The Law of Attraction... and God.

That the Earth is 13 billion years old; that your eyesight is 576 megapixels; and that for every natural disaster there is always a human or animal that survived stranded on a log for one week, all show a powerful Nature or Divine Being is at work! If you use the word God, then please know that the Law of Attraction is not a substitute for religion. It’s not a hobby, and it’s not something weird. It is simply how the universe operates.

Imagine if we had taste buds but didn’t know how to cook food? Imagine if we could see a breathtaking view but Iraqi scientist Ibn- al- Haytham hadn’t thought of the camera? All these inventions came from thought first and became things afterwards. The law of attraction is a fancy buzz word for that. That’s all.

And any good teacher will tell you, when you get your breakthrough, or when you see hope at the end of the struggle, that’s Grace right there.