mussel and burger bar


Though deservedly the burgers at Mussel and Burger Bar get all the love, I would like to briefly draw your attention to three menu items that are beyond fantastic:

Sweet potato fries–served with smoked pineapple dipping sauce. The sauce is so good I could bath in it and it plays off that distinct yam taste. 

Mexican corn on the cob, with mayonnaise and Parmesan. You can sub this for the fries that come with your burger for no extra cost, and boy it is worth it. Just don’t order it on a first date because it’s totally messy and you absolutely can’t look cute while chomping down on mayo covered corn on the cob. I’m lucky my husband took me home after eating this in front of him. 

The calamari. With olive aioli and pepper rings.They might have a contract with the devil to make this as good as it is. Or at least a sideline in pixie dust to sprinkle over the little squid pieces. 


The Place Downstairs has great drinks. Their Old Fashioned was perfect and wicked strong (and I am incredibly picky about my first drink. My second…not so much?) and they have this drink called “Global Warming” served in a copper mug, which has a scoop of what I seem to recall as chile pepper gelato or sorbet, that melts into the cocktail and adds a dimension of spice.