“Stand firm against evil thoughts, for if you fail to do so, they will become ideas, if you do not, they will become desires, so fight against them.

If you do not, they will become a form of determination and intention, if you do not resist, they will become actions, and if you do not follow them up with their opposite, they will become habits that will be hard to quit.”

(Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah in his al-Fawaaid)

A wise man once said:

Your real friend is the one who is always with you and ready to harm himself in order to benefit you; He is the one who, when you are in a difficult situation, is ready to break himself up in order to keep you organized.

Unknown Source: Salaahuddeen Alee Abdul-Mawjood, The Biography of Imam Az-Zuhri, Page 98

Knowledge is a valley. And when you descend down into a valley, you have to maintain calmness until you are out there. For, if you do not do that, you will not come out before it destroys you.

Az-Zuhri Source: Al-Muhaddith al-Fasil (202)

You could study Islam for your entire life, memorize the Quran and study tafsir, move to Medina and get the highest level of education possible, become a certified scholar, anything. But anyone who questions Islam is labelled ignorant and doesn’t know a thing of what they’re talking about.
This is especially true if you are a white non-muslim. The most ignorant born Muslim who doesn’t pray and commits every sin under the sun (except eating pork, of course) is still somehow more authorized to speak on Islam than a white person is, no matter how informed they may be.