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I’m gay and I know there was a time when serious respectable adults - doctors, presidents, prime ministers, queens, kings, scientists, parents, police officers, therapists - were in total agreement with utter certainty that to allow people like me to live openly and freely would mean the molesting of children, the destruction of families, the crumbling of armies, the annihilation of manhood, womanhood and all that is decent. Society itself would perish if we got equal rights.

Well, we’ve pretty much got equal rights and.. check it out. Nothing bad happened. Nothing. Turned out society could accept us and our differences and absolutely everything would be absolutely fine for everyone, if not better. All that drama, all that hell you put us and yourselves through? It was for nothing. What a waste of energy and lives and tears and humanity all those years were ay?

That’s why it is so funny for me that the exact same sorta people that made such a stink about us queers are now doing it about Muslims. With utter conviction they are utterly convinced that society will topple if we accept Muslims living among us (like they haven’t already been for yonks).

And if you honestly think people didn’t believe with all their heart that us gays were as big a society-destroying force as Muslims are being touted as now, read more queer history.

Something to say

Heyo Guys! I’ve been thinking for  while, about weather or not I wanted to make this post, but i decide, I definitely want to, especially with all the stuff going on, pretty much everywhere, recently. I wanna say, Tumblr has been my safe haven (Well and my school Library but shhh) and I firmly believe, that we as a community should stick together. Tumblr should be a place, where hate should be limited, and people should not try to bring people down. Tumbe should be a place, where everyone can eel safe, sharing things with other people, and making good friends, because, if you ask me, that’s just the kind of site tumblr is, and I feel the need to say this, because some people still spread hate, and hate fuels more hate, and more hate creating a never ending cycle. I know this post is getting kinda long, BUT it’s done yet. I’m going to share something with you guys from my English class, because we had to write a response on an article about hate, here’s what I had to say;

I’m very much against people who cause hate crimes. I recently went to a Green Day concert, and the lead singer talked about how people should be brought together by things like concerts and cultural festivals. He talked about how hate shouldn’t be as world-wide as it is, and that people no matter what, race, identity, religion etc, should be respected. Honestly I feel that if people took a while to actually think, they’d hopefully realize the being different is a wonderful, beautiful thing, and that if people respected others as a whole, and their choices in life, that the world would be a much better place, which is obvious. The article says ‘The things people hate about others re often the things that they fer in themselves,’ and this is something my older brother, and my parents have always told me. I acknowledge that hate is a natural human thing to feel, but I know that compassion is too. The article reads it fills a void,” but what void? In my personal opinion, it just makes the void larger. This does nothing but fuel more and more hate, where there might not have been before, causing several, unnecessary issues within society, and it could all be avoided if others acknowledged everyone as their own, individual person. What these people who spread hate are doing, is nothing but causing trouble in places that were there wasn't any before. it upsets me that within or community, people are more ready and willing to fight, then they are to make peace and accept people.” 

I’m sorry I let this get so long, but could you guys please share it?

I feel like it was something that needed to be said, and even if it wasn’t something you guys wanted to hear, it was something I needed to say. 

  • someone: i want penetrator chris as the next main
  • me, an intellectual: well, we have even, who has a mental illness and it would be great to have this shown and explored in greater detail since it seems like he’s not dealing with it very well. or sana, who is a muslim girl in a society that has a lot of prejudices against islam in general, and especially in the refugee crisis right now and she has to deal with islamophobia on a daily basis. or we have vilde, but let’s be real, i want her for season 6 so that we can have her explore her sexuality and during russefeiring

Sacred steps || © Carla Cometto

Geomantic Tablet

Numerous divinatory arts have been practiced by Muslim societies across the centuries. Since God has absolute control of the universe and of all that we see and understand, omens such as dreams could be recognized as God-given signs.

The ‘Science of the Sand’ (ilm al-raml) is a divinatory technique that interprets a series of figures made of clusters of dots or lines. It can be used to answer all manner of questions from the fidelity of a spouse to the gender of an unborn child. This extraordinary and unique Geomantic Tablet made in Syria (639 AH / 1241–2), made of brass, silver and gold, offered an alternative way to produce geomantic figures normally traced manually in the sand.

You can see it on display, until next weekend, in our Power and Protection exhibition which explores Islamic art and the supernatural.

Images © Trustees of the British Museum


Islam avoids extremes in order to maintain social balance and order. Therefore, monopoly and cut-throat competition are disapproved. Islam’s essence is justice for all, which enables people to lead a good and happy life while, at the same time, strengthens the bonds of human brotherhood and the social fabric.

The social framework prevalent today in most Muslim countries is not Islamic. Many places are characterized by monstrous and oppressive conditions for the poor, rampant corruption, poverty, and need. A few people have acquired substantial wealth and thus enjoy the numerous amenities and luxuries of life, whereas the majority do not even receive two square meals a day. An Islamic social order stresses simple and austere efforts that are free from ostentation. The Messenger strove to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, the high and the low. He advocated a society in which one sector would not exploit another, for Islam seeks a balanced life that represents the equilibrium of social forces.

The fullest development of humanity’s potential can be achieved through the implementation of Islamic principles. The optimum level of civilization, which embodies the maximum well-being, can never be possible without spiritual and moral development. All Islamic principles, which descend from Divinity, are perfect and absolute. The Islamic approach is therefore just, natural, humane, and perfectly balanced and rational.
Abu’l-Fazl Ezzati outlines the Islamic economic system as follows:

  • Islam represents a complete way of life. There is no compartmentalization of human activity is Islam. Its economic policy is, therefore, an integral part of the religion of Islam.
  • Islamic economic system is based on equality, justice, moderation, and collective self-sufficiency.
  • Man’s piritual development is fundamental but his physical welfare is instrumental.
  • Islam is based on faith in God, Who has given man the capability to choose between good and evil, and assume full responsibility for his conduct. “Man has only that for which he makes effort, and and this effort will be seen.” (53:39-40)
  • Islam is a universal system embodying eternal values which safeguard man’s rights while constantly reminding him of his obligation to himself and society.
  • Islam forbids exploitation and monopoly in all forms and strictly prohibits unearned interest such as usury, gambling, betting, etc.
  • Islam honors labor and contracts, enjoins work and toil, encourages man to earn his own living by honest means and to spread his earnings.
  • Islam encourages mutual helping and never likes “wealth to circulate among the rich only” (59:7). Every member of the Muslim community feels obliged to help his poor brother while he is equally entitled to live a private life and to own property.36

If its a woman’s right that she can choose to wear whatever she wants, why is a woman who chooses to cover up and wear the hijab told to take it off because she’s not ‘free’ ? You DO know she CHOSE to wear it, right? It’s just an extra article of clothing, they’re normal get over it

Inspired from an excerpt from Nashiha Pervin “I thought marriage made a boy into a man. I thought marriage was supposed to be this magical thing that made every guy a better human-being. I thought that maybe, just maybe, if Ahmed was married to someone who had Allah in her heart and reminded him of Islam thay he would change into this incredible person. But marriage isn’t a miracle worker and I was not God.
And that was what I was learning. Love can spark interest. Love can cause two people to step into a relationship. Love can lead to marriage. But love cannot guide a soul to god if God has not chosen to guide that soul to Him. And I think all along I knew that. I just thought I’d be the exception.” - Words from @nashiha_pervin
Change cannot be brought by someone, but must come from one within himself. I need our elders to understand that matchmaking younger couples with this tactic in mind will only lead to disappointment for all three parties.

anonymous asked:

Search for Pew Research 'The World's Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society' on Google. It's got dozens of opinion polls conducted on Muslims where they literally ask Muslims their opinions on societal issues and whatnot. So before you patronisingly claim I know nothing about Muslims, how about you do research into what they ACTUALLY believe when you take off your rose tinted glasses?

I read through this and saw nothing even close to your original claim about 500 million - 1 billion Muslims believing in violence. In fact, I saw nothing surprising on there, and it might do you good to read through it yourself. I’m sorry the affliction of bigotry and prejudice plagues you, but Muslims exist, they’re not going anywhere, they will do as they please, and your pissy, hateful, white supremacist mentality isn’t going to change that. Now fuck right the hell off because I have no tolerance for ignorance like this on my blog. Any further messages about this will get you blocked.

“Christianity cheated us out of the fruits of ancient culture, and later it cheated us a second time out of the fruits of Islamic culture. The wonderful world of Moorish Spain is fundamentally more closely related to us and speaks more clearly to us and our senses and tastes than Rome or Greece.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Anti-Christ, §60 (edited excerpt).















Paradise of the Blind

Imagine a world

where no one could see. 

We’d be sad at first because 

we wouldn’t be able to see the beauty around us.

We’d miss the colors

we’d miss the faces

we’d miss the trees, the water, the earth.

But then we would learn. 

We would learn to see with our ears

to hear the beauty of another’s voice

to see the colors inside their soul. 

Imagine a world

where I could love anyone I wanted

no matter what they looked like. 

I would just listen

and fall in love with a voice. 

Imagine a world

where you can leave your home safely

there would be no need to fear

other people

because we’re all similar 

on the inside. 

Imagine a world

where you could step on a plane

with no anger to be seen from another’s eyes

for wearing your hijab

for wanting to touch the skies

Imagine a world

where no one could see

I could love you

And you could love me

No one would be hurt

And no one would care

There would be love inside

for all to share

But we live in a world

With hate in our eyes

We’re all afraid

to even step outside

Because you are black

Because she is brown

Because he is red

Because I am white

We live in a world blinded by hate

Unless we learn to close our eyes and listen

to the people we are inside

We may never escape. 

For all of those who have been effected by hate in their lives, I praise you for being able to stay in this harsh world. 

I’m sorry
Sorry that you think I should apologise
Apologise for the mistakes of the few
The mistakes of the misguided
I’m sorry
You think I should apologise to you
Apologise to me for all the killings you did
In the name of “peace”
My brothers and sisters in
Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine
Apologise for killing them
Apologise for giving me a bad name
Apologise for stereotyping
Cause when a white man commits a crime
He is deemed insane
When a muslim commits a crime
Everyone else gets the blame
Trust me
If all Muslims were “terrorist”
No one would be alive and walking
I will not apologise
For the mistakes of the few
Because my religion teaches me peace
But others take the word of الله
And turn it to what they please
Use it in the name of الله to cause destruction
But that isn’t my fault
I’m not him or her
I’m me and I am a sane muslim
I will not apologise
Until you apologise
For putting my life in danger
Due to the faults of the few
Those who only care for themselves
Not the rest of the Ummah and their saftey
I will not apologise
Not today
Not tomorrow
I will only pray
Allah sheds light into the hearts
Of those give islam a bad name
And those who advertise
The “dangerousness” of muslim
I will not apologise