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so i know you are super busy, and i don't know if you are taking prompts? But i would love to see a spacedogs where Nigel has to go away on business and Adam isn't handling it very well and is upset. I love sweet Nigel <3

This shouldn’t be a problem.

Adam had lived alone for almost a year before meeting Nigel, he slept alone for longer than that, and for the most part he’d enjoyed it very much.

But the apartment seemed so different now that Nigel was gone, and the longer he was away the more Adam noticed little things.

Like the smell.

The lingering scent of cigarettes was in the air, so muted that even when he pressed his nose into Nigel’s pillow it was barely there. He tried lighting some from the pack Nigel had left, but it felt generic and not at all right.

The quiet he’d once liked was now a reminder of how alone he was, how Nigel might not come back at all if he met up with someone while in Bucharest. No more of Nigel yelling at the television, cursing in Romanian or laughing at something he thought was humorous. No more of him reading things out loud in the paper most mornings that made him angry, expecting Adam to agree with him even if Adam had no opinion on the matter.

Sleeping alone was no longer comfortable, tossing and turning had been his norm for over a week now. Adam felt more irritable for being so tired, though he curbed his anger every time Nigel called.

“How are you, Star? Keeping the bed warm for me?”

Adam felt the bed had been so cold lately, he’d bought two extra blankets and still shivered every night.

“Yes,” he lied, sighing, “How is the deal going? Did you get everything finished?”

“Not yet, darling. Darko says perhaps a few more days. This asshole is playing hard to get.”

Adam ate his dinner listening to Nigel sometimes, the conversation a nice distraction, and when they hung up he remembered the cold bed awaiting him.

They noticed at work, his irritability was obvious, and he didn’t like the attention it brought. His coworkers tried to give him things: candy, trinkets, and the like, hoping to cheer Adam up but it just reminded him of Nigel.

Nigel loved candy.

Adam really had no taste for it.

Three weeks had passed without Nigel and it felt like an eternity. All it took was one word to make him snap.

“I saw Gabi today,” Nigel laughed, “She…”

Adam shook with anger, tears in his eyes. “You’re never coming back.”

There was a pause. “What? Darling, what are you…?”

Adam banged his hand on the table hard, not caring at all when the pain shot up his arm. “YOU’RE NEVER COMING BACK! You….you’ve been lying! You….I HATE YOU! I don’t…don’t call here anymore!”

He threw the phone down, pressing his hands to his eyes and shaking his head.

“Lies, it….no, no, no!”

Adam stood up and paced, still shaking, imagining scenarios with Nigel and his ex wife reuniting. A cafe, a single glance, and a shared kiss.

A random idea came from nowhere. Nigel always liked blueberries, and thought of hundreds of ways this could be interpreted into their new relationship.

Nigel had loved her so much, he–

Adam didn’t know long he was pacing until he grew tired, the tears on his face dry now as he laid down on the couch. The familiar faint scent of Nigel made him that much more sad, turning and burying his face into the cushions.

When he woke up warm and smelled Nigel so strongly, Adam thought at first he must be dreaming.


A gentle kiss to his cheek, “Darling, you can’t scare me like that.”

“You’re here.”

“I came on the first flight out, it’s fucking late but you said you hated me.”

Adam turned, the thin stripes of sunlight coming through the blinds made him realize it was morning. “I thought…”

Nigel kissed him then, deep and wet, pressing their lips so tightly Adam felt Nigel like a brand. “Star,” he rubbed his nose against Adam’s, “You only had to ask for me and I would’ve been here much sooner.”

Adam snaked his fingers around Nigel’s neck, pulling him in for another kiss. He tasted like cigarettes and something sweet.

“I didn’t want you to,” he pressed his cheek against Nigel’s, “I was okay for a while.”

Nigel kissed his cheek. “Till Gabi.”

Adam closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “I didn’t like that you’d seen her.”

Nigel sighed, gently kissing Adam’s neck.

“She looked like shit,” he whispered, pressing kisses across and down across Adam’s shoulder, “Big fucking bags and a kid on her arm.”

Adam trembled, rising up as Nigel moved to pull his shirt off entirely.


Nigel ran his hand down Adam’s chest, frowning as Adam rose to meet his touch.

“Means nothing, is nothing,” he said firmly, fingers stopping just above Adam’s waist.


“You hated me, then,” he leaned in and stared Adam down, “When you said it?”

Adam stole a kiss, shaking his head, “No, never, I…”

He groaned when Nigel took hold of his length, slowly stroking punctuated with demanding kisses that took Adam’s breath away.

Adam had tears on his cheeks when he spilled between them, staining both their shirts though Nigel seemed not to care.

He pressed his lips to the corner of Adam’s mouth, huffing out a short laugh. “My shooting Star.”

Adam frowned, his hand coming to touch the tented front of Nigel’s jeans. “You didn’t ejaculate.”

Nigel shook his head, kissing Adam again, “This isn’t about me, darling.”

He went to stand and Adam pulled him down, rolling them over and staring at Nigel with determination.

“I missed everything about you,” he whispered, hands trembling as he worked open Nigel’s shirt.

Nigel sighed, “Star, you have no fucking idea how much I missed you,” he moaned when Adam opened his jeans, “Every minute, every second. I barely slept.”

Adam bent and licked at his belly, the warmth of his breath tickling above Nigel’s groin when he started pulling off his jeans.

The first touch of tongue made Nigel shudder, his fingers tightening in Adam’s hair. “Darling, oh Star.”

Adam looked up, cheeks flushed as he licked down Nigel’s cock, eagerly sucking at his balls making Nigel groan.

“Adam, oh, just…”

Adam took his mouth off and licked his lips. “Don’t leave again, ok?”

Nigel fought for breath, “Why would I ever want to leave?”

Adam smiled and licked up his length, tongue swirling at the head just before he took Nigel in fully.

His hand stroking in time with his suckling made it impossible for Nigel to last long, spilling into the warmth of Adam’s mouth.

Adam lifted his mouth off, cum dripping out just enough for Nigel to growl as Adam licked it off his lips with a smile.

“Welcome home.”

Nigel took his hand and pulled Adam into a tight hug, kissing his temple.

“I love you, Star. You never have to keep things from me. I want it all. Every bit of fucking anger, every fear, and especially every need. You need me, I’ll come running. Fuck Darko.”

Adam sighed, nodding into his shoulder.

They were silent for a long while, Nigel knew whatever cum had stained them should be cleaned before it dried but fuck if he wanted to move.

His eyes were drifting shut just as Adam said, “You told me to tell you what I need.”

Nigel smiled, running fingers through his hair. “Yes, darling. Anything.”

Adam lifted his head up, frowning. “I need to take a shower. I don’t like being sticky.”

Nigel laughed, grabbing and kissing Adam’s hand.

“Your need is my need, Star. Lead the way.”

They held hands all the way to the bathroom, only letting go for a moment to start the shower before grabbing hold again.

Nigel knew Adam needed to feel him here, the constant touching not only for his Star but for himself.

Adam was his home.

He never intended to make him forget that again.

just say it - a mix for a hopelessly doting Lev and a romantically stunted Yaku

Love’s Gonna Getcha - Tal & Acacia // When Can I See You Again - Owl City // Everybody Talks - Neon Trees // Cross My Heart - Marianas Trench // Girl, You Shoulda Been a Drummer - William Becket // I Must Be Dreaming - The Maine // Darling It’s True - Locksley // All to Myself - Marianas Trench // We Intertwined - The Hush Sound // Don’t Make Me Wait - Locksley // Say It, Just Say It - The Mowglis

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Songs for relationships with the Mystic Messenger characters

Only did the romanceable characters, since they’re based on how the routes play out

Jaehee - She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert

Zen - This Must Be My Dream by The 1975

Yoosung - Oh Darling by Plug In Stereo

Jumin - Black Black Heart by David Usher

707 - Dementia by Owl City

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Christmas At The Kim's: Part I

Combined requests: He surprises you and his family during Christmas & things get a little too hot in the kitchen.


Crack crack crack. “Oghhh. Oh yeah.”

“Ewww~” your apartment-mate squealed, returning home from doing errands just in time to hear you stretch out your knotty back.

You throw your legs onto your study desk. “Wanna hear my toes perform a symphony?”

Her eyes widened. “If you crack one more bone I’m telling Bobby you farted and made a squirrel pass out the other night,” she threatened.

“NUUUUUUUU!!” you cry, face ashen. “YOU WOULDN’T DARE.”

“Suckerrr. I already told him,” she pursed her lips cheekily.             

You gasp.


She shrieked as you hurtled across the living room towards her, but just as you were about to tackle her to the floor, she tossed a brown box at you and made a dash for her room.

“IT WAS LEFT OUTSIDE THE DOOR!” she yelled before slamming her door shut. You could hear mirthful giggling from the other side.

Half amused, half completely livid at her for tattling to Bobby about your ridiculously embarrassing squirrel incident, you fiddle around with the box, trying to look for the sent address. There was none. Only your name was written on it.

You rip apart the tape and warily look inside the box, bracing yourself for something that might pop out and scare you. But the only thing you saw was a rectangular envelope sitting atop a white sweater. Confused, you open the envelope and pull out an airplane ticket.


It was a ticket to VA, U.S.

“What the—“


You startle at the sudden outburst and swirl around to come face to face with Bobby’s huge, infectious grin.

“Omigod. Bobby..?”

“You better believe your eyes baby. I’m here to take you home for Christmas,” he announced, his arms spread wide open.

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Darling Pan Ship Week - Day 3

→ Song/poem/tropes: “Dreams do come true, if we only wish hard enough.You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.” - J. M. Barrie

Upon realizing he might lose everything he has worked for over a simple distraction Pan brings Wendy to the place where she first fell when she came to Neverland. Where he had caught her and save her from drowning in sea. Wendy thinks he has brought her there to maybe finally confess his feeling for her as she had done when she kissed him. But he breaks her heart when he tells her that she is free to leave the island and go back to her home in London. She begs for him not to send her away, but as he calls his shadow, he tells her he doesn’t want her. Tells her she is a foolish girl who would get in the way for his dream of obtain the heart of the truest believer. As the shadow flies higher in the sky taking her farther and farther away he whispers with tears in his eyes that this is the sacrifice he must make to make his dream come true.