Today is the day - our #BeingAsianMuslim live panel starts at 3-4 pm EST inshaAllah. The panel will be livestreamed and available afterwards for viewing as well.

Our moderator will be Sabina Khan-Ibarra and our amazing guests - Dr. Emad Rahim, Nafisah Tung, Dr. Arshad Ali, and Dr. Sylvia Chan-Malik - will be online today dropping knowledge and talking lived experiences of being Asian Muslims.

Tune in at -NI

Submission Call:

MuslimARC blog aims to creatively address and challenge racism in Muslim communities. We hope to learn and grow from the stories shared on the blog. We welcome a range of stories, from personal experiences to observations about society and life.   Every week, MuslimARC will share  non-fiction, fiction, poetry, artwork, and other multimedia work relating to racism in the Muslim community.  

Format:  Non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and art, including multimedia work

We want to hear your ideas in essays(500 – 1,200 words), fiction, poetry, art and multimedia (video, audio, new media) on topics including:

  • What are your personal observations or experiences confronting racism?

  • Can you share your story about cross cultural marriage or mixed identity?

  • How has colorism/shadeism affected you?

And many more topics.  We want to hear your story.  

Tell us about the issues that are important to you. You may use a pen name if you wish.

Show us the world from your perspective.

Email drafts to

For more information and submission guidelines, please visit