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Sweet Talker (m)

Summary: A few late night texts leads do something a little more fun.

From: Hoseok💕
Fuck. I’m horny.  – 1:02am

From: Hoseok 💕
Shit. I’m so hard right now– 1:08am

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: Smut, light angst || phone sex, long distance relationship
Rating: M
Word Count: 2708

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7 Reasons Why Auli’I Cravahlo’s Performance of “How Far I’ll Go” at the Oscars was Amazing

1. The Rock

The biggest night in Hollywood features some pretty huge actors and actresses receiving prestigious awards presented to them by even huger artists. The Academy could have gotten Leo or Tom Hanks to introduce Auli’I Cravahlo’s performance, but no—they got someone bigger (literally). Having Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the god Maui himself, introduce Princess Moana was a touching and undeniably epic nod to the animated movie that SHOULD have won Best Animated Feature (but I digress). On top of that, the Rock’s comical boasting of his singing chops would be great on its own, but the man then goes on to sing a little number from “You’re Welcome” like the cherry on top of a sundae! BOI HE DID IT!

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2. L-MM

Alright, let me give this to you straight. If ANYONE has ANYTHING bad to say about this prologue, I will personally slap you with a copy of the Hamilton soundtrack. Lin-Manuel “A God Among Men” Miranda expertly gets the audience up to speed with where Moana is at the time of the song in the movie (for those two people in the entire audience who have yet to see the movie…) WHILE ALSO rapping the exposition over an instrumental intro of the song Auli’I is about to sing! It’s like Lin-Manuel just told the orchestra to start playing something and let him riff for a bit before getting to the main event: the appetizer before the entrée. In case it wasn’t clear yet why this man won a Pulitzer, Tony, and Grammy. (Side note: how the eff is he not a PGOT yet!? Lookin’ at you, Academy.)

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3. Dat Transition Tho

So this seems kinda trivial, but I assure you it’s not. Coming hot off the heels of L-MM’s fire verses with suspenseful violin chords, the abrupt shift into Auli’I’s gentle voice and simple cymbal taps gives the viewer a sense of the beauty in store for the rest of the performance. Really lets you appreciate the musical might Princess Moana has to offer.

4. The Set

Maybe it’s my inner theatre geek coming out, but I really enjoyed the makeup of the set for this three-minute performance. The simple hand-drawn blue sky background compliments the blue fans meant to simulate waves while the red-orange-yellow spinning sun (which looks an awful lot like the 2016 Rio Olympics torch) couples nicely with Auli’I’s red dress, making those two stand out against a sea of blue (pun very much intended). The set tells so much about Moana’s story from only so many pieces.

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5. Auli’I’s Voice

Nuff said

6. Fantastic Fans

I know, I know—they’re more like giant flags than fans. But I’m gonna call them fans because of how billowy they are. For one, those things are massive so they must weigh a ton, yet the dancers still move them with such force and ease perfectly in time with the song! And the choreography! From the giant circles to the motions back and forth, it looks so much like waves rising and falling on the sea. Gah, all around 10/10 dancing.

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Literally right before the big climax of the song, Auli’I got whacked in the head by one of the fans but kept singing without missing a beat! She didn’t even lose her smile! What a trooper. Bless her soul.

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Still kinda salty about Moana not winning Best Animated Feature, but whatever. This performance in and of itself is enough of a reward to show how perfect the movie was. So take that, Academy.

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Here’s a link to the full performance (the WHACK is at 3:21, if you’re curious).

Till I See You Again (part 1)


Summary: Jace Wayland was 4 years old when he first fell in love. When he was 9 years old he lost the little girl he loved and he’s been blaming himself ever since. Seventeen years later a mundane girl with an identifying necklace walks into his life and changes him forever.

Jace Wayland X Reader

Words: 1238

Authors notes: In honour of season 2 of Shadowhunters, I decided to write this fic about my baby Jace. This story is set after the events of the Dark War but I changed some events the diverges from the book. Clary and Jace were in love but not anymore and Luke is a lead detective of the New York police department. 

When he was 4 years old Jace fell in love. It wasn’t a romantic kind of love; it was an undying adoration for a baby girl that lived down the road from his father’s home. He would sneak away and spend time with baby Stella, playing with her, reading her books, and rocking her to sleep. When his father found out he thought that his father would punish him, but instead his father allowed Jace to see Stella once a week for 2 hours at a time.

When Jace was 8 years old he found a piece of amber in the forest, he polished it until it shone in the sunlight, turned it into a beautiful necklace, and carved his initials on the back for Stella. It is safe to say that Stella wore the necklace until the day she died.

When Jace was 9 years old he lost the center of his world. The little cottage where Stella and her widowed mother lived was burned down to ashes, only her mother’s body was found in the remaining ruble. Stella was from the Joyen family, which essentially made her Shadowhunter royalty. The search party for Stella lasted for months, but the Shadowhunters turned up with no leads and Stella was declared deceased. It broke Jace’s heart and his father reminded him that ‘to love was to be destroyed’, so Jace never allowed himself to get close to anybody else, he refuses to go through that pain again.

After the Dark War Jace discovered that Valentine was the one responsible for the fire, he wanted to teach Jace a lesson about weakness and attachment. The news destroyed Jace, he blamed himself for Stella’s death, the hate he felt for himself strengthened and it he became more cynical and angry at the world.

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Vans Girls at Camp Gritty | What to Pack

We’re lacing up our Sk8-Hi’s and hitting the road to attend Charlavail’s first ever Camp Gritty. This isn’t just any ordinary summer camp, it’s a weeklong getaway catered to crafty creatives, with ‘Girl Power’ flowing through their veins. So what does a Vans Girl pack for camp? We’re sharing all of our essentials to get you through those hot Tennessee days, and chilly summer nights.

We’ve packed our Old Skool II Backpack with some of our favorite Vans Girls pieces, starting with our latest obsession— the Meridian Mixed Flannel. We love this fun, colorful flannel because it can be worn around the waist during the day, and as a light jacket after the sun sets. Of course when you’re going to be outdoors in the hot summer sun, the Reek Havoc Tee Dress and matching Dugout Baseball Hat are a must. The best thing about this dress is how simple and easy it is to wear. Plus it looks extra cute with a pair of Sk8-Hi’s! Another one of our staple outfits is Denim Shorts and the Vandal Girl Top (in stores) paired with our favorite Semirimless Cat Sunglasses and a bandana necktie for a cute outdoorsy look. Of course, we couldn’t leave home without our Boom Boom Jacket for chilly nights hanging around the campfire.

If you need us, you can find us kicking back in our Checkerboard Slip-Ons making s’mores.

Request: Hi can you please do a Brendon Urie from P!atD imagine where Y/N goes to a festival he is at & you get into some trouble in the mosh & he notices mid song & pulls you up onto the stage & then later he searches for you & it’s just all fluffy and cute?

A/N: Sorry it doesn’t exactly go the way you asked. I slightly forgot the middle section and then I wrote past it and well yeah :)

As you glanced at your phone for the time you realised that if you didn’t leave right now you wouldn’t get a good spot in the mosh for Panic! At the Disco.

“We have to go, now!” You yelled at your best friend Jaz as you grabbed her arm and starting running.

You had to get from stage two to stage four on the other side of the park in the next five minutes or you would be stuck at the back of the mosh and that was most certainly not happening. You weaved around teens and adults alike, jumping left and right to make it on time.

“Wait!” Jaz yelled as she stopped. “Isn’t it this way?” She asked pointing past the merch tent to your left.

“Um no.” You said confused, “It’s this way I’m sure.”

“Check the map.” She said pulling out a cigarette and lighting it.

“We don’t have time for this!” You stressed. “I lost my map. Where’s yours?”

“I didn’t get one.” She said taking a drag.

You looked around for a map on the ground.

“Excuse me.” Said Jaz to a stranger. “You wouldn’t happen to have a map I could look at would you?”

“No worries.” A teenage boy said as he slipped a map out of his pocket. “Who are you looking to go and see?”

“Panic.” You said quickly.

“It’s this way.” Jaz said pointing past the merch tent and handing the boy his map. “Told you!” she remarked but you had already grabbed her arm and started running. “Thanks!” She yelled back at the boy.

You started to approach the stage but could already see the hundreds of people.

“Fuck.” You breathed.

“You’re only small man.” Jaz laughed “Just hold my hand and then dive into the crowed. We’ll find our way to at least the middle before someone takes a swing at us.” She laughed

You looked at Jaz and she stamped out her cigarette butt and hiked her pants up higher. She put her hand out and you grabbed it. You both approached the crowed and started to weave between people. Under the arms of taller people and trying not to get too friendly with others. There were elbows flying and screams piercing you ears but you had to get as close as you could.

This band was more than just its music. It was the embodiment of all things happy and vibrant and exciting. It would always pick you up when you were down.

You had to speed this up.

You started to crash into the backs of people and try to apologize while you kept weaving. The faster you were the less likely people were to notice.

“Pa-nic! Pa-nic! Pa-nic!” The crowed started chanting so you stopped.

“How far in are we?” You asked Jaz.

“A bit over half way.” She smiled. “Excuse me.” She politely asked the two people in front of her. “My friend here is, well quite short. Would you mind possibly separating ever so slightly so she could please see?” Her smile charming the festival goers.

“Not a worry.” They smiled back.

Jaz swapped spots with you and you could see the stage clearly. There were only about five rows of people in front of you. You jumped up in excitement.

“OHMYGOD!” You squealed at and uncomfortably high pitch. ”Thank you, thank you, thank you! Pa-nic! Pa-nic! Pa-nic!” You started to chant with the crowd.

You watched the stage with anticipation.

You squealed when Spencer took his place on the drums and threw your hands in the air when Dallon appeared right side of stage with his bass. The other tour members appeared on stage and you waited patiently for Brendon.

You heard the synth’s start-up and Dallon and Spencer started to play. You knew exactly which song was about to start.

“Yes!” You screamed at Jaz who was ‘wooing’ the almost full stage. “Girls, girls, boys!”

Brendon waltzed on stage and stared the crowed down.

“I, don’t want to hear you’ve got a boyfriend. Sometimes, you’re better off alone.” He stared singing and you melted at the sound of his voice ringing in your ears. You started jumping and screaming the lyrics back at him. Grabbing Jaz’s hand you both went wild. Your arms in the air and hips thrown from side to side bumping everyone around you.

“Do you want to get on my shoulders?” Yelled a tall blond boy in your ear.

“Sorry, what?” You asked not sure if you heard him correctly.

“Do you want to get on my shoulders?” He said again, his warm breath tickling your ear.

“I would love to!” You shouted eagerly.

He knelt down on one knee and Jaz helped you up on his shoulders. Suddenly you rose above everyone else and was staring straight back at Brendon. He saw you and your eyes’ locked. A smile creped onto his face and he winked at you. You threw your arms into the air and felt a sudden rush.

When you opened your eyes you saw everyone staring down at you.

Jaz was trying to keep everyone from crowding you.

“Keep back!” She screamed.

The music had stopped and everything hurt. You stared up and you realised you had fallen off the guys shoulders and hit the ground. Not face first thankfully.

“Y/N, Y/N! Are you ok?” Asked Jaz who was by your side. “Don’t try and move.” She said pushing your head back to the ground as you tried to raise it. “The paramedics are here.” She said. “Stay away from the light.” She laughed half serious.


“Alright.” Sighed the paramedic wiping her forehead from the heat. “You’re fine to go. And just remember, be careful. That could have gone a lot worse.”

You stood up and a male paramedic walked into the tent.

“You have a visitor.” He said smiling.

Oh god. It’s my mum. They called my mum to pick me up. Shit. I shouldn’t have told them anything you though biting your lip waiting for her to walk into the tent.

Suddenly Brendon Urie strut in hot and sweaty from the performance.

“Holy shit!” Exclaimed Jaz as you were speechless. “I was expecting her mum.”

“Me too.” You whispered so no one could hear.

“How are you?” He asked concerned.

“Uh-” You were lost for words and he just smiled at you.

“She’s fine.” Said the female paramedic.

“Great!” He exclaimed “I saw you fall. I’ve been very concerned.” He said as you just stared at him.

“Y/N!” Jaz hissed.

“Um yeah I’m fine.” You whispered shyly.

“We how about I get you a drink?” He asked. “You and your friend?”

“No she’s fine by herself.” You quickly added looking at her pleadingly.

“She’s right. I must get back to the group any ways. We were meant to meet up for The Getaway Plan’s set anyways. I’m sure Y/N will have more fun with you.” She smiled and walked out of the tent.

“Alright you two. Move on.” Said the paramedic.

You both stepped outside and you were blinded for a moment. It was brighter outside than you remember. Raising your hand to block out the sun you turned to Brendon.

“What would you like to drink?” He asked. “I recommend ice tea but that’s only because that’s what I’m craving.”

“Sounds good.” You said, still nervous about being around Brendon frikked Urie

“So why did you think your mum was going to walk into that tent? I mean you look twenty years old at least.” He asked cautiously

“She’s very over protective and crazy.” You nervously laughed. “She attended my first day at my job with me like I was entering kindergarten.” You both laughed for a moment with the thought of it.

Suddenly his phone rang and he had to answer it.

“Hello? What? Shit. I’ll be over in a minute.” He looked worried as he hung up the phone.

“I am so sorry but I have to go. Someone broke into our tour bus and trashed that place.” He said picking up your hand. “But give me a call some time.” He kissed your hand and your whole body filled with butterflies. “Y/N.” He whispered seductively leaving his lips on your hand a moment longer than you would have thought.

He started to run away but stoped and turned to look at you again. “And don’t tell your mum. I might be hunted down!” He yelled back laughing.

You laughed and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear as he reluctantly turned to run again.

“How the fuck am I meant to call him?” You sighed out loud scrunching your hands to make fists. You suddenly felt a piece of paper in the palm of the hand that he kissed and you opened it.

His phone number was scrawled across the back of a pink piece of paper with xxx after it. He had slipped it into your hand when he kissed it. You were too busy thinking about his lips to notice.

You smiled to yourself and ran off to find your friends, hoping you hadn’t missed too much of The Getaway Plans set but even if you had it was worth it.


theworkoftrolls  asked:

Hi! I love your fics and was wondering if you could do one where the group is getting chased and you &10k get separated from them and are still all cute and awkward and have to cuddle to keep warm and end up making out. That would be greeat :D

thank you so much!!!!

sorry for the wait! hope you like it!

“Rendezvous at the hotel!” Addy yells, having no choice but to veer off. Doc runs with her, and you and 10k attempt to follow, but 4 Z’s pop out in front of you. You jolt to a stop, looking at 10k fearfully. He nods at you, and you turn around, running the other direction. You run for a few blocks before you see it.

“There! Look!” You yell, pointing in front of you. A gas station rests on the corner, and the glass isnt broken, meaning it hasn’t been completely overrun. You run for it, shoving through the door. The Z’s tumble in after you, more having joined the chase. You see a staircase leading up to what must have been the manager’s office, and you climb up it, 10k behind you. You get in quickly, shutting the door behind you.

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That's What You Were Doing In Germany - Austin Carlile & BMTH

Austin break up request where y/n live in HB with him, you’re super excited that he gets back from tour but completely forgets about your plans because he’s busy sorting out an engagement ring, he comes home late and y/n thinks he’s cheating and leaves him, she’s broken hearted and goes back to her friends BMTH in the uk-austin gets on the first plane he can and crashes a party BMTH threw to take her mind off things and proposes infront of everyone and fluff fluff fluff pleasee

I liked this one a lot so here you go c: it took forever I’m so sorry! Written by Emma.

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So, That’s a ‘No’ Then?  (part 4/?)   (Steve Rogers x reader)

Ok, one more for the day, now I’m done.  But lovelies, I need your help.  Should I finish this with fluff?  Angst?  Angst then fluff?  Send me your opinion, and I’ll go with the highest vote!  Love to all!

Part 3

There was no way for this to get any worse.

Tony was lying flat on his back, Thor’s hammer on his chest. Thor looked down at him, challenging him to try to move.  Clint was disassembling the suit’s hand in the nearby corner.  Steve was pinned to the wall, Bucky’s metal arm holding him firmly and unable to move.  And then there you were, standing at the center of the room between the two men, a gun aimed at each of them.  The gym had been all but destroyed in the argument.  Exhausted and disgusted, you dropped the guns to the floor, trying to catch your breath.  Your only option was to leave.    

“Tony…I’m taking the house.”


The rebuilding of Tony’s mansion in Malibu was still underway, but enough had been done so that you could live there in peace, away from both Steve and your brother.  You weren’t sure how long you would stay, but that didn’t matter.  You would stay as long as you needed to get your head straight and to figure out what was going on with Steve.  You stood in the center of the living room, admiring the ocean view. Dropping your bags at your sides, you began to sob uncontrollably.


The daily arrival of flowers began almost immediately. Most were from Steve, but a few were from Tony also.  You had made it very clear to the team that no one was to visit you, no one was to call, and you had programmed FRIDAY to keep her big mouth shut about your status. Tony would certainly be cursing himself for teaching you how to encrypt commands into her program.  

Sitting on the balcony, you admired the collection of floral arrangements.  Hmmm. Cocking your head to the side, you surveyed the various shapes of vases, deciding to line them up along the railing. Yes, this will work very well.  Thanks, boys.

Grabbing your gun, you took aim, shooting each vase off the balcony one by one.  The explosion of glass was soothing somehow, almost poetic in its similarity to your current emotions.  When you had completely destroyed the final arrangement, clearly marked, I’m sorry, you sat back in your lounge chair, eyes closed. You didn’t feel any better after all.

You must have dozed off because the sun was just beginning to set. You were startled awake when Tony landed next to you, the face plate of the suit quickly opening to show his face, frantic and anxious.  “What the hell is going on here?!”  He jumped out of the suit and ran into the house, checking that there was no threat inside.  You stood and waited, arms folded, eyes closed.  After a few minutes, he returned.  “FRIDAY told me there was shooting!”

Dropping your arms at your sides, you sighed and turned away. “Go home, Tony.”

“No.  I’m not going anywhere until we talk about this!  I’m fine to let you go on staying here, for as long as you want.  But I’m not leaving until you talk to me. Please.”  That may have been the first time he uttered that word to you.

“Fine.  Stay.  Talk.” You motioned for him to go into the house.  “Then go.”

Your phone began to ring.  Pulling it from your pocket, you snorted as you saw Steve’s name on the screen. Decline.  

“I’ve talked to Capsicle.  He’s pretty shaken over this whole thing.”  Tony poured himself a drink and sat on the couch across from you. “You know there’s no love lost there with us, but I can’t help but feel like I want to believe him.”

The phone rang again.  Decline.

You put your face in your hands, exasperated.  “Well, brother, you know more than I do at this point.  I haven’t talked to him since the argument at the tower.” 

Again.  Decline.

“What I don’t understand is how one minute we discuss starting a family, and in the next minute when the reality is in front of him, he loses his mind.”  You paused to look at him.  “I heard what he said to you, you know.  About being a different man than the one who went into the ice.  I’m scared that this isn’t what he-“

With a crash, the front door shattered into pieces, Steve standing on the other side.

“Oh, yeah, right.  I was supposed to call when I got here.”

“You’re goddamn right you were!”  Steve ran to your side, grabbing you and pulling you into a tight hug. “Are you ok?  Tony said there was shooting-“

“I’m fine, Steve.  Steve, let me go.”  Pushing him away, you stepped back to face both men.  “Do you both even have the slightest idea of the hell I’m going thru right now?  Do you both realize that you’re the problem?  Why would you come here when I explicitly told you not to?”

Tony opened his mouth to speak, but you cut him off.  “Don’t give me that crap about a shooting.  I’m a fucking Avenger, Tony.  I can handle myself.”  

Steve was confused.  “Then what was going on-“

“I was shooting your flowers!  It was cathartic!  I put little…Steve and Tony faces on them…” You began to laugh until tears rolled down your face.  “You guys, I love you so much, but I just can’t take one more thing.”  The tension in the room lessened, as postures relaxed and each man laughed quietly.  

The calm was short-lived.  “Something doesn’t feel right.”    

Part 5

The Brave and the Brain

A/N: This is a Harry Potter AU, and I just wanna say that I love Harry Potter so much! It was my first true fandom and it’ll always have a special place in my heart. Also, sorry for the long length! Enjoy my lovelies! :3 -Admin Germane

Summary: The Gryffindor Quidditch captain has to muster up the “daring nerve and chivalry” he has to ask out his Ravenclaw crush.

Word Count: 3278

Quidditch. The standard pass time and favorite sport for witches and wizards of all ages. It’s the sport that can cause disputes and rivalries between even the best of friends. The competitive atmosphere that came with every game would pump adrenaline and excitement through the viewers and players veins, making even the quietest of people scream in encouragement towards their favorite team.

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Quidditch was something not taken lightly between both students and faculty alike. Students would side with certain houses if their house wasn’t competing, adorning the colors of the teams they supported. The professors would take much bigger extremes with bets passed underneath the staff table during breakfast.

And this brisk November morning was no exception as the upcoming match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff approached. Nerves were high between the players as they sat at their respective tables in the great hall, staring at their food instead of eating it because of the butterflies storming in their stomachs.

“Hyung, c'mon, you need to eat something.” Suho looked up from his nearly empty plate to stare at Chanyeol, the one who had spoken to him. Chanyeol and Chen sat across from Suho at the Gryffindor table, looking at him in concern.
“If I do I’m afraid it’d just come right back up.” Suho said, playing with the maroon sleeves of his Quidditch robes.

“C'mon, what’s to be nervous about? You have compiled the best team for Gryffindor this school has seen yet! Besides, Hufflepuff’s Chasers have nothing against you, Minho, and Jackson.” Chen smiled as he placed some toast onto Suho’s plate.

“Yah! Don’t be mean! Baekhyun is a good Chaser.” Chanyeol said.

“You’re only saying that because the two of you are together Channie, he may have the build of a Chaser, but his agility isn’t the best.” Chen snickered, making Chanyeol blush.

“Anyways, hyung, please eat something. You need your strength for the game. Hey? Hyung?” Chen tried to gain back Suho’s attention, but his eyes were glued to the Ravenclaw table behind his friends.

He was staring at a group of girls, two of them wearing Hufflepuff colors and the other one wearing a Gryffindor scarf over her Ravenclaw uniform. Suho’s heart swelled with pride and a small smile spread across his lips.

“Yah!” Chanyeol whined, gently slapping Suho’s cheek. Suho’s attention was refocused on his two friends, who were smirking at him.

“What?” he questioned, picking up a slice of toast to nibble on.

“Hyung, just ask her out already! We see the way you look at her.” Chen encouraged.

“I mean, you can barely keep your eyes off of her during Charms and Herbology.” Chanyeol snickered, making Suho’s eyes widen.

“Is it…that obvious?” he asked.

“Dude, even the students at Mahoutokoro Academy can see it all the way from there.” Chen said. The two friends turned behind them to look at the girl Suho has had a crush on since the beginning of fourth year. They laughed and turned back to their friend.

“Ooo. She’s wearing our colors.” Chanyeol teased.

“Doesn’t that just make your heart swoon.” Chen teased, swaying back and forth in his seat.

“Guys, stop it’s not funny, and I have to focus.” Suho blushed as he watched her leave the Great Hall.

“You only need 400 points to get above Slytherin hyung, it won’t be that hard to get first in the leader boards.” Chen said.

“Now I don’t know about that, because I know we’re gonna flatten Ravenclaw in next week’s match so don’t count on staying in first for long.” a voice said behind Suho. He turned around and saw Sehun standing there, a smirk etched on his lips. Even though the two were sorted into rival houses, their teasing banter made them close friends even though Sehun wore the colors of emerald and silver.

“Good luck with today hyung, just don’t win too much.” Sehun said, patting Suho’s back in encouragement before strutting out of the Great Hall, his blonde hair glistening in the sunlight. Suho sighed and stood up, dropping the barely eaten piece of toast on his plate.

“I should get down to the pitch and draw up the strategy plan for the team.” Suho excused himself.

“Knock ‘em dead Captain!” Chen told him.

“And hey, tell Jungkook to stop purposefully hitting bludgers towards Baek.” Chanyeol said.

“No promises Chanyeol.” Suho teased lightly, sending his friends a forced smile as he made his was out of the Great Hall.

He walked out of the castle, inhaling the cool November air. Suho ran his fingers through his hair out of nervousness as he walked down the hill to the pitch, strategies and techniques running through his head as he thought about the impending game. He was so distracted however, he didn’t notice the person in front of him, running into them and making them both fall to the ground. Suho instinctively wrapped his arm around the person, trying to protect them from the hard impact of the ground.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention and-” Suho’s words were cut short sort as he looked down at the person he was holding. It was Y/N, his Ravenclaw crush. Suho blushed a bright pink and got off of her body, realizing just how close their faces were.

“I-I’m sorry! Here, let me help you up.” Suho said, grabbing the girls hand into his own as he pulled her up off the ground.

“Thank you.” the girl smiled, brushing the dust off her robes.

“S-So you’re supporting Gryffindor?” Suho stuttered, his blush becoming more apparent as his heart beat picked up.

“Yeah, I always support Gryffindor if Ravenclaw isn’t playing.” Y/N said as she played with the tips of her Gryffindor scarf. Suho sent her a shy smile, his hand going to rub the back of his neck in embarrassment.

“W-Well I better get going. Umm…maybe I’ll see you around later.” Suho said, ducking his head to try and hide his blush as he continued his walk to the pitch. Suho heard Y/N giggling behind him, making a new wave of embarrassment wash over him.

’Idiot, idiot! Gosh, what were you saying? She probably thinks I’m an idiot now,’ Suho thought to himself.

Suho walked into the locker room and drew up the plans for his team. He could hear the students start to put into the pitch, chanting and cheering for their team as the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team came in to change into their maroon robes.

“Alright guys. We need to score at least 400 points in this game, otherwise we won’t be able to catch up to Slytherin which will ruin our chances in getting the Quidditch cup. Now, Minho, Jackson, watch out for Hoseok and Youngjae. They’re fast and agile, and they both can sneak up to try and steal the quaffle from under you, Baekhyun isn’t the main priority unless he’s holding the quaffle in his hands, focus on the other chasers. Jungkook and Hyuk, keep those bludgers off of us. Kris, keep your defense up at the posts and Heechul, don’t catch that snitch until we’re 250 points up.” Suho told his team mates as they walked out onto the field.

The cheers of the crowd wrapped around them as they approached the center of the field, the Hufflepuff team walking out to meet them in the middle. Suho shook hands with the Hufflepuff captain before mounting his broom with the other players and the coach, kicking off the ground and rising into the air.

And so the match began! Suho had caught the quaffle that the coach had thrown into the air, speeding off towards the goal posts. He could feel the wind whip past him as he got closer and closer to the posts and-

“And Gryffindor’s Captain shoots the first score for Gryffindor! And in record time as well!” the commentator announced, cheers from the Gryffindor side growing louder at the goal. Suho had a feeling that  beating Hufflepuff this time around wouldn’t be as hard as he thought.


“GRYFFINDOR WINS!!!” the commentator shouted as the people in the stands cheered below. Suho smiled and high fived his team mates, all of them doing a victory lap around the field before landing back down onto the ground. The team smiled and waved to the students as they headed towards the locker rooms.

And as Suho was smiling up to the students, he had spotted Y/N in the crowd, cheering and clapping along with the others. Suho caught her gaze and she waved back, hiding her smile behind her other hand. Suho’s heart seemed to leap into his throat, his cheeks that were already red from the cold wind just glowed as he sent a dazzling smile to the Ravenclaw student.

He was so caught up in looking at her that he accidently tripped, stumbling over his own feet as he fell and rolled onto the ground, landing on his back. His eyes never left the girls, and he could see her shake with laughter as Jungkook and Minho helped Suho to his feet.

“Are you alright Captain?” Jungkook asked. Suho turned to look at the younger with a pleased expression on his face.

“Yeah, never better.” he said, his steps a little lighter than they were before as he walked into the locker room, heading towards the showers. He must have been in there for a long time, because when he went back out to the lockers to change, everyone else was gone.

’They must be celebrating up in Gryffindor tower,’ Suho thought as he pulled a spare change of clothes out of his locker. He threw on a grey jumper with a pair of jeans, drying his hair in the process. He threw on a nice pair of sneakers before exiting the locker room, locking up the door as he left. Suho entered the castle just as the sun was starting to set and was about to make his way towards the main staircase when he once again ran into someone, making the other person drop a small pile of books.

“Really? Either you’re really clumsy or fate is trying to tell us something.” Y/N laughed as she bent down to pick up her books. Suho blushed lightly and bent down to pick a few up that landed by his feet. He handed the books to her, making their hands touch slightly in the process. Suho felt his heart skip a beat at the brief moment of contact.

“So, where are you heading with all those books?” Suho asked her.

“The library.” she said, pulling the books close to her chest as she tried to refrain from giggling.

“Right, of course the library.” Suho said with a smile, although Y/N could tell it was a sheepish kind of smile.

“Would you like to accompany me? I just have to return them.” she offered. Suho stared at her for a moment before nodding his head cutely.

“Y-Yeah! Yeah, I’d like that a lot.” he told her before the two of them set off down the nearly empty halls.

“I was really impressed by your performance today on the field, you scored nearly half of the points by yourself. That’s very impressive.” Y/N said as they walked down the hall, turning right. Suho smiled with pride.

“It’s nothing really.” he said shyly, trying to brush aside the fact he was one of the best Chasers Hogwarts had seen since since the Great War.

“Well the way you were flying around the field and stealing the quaffle during today’s game wasn’t nothing.” Y/N teased as they entered the library. Suho smiled and bit his lower lip, trying to keep himself from laughing. He knew Madame Pince didn’t allow such atrocious noises in her library.

As Y/N moved between the shelves to put the books away, Suho watched her every movement as he followed her. He admired the way her hair would sometimes fan out behind her from walking too fast, and the way her hips would slightly swing as she walked. He was so caught up in how beautiful her body was that he didn’t notice her standing on her tiptoes trying to put a book back on a high shelf. Suho flushed and moved closer to her, bending his head down to whisper into her ear.

“Would you like help with that?” he asked. He could hear Y/N’s steady breath falter, and Suho suddenly realized that behind her calm façade, she really was just as nervous as he was. Suho smiled and leaned away from her ear, grabbing the book from her hand.

“This shelf?” he asked, looking back behind him at her wide eyes and slightly parted lips. Y/N nodded and licked her lips.

“Yeah, between the big black one and the purple one.” she whispered as Suho placed the book back in its rightful spot.

The two of them left the library in silence, Y/N was playing with her hands as the two of them walked and Suho was nervously biting his lips as he rubbed the back of his neck.

‘Maybe that was to forward? What if she didn’t like that and that’s why she’s so quiet,’ Suho wondered. They walked up the main staircase, until Y/N suddenly came to a stop at the third floor, making Suho halt as well.

“Well, Ravenclaw tower is down this way. We have our own separate stairs.” Y/N explained, a small smile adorning her lips as she looked at Suho.

“Oh, okay. So I’ll uh…see you in Charms tomorrow.” Suho said awkwardly.

“Yeah, I’ll see you in Charms.” Y/N sighed before turning away.

’Was that sorrow in her voice?’ Suho thought. ‘C'mon Suho, you’re letting her slip away, say something to her! Anything!’ Suho’s thoughts screamed at him.

“Hey! Wait!” Suho called out, running towards Y/N. Y/N turned around and waited for Suho to come to her.

“I’ve seen you around so much, and you probably know my name because of Quidditch and everything. But after all this time I never did catch your name.” he said sheepishly, rubbing his arm in embarrassment. Y/N smiled.

“It’s L/N. Y/N L/N.” she said. Suho smiled.

“Y/N. Wow.” he said softly in awe, making Y/N blush.

“It’s that all Suho?” she asked.

“Well u-um…if you want to there’s the trip to Hogsmeade tomorrow, if you’d like to go with me? A-And if you don’t want to I understand! Y-You probably already have plans with your friends and-” Suho’s words suddenly failed him when he felt a soft pair of lips press against his cheek, making his face flush in color. Y/N leaned back and giggled, her own blush rising up to her cheeks.

“So I’ll take that as a yes then?” Suho said, making Y/N nod in affirmation.

“I’ll see you tomorrow in the courtyard then?” Y/N asked.

“Yeah, yeah of course.” Suho smiled, watching Y/N turned around and walk down the hall.

He waited until she was out if sight before celebrating, jumping up in accomplishment as his wand admitted pink and gold sparks from the tip. He laughed and tried to calm himself down as he ran up the stairs to Gryffindor tower. When he entered the celebration party was in full swing with food and drink littered over every surface.

“Dude, where were you?” Chen asked him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Chen walked him to one of the loves seats in the common room. Chanyeol had snuck in Baekhyun, and the two of them sat cuddled on the couch next to Xiumin, another Hufflepuff that Chen was infatuated with. Although none of the Gryffindors seemed to notice them without there black and yellow robes on, either that or the firewhiskey was making their minds fuzzy. Chanyeol looked up and smiled at Suho before his face turned into one of worry.

“Hyung, are you okay? You look as if you seen a ghost.” Chanyeol stated as

Suho sat down in between him and Xiumin. Chen sat on the other side of Xiumin, throwing his arm over his shoulder. Baekhyun leaned over to look at Suho’s flushed, smiley, and blank expression and laughed knowingly.

“Oh Channie don’t you see it?” Baekhyun said happily, shaking his boyfriends arm out of excitement.

“What?” Chanyeol said, trying to find the missing puzzle piece in his mind.

“He probably needs a drink to bring his mind back.” Chen said, standing up to go grab a few butterbeers. Xiumin placed his hand on Suho’s forehead like a mother would to her sick child.

“He’s really warm you guys. Suho, do you need to go to the hospital wing?” Xiumin asked. Suho finally broke out of his dazed state, a wide smile etched on his face.

“No Xiumin, I’m never better actually.” Suho said as Chen shoved a butterbeer into his hand.

“You guys are so stupid! It’s plain as day!” Baekhyun whined, moving Chanyeol aside to grab Suho’s cheeks.

“He’s flushed, dazed, and has that silly smile on his face. Suho is in love!” Baekhyun exclaimed, squealing in excitement.

“But Baek, my love, we already know Suho’s in love.” Chanyeol explained.

“Yeah, he’s in love with that Ravenclaw girl in our year.” Chen said, teasingly shoving Suho’s shoulder. Xiumin suddenly gasped.

“No,” he said, looking at Suho with wide eyes.

“Babe, what is it?” Chen asked.

“But you’re so shy! Man, I don’t believe this! Good for you.” Xiumin said excitedly, patting Suho on the back.

“…huh?” Chanyeol deadpanned. Baekhyun hit his boyfriends shoulder.

“Honestly Chanyeol. I love you but you can be so stupid sometimes.” Baekhyun sighed.

“Suho finally asked her out!” Xiumin said. Chen spat out the mouthful of butterbeer, and Chanyeol gasped.

“No way!” Chen exclaimed, a smile spreading across his face.

“Yeah, we bumped into each other in the hall as I was heading back up. We’ve been doing that a lot lately. But she dropped her books and I helped her pick them up and our hands touched. I thought my heart would explode and then she asked if I wanted to walk with her to the library. So we did and she had some trouble putting this book back and so I leaned in close and asked if she wanted help. Her breath faltered and she nodded and I put the book back for her. Then we walked up the stairs until her floor, and she almost went away but I stopped her and asked for her name. It’s Y/N, isn’t it the most beautiful name you ever heard? Just hearing it seemed to light my soul on fire. And then I asked her if she wanted to go to Hogsmeade tomorrow and I guess I was rambling do she kissed my cheek! Right here, I swear I can still feel her lips there.” Suho gushed, holding the cheek that Y/N had kissed. Xiumin and Baekhyun squealed in excitement, while Chen and Chanyeol groaned.

“Aww, how cute you two are!” Baekhyun said.

“And you managed to snag a date?! This one over here waited too weeks before formally taking me out.” Xiumin said, nudging Chens shoulder.

“Hey, I wanted to make sure you were comfortable.” Chen mumbled. Xiumin smiled and placed a kiss on Chens cheek.

“And that was sweet of you.” Xiumin told Chen.

Suho smiled and leaned back against the couch happily, toning out the happy couples beside him because now he had someone that he could call his own. And the rush and exhilaration that came with Quidditch couldn’t even match with what he was feeling now; true love.

Proxima: Part 2

Summary: In the end I did nothing. Coward that I was. I spent my last few hours on earth alone. Practice for the rest of my life.

Could I call her the one who got away when I never had her in the first place?

I was transfixed by the drabble Proxima by @papofglencoe and I started wondering- how did Peeta get to that lonely planet? This is the result. Many thanks to papofglencoe for letting me jump into her world and her input and beta reading.

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Magi 335 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which the trials leading to the final battle begin!!

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Dean fidgeted only slightly before taking a deep breath and reaching over to grab Cas’ hand, lacing their fingers together quickly as if his actions could go unnoticed by how fast it had occurred. But that didn’t happen, of course.


“Cas, please don’t.”


“I just want to hold your hand, alright?” He glanced over at the Angel who sat gracefully in the passenger seat of the impala as the glow of the setting sun outlined the rim of his shoulders, “Just…let me do this.”

A soft sigh floated through the air, “Okay, Dean.”

And that’s when it happened, Cas fucking smiled. And it wasn’t his usual crooked, one soft dimple’d smile. This smile was new, unusual but beautiful all at once. It was so genuine that Dean just about lost control of the car, reminding himself at the last minute that there was a road to look at.

Only a few minutes passed by before Cas’ thumb began to softly lace the outline of his hand, and Dean decided it was safe to look again.

Big mistake.

Cas was looking right back at him, the same smile on his face as before, only this time the familiar sincerity had reached his eyes.

“What?” Dean breathed, “What did you want to say to me before?”

The sun had finally set and the stars were beginning to shine as the blue eyed Angel squeezed the other mans hand, “I wanted to say that I’ve been wanting and waiting to hold your hand for a very long while now,” he laughed, “What a peculiar feeling a simple touch can give.”

And then it was time for Dean to smile as well, because he knew the feeling Cas must have been talking about.

Relief. Comfort. Happiness. Sincerity.


Well, that look was familiar. But they had only just began to see it.

something about coffee shops

“What’s the point of wearing this stupid thing? They ask us to take it off when it’s like 11 o’ clock.” Caitlin grumbled, adjusting the lacy mask on her face, her heels clicking away at the pavement. Earning another eye-roll of irritation from Sam, he let out a sigh. “It’s supposed to be romantic. A prince-charming kinda thing. I know you’re nervous.” “It’s a dumb dance, what’s there to be nervous about?” “Because Harry’s going to be there.

And he is going to fall in love with you because I did your makeup and hair to perfection. Oh, that must be it.” Sam pointed to a building that looked like it was plucked out of a fairytale. “The committee did a good job this year.” Caitlin commented, linking her arm with Sam’s while fiddling with the material of her dress. Thank god it wasn’t a long gown. She would’ve been tripping over it every ten seconds. The sun was beginning to set, and she wondered if Harry was already in there. 

Harry sat inside his car as he waited to see any sign of familiar faces. He was dreading having to put on this mask and this would honestly be the first school dance he had ever attempted to attend. He was a terrible dancer and his long limbs made him lanky and awkward in situations like these. He had picked a nice suit and had even put effort into styling his curls into some manageable condition, so he hoped maybe the way he looked would distract from how awkward he was going to be. He squinted when he saw two figures walk by that looked like Caitlin and Sam. “Hey!” He called out the window as he grabbed his mask and exited the car.

anonymous asked:

Do you really think Kurt loves Blaine as much as Blaine loves Kurt? After season 3, it seems like Kurt just settled for Blaine while Blaine obviously always loved Kurt.

I absolutely do or I wouldn’t still be here.  I couldn’t ship a couple to the extent that I do Klaine if I didn’t believe that both parties were completely invested.  I think there are a couple of reasons as to why people believe this to be true and why I disagree:

Their personalities are different.  Blaine is an easy read, his emotions (especially when it comes to Kurt) are written all over his face.  He can’t hide how much he loves him and I don’t think he wants to.  He finally (FINALLY) has someone in his life that he loves who actually loves him back.  Who cares about him and his life and his thoughts and wants and who he sees a future with.  He’s not alone anymore.  All he has to do is look at Kurt and he falls in love all over again. Kurt, on the other hand, is more guarded with his feelings.  It doesn’t mean that he feels any less, he just isn’t comfortable showing it to the world all the time. When you consider everything that he’s been through, its understandable that he would play things a little closer to the vest.  But I always believed that Blaine was the one person he let in, who he was completely honest with in a way he was with no one else.  Blaine has never judged him or ridiculed him.  He thinks the sun rises and sets with Kurt and that everyone should be in as much awe of him as he is.  To have that kind of unwavering support is amazing and for a kid who spent so much time feeling like an outcast, like no one cared about him, it must be overwhelmingly fantastic.  When they are together, just the two of them, I believe that Kurt can just let go of everything because Blaine is there, always there, to catch him.

Another reason is that this show completely screwed up by leaving Blaine in neutral (let’s be honest, it was practically reverse) in Lima for nearly 2 seasons while Kurt’s life moved forward in NYC.  If they had kept them together like they should have, I don’t think we would be having this discussion.  They spent more time apart - emotionally and geographically - over the final 3 seasons than they did together and there’s something very very wrong with that.  Somewhere along the way, this show decided to stop supporting its core couple and kept throwing up asinine plot after asinine plot for the sole purpose of keeping them apart.  Its really hard to forge/fix any kind of relationship when you have a couple who are physically together for only 7 out of 22 episodes in a season. SEVEN.  I counted.  And then they get back together and engaged but still, it takes three quarters of the rest of the season for them to actually be together on a regular basis.  These 2 boys are so compatible and fought so hard to get back what they had that its insulting, frankly, that they wanted me to believe that they could barely stand to live together for more than a few months before giving up, whether there were other people in the loft or not.  All of the things that made Klaine so special in seasons 2 and 3 - the way they really talked to each other, the way they supported each other, their love and desire for each other - it was all still there, buried underneath all of the bullshit.  RIB just didn’t care enough to show it to us like they used to.  

They had a chance in season 6 to give us more of Kurt’s side and shocker - they blew that too.  He came back to Lima specifically for Blaine and then they had him do nothing to get him back.  Respectful of his new (using the word “relationship” makes me want to guzzle bleach) or not, it was a huge miss. 2 more chances went by during the wedding episode for Kurt to pour his heart out to Blaine and we got nothing.  I blame the show for this, not the characters.


Based on the prompt I found that said “Hi yes, I need to find the Perfect Christmas Tree, and yes, I know this farm is like fifty acres, but you don’t understand, I’ve never had a perfect Christmas.” I don’t remember where I found it, but props to whoever wrote it. 

This fic will also be posted to my AO3 account - drivinglester - later today. 

Hope you enjoy :)

Summary: Phil works at a tree farm, and one day a brown eyed, lovely smiled man shows up looking for a tree. Somehow the two of them end up becoming closer than they ever thought they would be. Maybe Phil could help this man find his perfect Christmas. 

Includes: lots of trees, tree farm worker Phil, discussions about previous coming out experiences, and lots of fluff and Christmas spirit

Word Count: 5138

Phil zipped up his coat tightly and made sure his gloves were fitted snugly against his fingers. Grabbing his backpack and swinging it around to rest on his back, he pushed open the side door to the warehouse. It was the last Saturday they were open before Christmas day, and families were coming over to the tree farm for their discounted tree sales. It was pretty cold out, not too bad for the middle of December, but after a few years of working here, Phil had quickly learned that working outside for a few hours every weekend got cold after a while. 

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Together for Survival (Part Two)

Well, I might have lied. I said this story was going to be two parts, but guess what? It ended up being longer than I expected (again). So now, it’s officially going to be three parts. Well, at least three. Actually, you know what? I’m not even going to confirm how many chapters it will be. It will just be however long it ends up being.

Anyways, here is Part Two:

Owen brings Claire inside his bungalow, where she collapses rather gracelessly onto his couch. The inside of his bungalow is surprisingly clean, and not nearly the chaotic mess she would have expected. It’s actually quite… cozy. The afternoon sunlight reflects off the lake outside and filters through the windows. There’s a small kitchen towards the back, the couch, a small television and some sort of old gaming console nestled in the front corner, and a door to what she assumes is his bedroom off to the left.

Owen disappears for a moment, and then comes back with a blanket and a pillow. He carefully tucks the blanket around her and positions the pillow under her head, brushing a stray bright red strand of hair from her face. Her eyelids flutter shut, and if she notices his fingertips lingering on her skin a few seconds longer than necessary, she doesn’t say anything about it.

He walks away again, and returns with a glass of water and a thermometer. She wordlessly accepts the thermometer from his extended hand and slips it between her lips while he crouches down beside her. When it beeps a few seconds later, he pulls the thermometer from her lips and reads the temperature it displays. 101.7º.

“Hey Claire,” he says softly, his brow furrowed. She opens her eyes, her head throbbing in rhythm with her heartbeat. “You’ve got a pretty high fever. I’ve got some cold medicine that will bring your temperature down and might make you feel a little better, but sometimes it can be better to just let the fever run it’s course and cook out whatever bug is making you sick. It’s your choice.”

She contemplates this for a moment, readjusting the blanket around her. She feels awful, (probably worse than that time when she was twelve and got sick after Karen had dared her to stay outside in the rain all night long) but she also knows Owen has a valid point about the fever.

“I’ll just go without taking anything, for now,” she decides. Owen nods and hands her the glass of water. She takes a few small sips and sets it down on the coffee table in front of the couch.

“If you need anything, just ask,” he says, and stands back up. She nods and then closes her eyes, while Owen gives her one last lingering look that speaks volumes about how much he cares for her. As he turns to leave, she whispers softly.

“Thank you.” She doesn’t know if he hears it or not.

Maybe being sick isn’t so bad, she decides, if she has Owen there to take care of her.

When Claire opens her eyes again, Owen is nowhere to be seen. Several hours must have passed because the sun is setting, giving the room a warm orange glow. A mug of tea sits steaming on the coffee table in front of her. She gathers it into her hands, soaking in the warmth emanating from the cup. She recognizes from the scent that it’s her favorite brand of tea, and absently wonders why Owen even has tea, because she knows for a fact Owen isn’t a tea drinker. She doesn’t dwell on the possibility that maybe, just maybe, he got it specifically for her. She takes a sip and realizes that not only did he remember what kind of tea was her favorite, but he also remembered exactly how she liked it. A drop of milk and one spoonful of honey. She isn’t quite sure why, but Claire is inexplicably confused about why he would remember something like that, and yet touched that he did. Owen Grady certainly has a way of getting her emotions all mixed up.

She lifts her head from the pillow as she hears the door open, and Owen walks in. He smiles at her across the room.

“Hey, Sleeping Beauty is finally awake,” he teases. “And here I thought I was going to have to kiss you.”

She nearly chokes, and of course her traitorous mind has to play the image of him bending over her and kissing her awake. Half of Claire’s mind is suddenly wondering whether he is completely joking, or if there is some measure of seriousness behind his statement and he really does want to kiss her. The other half is contemplating whether she wants him to have been joking or not.

Owen can’t be sure, since her face is already flushed with fever, but she might be blushing.

“Are you hungry at all?” he quickly changes the subject. She looks relieved and nods.

“Yeah, a little.” She lays her head back down on the pillow, and he just now remembers that she’s still dressed in her office clothes.

“And I’ll get you some different clothes to sleep in. Those can’t be comfortable.” She actually hasn’t noticed, because she practically lives in skirts and jackets. Now that he mentions it, though, it doesn’t make for the ideal sleepwear. Owen disappears into his bedroom and then comes back out a minute later, dropping a Navy t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants into Claire’s lap. “You can change in the bathroom,” he offers. “It’s right over there.” Her eyes follow his hand as he points to a door next to the kitchen. She disentangles herself from the blanket, gathers the clothes up in her arms, and heads to the bathroom while Owen walks over to the kitchen to make something for dinner.

He’s staring idly and the ingredients in his refrigerator when Claire emerges from the bathroom.

“Hey Owen,” She sounds miserably congested. “Do you have any cleanex?”

“Yeah, sure.” He turns around, which might have been a mistake, because he can’t even breathe looking at her. Somehow, even with her eyes watering and hair messed up from sleep, she looks gorgeous. The fever has tinted her cheeks and lips a very enticing shade of pink. And seeing her in his clothes did things to him he couldn’t explain. His t-shirt hangs loosely from her small frame, exposing her collarbones and the majority of her left shoulder. The elastic band of his sweatpants is far too loose on her, riding dangerously low on her hips. It’s taking all his willpower not to stare. He’s pretty sure he’s failing miserably. In retrospect, maybe he should’ve just let her sleep in her skirt and jacket.


“Oh, right.” He shakes his head lightly and blinks. “I’ll go get them.” He busies himself looking for the cleanex, somewhat grateful for the distraction. She wraps herself back in the blanket on the couch, and a few minutes later a box of tissues is deposited in her lap. She grabs a TV remote and idly flips through channels to distract herself from her pounding head and that the clothes she is wearing smell so comfortingly like Owen.

She’s on her third round of flipping through the same five channels when Owen comes into the living room bearing two bowls of chicken noodle soup. He passes a bowl to her and slides onto the couch next to her. They eat in silence as Claire flips through all of the channels again. He really lives in the middle of nowhere, and the channel selection is truly pitiful.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” He ends up suggesting.

“Sure.” She doesn’t actually care what they watch, because she just feels like sleeping anyways, but they decide on Star Wars. They are barely ten minutes into the movie when Claire’s eyelids won’t stay open anymore, and Owen wordlessly pulls her down so that she’s laying across the couch with her head in his lap. He doesn’t think it takes her more than a minute to fall asleep, and he takes the opportunity run his fingers through the ends of her hair, watching the way her lips part as she exhales softly.

It’s only when the credits start rolling that Owen realizes he’s spent more time mesmerized by Claire sleeping in his lap than he has actually watching the movie. It’s after midnight, and when he shuts the TV the room is bathed in darkness. He can still feel the heat practically radiating off of Claire, so he grabs the thermometer from the coffee table and gently nudges Claire awake. She mumbles something unintelligible and tries to bury her face in the blanket. When Owen pulls the material back and holds the thermometer in front of her face, though, she lets him slip it between her lips without protest.

The thermometer beeps and the small screen lights up, giving off a pale blue glow.

“You’ve still got a pretty high fever. You should probably take something for it now.” He suggests, brushing her bangs back softly.

“Okay, Doctor.”

He consoles himself with the thought that she can’t be too bad off if she’s still joking. He gently lifts her head from his lap, slides out from under her, and re-positions the pillow so that she’ll be as comfortable as possible. He brings her the cold medicine and a glass of water, and she swallows both appreciatively.

He knows from experience that spending the night on the couch isn’t exactly the picture of comfort, so he suggests that she take his bed and he can sleep on the couch. She shakes her head adamantly.

“I’m serious, Claire,” he insists.

“’M good here.” She doesn’t even open her eyes, just pulls the blanket tighter around her.

“Come on. Don’t make me carry you.” Either she thinks he’s joking or she’s already falling back to sleep, because she offers no sort of response until she feels strong arms slide under her and lift her from the couch in a dizzying burst of motion. She lets out a high pitched squeal. It would be a lot easier to put up more of a resistance, though, if she had more energy and if being wrapped in his arms with the gentle sway of his footsteps didn’t feel so good.

He’d scooped her up blankets and all, because she’s still wearing his too loose pants that might fall off with even the slightest pull, and he’s not sure what he would do if that happened. He’s using nearly all of his self-control as is.

He doesn’t bother turning the lights on, deftly navigating the house in the dark. He gently lays her down on his bed, tucking the sheets around her. The sheets are soft and cool against her burning skin, and she can already feel the irresistible pull of sleep because the scent of his blankets screams Owen, and in her mind Owen means safe.

Owen tucks her hair behind her ear and admires how the moonlight shining through the window plays over her delicate features. He is inexplicably filled with the irresistible urge to crawl under the sheets beside her, wrap her in his arms and tuck her tightly into his chest. He’s already kind of forced her to stay in his house and sleep in his bed, though, and he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable. He pushed down the desire and stands up from the edge of the bed. He considers brushing a kiss to her forehead, but decides against it because he’s pretty sure she’s already asleep and he doesn’t want to wake her.

As he turns to leave, though, her fingertips softly catch the inside of his wrist and she whispers a single word through the darkness and silence.


Virgo (Li)

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The sunset says we see this all the time, nevermind / Never you mind

Liam was sitting at the beach with Harry enjoying the view because Harry, the ever-romantic, wanted to see the sunset before they left because he heard it was a sight to see. Liam went with him, but truly he wanted to hide under his bed and never leave again.

This is something you would love. Even if Harry tagged along. You were a sucker for views like this. You took pictures like the views he and Harry were looking at now. You bought a beautiful camera and took real pictures. You took a million of them if you had to in order to get the right shot without a filter, special effects or anything. You did it as a hobby and Liam always wished you did it professionally because you did it so beautifully. “It’s gorgeous…look how cool it is Li, the moon is rising like half a meter away from the sun setting,” Harry said snapping a picture to put on Instagram (no doubt with a black and white filter).

“Yeah,” Liam sighed.

“Do you want me to send it to her?” He asked. Liam bit his lip. Once in a while you’d text Liam and ask him how he’s doing, see if he’s okay. It was usually after a bad run in with the paps. He would brush it off and tell you he’s fine. But he and you both knew he wasn’t.

He just wanted to sit with you like he was sitting with Liam and watch this sunset with you. It was like the sunset was mocking him. Like the sun knew that you weren’t there but apparently every other couple within spitting distance knew that the view was breathtaking. He sighed softly and told Harry he’d be back in a bit and he started toward the water to walk along the edge of the shore. He bit his lip and kicked at the sand shoving his hands in his shorts pockets. He walked down the shore and watched as kids darted in and out of the water. He smirked as he picked up a few shells know you would pick them up too and use them to make a picture frame for a picture you took of the beach to commemorate it. He looked at the setting sun knowing it would be dark in a few moments and he’d have to head back.

The sun must have seen a million people like Liam who regretted every relationship decision he ever made.

He bit his lip and sat down in the sand and looked at the water as the sun set. If you were here, you’d be telling him about how the moon rose, the planets that you could see, or what the weather would be like the next day because of all the wives tales your heard. He groaned and laid back in the sand in frustration as the sun disappeared behind the horizon. He knew that if he looked down the horizon to the right, he’d start to see the moon rise. He knew that because he checked the rise and set times religiously. Even if you weren’t around anymore.

The thing he hated most about your break up was how easy you accepted it. You took it so well, like you deserved it. And you didn’t. It was like you knew he was going to tell you it was over. You sniffled and cried a bit but promised him it was okay because you knew that he needed someone better. He couldn’t convince you otherwise and he regrets that too. But you were so good to him afterwards. You would send him private Twitter messages if you saw a shirt that reminded you of him. You prefaced every time you spoke to him with, “I hope I’m not bothering you.” And he should have asked a hundred times for your heart back. But every time he held back.

“Hey, stranger,” your voice cooed and he sat up straight and turned to the sound of your voice. Your camera flashed in his eyes and he gaped at you moments after. You stood in the middle of the beach with a smile on your face as you stared down at the camera looking at the picture you snapped of Liam.

“You’re worse than the paparazzi with that thing,” he murmured jokingly. He couldn’t contain his smile. He was so happy to see you. You smiled excitedly and sat beside him and showed him the pictures you took today. He held it delicately in his hands like he had when you let him look months before. He went through a bunch and then stopped on a picture of the two of you taken almost a year ago on the very same beach. You blushed and tried to take the camera back. He wouldn’t let you. He stared at it. “I think this is the last time I ever looked so happy, sweet,” he whispered to you. “God, I messed up,” he chuckled without humor.

You blushed and looked down at your lap. “I quit teaching…I just tutor now,” you told him.

“Why?” he asked in shock. “You loved teaching.”

“Yeah, I did…and I may go back to it, eventually…but a really smart, wonderful, prefect ex of mine told me that if I was passionate about something I needed to pursue it. Even if everyone tells me I won’t make money,” you explained. He smiled softly.

“You take pictures now?” He asked. You nodded.

“For work, I use filters and play more with light. You’d be ashamed,” you giggled. He doubted it. You were everything.

He smiled. “I’m glad you’re doing well,” he whispered.

“How are you?” You asked. “Harry said you’ve been down.”

He looked at the moon rising for a moment. “What planet is that?” He pointed to a star that was so bright in the darker sky. You closed one eye as you thought a minute.

“Venus,” you told him.

He sighed. “I’ve been down.” He took your camera and brought you back to a year ago. “I miss you and it’s my own goddamn fault and how often does this happen to people?” He asked. “The sun does it, you taught me that,” he grumbled. “Every month, the moon gets as far from the sun as possible so that we can see it. But then, a half a month later it’s so close to the sun we can’t see it. Because the sun is an idiot and can’t see what’s right in front of it.”

You smirked softly and blushed more looking at you lap. “I like the moon,” you whispered quietly.

“Maybe the sun thinks he needs to see the moon from afar and is just an idiot by the time the moon gets closer because his own sunlight blocks the moon from view,” he said just as softly. “And every time the moon is further away he realizes how badly he wants it.”

“Then he realizes up close he’s wrong, then,” you finish for Liam.

He turned to look at you and he shook his head silently a moment. “No,” he said softly. “That’s not true at all,” he told you.

“Then your moon and sun analogy isn’t good,” you said knowingly with a smile and you turned to straddle his lap and his heart stuttered and he smirked as he held the outside of your hips.

“What would you suggest?” He asked with an eye roll as he tried to calm his heart and hope that this wasn’t a joke.

“Maybe the sun just needed to see from afar what he thought he could see up close but it was too bright. Because he helps the moon shine,” you said softly.

“You should write poetry,” he murmured. That had to be the millionth time you heard that from him.

“Mm,” you stared at his lips. “Liam,” you mumbled.

“Hmm?” He stared at you lips.

“Will you be my sun?”

“Yes, but I’m never sending you away to look at what’s right in front of me,” he smirked and kissed your lips softly. You grinned against his lips and sighed with relief. You missed your sun.

Harry was right, the sunset and moon rise, so close together was simply gorgeous.

10 Things I Learned the Hard Way: Part I

There is a painful stage that you will go through before you come out in the world as your own Self.
Before we Become, we live with the truths set forth for us by the environment we grew up in and the operating system that was installed in us. Often this framework feels so uncomfortable because it is so different than who we really are. It creates a lot of suffering including depression and anxiety. Breaking out of that skin is frightening and painful. But it’s the only way to Become.

What it feels like to be you will change many times.
There are infinite realms of existence, dimensions of emotion, ways that you will grow and heal in your lifetime. Every experience and interaction changes you in some way. You cannot have any concept of what it will feel like to be you in down the road at all, and let that bring you unlimited hope. Don’t project the current version of yourself into the future.

Life’s most beautiful lessons hurt the worst.
A big shift happens when instead of asking “why is this happening to me?” you begin to ask “why is this happening *for* me?” — in other words- OK yeah this sucks, but what is this calling me to do? When you go down the path of answering that question, that is where you find true magic in life.

You become a patchwork of what you expose yourself to.
We are amalgamations of the people we spend time with, adopting tiny bits of their beliefs and character. Over time your life will be very different if you surround yourself with people you have traits you admire and aspire to, and who amplify your subtleties.

Being broken isn’t what you think it is.
We break to grow. Being broken is not a permanent state, if you can soften towards the break and let it run it’s course, instead of fighting it or staying stuck in it, you begin to unfold in many new ways.

You will never regret the time you dared to think you were worth more.
The logical mind tells us that the quiet whisper of the heart is delusional. Never listen. Go boldly in the direction your heart is telling you. It is the true compass of your life, and it will never lead you astray.

Your body is really just a rental car.
Take the very best care of it you can, but don’t attach too much importance to it. It’s really just a vehicle for your soul to have adventures while you are on this planet.

Half the problems in life come from stuffing down your feelings.
Suppressing the way you really feel creates resentment, fatigue, anxiety, and depression- as over time the inner pressure builds and builds. It leads to living inside a life that doesn’t feel good because it is not based on what is actually going on in your mind and heart. It also prevents you from creating boundaries, which are how you feel safe. And it creates deep loneliness as people won’t know how to how to love you because they don’t really know you.

Learn self-compassion.
In order for any transformation to take place, one must first soften toward their own self. This internal inteneration is like plowing the field before seeds can grow. It allows sun and air to softly charge the soil setting the stage for growth. Through softening towards your own human self, taking yourself by the hand, holding yourself in the arms of your heart, only then can you begin to figure out what you need.

Make sure you are vibrating, not just absorbing other’s energy.
Think about yourself in relation to others energetically. Some people emit a lot of energy, positive or negative. Some people vibrate at a much lower level and instead absorb all of it from others, which is not sustainable. Show up in your life. Take up volume. Let your shine vibrate outward.