It amuses me how Makoto’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. He’s all “eeek I can’t talk dirty, I’m too shy, no please not things like this BLUSH BLUSH” when in reality SCORPIO IS THE FREAKIEST KINKIEST SEX MONSTER THERE IS. Really, there’s nothing kinkier or dirtier in the whole Western zodiac than Scorpio. Sure, there are strongly sexual signs like all fire types and Capricorn when warmed up well, but nothing even close to Scorpio’s kinkiness.

Play Metal Gear Solid? Vamp is a pure example of a Scorpio (with some touch from Leo perhaps).
Watch Kill la Kill? Gamagoori shares Capricorn-Scorpio traits with his love for discipline and SM-bondage kink.
Is Kyou no Kanata the thing for you? Hiroomi has Scorpio traits in him with his little sister kink and somewhat “shady” personality (as Scorpio’s keep lots of thing with themselves).

Actually all the Free boys’ Western signs fits no one of them, except Nagisa, haha.

Makoto is Scorpio, but behaves like perfect example of a Cancer; caring, loving, gentle, putting other before him, a bit reserved, gets worried and afraid easily, keeps things to himself, hides himself well, has basically a “I’m The Mother”-syndrome but if angered breaks out the World War III. Cancer is the most feminine sign assigned with lots of feminine qualities like nurturing and caring.  

Haru is Cancer but behaves like Taurus; he’s reserved, silent, very down to earth as you can’t get him excited with things easily, likes to keep up with the patterns, loves food and is excellent cook, good with arts (Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of love and arts), takes time to warm up but is very loyal and considerable for his loves ones. Taurus is the silent type who observes his environments and loves nature. 

Nagisa is Leo and he represents Leo’s playful, childlike nature perfectly. Leo’s are natural among other people, love to chit chat and play and have fun. They can be a bit overwhelming with their strong energy but they are loyal and loving for friends. Good with people overall, and they need company to be happy. They’re extremely good to perceive others and get them play with their rules.

Rei is Sagittarius, but represents more Virgo. He’s extremely careful with little details, wants to obey the given rules and circumstances, pays attention even the tiniest things no other would notice, gets pissed when others don’t go with the rules given (as following the rules gives the best result), is relying on theory and following formulas, likes things clean and neat, when open up talks a lot and doesn’t hesitate to confront difficult situations. Wants to be perfect! Perfectionism is Virgo’s biggest issue.

Rin is said to be Aquarius but he behaves like Leo. He’s flashy with the animal prints (as Leo loves attention and causing some head turns among others), impatient, self-centered, has a bad temper, has problems understanding how his behavior affects others around him, wants to be the best and is extremely competitive. Yet when you get past this, Rin is playful, comes along with people, wants attention and people around him. Taking care of your physical appearance is important to Leo and in Rin’s case it goes to his ambition to be the best swimmer and win Olympics. Family is usually important to Leo.

Gou is said to be Taurus so she should be similar to Haru! Gou is so full of energy and ambition that she’s most likely Aries. Her adoration for muscles is also very Aries like, as Aries is the sign who adores well formed bodies a lot and is very physical. She keeps the boys under her iron fist without being unfair. She sets them goals and expects them to reach them the best way they can - Aries is natural leader. Also Aries women are the only women in Western zodiacs which come along the best with men. They might lack female friends but have a big group of male friends (I’m Aries woman myself and I can underline this). You don’t push Aries around! Aries cares deeply of her loved ones and we have seen just how much Gou both adores Rin and worries about him. Aries fits perfectly together with Leo so Gou can put up with her brother (and vice verse) if needed. 

There are no given signs for Mikoshiba or Nitori, but here are my two cents about them.

Nitori for me represents perhaps Pisces. He spends lots of time inside his head, pondering, thinking, wondering but has troubles expressing his thoughts out loud. Thus the diary and writing is good for him, as he doesn’t need to try to find the rights words to say. Pisces lives in a dream land and they can lack self-confidence. They often feel they’re not good enough and they might have troubles staying in the same pace with other in the society, as society is based on physical acts and intelligence instead of dreams and good inner visions (and in Nitori’s case he has problems staying in the pace of other swimmers in his club). Pisces are good at reading other people and the atmospheres in the rooms.

Mikoshiba is like Aries, not less because of his red hair (Aries’s colour is red and it’s often visible someway, like with red hair)! Aries is natural leader and inspires others to do their best. They’re strong and can be strict to others, but they usually have a good heart - unless we speak about immature Aries which is The Most Selfish Being on The Earth, but Mikoshiba isn’t like this. Aries loves to play and is very child-like, similar way to Leo. They’re honest down to brutality and develop crushes easily. They want to be fair with everyone and hate when people aren’t fair or loyal. Aries is the most physical sign and often they have very strong, athletic bodies.


Based n harteus’s OC meme, but because I don’t have any OCs I selected characters from Free! and KNB (because I draw from them the most currently) and gave them randomly numbers. This was hilarious little doodle guest haha! I laughed many times when the numbers magically matched with the character interactions!

P.S. I feel Haru would be horrible in drunk!