleep.
But, when you finally woke up and crept into the living room, Gerard was gone.

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Lunatic: Part IX

Mythical!AU BTS

Rated: PG mentions of heats/sex

Word Count: 2517

Part VIII | Part X

A/N: Sorry I haven’t updated in a while and this isn’t a very interesting chapter.  The next ones should be a lot more fun so bear with me for now!!

The next day comes grey and miserable.  The weather is a nasty mix of slushy rain and snow.  You and the boys are all curled on Jungkook’s couch watching movie after movie and waiting to hear from the others.  

Well into the afternoon you figure that they must have been quite hungover and still sleeping.  When night arrives and there’s still not a word from any of them is when you start to panic.  

It’s almost 8 PM when Jimin sits up from his place.  “Taehyung is on the group chat!”  He shouts over the movie and it startles everyone.  There’s excitement and relief around the room.  That is until Jimin and Jungkook read his messages.  

-Hey guys.

-Sorry no one’s answering something happened last night.  

-Yoongi hyung and Hoseok hyung are pretty sick.  

-Jimin tell me when it’s okay I’ll call and explain.  

Jimin doesn’t respond but calls Taehyung right away.  While he starts the call Jungkook lets you read the messages.  Your stomach drops in worry right from the second line.  All of your attention snaps to Jimin when he says hello.  

Jungkook holds your hand in his while you listen to Jimin talking to Taehyung.  Jimin doesn’t say much as Taehyung explains.  It makes you anxious to wait for information since Jimin is sitting too far away to over hear what Taehyung is saying.  He looks serious and you know that isn’t good.  A few times he would glance in your direction and make your stomach knot even worse.  

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Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 1,441
Warnings: None    
Written for Wayward-Mirage’s Mark Pellegrino Day
Request: (Anonymous) So Lucifer-in-leather recommended you for a Mark P fic. I read your other ones and they are awesome. Can I request one I really, really, really want ? Mark x Reader. The cast goes to Vegas and parties and Mark is majorly in love with the reader but hasn’t asked her out and Rich hangs all over her and Mark sees her leave with Rich and assumes they slept together and treats her mean out of jealousy but finds out they didn’t and has to fix it ? 

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Clapping for the Wrong Reasons

BEFORE READING:  the events that took place in the short film Clapping for the Wrong Reasons occured during the time that Gambino and the people that he worked with agreed upon not using the internet during the making of  …bec a use the in t e rnet.

As a prelude to …bec a use the in t e rnet, Clapping for the Wrong Reasons can also be referred to as the screenplay’s parallel. We consider this prelude to be a parallel because Donald takes on The Boy’s character and situation, but in an alternate universe kind of way (In reality, Jaden Smith is the proper portrayal for The Boy, but Donald is his alternate or the adult version of The Boy). This prelude is necessary because it sets the tone for …bec a use the in t e rnet, and influences confusion that will be resolved in the screenplay to come. Donald’s portrayal of The Boy allows you to picture how the scenes would play out had this screenplay had a motion picture and sound to it. The phrase “Clapping for the Wrong Reasons”, in the context that Gambino is using it in, is in reference to the audience’s ignorance. A primary meaning to the phrase is that Gambino recognizes an issue with the Internet. Viewers, bloggers, commenters, artists, media tycoons, and etc. are all “applauded” or praised for the wrong reasons. Clapping refers to acceptance or approval in the public eye. One could “clap” by hitting the like button or dislike button, one could “clap” by hitting the thumbs up button or thumbs down button, one could “clap” by hitting reblog or retweet, or one could “clap” by viewing a video or page out of curiosity. Often times, people do not mean to “clap”, but it just takes a single “clap” to commence an applause. Once we start clapping, the wrong reasons emerge from every direction. Trolls are praised for being trolls, the media is praised for providing that juicy-bitter info, and the Internet is praised for anonymity (which is slowly drifting away). Why do we tend to clap for the things that overall have negative connotations rather than clapping for the good that comes from them? The symbolism in Clapping for the Wrong Reasons provides a bit of incite to this question. Within the short film you will notice a list of references towards …bec a use the in t e rnet. The screenplay acts as a behind the scenes look into the making of …bec a use the in t e rnet.

Things to look out for:

The Unknown Girl: We all know who the Unknown Girl is (Abella Anderson), but who is she really within the screenplay? Her main purpose is to wake The Boy up into the repeating cycle that he lives. Though not knowing who she is, The Boy becomes curious as to who she is and as to who invited her to his mansion in the first place. She is attractive beyond means so this could possibly be one of his boy’s late night smashes, or better, maybe The Boy smashed and was just too wasted to remember her, right? Wrong. For the wrong reasons, she’s there to keep The Boy in check. She wakes him up for a phone call, but does not respond when asked about her identity. She’s simply there co-existing among them, like he said in I. The Party, “I ain’t invite all of these people to my mothafuckin’ house!” But why does he focus in on her? Because he’s attracted to the Unknown.

The phone call: Living so lavishly and carefree, one begins to wonder, where is there source of income? Is it daddy money (Rick Ross)? Or is it dirty money (drug/troll money)? Well, it’s most likely daddy money since the collector on the phone appears to be searching for someone (most likely his father) other than the person already speaking on the phone. The dialogue between the two is short, but a lot of substance is given. Just from this phone scene, a bit of The Boy’s trolling nature is portrayed. This particular scene also foreshadows a series of events since it appears that he and his father are avoiding something (probably tax evasion).

The refrigerator: half the fridge is filled with your regular day-to-day groceries, while the other half is filled with bottles on bottles on bottles on bottles. This represents the rich kid lifestyle that The Boy lives. He’s average by day, and a partygoer by not.

The throw-up: an obvious party-foul. That dude must be hungover from last night’s party. This is also confirms last night’s party.

The messy mansion: it just goes to show how careless The Boy’s lifestyle truly is.

The Unknown Girl Again: this shows growth in curiosity and it also symbolizes a theme within the …bec a use the in t e rnet screenplay. The Boy always seems to be surrounded by people he does not quite know. People that are his friends, but only to use him for his money, but when the check’s clear, they’re not here.

The Basketball: it just represents who the house actually belongs to, Chris Bosh.

The Brothers & Misla: it appears that this scene serves as the difference between The Boy and his boys. While The Boy’s downstairs attending to business and his art (being in his element), his boys are upstairs chillin’ playing 2K and talking about pointless shit. His boys serves as a distraction to his element, which in this case is his music.

Misla’s Karate Scene: she is seen outdoors practicing her karate moves. As like The Boy, she separates herself from distractions to enter into her inner element.

Ludwig’s Instrumental: Ludwig’s in his element jamming to the now Flight of the Navigator

Emily and Telegraph Ave and Crawl: she pushes Gambino to make more drastic takes and greater risks. She gives him props for releasing good soft music, but wants him to dive deeper into his darker side. When Gambino does this, he’s kind of taking a leap of faith, or in this case, a leap into the pool.

Jumping in the pool with phone and sneakers on: another example of The Boy’s careless lifestyle.

Power outage: represents lack of responsibility. Another example for The Boy’s careless lifestyle.

Chance losing in connect four and losing the push-up contest: Chance has yet to release an official mainstream album, people think that because of this, he’s losing. He’s a youngster that’s losing, even to the likes of Trinidad James and Gambino…or so it seems.

The Unknown Girl Once Again: she is seen in bikinis this time walking from a distance and obviously The Boy’s curiosity sprung. He attempts to find out who she is, but still receives no answer.

Stefan continues dancing: was he really vibing to Bino’s dj-ing?

Danielle’s Scene: represents the superficial worries of the rich.

The lemons: “Life’s lemons often comes in abundance.“ 

Stefan’s Piano Scene: Stefan is now seen undistracted in his element.

The Exchange of Verses + Party Scene: while a party is in session, Gambino isn’t always really there. He’d rather be doing something real, rather than wasting time at a party. Gambino would rather spit a verse with his boy. He finds comfort with one-on-ones rather than being part of a function.

The Golden Molar: @TheGoldMolar.

Donald and Fam’s Scene: “Sometimes you can’t explain things.”

The Unknown Girl A-fucking-ain: Gambino reaches a point where he must confront this girl and must find out who she is, but even after blatantly asking her who she is, she ignores him and continues to walk past. She walks past with no bras on wearing presumably Gambino’s shirt. A sexy sight, but he doesn’t question her after that, he just allows her to co-exist within his mansion. She is now apart of his crew, and sometimes that’s just how things happen. You stick around until your face becomes familiar enough to stay.

The Second Phone Call: Gambino is too tired to troll, so the phone is simply hung up. This shows progression in Gambino’s day, and foreshadows a breaking point to come.

The Unknown Girl for the last time: this final scene serves as a repeat in Gambino’s daily cycle. He wakes up, deals with debt collectors, tries to figure out who exactly are the strangers left in his home from last night’s party, and tries to figure out how high he must’ve been while all this was going on. Was he that intoxicated that his memory does not serve him well? 

The Statue: a symbol for peace, tranquility, and weed? The Boy’s sanctuary? Represents the pack Gambino made to not use the internet during the making of  …bec a use the in t e rnet.

Anything else that was not listed could be best interpreted using Genius.

Housemates (Calum Hood x Reader) Chapter Five


Warnings: Expletives.

A/N: Why is (Y/N) so worked up about Calum going out to a club? And is the fact it would be disrespectful to her parents the only reason she is hoping Calum hadn’t brought a girl home? What is Calum trying to tell her?


Your P.O.V.

You normally find going to sleep easy, but last night was the first night in a long time that you were virtually incapable of falling asleep. Usually, on the rare occasions I am sleepless, it’s because something’s on your mind. Except, there was nothing on your mind last time.

Okay, so maybes you’re lying. There was one thing on your mind.

You couldn’t stop thinking about Calum and what he was doing in that club. It was a terrifying cycle of worrying over what he was doing, and then being pissed off with yourself for thinking about him so much.

You just couldn’t get over him implying he liked you. You couldn’t stop the butterflies that fluttered through your stomach when he said what he said. But then when you confronted him about it, he denied it as if it never happened. You won’t lie, it hurt you to hear him say that. But then you just hate yourself for being so worked up over it, because you’re supposed to hate him. He hurt your best friend in a much worse way than he hurt you, and perhaps it just shows how much of a dick he really is.

Yet you still couldn’t stop excessively thinking about what girls he’d met while he was in the club, and whether he hooked up with them or not. Then you started panicking over whether he brought one home with him or not. Surely, he would have the decency not to when this isn’t even his own home. Even if he is an ass, you’d like to think he respects your parents enough.

Morning finally dawns, and you’re apprehensive about leaving your bedroom. You know Calum is going to be waiting for his moment to brag about the girl he hooked up with last night, or the large number of girls he scored numbers from. You didn’t know how you’d react if you saw a girl leave his room.

You eventually prepare yourself and leave your room, only to find you had nothing to worry about. You make your way downstairs, to be met by your mum at the bottom of the stairs, carrying a tray filled with breakfast, a glass of orange juice, a glass of water, and some aspirin. She steps out your way when she sees you coming.

“Hey, sweetie. There’s some waffles left over in the kitchen. Feel free to help yourself.” She smiles.

You point to the tray. “I take it this is all for Calum?”

She nods, “God love him, the boy must be pretty hungover this morning. He didn’t get in until 3am, and he was drunk as a skunk. He was making so much noise, I’m surprised you didn’t hear him he was that loud.”

You widen your eyes as she goes to continue up the stairs.

“Here, mum, let me take it up to him.” You speak up.

She turns to face you. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” You nod, “I could use it as my peace offering.”

Your mum furrows her eyebrows, knowing it’s not something you would usually do. But to be truly honest, you just want to get the gloating thing over and done with. She smiles, handing you the tray, and patting you on the back. “Thank you, (Y/N). I’m proud of you for stepping up like this.”

You smile back to her as she leaves the bottom of the stairs, and you head back up to Calum’s room.

Calum’s door is slightly ajar, so you push it open with your foot, assuming he’s just popped to the bathroom or something. You go to place the tray on the bedside table, only to realise he’s still in bed, with the duvet covering his head.

You smile to yourself as you place a hand on his body over the duvet. “Calum…” You whisper as he begins to turn over, “…I’ve left some breakfast and some aspirin for you on the bedside table.”

Expecting Calum’s face to pop out from under the duvet, you jump back in shock when a young woman’s face suddenly looks up at you.

“Oh…hi…erm…I was expecting you to be Calum…sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” You stutter awkwardly.

The woman shakes her head. “No, you’re alright. It’s probably a good thing you woke me up, I should really be getting back home, but if I’m honest I could totally sleep in this bed all day.”

“Well I wouldn’t object if you did.” Calum’s voice speaks up from behind you, causing you to swing around to face him.

His topless torso stares back at you, and once again you find yourself checking out his abs, and the tattoos on his chest. You can feel him smirking at you.

“(Y/N), this is Rose.” He continues, pointing to the woman in the bed.

“It’s Daisy, actually.” The woman replies.

You raise your eyebrows at him, and he shrugs. “Same difference.”

You shake your head as you turn to face Daisy. “Look, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but…I’m going to have to ask you to leave. You should never have been allowed back here in the first place but, seeing as you have, you’re just going to have to go. And preferably without my parents noticing you, otherwise Calum could be in some serious trouble.”

“She can stay for a little while.” Calum disagrees.

You shoot him a glare, and he just looks back at you totally clueless.

“Okay, I see what’s going on here.” Daisy suddenly speaks.

You furrow your eyebrows at her, “What do you mean?”

She laughs to herself. “If you don’t know now, you’ll know soon.”

You and Calum look to each other, before you sigh. “Calum and I will give you some privacy so you can get yourself decent, and then we’ll find a way of getting you out of here without my parents realising.”

You push Calum out of his room, and the two of you stand in the hallway waiting. You stand there with your arms folded in complete silence. You know he wants to say something, but he’s keeping his mouth tight shut. He can tell you’re pissed off.

Not even two minutes later, Daisy opens the door and steps out the room. You all look to each other, until you take Daisy’s hand and lead her downstairs. You open the door and you don’t even give her the chance to say good-bye before practically pushing her out the door. You pick up the newspaper lying on the doorstep, and close the front door, Calum standing behind you.

He goes to say something, probably what he was going to say before, but your mum suddenly appears behind him.

“Was someone at the door?” She asks politely.

You shake your head. “No, I just went to collect the paper.”

Your mum nods as you hand her the newspaper, and then turns to Calum.

“Did you get your breakfast?” She questions him, “(Y/N) said she’d give it to you as a peace offering.”

Calum nods. “Yes, Mrs. (Y/L/N). Thank you.”

Your mum nods to him, before disappearing back into the dining room.

You look up at Calum and point at him.

Don’t even bother.” You warn him sternly, before storming off back into your bedroom, leaving Calum stood there on his own.

                                                                                CHAPTER SIX >>

Remembering (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Prompt:  “ Good morning! Can I request a shot of Bucky Barnes x reader? I love the stories that explore his recovery from his days as the winter soldier and perhaps meeting reader is a part of that? Thank you :)”

(Whoo! This one was long. But very fun to write! Hope y’all enjoy!)


Bucky trudged through the streets of Bucharest, staring at the street vendors and passersby with a blank expression that showed only that he was tired. God, he was tired. It was a tiredness that sank down into his bones and soul, shaking him from the inside out. His body was beaten and bruised, but he’d grown used to that feeling. No, the real source of his pain was his twisted, abused mind. Even after the several-hours-long flight into Romania, he couldn’t truly process what had just happened, what he’d discovered about himself. He’d tried to make sense of it, but now, as he made his way to the only safehouse he’d truly feel safe in, he shoved all these thoughts to the side, focusing only on moving one foot in front of the other.

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.... Loves All of You

Because I totally squuuueeeed this morning when I saw Maks was at the airport too, with a backpack……

Meryl groaned as her alarm irritatingly shrilled at 5:00 AM. Eyes still closed, she blindly reached for the offending object, mercifully finding the snooze button. 5 more minutes. She smiled as the heavy arm around her middle tightened and she felt Maks’s lips on her neck. “Good morning, baby.” She snuggled in deeper to him. “Good morning.” They hadn’t gotten in until 2:30 this morning. But it had been the most fun she could ever remember having in a long time. Drinks were flowing, friends around her and the coolest place she’d ever been at- TAO. My, my, how she’d changed over these past few months. Never into the club scene, she’d had the time of her life hanging out with Maks and his family and friends. He’d brought her out of her shell, helped her step out of her comfort zone and found a totally new side of Meryl Elizabeth Davis.

The alarm sounded, shrill once again and was forced to face reality, she had to be at the airport in 4 hours, quick stop in LA and then off to vacation in Hawaii. She was excited to finally be able to relax and do nothing for a little while, but devastated to have to leave Maks and his family. She wasn’t sure she even would know who she was without Maks beside her; He’d been such an integral part of her life for what seemed like forever, even though it’d only been 3 months. He’d told her he loved her yesterday. She’d known, of course by the way he looked at her and touched her, but to hear it come off of his sexy lips, well, that was almost sensory overload. They’d make it work, they had to.

She sat up, too quickly and felt the instant pounding in her head. Groaning, she instantly laid back down. She might have had just a few too many drinks last night, just maybe. But like the god he was, Maks was suddenly standing over her, aspirin and a glass of water outstretched to her. “Here, take this, it’ll help.” She got up on her knees and crawled over to him, taking the medicine from him and downing the glass of water. Setting the glass on the nightstand, she sidled up closer to Maks and wrapped her arms around his neck. The heat radiating from his bare chest warmed her in places she didn’t have time to explore.

“Why do you get to look so sexy first thing in the morning while I look like hell? You were drinking too.” She pouted at him. He couldn’t resist her and brought his lips down to meet hers.

“I’m a lot bigger than you are, baby. I can hold my liquor.” He chuckled at her sheer adorableness. “And just for the record, you’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on, especially all rumpled like this.” He kissed her again, his tongue exploring the sweetness of her mouth. God, she was the best thing he ever tasted. His hands stroked her back and she buried her hands in his hair, scratching the back of his neck. With a painful groan he pulled back, “We don’t have time, honey. I have to get you to the airport.”

At the mention of the airport, her heart fell. For just a moment, she’d forgotten that she had to leave him today. Silently she pulled away from him and groggily started toward the bathroom. Arms wrapped around her stomach and pulled her back snugly to his front. “Hey, don’t be upset. Everything will be ok, Meryl.” She wanted to believe him. Surely she did. But it was hard to fathom when they both would be on separate coasts, in different countries for at least the next few months. “I love you, Maks.” She whispered softly, the only thing that made sense at the moment. “No matter what, I love you.”

Maks hid the grin that threatened to light up his face thinking of the surprise he had for her. “If I have to get on a plane every week to see you, I’ll do it. Even if it’s just for a few hours, baby.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Maks. We both know our schedules are going to be crazy.”

Disturbed, he quickly spun her around and bent down to look at her at eye level. “You think I’d lie to you?” He searched her eyes. “I’d never lie to you in a thousand years. If that’s what I have to do, then I’ll do it, Meryl. Nothing else matters to me except you, except us. Nothing. Understand?”

Meryl nodded, her spirits somewhat uplifted. They’d make it work. They had to.

Maks had to work quickly, he only had 20 minutes or so while she was in the shower. Running down the stairs, he smirked as he saw Val passed out on his couch, his arm slung over his eyes. Man, he’d out-drunk them all last night and then apparently taken his drunken ways to Instagram according to his phone blowing up with notifications anyway. He kicked at Val’s foot, one shoe still on. “Let’s go asshole, time to get up. We gotta go.” Val didn’t budge so Maks kicked him harder. “VAL! GET UP!” he yelled. Val twitched, suddenly sat up, and went sprinting for the bathroom. Maks smirked as his little brother emptied the contents of his stomach in the toilet. “Rough night?” he called.

“Shut the fuck up”

Maks laughed all the way to the kitchen, sounds of Val still emerging from the bathroom. This is going to be a good day, he thought with a smile.

20 minutes later, Meryl emerged, looking gorgeous as always, to a full spread breakfast on the table. Enough pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon lined the table to feed an army. Or just the Chmerikovskiy boys. Maks entered the dining room carrying two steaming cups, tea for him, coffee for her. “Morning, gorgeous,” he leaned in for a kiss. “I made breakfast.”

This felt so domesticated and she caught a glimpse into what normal, everyday life with Maks could be like.

“Holy shit, Meryl. What the fuck have you done to my shit of a brother?”

Meryl turned in her chair and tried to stop the laugh that threatened to come out of her throat. It didn’t work. Val looked so adorable, his eyes open to merely slits, hair in every which way imaginable and his clothes half falling off his body. “I think aliens have taken him and given us a replacement. No way this fuck is really my brother.”

Maks rolled his eyes, “Shut the hell up, Val”

“I’m fucking serious! Not that this side of you sucks, but it’s just fucking weird.”

Maks looked at Meryl and then at Val. “Sit down and eat, man. We gotta get you two to the airport.”

Meryl got quiet again. While she was glad Val was at least traveling with her back to LA, it hurt to think of the next few months without Maks. He slung his arm around her shoulders, kissed her hair and whispered his love to her once again.

Maks made Val drive to the airport while he cuddled in the backseat with Meryl. “It’s only a couple months, we’ll talk and text everyday, promise.”

“But you’re the bad boy of the ballroom. Don’t you have a girl in every city?” she teased.

Maks’s teasing demeanor turned deadly serious, “Meryl, I would never-“

She instantly felt bad. “I’m sorry, sweetie. I didn’t mean it like that. I was just kidding.”

“But seriously, honey. I would never, ever cheat on you. The feelings I have when I’m with you, they’re indescribable. And I would never do anything to jeopardize that feeling.”

“I know, baby, I know.”

“I know my reputation sucks but I’ve never felt this way, never known how to love a woman before,” he continued to ramble. “This is all so new, but it’s incredible. I can’t even explain it.”

“Maks,” she stroked his cheek and jaw. “I trust you. 100%. That’s enough for me.”

She amazed him every chance she got. In every way imaginable, she was his perfect match.


Meryl’s heart constricted as Val pulled to the curb at JFK’s departure terminal. Still tucked in the safety of his SUV with dark tinted windows, they shared one last long, deep kiss.

“I’ll miss you,” she whispered, their foreheads against each others.

“Ill miss you too. Every moment of every day, I’ll miss you.”

Meryl kissed him again.

“Call me when you get to LA, ok?”

She nodded, blinking back tears as they both climbed out of the car, him to the driver’s seat and her towards Val, waiting on the sidewalk with their luggage.

She reached for her luggage and mirror ball trophy, but Val shook his head at her. “I’ll get your luggage, just grab your trophy.” Such gentlemen, these Chmerkovskiy boys. Their mama had raised them well. Honestly, it felt kind of strange to be carrying her trophy. Maks had always insisted on carrying both of theirs during their travels.

She allowed herself one last long look back at the black Range Rover where her love sat, still watching her. She waved at him one last time before turning around and walking into the airport behind Val.

He was already in the check-in line waiting for her. “Smile!” he held his iPhone up and snapped her picture. “There’s a good one for Instagram!”

Meryl rolled her eyes, “Oh my god, no! I must look so hungover.”

Val slipped his sunglasses down his nose so she could see his bloodshot eyes. “Don’t even talk about being hungover.”

“Shit, Val. How much did you drink?”

He groaned, “too much.”


Meryl settled in the god-awful, hard plastic airport seat in their boarding area with a good book. Damn the fucking airport for making you get here 3 hours before your plane took off.

‘Cause all of me, loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you….

THEIR SONG floated into her head like a dream. Their breathtaking foxtrot immediately came to mind, that was when she knew she was falling in love with Maks. She still couldn’t believe they had connected so deeply and quickly. Never in a million years would she have thought it. He- the tall, dark and handsome, sexy, casanova, bad boy of Dancing with the Stars and she- the tiny, reserved, shy, ice dancing queen.

Yet their chemistry and connection had sparked right from the start. He’d proposed the first time they had met, that still made her giggle and day after day their bond had only gotten stronger. She’d heard horror stories about his behavior and gruffness, but she honestly couldn’t say she’d ever experienced any of that with him. He’d never been anything but kind and gentle with her. Sure, he had a temper, but didn’t everybody? She just didn’t understand why he had the reputation he did. Her Maks was nothing but a big, giant teddy bear.

‘Cause all of me, loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you….

The song started over again in her head, but Val shook her shoulder, breaking her daydream. “Hey, I think you’re ringing.”

Meryl shook her head, that wasn’t her ringtone, “No, that’s not my phone.”

Val raised an eyebrow at her but went back to the magazine that he was reading.

‘Cause all of me, loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you….

It started yet again and Meryl looked down. The song did appear to be coming from her bag.

Confused, she reached for it and her eyes lit up when she saw the picture of who was calling her- Maks.

“You changed my ringtone you sneaky little bastard! I love it!” she giggled.

“Well hello to you too.”

His deep voice made her insides gooey.

“Did you make it through security ok?”

“Yes. Just sitting here waiting now. Freaking airport sucks.”

“I know, honey,” he soothed, “but I plan on being in a lot of them over the next few months so I guess I’ll just have to suck it up.”

“Is Val treating you ok? He was in a pretty shitty mood this morning.”

“Yea, he seems ok now.”

“He’s probably sitting next to you, hat pulled low on his head, arms crossed, pretending to read some stupid car magazine”

Meryl snuck a peek at Val who was indeed, down to the detail, in the very pose Maks had described.

The hairs on Meryl’s neck stood up a bit. Sure, Maks knew his brother well, probably better than anyone else on earth, but that was kind of eerie. She casually glanced around, looking for, well she didn’t really know what.

Meryl pulled her feet up on the chair and tucked her hair behind her ear before wrapping her arms around her legs.

“Flashing a little leg there, huh?”

Her jaw dropped and she stood up, her eyes darting all around her. That sneaky, little, up to no good….

“The other way.”

She turned totally around and her eyes narrowed as she spied him casually leaning on the bookcase at the news stand, eyes glued to her.

She ran to him, not really caring who saw at this point and he swept her up in his arms.

“What are you doing here?”

“Surprising you. Surprise!”

“I don’t like you right now, you made me go through all that this morning and you were coming the whole time!”

“You may not like me, but you sure do love me. ” he whispered back to her.

Maks set her down as he saw Val approaching with a chuckle.


Maks shrugged. Really.

Meryl reached past Maks’s head to grab the infamous edition of People magazine.

“Look, it’s out!”

Val grabbed another off the shelf and flipped through to their two page spread.

“Let me see that”, Maks pulled it out of his hands, looking for himself. Holding it proudly, the two boys high fived each other with a grin.

“Smile you two!”

Val tipped his glasses down at the article while Maks made a funny face looking away. Meryl snapped the picture at just the right moment, laughing at the antics of the two sexy brothers.

Maks set the magazine back on the shelf and grabbed her hand tightly. “Come on, let’s go sit.”

He settled them both into chairs in the waiting area, his arm instantly wrapping around her. She laid her head on his shoulder and pulled her phone out of her pocket.

iMessage to my love: I wish I could kiss you right now. I love you so much.

iMessage to sexiestwomanalive: You can kiss me now, id be ok with that.

His cheeky grin made her laugh.

iMessage to my love: As soon as we get in the car in LA we can smooch all the way to the hotel.

iMessage to sexiestwomanalive: Promise?

iMessage to my love: Of course I promise.

iMessage to sexiestwomanalive: When do we leave for Hawaii?

Meryl gasped and sat up straight. “You’re coming to Hawaii with me?”

Maks nodded, his smile lighting his eyes. “I am.”

“But, but what about, I thought you had to be in the studio next week?”

He covered his mouth and fake coughed twice. “I think I’m coming down with something.” He coughed again for effect.

Meryl smirked at him. “Crafty bastard.”

“In fact,” he winked at her. “I think the only way I’m going to get any better is to stay in bed for at least the next week!”

She kissed his cheek. “I like the way you think, baby.”

No. They're not to look cool.

I work as a hostess in a local family restaurant. About 4 years ago, I was hit by a car and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Because of this, I get frequent migraines. I can’t afford to take time off everytime I have a bad one, so yesterday when one hit in the middle of my shift, I asked my manager if I could wear sunglasses to help with the light sensitivity. He was accommodating. (which is something I love about my job because not every job I’ve had has accommodated me when it came to my TBI)
I’ve worn them for two days now, as my migraine is still going strong. And the amount of people who think it’s ok to insinuate that I must have been irresponsible the night before and must be hungover at work… it’s seriously ridiculous. They make it into a joke. I would never be so unprofessional as to wear shades at work for fashion or because I was hungover. I also know that there are plenty of folks who suffer from extreme light sensitivity on the regular. I feel so bad for them because they must get it all the time.
I just started staring them down and explaining that I have this issue because I almost died. It usually shuts them up, but I’ve gotten dirty “I don’t believe you” looks. Ugh.

redpensandgreenarrows  asked:

For the prompt list: Olicity, #6

#6: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Oliver looks up, the haze of his hangover causing his head to pound while his eyes squint at the intruder. When her face comes into focus, he realizes he’s most definitely in the wrong room, and possibly even in the wrong house, because damn, she’s gorgeous and definitely not the type of girl who would actually say yes to him under normal circumstances.

She exudes a air of intelligence, dressed in a pleated black skirt and white shirt beneath a pink cardigan with her blonde hair up in a tight and sophisticated ponytail. All work and no play… his mind begins to think, but then he realizes she’s still staring at him, her head cocked to the side, while he lays naked in, apparently, her bed.

“Uh…” is all Oliver manages to mumble as he stares back, his eyes now the size of saucers as she moves closer.

“At least have the decency to cover up,” she replies, throwing the discarded sheets over him before she continues. “Not that I don’t enjoy the sight of a gorgeous naked man in my bed, because I do since you are, you know, gorgeous, and I am being completely inappropriate now. This is worse than the time I walked in on my English lit professor kissing my best friend in high school. Talk about awkward. Because this is now getting really awkward, so I’m going to shut up in three… two… one…”

Her bright pink lips press together as she takes a deep breath, closing her eyes, then lets it out. Those bright blue pools open again and she stares down at Oliver as he tries to sit up.

His head continues to pound ferociously and he wonders how much he had to drink the night before. What the hell had he and Tommy done? Their frat days were supposed to be over by now, and yet, here he was, in some woman’s bed with his best friend nowhere to be found.

“I’m sorry,” Oliver says, ignoring her inappropriate ramble in favor of immediately apologizing to save face in front of this gorgeous creature, who he’d be hitting on right now if he didn’t feel so embarrassed. “I’ll be on my way as soon as I put my clothes on.” He starts to rise off the purple sheets and hears a squeak of surprise. His gaze lifts to the woman who continues to stand at the door, her back now to him.

“I’ll just… leave you alone… while I got back downstairs and make some coffee,” she replies. As she closes the door, he hears her mutter, “I swear, this is the last time I’m letting Tommy crash at my house when he and his friends get this drunk.”

So she knows Tommy… Oliver sighs in relief, grabbing the clothes scattered on the floor and putting them on hastily. When he leaves the safety of the bedroom, his nose fills with the scent of strong coffee and he follows it down the stairs to the small kitchen. His incredibly gracious host stands behind the island, her back to him, pouring a cup of coffee. Off to the right, he spots Tommy sitting on one of the bar stools, his head down, looking worse for wear.

Oliver goes to sit down beside him, trying to be as quiet as he can without disturbing his friend, but he can’t help himself. He nudges Tommy, and when his friend’s head bobs up to look at him with bloodshot eyes, he quietly asks, “Where are we?”

All Tommy does is grunt before putting his head back down on the island, burying it further in between his arms. Damn, he must be hungover, Oliver thinks. But then their host turns to find him sitting in front of her, this time fully clothed, and she smiles.

“Good morning, sunshine,” she cheerily says. “Coffee?”

“Uh, yes please,” Oliver replies hesitantly. She sets the mug down in front of him and goes to pour another one for herself. When she turns around to face him once again, he adds, “I’m sorry about this morning. My name is Oliver and I’m guessing you know Tommy?”

She nods, “Yep. Good ole Tommy Merlyn… I swear, the next time my cousin decides to get this drunk in Vegas, I really hope he gets a hotel room, because finding his drunk, naked friend sleeping in my bed after a long night shift isn’t exactly how I start my mornings.”

“Wait, you’re Tommy’s cousin?” he asks, shocked that his friend hadn’t mentioned anything about having family in Las Vegas.

“Yep, Felicity Smoak, Palms waitress by night, ninja hacker goddess by day,” she answers. “And by that I mean IT girl. I don’t actually hack even though there was that one time in college which I shall never speak of again…”

Oliver can’t help himself, he smiles, because this woman is smart and charming and funny in the most unconventional ways, and she makes it seem like the sun rises over and over again each time she smiles. And that’s what he’ll remember most about this encounter, even years down the road, after they’ve spent an inordinate amount of time together, after their first kiss, after the first time they make love, even after he proposes and they get married. This story will remain his favorite because he’ll never forget the first time Felicity Smoak saw him naked in her bed.

drunk mikey pt. 2

when i had this idea it was a 2 part thing even tho i probably could have done it as 1 and this will probably not be that long idk i felt like it would need to be in 2 parts iDk but anyways let’s go and also here’s part one 

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