The Consumption of Corpses in Social Media

In the first section of his introductory text on the basics of Islamic jurisprudence the Algerian scholar Imam‘Abdur Rahmān al-Akhḍarī mentions a ruling that most Muslims today seem to be heedless of:

“…And to not engage in any action until he or she knows the ruling of God pertaining it, and [in order to know it] to ask the scholars…”

Sadly, there is a phenomenon that has become widespread among Muslims in social media websites, which is to share graphic images of the dead from conflict regions such as Syria and Gaza. The question that presents itself is: have any of those Muslims who share these graphic images irrespective of their intentions stopped for a moment to inquire about the ruling for doing so?

Allah tells us in the Qur'an about the aftermath of Cain killing Abel:

“God sent a raven to scratch up the ground and show him how to cover his brother’s corpse and he said, ‘Woe is me! Could I not have been like this raven and covered up my brother’s body?’ He became remorseful.” [5:31]

The Arabic word used in this verse is sao’a, which is usually translated to mean nakedness, and literally means that which harms the one who sees it. It is mentioned twice in the verse, which indicates an increased level of emphasis. The Andalusian Jurist Abu Bakr ibn al-‘Arabi (d. 1148) mentions in his Quran exegesisThe Rulings of the Quran that sao’a means nakedness and when the body rots it all becomes a sao’a. The Persian scholar known as the Imam of scholars of exegesis, Imam Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (d. 923), said that although the word sao’a could mean the nakedness understood to be the private parts, the people of interpretation said that in this verse it means the corpse. The most directly applicable commentary on this verse to our modern times is that from the Tunisian scholar Imam Muhammad al-Tahir ibn ‘Ashur (d. 1973) who said in his commentary:

“Sao’a is all that would be troubling to see [in this context], such as the change in smell of the killed and mutilation of his or her body.”

These are but a few representative samples of what the scholars have said about this verse. The understood ruling from them is that the divine intent for the deceased is to cover them, because their bodies have attained the same ruling as that for the private parts of the living. In a Hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad in his collection, on the authority of Alī ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him), the Beloved ﷺ told him that among the matters that should never be delayed is the burial of the deceased. For these reasons the scholars have said that the ennoblement of the deceased is in their burial.

Some may object by appealing to the goal intended from sharing graphic images. The idea is that such sharing would raise awareness in a propaganda war against the aggressors. However, this understanding follows more from an adherence to pragmatic and utilitarian philosophies than to an Islamic ethos. Moreover, as Suzanne Moore mentioned in her article in the Guardian, the sharing of dead corpses has become a political symbol for public consumption. The justification many Muslims use to share such graphic images is similar in nature to the justifications used by Muslims who engage in suicide bombings under the guise of what they call “Jihad”. They are always based on political goals and never rooted in Islamic sources. For many Muslims, the exposure of the atrocities committed in Syria or Gaza can only be done through images, and this trumps the sanctity of those who suffered and their families.

Religious rulings aside, one has to reflect on the Hadith of the Beloved ﷺ who said:

“None of you truly believes unless you love for your brother (or sister) what you love for yourselves.”

The corpses whose images some Muslims are so eager to share to “raise awareness” belong to parents and children of other human beings. Aside from the fact that consent to share such images was never obtained from the deceased prior to their death or from their family members, how would the sharer of images today feel if pictures of their deceased family members were publicly shared all over social media without regard to their approval or lack thereof? This is not to mention that the level of bombardment from such images can desensitize one to the extent that they can view them while having lunch or a cup of coffee.

There is much more than can be said about this phenomenon. It is a sad state of affairs when Muslims lose perspective on the sanctity of the human being, and begin to blindly participate in turning an ennobled creation of God from an end into a means towards political goals. We all need a moment of reflection over how we go about our actions.

Finally, whatever is impermissible to do is also impressible to look at. If one comes across graphic images of corpses, they must lower their gaze and change the page. For those on Twitter, you can change your settings so your timeline does not automatically preview images. If you have shared graphic images in the past, you should delete them. We all have enough sins on our shoulders, and we certainly do not need to keep a counter going through having others adding to it by looking at what we post on our timelines.

May Allah guide us all to the straight path.

By Mohamed Ghilan, 22 Jul 2014

Homeless Man Racially Abuses a Muslim Man, He Responds by Finding Him a Job and a Home

Aminur Chowdhury from Bradford, England was racially abused by homeless man Ben Gallon but rather than throw insults back, Aminur decided to engage in conversation with him and invited him to have a drink.

Aminur says: “Initially I turned the other cheek but then I was challenging Ben about what he had said to me, I stopped and had a chat with him for about 15 minutes.”

After speaking to Ben, Aminur said he can help him find a job and the pair exchanged contact details. Initially Ben thought he was only being polite about the job offer but he says he got a call from him the next day with a job interview at his friend’s business:

“The next day he gave me a call, said ‘can I come pick you up Ben, I’ve got an interview for you’. That same day, he came round to get me, drove me down to the place on Canal Road and then within ten minutes I had been offered the job.”

Aminur didn’t stop there, he also helped him find an apartment to rent in Bradford.

Ben, now regretting his actions says:

“There was no justification for me using those words.. Kudos to him for forgiving me, I regret it. A positive thing has happened out of this situation.”

“I’ve learned my lesson. What I said was completely out of character for me, I’m not a racist.”

“Things are starting to look up for me. I’ve started the job and it’s fantastic.”

Aminur explains what motivated him to respond the way he did:

“I was targeted for racist abuse but a great way of overcoming racism is to show some tolerance…I realise I can’t put the world to rights but I can try to educate people.”

“This is a great way of teaching Asian people across Bradford of how to respond to racism. The more love you show, the more endeared they will be to you,”.

Some of the worst racially aggravated riots took place in Bradford in 2001 between the large and growing British Asian communities and the city’s white majority, which resulted in 300 police officers being hurt and 297 arrests being made. Both men now hope this positive story helps improves the relations of different races and people of religions in the community.

This story is indeed a great lesson for us all and highlights the best way of winning people’s hearts – good character. The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also won people over with his good character and many people went onto embrace Islam because of that.


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When someone equates Islam with terrorism, and deems all Muslims extremists:

Remind them of a few facts they’ve conveniently forgotten.

If you are speaking to an atheist: 

  1. Napolean Bonaparte
  2. HITLER (let’s see.. concentration camps and gas chambers to name a few)
  3. Benitto Musolini (was an atheist, so you must be pro nazi huh? He indulged in poison gas, bombing hospitals, concentration camps, mass execution via shooting, public executions, burning victims alive).
  4. Mao Zedong (Large scale death Camps killing 5 million, with 36 million mass tortured. 1970s)
  5. Alfred Kinsey (mass encouragement of pedophilia - encouraged pedophiles to sexually violated 317-2035 infants and children for “research”. including oral and anal sodomy, genital intercourse and manual abuse. Sexual torture of infants: subjects as young as 5 tested for 24 consecutive hours for an alleged 25 orgasms.).
  6. Than Shwe (Burmese dictator, child soldiers, torture, etc. 2015 yall).
  7. Jeffrey Dahmer (brutal murders, cannibalism, necrophilia, 1991).
  8. Jim Motherfucking Jones (mass murder via poisoning with his Church of Atheism,1978, killed 909 people, the largest loss of life in the US until 9/11).
  9. Kim Jong II (torture, so much torture. Damn. 2015 yall).
  10. Craig Hicks (Chapel Hill, North Carolina -multiple murders by gunshot to the head.  VictimsDeah, Yusor and Razan,2015)

If you are speaking to a Christian: 

  1. The friggen crusades
  2. the friggen spanish inquisition for God’s sake  (…and when they say it was “so long ago” …)
  3. Andres Breivik (mass murder, bombing and terrorism in Norway 2011)
  4.  Wade Page (Wisconson Sikh Temple Massacre, Aug 2012)
  5. Scott Roeder (an anti abortion terrorist who who murdered Dr Tiller in 2009 - how’s that for imposing ones views)
  6. Joseph Stack (Suicide Attack via flying a plane into the IRS building, Feb 2010) (… and when they say it’s only individuals, not like ISIS or Al Qaeda)
  7. Christian Terrorist Militia in Central African Republic (targetting non Christians - read: muslims - through public beheadings, hunting down victims, bombings. 2015 - today yall).
  8. Lord’s Resistance Army (mass slaughter of thousands of non Christians, raping women and children, creating and trafficking sex slaves, 2015).

Point is, don’t let anyone tell you the source of terrorism is exclusively Islam. You hate ISIS? You hate Al Qaeda? what a surprise, MUSLIMS HATE THEM TOO. And if they affiliate a Muslim with terrorism just because of a shared ideology, they should affiliate themselves with terrorism too. 

anonymous asked:

I agree labeling all Muslims as terrorist is wrong, but this is also not wrong that muslims don't mix with society, I know a recent case here in my society where the girl was sent back to her home country forcefully by her father because she was dating a white guy, recently 2 girls 17 year old were killed in texas by the father bcz they were dating white guy. I know millions of these cases. On the other hand many of white girls marry muslim guys, this is hypocrisy at its peak.

Please get your xenophobic, islamophobic ass off this blog.