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Now I must ask what musselbum is. XD

Ah!  It’s from Syreni, aka the marine biology au!  Niuniente posted a list of facts from it, and the first fact was that Makoto has a heart-shaped saddlepatch (as orcas have a patch of grey behind their dorsal fins called saddle patches).  However, I thought about it, and realized that merpeople would not associate that kind of shape with hearts.  Instead, they’d probably relate it to some other kind of shape that was found in the ocean…something like a mussel shell, perhaps.

And thus, musselbum Makoto was born.

The conversation can be seen in this post here. XD


Marine biology au - How Haru met Makoto.

As Haru is so different from rest of the dolphin folk, he doesn’t care how others are. Makoto on the other hand is very conscious of his saddle patch. I think it’s sort of equal to the real Makoto’s fear of water. 

Haru actually swims long distances and happened to come across with Makoto when he was feeling very down because of his patch. Haru went to ask what was wrong and gained a very first friend (later mate). 


Based n harteus’s OC meme, but because I don’t have any OCs I selected characters from Free! and KNB (because I draw from them the most currently) and gave them randomly numbers. This was hilarious little doodle guest haha! I laughed many times when the numbers magically matched with the character interactions!

P.S. I feel Haru would be horrible in drunk!